Zhan Long Chapter 952

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The Fan Shu City drill ground, heavy cavalry of one group of palace guards is practicing the equestrian skill bayonet fighting, Han Yuan raises the steel knife to stand when the one side watches, on his armor even also has the bloodstain not to wipe out completely, after approaching, can smell the perspiration stink faintly, the Hybrid Demon decayed smell that perhaps after is slaughters, leaves behind, but I was also used to it, this was the hero in war, majority of time will not be riding the white horse and handsome youth of outstanding ability, the guy but who was a Han Yuan this type of each food eats three jin (0.5 kg), progressed [Assault] not to forget to buckle the nose excrement.



The Han deep pool walks to go forward, says with a smile: „We recruited 20,000 people of recruits, is training, they are the good seedlings of war institute, in the school is the outstanding student, trains to be also easy many, shortly afterward, we can have the heavy cavalries of 30,000 audiences again, will be more."

I nod: „The situation in barbarian step shield camp?"

The Han deep pool said: „This fought the infantry battalion to lose at least 2 thousand + person, we were continue recruit the barbarian brave warrior to join the palace guard in the hot crystal basin, but was the battle loss is too perhaps big, they quite had the complaint."

I sighed: „Um, after all the barbarian did not have to regard own family Tian Ling Empire, impossible with heart and soul full fights for us, then recruits some human soldiers, when crosses Cooldown again, the indignation subsides in the hot crystal basin that goes to the barbarian to occupy to recruit the recruit again . Moreover, encouraging the barbarian to give birth much, the development fertile farmland makes us livelihood."

The Han deep pool nods, on the face brings to wipe the ambiguous smiling face, said with a smile: „I have such done, previous time my reducing heat crystal basin time, these barbarians truly are not the cultured savage, under the field, tree, stone, everywhere is their copulation scenes, oh...... Said that also really lets the person bloodlines ebullition!"

I shot a look at his one eyes, said: „Should you also find a wife?"

The Han deep pool was startled being startled, in eye was passing vicissitudes, said: „Our these become a soldier, perhaps which day wants the horizontal corpse wilderness, where when the time comes buries does not know, what also raises to get married? Ok, do not damage the girls of others family, if I have the need, also will go to the empire tavern to spend several silver coins to trade for night merrily with Xiao severe, dragon whetstone several people."

I smile: „Um, that is good."

The Han deep pool said: „General, you come the camp to not to chat, what matter has?"

In I took out have wrapped heart of protective charm Ichimaino, said: „this is rides from the barbaric wolf of advance armed forces obtains, heart of protective charm this fondness of countryside can stimulate the potential of barbarian large scale, making them have a stronger strength, the might that the barbaric wolf rides you also saw, therefore helps me try to find the solution, how to use heart of protective charms these fondness of countryside."


The Han deep pool has taken the protective charm from my hand, took a look at the long time, said: „I am a careless person, cannot understand, does my this ask the prophet master in Fan Shu City to have a look?"



Crossed was less than ten minutes, Han Yuan went, but duplicate, excited said: „General, the palace master said that so long as there is a charm to trigger, heart of protective charm this fondness of countryside can fuse with a barbarian soldier, but this charm request to the master is very high, therefore asked the general to write a paper copy clerk, I took away Tian Ling Empire to dispatch many enough masters to come to fuse the protective charm for us, General, altogether how many protective charms?"

I: „Enough all palace guard barbarian soldiers fused completely."

„Good, that is good!"


The matter progresses very smoothly, after having my handwritten letter, Han Yuan handles matters has not encountered any hindrance, the sovereign shallow forest own handwriting reply, in the capping the sovereign imperial seal, Han Yuan dispatched 200 + palace masters to directly soar Fan Shu City rapidly, in the afternoon started the fusion of barbarian protective charm.

Above the school ground, the sea of people, were waiting for in large numbers barbarian soldier of fusion, on faces full is the surprise and anticipation, they in palace guard Cooldown for a long time, are together with the human soldier completely harmoniously, naturally had the soldier sense of honor of palace guard, knows that goes forth to battle to kill the enemy is man this matter of doing, but this protective charm can be stiffened by oneself, obtains more honors.

„Prepared?" A young master looks at a young barbarian.

Barbarian nod: „Prepared!"

The young master arm raises, the heart of protective charm fondness of countryside flies, changes into a ray, afterward seeps the body of barbarian due to the promotion of magic rapidly, immediately the barbarian whole body trembles the backing up several steps, the whole body muscle inflates rapidly, was several fists divulges to the tread just obtained the strength the inflation feeling, but that year the light master continually drew back several steps, the face whiten: „I must rest for several minutes to come again!"


