Zhan Long Chapter 951

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The blue smoke curls, in the Fan Shu City blacksmith's shop busily becomes one group, almost all blacksmiths in building the weapon of palace guard as well as in casting some dragon crystal artillery fittings, Palace Spirit stand by an iron furnace, visits me with a smile, said: „Elder brother, Guildmaster do you have the recast Dragon Reservoir Sword stage prop immediately?"


I said the sentence assuredly, afterward takes to give Palace Spirit Dragon Reservoir Sword, put out a hand to reenter the package to pull out a section of long purple god crystal stone, is really crystal that Luo Cauldron condensed, when the Palace Spirit vision saw when god crystal stone attribute could not bear open Zhang Xiaozui: „Oh, such good casting material, I have not seen......"

At this time Palace Decree rode a number of hot fine horses to graze to come, to cancel the warhorse condition, the speeding away several steps comes to a stop, says with a smile: „Started? I surround."

Palace Spirit nods: „Um, has prepared."

Saying, Palace Spirit places Tieluzhong to burn the melt advancement Dragon Reservoir Sword, at the same time also posts the god crystal stone, after several minutes, the crystal start liquefication of god crystal stone gradually, changes to flood the golden light liquid to wrap around burning fiery red Dragon Reservoir Sword, several minutes later, Palace Spirit will be slightly startled, said: „System System Notification I can acquire the gem class again the material, this...... This can Dragon Reservoir Sword unexpectedly two increase gem materials?"

I asked in consternation: „What meaning is gem material?"

Palace Spirit said: „Common sword, only then attacks and attacks fast and other attributes, when builds wants to obtain the special effect to need to increase the gem, the gem quality is higher, that special effect is possibly stronger, naturally, what is main wants the luck, RP high to words JP leaving of certain situation rate is unable to block, not...... Brother Guildmaster the sword...... Uses this!"

Saying, Palace Spirit was taking out a deep sea color gem from the package, said with a smile: „15 levels of gems, the Dinghai stone, calculates that Guildmaster your luck is good, this is the thing that yesterday just obtained three days ago."

„Three days ago?" I in consternation.

Palace Decree said with a smile: „Guildmaster do you forget? Advance Luo Cauldron was massacred by you, at that time was walked to ROLL by One Second Hero, afterward I spent 200,000 G to buy from that fellow hand, this Dinghai stone is the excellent building gem, the Divine Tier above weapon can increase a gem in the casting process, we build the hell fire time usually with 10 levels and 11 levels and 12 levels of gems, this 15 levels of gem rare degrees were similar to God Tier."

„Spent 200 000?" I in consternation, show a faint smile to say afterward: „Cannot make you suffer a loss, come, this 200 000 G I bore!"

Saying, has given Palace Decree the 200 000 gold coin, asking Palace Spirit to help my recast Dragon Reservoir Sword owe debt of thanks, how can again Ping Bai with others gems, although said that the Nangong brother and sister were not short of money in fact, but this is not always good, the blood brother must clearly do accounts, this can maintain friendship everlasting!

„Biting", that Dinghai stone changed into the gloss to seep in the sword body of Dragon Reservoir Sword together, Palace Spirit continues to strike, is Dragon Reservoir Sword remoulds the shape, simultaneously I also noted, said slightly in consternation: „Spirit, this...... How did this shape look familiar more and more?"

Palace Spirit shows a faint smile saying: „Brother Guildmaster, you forgot, this shape was the shape of butterfly!"

„Was right, is butterfly!"

Palace Spirit said with a smile sweetly: „I have a premonition that this attribute was not the general great strength, the god crystal stone has certainly been able to let the step + 1, in addition Dragon Reservoir Sword promotion effect, Demon Harvest at least one jump level to two star magical instruments?"

„Not necessarily." Palace Decree has licked the lip, said: „Perhaps is the three stars magical instrument?"

I have not spoken, waiting that actually anticipates at heart intensely, enough the recast nearly one hour, finally „biting", the Dragon Reservoir Sword recast, the outward appearance and butterfly were almost exactly the same, can have in this way the person of wonderful workmanship skill, probably in this game also on a Palace Spirit person, traded to be the ordinary blacksmith is the player, perhaps can only , whatever system automatic mold shape.


Palace Spirit the new long sword will grasp in the hand, said with a smile: „Does Brother Guildmaster, you name? This has been able to change the name of sword."

I have gripped the long sword, said with a smile: „Called the butterfly!"

When I input the butterfly, sees only the golden light to shoot up to the sky together, immediately near the ear reverberates system ting to come unexpectedly, what making us not think, this butterfly is not two star magical instruments is not the three stars magical instrument, unexpectedly said the five-star magical instrument in legend! Extremely comes compared with God Tier finally, is only the inferior step?


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Palace Spirit】 The recast left 【Butterfly】( Magical instrument ★★★★★), builds the player of five-star magical instrument as first, this player obtains the reward: Level + 4, Charm + 80, casting skills + 40%!


At this time, the attribute of new sword butterfly also reappeared in front of me and Palace Spirit, Palace Decree, was the close combat is the player is naturally sensitive to the attribute of weapon, looks at the attribute of butterfly, the Palace Decree opening mouth, said panic-strickenly: „, Very strong attack power, did this little go against heaven's will? Too strong......"

