Zhan Long Chapter 954

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Pei Ying was away from we less than 10 meters seat to sit down, in addition two men with three females, as if were very ripe, probably together has played many times.

I have not gone to visit him desirably, is grasping the wine class, plays a finger guessing game with Shen Bing compared with the size.

Quickly to 12 points time, the cheek of Shen Bing is slightly red, suddenly depends on my shoulder, collected said in my ear: „Helps me create an opportunity, making me know that this Pei Ying, at least, I must obtain his contact method."

I knit the brows: „Creates?"

Shen Bing shows a faint smile, the racket my shoulder said: „Ok, I come, you look here, do not let me be robbed was......"

I nod: „Good, I look from afar your......"



Shen Bing stood up, grasps water glass to walk, the step leisurely, the slender waist and fine round buttocks outlined the infinite character and style, when she arrived by Pei Ying that table, suddenly had been hit by a nearby security, immediately shouted lightly drew back several steps continually, liquor water „crash-bang" sprinkles in Pei Ying arms.

Pei Yingzheng is grasping the dice cup, places on the thigh of nearby beautiful woman, suddenly was scattered liquor, immediately is in an uncontrollable rage looked to Shen Bing, but the vision touched the Shen Bing simple and beautiful appearance time immediately did not have the temperament, instead smiling said sentence anything, the musical sound was too big, my hearing is unable to distinguish again clearly.

A smile of Shen Bing also face apology, slightly bowed to say anything, immediately the smiling face on Pei Ying face has enriched, the racket nearby seat said anything, Shen Bing then sat down, then has pulled out the cell phone, with Pei Ying whisper several, seems is wanting the micro-signal and telephone number anything's appearance.

After exchanging the telephone number, after Shen Bing accompanies Pei Ying has been drinking one cup, on the face as before is the satisfactory apology, sets out to walk, nearby Pei Ying that tall male held the arm of Shen Bing, what that is saying on the face harbored evil intentions with a smile, can keep Shen Bing to remain approximately to play together? After all Shen Bing in Hangzhou protector police unit is team of colored ranks, above several beautiful women who the beauty completely in Pei Ying brings.

Grasps in grasping of that man, on the face of Shen Bing has shown a painful facial expression, turns the head to look to me, I stood up to walk immediately, my status of this acting was „little friend who" she came together . Moreover the hair raised up, a face heavy powder punk and non- mainstream modeling to look that was coming out to mix, how possibly to look that the female companion was used to sit by and do nothing strongly.

Walks to go forward directly, my holds the arm of that man, said in a low voice: „Drops!"

„Yo, is buddy this your......?" His doubt visits me.

In my hand makes an effort slightly, immediately his pain must let loose Shen Bing, but Shen Bing also turns around to hold my hand, said to Pei Ying: „Andy, this together comes with me the friend who plays, called Kerry ( Carry ), was many years of good friend, therefore I cannot accompany you to play today together, another day, again same place!"

Pei Ying looks up to me, despising that in the eye does not cover up with ridicule, said: „Yo, the escort of Shen Bing beautiful woman looks like also is really...... Also is really...... He he, is really good......"

I: „......"

I pledged that I can return to outside vehicle to bring a butterfly sword to chop this soul immediately to be pale, but in order to completes the task, definitely cannot such do, coming time Shen Bing to tell me, our time duties do not kill Pei Ying, in the situation of but in not alerting the enemy understood that Pei Ying all, this time must using the relations that Pei wins, discovers to breed to install the person event secretly evil behind-the-scenes manipulator, eradicates from China this influence, avoid damages again innocently.

The hollow laugh, I said: „Andy, I and she went back to play, you also played happily."

Pei Ying nods smiles: „OK, you go!"

Saying, Pei Ying shakes the cell phone in hand to Shen Bing, said: „Beautiful woman, we later again relates!"

Shen Bing also sweet smiles: „Good Andy!"


Returns to the seat, I and Shen Bing played a finger guessing game to drink to play a meeting, but Pei Ying also constantly cast the vision, even grasped the wine class to arrive on our tables to accompany us to drink twice, it seems like Shen Bing really very much had the charm of evening performance queen, unexpectedly can make Pei Ying this year to year the bastard of fooling around together evening performance fall in love to him, the woman who also or, regarding attractive and has not begun, Pei Ying fell in love.

Also after a while, before dawn 12 : 40 time, I then brought Shen Bing to leave the bar, Pei Ying was hugging another little girl to play at that time just merrily, thinks that has not noted our departure.

Returns to the vehicle, I have wiped the hair immediately carelessly, then with wet paper goods face on „heavy powder" total deletes, not being feeling well looks in mirror, Shen Bing said with a smile in the one side: „Yo, this likely is our police unit Captain Li should have the charming appearance that hurries to wash the hair, this hairstyle did not endure to look straight ahead."

I stared her saying: „You also know that does not endure to look straight ahead, isn't you to the hairstyle that I do?"

Shen Bing purses the lips, lets go innocently said in English: „Guaimelo......"

I: „......"


Again after a while, the Shen Bing cell phone has glittered suddenly, she takes to show a faint smile: „Fish swallowed the bait!"

