Zhan Long Chapter 953

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Rides the elevator, underground 7 stop.

The surroundings are one crowd wear the scientist of white coat, then probably was we are used to deal to breed to install the technological strength of person? However always felt that the scale was worse, otherwise to breeding to install person such being at a loss.

Across corridor, ** appears in an instrument, the one side is having many people to discuss anything intensely, I only heard interrupted several, as if about any success ratio and so on words.


„Wang Dui!" My distant greeting.

** The complexion is not too attractive, obviously has come across the thorny matter, said: „Walks, goes the office with me."

The corner is ** office, I and Shen Bing, have closed together afterward, the system automatic has encrypted to the door lock, and sound-insulated effect of this room is much better, almost cannot hear outside any sound, ** sits down, beckons with the hand saying: „You sit."

I said: „Said the duty directly, what also sits to sit, said that exactly what happened?"

** Frowned, said: „327 events that recently had, do you also know?"

„Slightly has hearing." I raise the brow, said: „Subway operate miss bumps into, 47 injured 3 dead, right?"

** Said: „Actually is 7 dead, 4 people, are the plainclothes of our Hangzhou protector squad."

„What?!" I in consternation: „What's the matter?"

** Lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „These 4 people were cut open the nape of the neck dead by the sharp knife blade, and is not the ordinary knife edge, but is the claw thorn of animal rips open."

„Does the C level breed to think of the person?"

„Should be above the B level, the saber that because these 4 people of carrying shut off stiffly!"

„What, can shut off including the saber?" I deeply inspire, said: „The saber that protector squad provides may be the titanium alloy manufacture, the degree of hardness and sharp degree are 2-3 times of common cutting tool, will this directly also shut off?"

„Yes, shut off directly."

** Somewhat helpless, sighed: „After Wei Fan falls in the water, I think at least will breed to think of the person to restrain some, has not actually thought that they were more rampant, moreover their science and technology will be evolving, the C level and B level will breed to install the ability of person to promote to a very fearful situation, the ordinary protector squad members are unable to contend."

„Can nano bullet shoot through their skins?"

„Temporarily yes."

„That is good." I frowned, said: „Wei Fan?"

Shen Bing in bypath: „The Wei Fan status was too special, and misdeeds stained, until now is being detained as before, we are suing him, this whole life he probably could not exit."

My long sitting in ** the corner of desk, said: „What do that present these breed to install the goal of person are?"

** Said: „Assassination and threat."

„Assassination? Assassinates anyone, threatens who?" I greatly am the surprise: „Before Wei Fan Blood Scythe did not carry out the drug trafficking or is steals the science and technology to carry on the crime operation?"

** Shows a faint smile: „Before that is, the high-end, they have carried on gathering capital, to undersell and other methods to obtain the greatly strengthened capital through assassination, deterrent and other methods now, this is several months the stock market continuously unconstrained variable reason, moreover their methods are wise, often is uses these hands to grasp great riches person privacy and other secrets to threaten, or compels with the safety, non- scar."

I deeply inspire: „What do they want to make?"

„Subverts Yangtse Delta economy, leads the economical mighty waves of China, the next step plan, I do not know again."


I silent some little time, asked: „What feature has?"

„A little."

** Said: „Our technical parts have been tracing these unusual fund revolutions the trend, finally the discovery headquarter is located at China the funds of altogether 7 companies to be at the rapid rise condition, I think that this is the gathering capital point, exactly, all people in these 7 companies is a person, person who called Pei Ying, this was the material of this person."

** Waves, on the large screen presented the Pei Ying specific detail, in 1982 the stranger, 36 years old, the Chinese American, lived externally for many years, three years ago returned to homeland, starts to operate many companies, as for criminal record anything was a blank.

„This really was unable to start......" I to look that the large screen said.

** Said: „Shen Bing has sent for day and night secret distance monitor and control Pei Ying cell phone and other agencies of liaison."

„Perhaps he is innocent?"

„Is impossible!" Shen Bing purses the lips, said: „My first time traces his phone signal time, his cell phone source is encrypts unexpectedly, will consider an ordinary merchant to the ability of cell phone encryption? Moreover at that time, his several companies were barely alive, total fund over 3000 thousand, why do not want the cell phone encryption."

„Had to transfer him to contact the record in the past?"

„No, was deleted completely thoroughly, is unable to inquire obtains."

„This was really thorny."

„Um." ** Nods, said: „Traceable, Pei Ying phrases the stocks of blue Shuijie major companies one week ago large scale, at present, the entertainment and business location in almost 70% stocks blue Shuijie grasped in his hands, in other words, the night shop in blue Shuijie, almost turned over to a Pei Ying person majority, this before, here was the Wei Fan domain."

„Pei Ying this is must take over the Wei Fan domain , to continue , when Hangzhou underground king?" I asked.