I also look at the attribute of butterfly, the mighty waves are at heart unconstrained, was too truly strong

【Butterfly】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Attack: 12400-18500

Strength: + 550

Stamina: + 545

Magic: + 540

Agility: + 535

Additional: Promotes user 175% attack power and 100% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 60% physical defense

Special effect: Will never wear, uses cannot lose durable

Special effect: Has the strength of 20% probability triggering starry skies, causes the foundation 4 times of damage to the goal

Special effect: Has 30% probabilities to cause Superior to strike the injury

Special effect: With player Xiao Yao Zi Zai binding, cannot fall

Special effect: Has a familiar task and handles it with ease, reduces to need Level to request 30 levels

Special effect: When Dinghai, target, 10% probabilities trigger Dinghai injury, making it fall into 3 seconds of dizziness, and restores own 50% HP

Only effect: [Kill for Blood], kills a player every time, weapon attack power + 1%, highest 200%, offline vanishes

Introduced: Before the Flood, the shore of South China Sea had a Longchi, the legend presented the Shenlong tour every hundred years in the pond, the Longchi water was limpid, drinking may have the effect of stronging and healthy body, Shen Jiang for „Qin Fang", elected beyond the day the meteoric iron to be the material, unearthed in Mt. Qingyun Shenyu to direct, built the thatched shed in Longchi, after 7 years, cast [Soul Army] finally, named Dragon Reservoir Sword, the legend brandished Dragon Reservoir Sword to summon the strength of starry sky, making the match crazed, and in recast later order named butterfly

Needs the charm: 1200

Needs Level: 200

Recast: Palace Spirit


„Thump......" I swallowed the next saliva, the new tide rushed, the hand was grasping the butterfly, was this magical instrument that I able to move unhindered the mainland will take advantage in the future? On attack power, has flung the Dragon Reservoir Sword several streets simply?

Palace Spirit hee smiles: „What kind, likes?"

I am excited: „Likes, has not liked!"

Palace Decree said: „This should attack power, explode Dragon Reservoir Sword?"

„Um, truly ended to explode!" I show a faint smile, „what happy is 200 levels of weapons attaches unexpectedly has a familiar task and handles it with ease, such one, this used full Ji not to need to replace sword possibly enough me!"

Palace Spirit smiles: „Hee hee, this is really good, this signature that on the sword has mystical powers, Brother Guildmaster continuously with the weapon that spirit signs, approved!"

„Exchanges to have a look at attack power?" Palace Decree said with a smile.

On my rapid equipment this handle butterfly, suddenly feels a vigorous strength to emerge the arm, has to speak out simply, then instantaneously wields the long sword from the sky to cut two crosses, Palace Decree is stunned: „, With the sword master, gets rid to know that had the real skill! Guildmaster, how many having a look at attack power to have, facilitates to give our brother and sister to demonstrate the attribute?"

I nod smile, in takes out rapidly wraps prepares the good strong fossil to strengthen the butterfly to + 7 situations at the scene, then gave this brother and sister to have a look attribute sharing

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Protects country Dragon Rider)

Level: 170

Attack: 35915-48790

Defense: 23825

Life: 238515

Magic: 33490

Charm: 1433

CBN Battle Ranking: 6

Title: Broken cauldron male


Looks at this attack attribute, Palace Decree somewhat could not bear finally, speechless [say / way]: „Foundation attack power upper limit already about 5 thousand, what concept this is, perhaps is the foundation defends 3 thousand people unable to resist Guildmaster one set of skill?"

My hand grasps this butterfly, has still brandished several, is familiar with the weight of modern weapon with dividing to cut the angle, said with a smile: „Does not know that this wants Going out to look for person duel one to know the concepts of 5 thousand foundation attack power."

„Why looks for others?" Palace Decree stands up from failure to start, takes out the shield, said with a smile: „My Palace Decree knew that at the [Zhan Long] riding war is in not being able to stand in line number, but is at least can also be with my these 161 levels of heavy Knight in Knight first 20? Come Guildmaster, with my duel, my foundation defense is 21000 + points, this shield they just hit with Li Mu, serial number 1673 Demon Harvest, physical defense takes a broad view at [Zhan Long] at least first ten, is very good trial sword stone."

I nod smile: „OK, then on duel, how many flatter decides your HP upper limit?"

„My attack power is slightly low, blood are many enough, 12 thousand +!"

„Um, I came!"

The war flag falls to the ground rapidly, I summoned thousand frost wing effects, drank one to clash Going out on lift-off one meter lowly highly, a butterfly gently pendulum, has not used the skill, direct ordinary struck to sweep away to shake on the Palace Decree shield!



Not only forms to hit hard, and „" an acoustic shock results in Palace Decree with the horse backing up several steps, dizziness in same place , to continue for 1 second, this is the bravest of the brave effect of new three stars magical instrument necklace champion remnant blade edge, so long as my strength value match, 50% probabilities shake high draw back the goal, 10% probabilities cause its dizziness 1 second, the Palace Decree luck is really good.

Under strikes, Palace Decree HP less than 50%, has made up a sword almost to hang again, but I have not gotten rid, lifts the hand to turn over to the sheath the butterfly, has cancelled the duel pattern, said with a smile: „All right?"

Palace Decree face color on with amazement has not removed, said: „This weapon was too terrifying, luckily I am not the Guildmaster match!"

I turn around to look at Palace Spirit with a smile, said: „Many thanks spirit for my recast butterfly, how otherwise to have such attack power, thanks spirit and flatter decides, has the opportunity words, I will ask you to eat one well!"

Palace Decree laughs: „Naturally has the opportunity, waits for the [Zhan Long] annual meeting time."

„, [Zhan Long] annual meeting?"

„Um, Li Mu said that each Guild needs own culture, to promote everybody's exchange, the [Zhan Long] later every year holds a time annual meeting, inviting 200-300 core players to participate, eats and drinks a happiness, needs fund from guild warehouse on line."

„My goodness, has taken action first and explained later, but is truly good." I yearn smiles, said: „Was good, you continue busily, some of some of my also matters need to process."

„Good, goes!"

Zhan Long Chapter 951

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