Zhan Long Chapter 950

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Dancing Forest sees the blood saying: „If wants HP to suffice is very actually simple high, if at least Divine Tier one set, the equipment grade is higher, HP of in addition are more, the HP upper limit that Gold Tier adds several hundred, Demon Harvest several thousand, the inferior magical instrument and magical instrument direct over ten thousand, a magical instrument has compared favorably with 10 Divine Tier, this is the HP disparity reason."

Li Mu is grasping the armored hand, in the vision fiery: „So long as we play together, sooner or later will collect one set of five-star magical instrument!"

„Has your spring and autumn big dream......"

Dancing Forest stretched oneself, says with a smile: „Online was too long, offline slept, who came together?"

Therefore, in the guild requests to rest one after another enthusiastically together, then everybody together offline.

I arranged palace guard to return to camp wait / etc. matters concerned, afterward also offline, even if were Yang Yanji the powerhouse cannot bear this to stay up late daily, the dark pouche and pouch may, no matter you were Yang Flame or the gathering god, so long as stays up late to climb up the cheeks.


Reported a news to give Palace Spirit, made her to get online for my recast Dragon Reservoir Sword tomorrow, previous time the vertebra god crystal of Romanian cauldron pulling out, had not come the anxious recast long sword, Demon Harvest of Dragon Reservoir Sword such 115 levels of use already completely could not follow my use demand.

offline, accompanied Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to play knife and fork to sleep, after the food, Lin Wan Er gave back to Lin Tiannan to telephone, reports the report to be safe, Lin Tiannan regarding daughter's present situation but actually was also satisfied, every day the joyful playing game, accompanied side man, in oneself loved, what ratio but can also have happily? But I also give ** telephoned, asks that about breeding to install the event of person, recently presented some terrorist incidents, but the sound is not big, majority was pressed, ** also makes me play well well, is utterly loyal for the country...... Then said that breeds to think of the person not to endanger Hangzhou, I get rid, after all my impossible every day to fly round land the hunts and kills to breed to think of the person.

As for me, Palace Spirit after my casting butterfly had not used, is practicing martial arts, this is a little itchy, but thinks that I will attack definitely will make the butterfly drink the blood, thinks that this opportunity will be later good that will come, bred to think of the person not to have the human nature again also after all once is the person, I did not refuse to kill people, will actually dye the full blood to feel that for own both hands was guilty and restless, says over and over again, I was only one cultivate for the high person, as before was the person, could not achieve the god demon heartlessly like that callous.


This sleep has rested for 19 hours, waking up time is next day around 10 : 00 pm, have gotten out of bed the later whole body to be comfortable, the taking a bath water bath, washes, wears a brief shirt, stands looks at itself before the mirror, was almost led cries Lin Wan Er to knock on a door: „Pig head, a bit faster comes out, at noon the father asked us to eat meal!"


Lin Tiannan thinks that was too long has not seen the daughter, way things should be.

Finally noon today dining together person are many, Dong Cheng Yue, Qin Wen and Tang Qi also together went, two car(riage)s go out together, the place was a neighbor not too upscale hotel, Lin Tiannan finally reduces own specification, became the same consumption level online person with me and Tang Qi, this made both of us be pleased.

Entered the theater box of hotel, Lin Tiannan already , but also was leading two people, one was 40 -year-old high and low middle-aged person, the god was only reserved, among the smiling faces warm also as deep as a well, my intention sea swept, this was a Royal Air intermediate master, although was too not strong, but has actually had more than enough to spare as the bodyguard, after all [say / way] of inheritance Chinese practice from Lao-Zhuang Mozi and other ancestors, this type to aura and Yin-Yang change grasped is the foreigner does not know, therefore the list discussed the words of individual strength, was almost is exploded by the East.( Do not ask that my why period oppugn invader crowd ends calf follower not to come out to protect our homes and defend our country, which my knows why does not want that many, to let my joyful writing novel.)


Lin Tiannan wears the black coat, the makings of whole person just like a cauldron heavy bell, unflustered, once the face of outstanding ability had been short under the carving of blade edge of years for several points young frivolous, were many for several points to be firm and resolute and calm, he put out a hand, the smiling face on face was quite temperate, said: „Li Xiao Yao and Tang Qi, casually sit, you're welcome."

I nod smile: „Good uncle."

Tang Qi sits down nearby Dong Cheng Yue, is about because Lin Tiannan on the scene, Dong Cheng Yue with me has not sat together, alone went to the drink fruit juice to go, but Lin Wan Er affectionate was pulling the arm of Lin Tiannan, said with a smile: „That model of women coat that father, left recently is quite attractive, but the home did not have the goods, you look......"

Lin Tiannan laughs in spite of trying not to: „Ok, I ask the friend to buy, you gave me a picture and brand are good."

„, The father was well best!"

Lin Tiannan smiles, looks to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you and are Wan Er life in game good?"

I one thump, is this must look up the work? Therefore said: „Um, but also is good, country fought just fired off, then BOSS launched war of the attack, was good resists because of us."

Lin Tiannan said: „Heard that your time has taken two in seven big main city at one fell swoop, now seven big main cities of destiny game had three are the Chinese areas, is not easy."

I said: „Yes, the setback that although comes across are also very many."

