Zhan Long Chapter 955

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Is raising the butterfly, having one to return to the dwelling, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue early to rest exhaustedly, after I took a shower, then also went to bed to meet Zhou.

A dream wakes up, the sunlight sprinkles in the balcony, passes the window curtains slit to project on the face, is warm.


Has not gotten out of bed, on the cell phone then received a message, came from Yue Qing Qian: „Brother Xiao Yao, thick matter! Last night, why did not know, rising sun such as the idleness of blood brought about ten thousand ice to ride near the imperial stele forest [Hero's Mound] with the person who practiced the level outside to hit spirit, 4000 + people that Tang Gu led were all extinguished, Q-Sword was in a rage such as the blood declared war to the rising sun, the response that but created was intense, Cang Cheng does not know where found strikes awe the command together, launched the guild challenge to the [Hero's Mound] main pledge, soon will start this to strike awe the war at 11 : 00 pm."

„Strikes awe the war?" I am astonished however, this phrase had not seen for a long time, although Tian Ling Empire within the boundaries many guilds fight to declare war and kill in revenge, but few strikes awe to make the direct challenge rout the match usefully, moreover strikes awe the drop rate of making to be extremely low, altogether also few.

Immediately stood up from failure to get out of bed, washes to go out of the room.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue in making breakfast, today is they go to the kitchen personally, enters the kitchen the time, actually sees Lin Wan Er in the omelette, in the flat-bottomed pan psst flood the boiling hot oil, Lin Wan Er is opening pair of bright eyes, is afraid to be splashed by the blobs of oil, fear egg Jiao Diao, I looks smiles, walks to go forward from behind to grasp her slender waist, said: „Dear drop!"

„Safe did everything to please......" Lin Wan Er horizontal my eyes, ill-humored saying with a smile: „Did honest confession, several : 00 pm, have in an outside night of non- home to return to?"

„No, I by my family old man's personality guarantee!"

„Your family old man, for one bottle of mineral water can sell out you, discussed any personality......"

„Said is also...... Oh, your omelette Jiao Diao......"

„Repugnant, others do for you specially...... You may probably eat completely!"

„Will kill by poison?"

„Kills by poison you, I commit suicide together in the name of love for you, relax."



Breakfast Cooldown, Tang Qi sits to the dinner table near on time, rubs hands to say with a smile: „You hear not to have, Cang Cheng started to our [Hero's Mound] strikes awe to fight, was really interesting, was the head of Cang Cheng kicked by the donkey?"

I shot a look at his one eyes, eats the omelette that Lin Wan Er is making, while said: „Tang Qi can you head of Cang Cheng be kicked by the donkey? You thought really [Hero's Mound] can certainly defeat the rising sun such as the blood?"

Tang Qi said: „1000 VS 1000, I have self-confident [Hero's Mound] to win, we advocate pledge first 1000 people of average Level at least such as the person of blood to be higher than 2-3 levels compared with the rising sun, equipment is also finer than them, even if Wang Ze Cheng has the ice to ride spirit, we certainly will not lose to this group of motley crew."

I said: „Strikes awe the war to challenge the beforehand that moment, do you look up the rising sun such as the personnel of blood to come and go out the record?"

Tang Qi stares: „No, how?"

My corners of the mouth raise: „According to my knowledge, Wang Ze Cheng is never that type person who fights the uncertain war, if he has not prepared, that certainly rashly will not declare war to the [Hero's Mound] main pledge . Moreover, this strikes awe to fight , is not only the independent war, is war of the revenge, how Wang Ze Cheng possibly not to prepare completely?"

Lin Wan Er in bypath: „Waits, Qing Qian in game online, I makes her online inquire now using the informer."

I nod: „Um."

Several after minutes, on the Lin Wan Er cell phone beats the news that Yue Qing Qian sends, above impressively is the recent rising sun such as the blood Guild turnover record, is astonishing

【Does not fight , then perishes】 Knight, 161 levels, main city: Highest heaven city, server: Argentina, enters Guild

【Snow deep pool】 Archers, 160 levels, main city: Port City, server: India, enters Guild

【One degree below zero】 Mage, 163 levels, main city: Highest heaven city, server: Germany, enters Guild

【Star flash】 Mage, 162 levels, main city: Full Moon City, server: France, enters Guild

【Coils black hair】 Archers, 162 levels, main city: Tian Ling Empire, server: China, enters Guild


Dense and numerous entered the Guild record, Yue Qing Qian has reported a news, said: „In 60 minutes, at least over 600 Tian Ling Empire inside and outside players join the rising sun such as blood Guild, after the anger and the country northern territory fight edition opening, player fights in Africa has been able transnational to join Guild, Sister Cang Tong, [Hero's Mound] this situation some were not quite wonderful."

I have a look at Tang Qi, said: „Reminded Q-Sword, left was too negligent, after joining this group of 160 + levels of overseas server players, [Hero's Mound] and rising sun such as the Level disparity between blood Guild is not big."

Tang Qi is also the complexion with amazement, said: „The inside connection of [Hero's Mound] management in rising sun like blood, this matter big strip!"