„Is uncertain." ** Shook the head saying: „When according to our information, Pei Ying works the hand is specially clean, likely will not be Wei Fan so will be stupid, moreover temporarily will not have any evidence to show that Pei Ying with breeding to think of the person to be concerned, a clue will not have, but will be at the suspicion stage."

„That what to do?"

„Therefore asked you to come, needed some people to go to blue Shuijie to find out again."

„Pei Ying in blue Shuijie?" I am astonished however.

** Shows a faint smile: „Um, Pei Ying this person is discrete for the person, moreover almost does not have what the friend of public relations, is the only weakness approximately ‚lascivious'? Moreover the nature is happy ‚seeking novelty', for half a month has lingered at various KTV and bars and other evening performances, almost will look for the game from these evening performances every night, then brings back to the dwelling place."

My helpless sigh, lets go saying: „This means that I can probably play the role of the lover to soak with the Shen Bing elder sister?"

„Really intelligent."

** Laughs: „We sent the person who traces Pei Ying to be bred to think of the person before to kill, then also can only trace by you, you are capable of protecting itself and Shen Bing, is only you to go to me to feel relieved."

I said: „That preparation? What is today's specific target?"

„Steps on."

„Steps on?"

„Um, in familiar blue Shuijie the major bar and KTV environment, the base will then contribute a bar." ** Implored the tone, said: „I was look to understand now, must be involved, can control this underground every action and every movement truly, our protector bases applied for 500 thousand funds, to build one belonged to our bars."

„Recruits? What to do if were seen through by Pei Ying?" I asked.

** Said with a smile: „This can feel relieved that Shen Bing goes to work as the proprietress in this bar personally, other staff members are recruit, we special police officer status encryption of Shen Bing, the highest-level jurisdiction have been able to inquire her status, therefore is safe."

I nod: „Good, what today's specific target is?"

„Bar that goes to Pei Ying to be, plays, beams with joy, but Li Xiao Yao your appearance, when killed Ouyang Chuan to expose, needs to give you to melt a makeup."

„? Puts on make-up?" My whole body trembles.

Shen Bing has shown the small devil general smile, is pulling my arm: „Young sweetheart felt relieved, but elder sister's my face-painting first-class!"

I tremble, the total feeling was not quite wonderful.


After a half hour, I to the mirror, have almost not been able to clearly recognize that the present person was I, at the same time has provoked the eyebrow, said: „The Shen Bing elder sister, you are the same with Jiao Enjun my eyebrow picture, what meaning is this? This eye, felt that traces is the same with the punk non- mainstream, if this makes Wan Er see that she does not kill me to be strange!"

The Shen Bing young lady smiles: „Relax, which your Cang Tong gives up to kill you, a bit faster embarked, opens race car that the base matches specially! Places in your sword the car(riage), otherwise exposed."

„Good......", although duty is not very dangerous, but I also felt relieved that after all this butterfly will not drink the blood, I am not the person who is infatuated in slaughtering, can not begin to complete the task it would be the best.


After 20 minutes, drove the red race car to arrive at blue Shuijie, after Shen Bing got out, pulls me to enter a bar, according to information, Pei Ying in this bar.

About 10 : 00 pm, heavy metal music stimulates the people numb nerve, Shen Bing is holding my hand to go in gradually, looks for a position to sit, has selected some beer, then in this makes in the environment that the person loses have a drink together.

Shen Bing puts on grey to bind the body skirt, reveals a pink / white arm, moreover under the stomacher, the less than half snow breast is partly visible, in addition she good makings and appearance, the styles of some whole person quite night of shop queens, caused that the surrounding many people greeted, even inquired the Shen Bing telephone number or the micro-signal, but Shen Bing also 11 persuasive words declines.

To around 11 : 00 pm times, outside several people have come, Shen Bing feigns immediately does to get drunk general by in my arms, the mouth the steam in my ear was saying: „Puts on that person of blue shirt is Pei Ying, extremely dedicated visits him."

I have not spoken, but the vision glances in the darkness, actually sees that Pei Ying hairstyle also to exaggerate some compared with me, on face glowing with health, in the eye is passing self-confidently, typical tall Fushuai. On beautiful woman who however when his item posts the winning bid play a finger guessing game in not far away one, immediately started to ripple, just like ** said that this Pei Ying only weakness was a beautiful woman.

Shen Bing eats to say with a smile in my ear: „Boy, actually elder sister I, so long as betrays the appearance, can definitely make this Pei Ying obey, can bet 100 dollars?"

My corners of the mouth raise: „Resulted, you were not an agent, does not need such to do, can use my issue of fist solution, does not need the Shen Bing elder sister you to use the chest to solve."

Shen Bing smiled sweetly, outstretched the arm to grasp me, has kissed one in my ear, wet soft feeling.

Zhan Long Chapter 953

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