Fan Shu City is the [Zhan Long] station, I have established many storekeepers in Fan Shu City, the heart of protective charms our several thousand fondness of countryside install to have in the guild warehouse, brought the supplement conveniently on the line.

To reality near evening time, the barbarian in palace guard fused the protective charm completely, the strength large scale promotion, the next time wartime was also again doomed to blossom in radiant splendor.

After finishing eating the dinner, stayed with Fan Shu City improvement city and army, but Lin Wan Er has also sent in the sharing picture, she was sitting on the fire Yun City throne listens to advising of whole body of ministers, this was daily daily, although was very bothersome, for the stable fire Yun City rule, Lin Wan Er also can only continue to handle these bored matters.

To the evening's about 7 points time, finally obtained a recent news, Xiao severe progressed to run quickly on the city main road, the black cloth on one-eyed was jolted soon to fly, in the hand was raising the long spear, laughed saying: „Commands the Sir, the good news, to command the Sir, had the good news, oh......"

My some surprise: „What good news?"

Xiao Lidao: Does 1 thousand person who „we dispatch bright temple practice still remember? The first batch came back, altogether came back 2000 people!"


I one thump, said with a smile: „Told me quickly, was we had 2000 temple Knight?"

Xiao severe stares, afterward said with a smile: „Sir, without that many, temple Knight is not the cabbage, in these 2000 people only then 10% people became ‚accurate temple Knight', they adopted the graduation inspection of temple Knight, learns temple Knight all fight skills, later then whets own ability in the fight, the growth was genuine temple Knight, although other 1800 people the inspection has not passed, but also studied many higher fight skills, these 2000 people were the fresh blood of our palace guard!"

I laugh: „They where?"

„Immediately comes, the Sir waits for the moment slightly!"

About about 10 minutes, the Fan Shu City distant place has heard bang the hoofbeat, dense one group of cavalry soldiers entered a city, one passes shortly, one black custom-made armor, the bright temple is rich, unexpectedly has built one set of new war armor to person nobody who I sent, 1800 people wore the black to fight the armor, 200 people wore the golden color to fight the armor, did not need to think that put on the golden color to fight the people of armor is accurate temple Knight!


One group of people discontinue in abundance, knee down, was saying to me loudly: „See commands the Sir!"

I satisfy nod, said: „Gets up, after you inspect, whose result is most outstanding?"

And wore the person of golden armor to walk, said: „Sir, end the inspection result is 297, was highest, what did the Sir have to tell?"

I commended had a look at him, said: „Come, what for our these kept the Tian Ling Empire ground beetle to show you to learn in the bright temple?"

„Yes, Sir!"

This accurate temple Knight retrocedes immediately several steps, lifts the hand to draw out behind long sword, shouted, immediately around the long sword was lingering golden Saints light, the both arms inspired slightly, the strength surged to form a round Saint shield to linger in the body week, afterward the sword blade edge raised chops to cut Going out, the Saint light shelled together in the ground, immediately the flagstone disintegration, a gulley has formed.

I and Xiao severe, Han Yuan, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other military officers stare, Dragon Xing claps the hands to say with a smile immediately: „Good temple Knight, was really makes us broaden the outlook!"

That temple Knight receives the long sword, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Commands the Sir, after we enter the bright temple, spent for more than ten days to comprehend the bright strength, afterward quenchinged our statures, now the strength is very pure bright Saint strength, had very strong lethality to Hybrid Demon of northern territory, can [Judgement] their souls, make its beyond redemption!"

I satisfy say with a smile: „Um, good, but then possibly lets mainly not deal with northern Hybrid Demon that you do, but is Full Moon City and iron of skull city and Ze deep pool city West and other enemies."

Temple Knight holds the fist in the other hand: „Respectfully follows the command edict that commands, does not balk at ten thousand deaths!"

I pat his shoulder, said with a smile: „I do not need you dead, I need you to fight, guard the dignity of Tian Ling Empire and humanity."

„Yes, Sir!"


In this time, „drop" a news, is coming from Shen Bing that has not seen for a long time suddenly: „Li Youngster, offline comes base, needed you to leave the duty!"


My surprise, has not thought slightly had the duty quickly, what were not then many asks, immediately said goodbye to Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others, greeted with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue on offline again, Lin Wan Er let me carefully, actually this worry was somewhat unnecessary, by my present Yang Flame level strength, who can also injure and my life?

offline, wears the uniform of protector squad, the butterfly back after behind, the bullet prepared to go out, A4 left the campus rapidly, directly soared the protector base to go.

Arrives in the base time, Shen Bing in the underground entrance I, looks that my appearance she throws smiles: „Do not be anxious, these days day was good, looked like the whole person is energetic many!"

I: „Nature compared with after just fired off Ouyang Chuan barely alive is better many!"

Zhan Long Chapter 952

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