„You said that Little Demon matter?" Lin Tiannan looks at my astonished facial expression, said with a smile: „Does not use surprisedly, I also frequently pay attention to destiny game, after all Wan Er too liked to this game."

I said: „Um, I have not thought the friend of mine will betray me, has not thought that Matcha is Little Demon in legend, the city that my building has given to my competitor, although...... She also took the blame to delete the number."

Lin Tiannan has the profound meaning smiles: „Have you taken revenge?"

„......" I looking pensive had not said: „I do not know that whom should ask to take revenge, if Fang Ge Que, he has not forced Xue Rou to give [Legend] the [Zhan Long] city actually, if Xue Rou, I really......"

Hundred taste mixed Chen, I at heart suddenly self-ridicule smiles, said: „The ruthless under heart, in my memory, besides Dragon's den, Xue Rou has not really made one to be unfair to the matter of me and my friend."

Lin Tiannan said: „The thoughts of person are very sometimes fearful , is very sometimes interesting, because some people hated have actually faded from the memory once happiness, because some people the temporary false appearance have actually faded from the memory many injuries, the life like the chess, the interesting part in the heart, resorted to all means no doubt to become the important matter, but true became great undertaking, to not seek, by virtue."

My heart one bright, said with a smile slightly: „Thanks the uncle to advise, I understood."

„Um, that is good."


Brief eating meal, Lin Tiannan does not draw Lin Wan Er to buy one clothes to her, finally Lin Wan Er has also chosen one set, but I, Tang Qi first accompanied Qin Wen and Dong Cheng Yue to go back, later I and Lin Wan Er return to the dwelling, gets online hurriedly, today's matter are many, a biggest matter decides that three enter the quota of [Zhan Long] palace.


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, I opened the guild high-level chat channel directly, said: „Was good, I came back, then starts to discuss that three enter the quota of [Zhan Long] palace, is nominated 10 people by everybody, then votes, is highest the ticket three people to enter the [Zhan Long] palace, cannot garner votes, this, starts to nominate!"

Li Mu Ha Ha smiles: „The opportunity of Wang Jian and small dance came finally!"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Good the nomination, the most competitive several people I think that is general Wang Jian, Old K, the small dance, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and god of death elegy these five people."

I nod: „East city nominated five, came five again, then started to vote."

Wang Jian said: „Treatment department, Darling Duck should be selected, is rides to fight the department, Yue Yao Yan and Meng Yao, comes two quotas again the words, Wolf and Like a Flame, comes One Second Hero again, how is it?"

I smile: „11 people of 11 people, does everybody have other candidate?"

Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „Other, feeling qualifications were still shallow, next time, these 11 people, a person of ticket system?"

I nod: „Um, the voting continues for 60 minutes, fights a battle to force a quick decision the result!"


Therefore, in main System Notification of pledge on with minute pledge main page voting page, then these 11 nominees the number of votes started soaring, after a half hour, the number of votes fixes, the first five numbers of votes cross ten thousand

Dancing Forest 19201 tickets

General Wang Jian 18773 tickets

Hero Ran Min 15342 tickets

XiYaoGe completely 13180 tickets

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands 12312 tickets


Also reflects from another that the [Zhan Long] online population are really many, crosses 10 thousand, our literacy classes already surpassed 200 000, became a strength and population super Guild remarkably!

Looks at the vote, I said: „OK, the small dance, Wang Jian and old K entered the [Zhan Long] palace, making me arrange the reason!"


Several minutes, the list of three new promote player officially has moved into the [Zhan Long] palace

6 th, Dancing Forest, moves into the reason: The [Zhan Long] first archer, the first country fights points [Zhan Long] first five

7 th, general Wang Jian, moves into reason: The [Valiant Bravery] camp leader, [Zhan Long] rides war is CBN fights the net to place first three

8 th, Hero Ran Min, moves into the reason: The [Zhan Long] core member, [Zhan Long] first Berserker, the country fights meritorious Berserker first


Hence, the [Zhan Long] palace altogether has moved into 8 players, respectively be me, Yue Qing Qian, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, Dancing Forest, Wang Jian, Old K, these people is also true elite with nucleus, [Zhan Long] can have today's achievement, these person of each indispensable, at this moment, Wolf said the sentence suddenly sigh with emotion: „If the Matcha elder sister still, fights the net second strength by her CBN, perhaps could be selected in the [Zhan Long] palace directly?"

Fox stares: „Was a pity that Matcha for Fang Ge Que that cohabitant or the heavy hand destroyed the flower me and brave clean has cut......"

One Second Hero hesitates, said: „Actually, everybody, if since the eye blind could not have seen Little Demon to bear the tremendous pressure, reason that she deletes the number is also to guilty of our [Zhan Long], if I have not guessed that wrong, Little Demon will certainly return, [Zhan Long] is the place that makes her linger, not?"

The Fox nod smiles: „Um, brave clean said finally a logical expression, Matcha will certainly return!"

I also smile: „Um, I am also waiting for her to come back."

At this time, Palace Spirit female has sent in news: „Brother Guildmaster, but also wanted recast Dragon Reservoir Sword? I and others spent to thank......"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Wanting that wants, goes to the Fan Shu City blacksmith's shop, I immediately!"


Zhan Long Chapter 950

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