Saying, Tang Qi threw down the cruller in hand to dash to get online, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue continued to stay behind eat meal, this matter with our relations are not really considered as that very big.

Dong Cheng Yue sits in window sunlight, the dawn sprinkles, covers a gold-rimmed in her pitch-black long hair, she said with a smile: „This Q-Sword was really some have been busy, said that Wang Ze Cheng was the hand eye was also exceedingly high, unexpectedly understanding that many overseas masters, I want light to depend on R motherfucker to be cannot achieve?"

Lin Wan Er said: „Booster Company that Wang Ze Cheng is the multinational company, externally many countries are the subsidiary companies, the person of understanding are many some is also very normal matter."

I smile: „Actually wants to join [Hero's Mound], is Q-Sword takes revenge, but did not have the opportunity, struck awe to make in the forthcoming several hours the guild forbid to come and go out the member."

Lin Wan Er claps: „One will get online observes, having a look at the result that this strikes awe to fight to be what kind, if [Hero's Mound] has won, the guild wind and cloud list rank of that [Hero's Mound] approximately can preserve, if [Hero's Mound] lost, that rising sun such as blood Guild really announced that rose officially."



About 9 : 00 am, gets online!


Appears in Fan Shu City, not far away blacksmith's shop there, Palace Spirit and Palace Decree are building the hell fire, after the main pledge expanded 5 thousand people, at least had 3 thousand to ride the war is the player, to the close combat was demand high of weapon, Palace Spirit and Palace Decree was also busy building the hell to be hot for serveral days, strove for every to be able maximum degree the absolute battlefield control ability of promotion [Zhan Long] cavalry camp.

„Spirit and flatter decide, good morning!" My distant greeting: „Was laborious , to continue to refuel!"

Two people also crack into a chuckle, sent regards camp that I go to the palace guard.

The daily regiment daily duty, examines the military affairs, comes back temple Knight that to be promoted to hundred husbands to be long from the bright temple completely, multitude of people grew, has promoted the palace guard overall strength of enormously, moreover many accurate temple Knight are also developing in the martial stage to teach these ordinary soldiers to practice the temple Knight feat of arms, such came the overall strength to progress by leaps and bounds.

Rides the god fierce fine horse to patrol in Fan Shu City, recruited Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry the resources that comes out completely, afterward goes to the southern square, discovered impressively Li Mu and Wang Jian are dressing ranks, about 2000 + people of [Zhan Long] main pledge players prepare neatly, this was must reduce heat the Divine Mountain [lineage/vein] region to practice the level, Fan Shu City was our [Zhan Long] default territory, everybody already naturally was regarded as the fire god mountain range our mainly practices the level map, although also had many other Guild players to practice the level, but has not related, they used transmission, repair and other services are provide the income for Fan Shu City, but this income. The majority belongs my, the speed of making money promote at least 78 times compared with the Dragon's den time.

Hits after the acquaintance greeted, raises the long sword to go out, reduces heat on the Divine Mountain [lineage/vein] to walk randomly, does not have what important matter in any case, practices the level to while away the time Cooldown!


Fire Divine Mountain just likes its common, everywhere is bunches of flame, but the god fierce fine horse is in itself the flame attribute, pours does not dread, going easily and freely arriving summit place, the surrounding monster is 172 levels of flame buffalos, attack power and physical defense is aggressive, 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, are lower than 160 levels of players to select to be difficult only, moreover is in danger, the Li Mu and the others team has not come up, but my 170 levels kill this monster also some empirical values, then progresses to raise the sword to overrun.


The flame buffalo discovery enemy in most edge, was long hissing to rise spiritedly four hooves to clash immediately, my simple was a high level [Combo] skill loses, afterward came time [Wind Blade] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] [Combo] again, blew out two big injury figures instantaneously, Dragon Reservoir Sword promoted after the five-star magical instrument butterfly, attack power truly significantly promotes




In addition God Tier murders the murdering god special effect of god armor, to the injury of NPC and monster doubles, got rid is six figures, when blew out the 4 times of injuries of butterfly had 600,000-700,000 many injuries, 6 levels of Hybrid Demon were reduced 50% HP by my sword is also the common matters . Moreover, the present flame buffalo was divided Going out continually to draw back several steps by my sword, the pitiful yell, that was the bravest of the brave effect of champion remnant blade edge, my strength value was higher than the buffalo, 50% probabilities created to shake draw back the effect, opportunity that these buffalo even continually hit back not on. My sword brandished killing.

Various use skills on mountain , to promote each skill skilled, makes the regiment duty to have the empirical value to take, but skill skilled does not have, this is also the biggest reason that I climb mountains to practice the level, after the Heavenly Tier skill opens, each skill broke 10 levels of limits, even my commonly used [Wind Blade] skill 16 levels, this has not gotten online, if I practice the level to be diligent enough, these skills of my present can rise to 18 levels are right.


Has practiced the level to 11 : 00 am, finally, ting from the sky has fluttered, [Hero's Mound] and rising sun such as striking awe between blood fought opened, 1000 people to 1000 people of wars!

A side guild of failure dismisses, in short Cooldown is unable to establish Guild with this name once more.

Zhan Long Chapter 955

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