The unlocking, has a look at the above micro letter news, she said: „Pei Ying asked that I went back, I replied, soon went to bed."

However several seconds, the cell phone glittered, Shen Bing threw smiles, said: „You guess that he said anything."

I am speechless: „What?"

„He asked that I with that the bludger who called Kerry stayed together......"

I have grasped the fist: „This goods do not fall in my hands...... Otherwise punches certainly him not to know his mother!"

Shen Bing eats to smile, said: „I said do not have, he started to make me, asked that my has had free time, how should I say?"

I think that said: „Lays cards on the table, will say several days later, your gathering place will also open in blue Shuijie, making him lead the friend to go to your gathering place to play...... Let the base send several masters to hide in the gathering place protects you, otherwise your girl is not quite safe, um, making Xiao Lie lead the masters of several Royal Air levels again with you together, turned head I to tell Wang Dui."

Shen Bing nods: „Um, knows that relax, woman who mixes the evening performance, so long as my status does not expose, the great disgrace, will not have any danger."

I stared her saying: „Whoops, great disgrace? The Shen Bing elder sister may be able to see through really......"

Shen Bing hee smiles, shakes my hand, said: „Your boy knows that now loved dearly me? Late! Snort, in the base does not have other policewomen to suit this duty, can only I come, Wang Dui that black soul will not show pale tender affection!"

I groan smile: „Slanders the boss blatantly, I must go back to consider your shape!"

Shen Bing stares, smiling face that immediately a face flattered: „Captain Li this, do not postpone the anger of emperor's countenance, the great girl lets your crisp, do not consider my shape, my each month buying clothes, cosmetics and house rent and so on must depend on the wages......"

I have a look at her, discovered the clothes that Shen Bing wears because towed to entrain my relations the stomacher to slide to big one section, the pride of round so was vivid, immediately the nosebleed soon spurted, looked straight ahead the front hurriedly, said: „Crisp one, I may not have this good fortune, was right, bar that we prepare to open where?"

Shen Bing also stern, puts out a hand a finger of distant place, said: „That facade that repaired is our, has repaired final several days, business license anything has handled, above has the person, these are not the issue, when the time comes one should the security samples the capable squad member from the base, wineshop attendant anything uses to recruit completely, does not cause anything to suspect."

I nod saying: „That is good, lets the guns of security secret equipment nano bullet, do not let breed to think of the person to act unreasonably in the bar."


I have a look at the door of that bar again, cannot bear say with a smile: „PaPa bar?"

„Yes!" Shen Bing very small chest, proud saying with a smile: „The bar, this name is I advocated strongly that decides, Wang Duiqi resulted in the beard quickly to fly."

„Wang Dui where has the beard......"

„Ha Ha, I was such a saying."

„Goes back, paid the duty, is today's searching bottom motion also the motion?"

„Naturally." Shen Bing swung the cell phone, said with a smile: „Has attained Pei Ying contact method, moreover this idiot still sexually harasses me in the micro letter unexpectedly, hee hee, must fish him to want the immortal not to be possible!"

I started the engine, at the same time said: „Do not play with fire ** good, Pei Ying this person you have not imagined that simply."

Shen Bing said with a smile: „I, if plays with fire **, you will rescue my, right?"

„That must!"

„That was good, has our police force small white dragons to protect me, I am also worried about anything."

„The nickname of this idiot is which idiot gives?"

„Wang Dui gets up, young fellow, I must go to your shape, only if you let my crisp, otherwise you ended!"

I drive to skice, at the same time said with a smile: „You solve, I must go back to rest, good late......"

„Does not have the conscience!"

When the vehicle arrives at the base quickly, I press the speed, said: „Right Shen Bing elder sister, my also matter needs to ask your, only then you can help me."

The Shen Bing corners of the mouth raise: „Helps you look for Little Demon Xue Rou, right?"

I in consternation: „Um......"

Shen Bing said: „Good, I knew."

I said: „Before Matcha, played to conquer changed the game appearance, and Little Demon never participated under any to match, after she entered the destiny , the appearance that linked Matcha this character was also revises the trimming, therefore almost nobody can recognize her, you looked up the Xue Rou concrete ID card, had the younger female cousin's to name be Xue Jing that then took the ID card as the clue, inquired her shopping, paying fee, user registration and other records, found her present inhabited area, should not be difficult?"

Shen Bing grasps the pink / white fist, self-confident saying with a smile: „Relax, over one week does not help you dig her, the words said that you planned is what kind to her?"

I deeply inspire, said: „She has given Fang Ge Que our Dragon's den, has massacred Wang Jian and Li Mu their many Level, although said that I am lord of the pledge, my person makes mistakes, I should undertake vigorously, the matter that but Matcha she handles, must repay, I must look for her, lets her writes an apology book to Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wolf as well as [Zhan Long] all people, then continues to accept my enslaves...... For the [Zhan Long] potency, although thinks quite simply, but...... Temporarily also only then this idea."

Shen Bing shows a faint smile: „Good, the idea is truly naive, but...... Calls words that I spoke, [Zhan Long] Li Mu, Wang Jian and Wolf these warm-blooded show years, which thoughts are simple, the guild that one crowd of two goods compose has such strength unexpectedly, is truly impressive."


Zhan Long Chapter 954

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