Zhan Long Chapter 956

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Progresses to stand and wait for a long time in a summit of fire god mountain range Dashibian, the Ancient Heavenly Tiger dependence side me, protects my completeness, but I transform the large screen at present, real-time watches this showdown.

In the large screen a piece of beautiful scenery, strikes awe the battlefield map as before, but the master map area initially [Valiant Bravery] hit [Flying Dragon] compared with us time wanted in a big way much, after all at that time only then 200 people, but the present is 2000 people of battlefields, was no comparison between them.

„Shua Shua Shua......"

Person's shadows appeared in rising sun such as the side birth point of blood, a Wang Ze Cheng Jinjia, raised the shield, on the face is not having what facial expression, but was saying anything with Call Me Master and Su of Yan, idle and the others surroundings in a low voice, the person who we observed cannot hear clearly . Moreover, the rising sun such as blood Guild had many foreign aids, Full Moon City, Port City and Ze deep pool city and foreign aid of iron skull city had, but most was the foreign aid of highest heaven city.

The highest heaven city is an ingredient very complex city, are most by the German players, next is Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Holland and other countries, the total population number of highest heaven city absolutely surpasses any main city, but is because the ingredient is too complex, therefore highest heaven city as in fighting civil war, but the civil war, during the country has also fought, which place main city does not dare to provoke the highest heaven city, once touches the anger of highest heaven city, fiercely attacking of hundred million online players, sufficiently destruction any main city, is the ingredient of highest heaven city is complex, by Tian Ling Empire can continuously. Conquers fire Yun City, the Port City two big main cities, perhaps otherwise is not one's turn us.

The Wang Ze Cheng hand eye direct access to the highest authorities exceedingly high here, unexpectedly all invited the top players of highest heaven city major servers, the method can be inferred,


Looks at another side again, Q-Sword was not the fool, [Hero's Mound] borrows the soldier equally, by plan completely safe, Ye Lai, Enchanted Painting, Lu Chun Yang, Bai Li Ruo Feng, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and other Chinese war zone masters appeared in the [Hero's Mound] main pledge unexpectedly, Q-Sword was also cruel-hearted, invited the foreign aid everywhere, this wants the thorough destruction Wang Ze Cheng rhythm, but Q-Sword has not borrowed the soldier to [Zhan Long], did not have, it seems like Q-Sword and took to heart to Lin Wan Er to me as before, throughout failed the test, is not willing to lower the head to [Zhan Long] throughout, so long as in fact Q-Sword opened the mouth, my being glad belt person help, after all I to Wang Ze Cheng this. Plants the false villain to loathe.

Soon , the system started to count the seconds, the tactic of both sides was consistent, competes for the high ground, obtained the high ground to have the overwhelming superiority, went forward or retreated depending upon circumstances, is in an impregnable position.

[Hero's Mound] these 1000 people of ingredients are quite mixed, to front has fights Yang Qi also to have the Dawn Mills brand to ride incorruptible, has the hot crystal that [Hero's Mound] have to ride, rode the war has occupied about 500 people, by Q-Sword, Ye Lai and Enchanted Painting three brave generals to the front line, Lu Chun Yang, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and Tang Gu and the others can only be the second echelon, but [Vanguard] the soldier borrowed does as a temporary measure the third echelon taking advantage of Don't be Foolish and Goodbye Tears that and the others, but in my opinion, this degree of fight, the [Vanguard] three giants mostly were the cannon fodders, Simple that [Vanguard] borrowed actually will become the backbone of long-distance team, Q-Sword was affirmative taking advantage of her. Was borrows right.

The Q-Sword mounted constable, first Cooldown arrives above the high ground, rides to strangle to death with one crowd of ice rapidly spirit in the same place, supports for several seconds, Ye Lai and Enchanted Painting kills, especially Ye Lai Axe, the broken against effort is extraordinary, a skill combined under the crazy bang to massacre to the second Su Yan, Call Me Master progressed to retrocede immediately, Lu Chun Yang and Quick Thunder Swift Wind two people walloped, is actually rumbled by several foreign aids that the rising sun such as the blood invited the remnant blood, came from the archer long-distance burst of highest heaven city, Lu Chun Yang and Quick Thunder Swift Wind two CBN Battle Ranking 20 masters falls on the high ground twice immediately.

The both sides increasing number of people well up to the mountain range above, the tactical situation is getting more and more fierce, after Q-Sword kills more than ten people, continually also turned into the remnant blood, has to draw back, is good has Simple to assume personal command because of the back row, suppressed the rising sun gradually such as the offensive of blood, was led to ride the war by Ye Lai and Enchanted Painting and the others again is one round wallops, thoroughly repelled Wang Ze Cheng and idle and the others.

On the high ground full is dense and numerous corpses, near 20 minutes of struggles, both sides under the high ground upcasts about thousand corpses.


Wang Ze Cheng is raising the long spear, instigates warhorse to give a loud shout: „Retreats, did not want the high ground!"

Call Me Master is astonished: „Does not want the high ground, did we lose?"

Wang Ze Cheng has not spoken , to continue to have person to retreat.

Under both sides reached the impass, the [Hero's Mound] person did not want the high ground, the rising sun such as the person of blood not to attack the sharp trident that formed by Ye Lai, Enchanted Painting and Q-Sword these three people, even if were the riding war that the highest heaven city and Ze deep pool city invited is the master also completely is not these three people of matches, in fact so, these three people the stage is also top at present, even if changes into is I will also think creepy feeling, only if let Lin Wan Er with my together joint attack, not right...... Adds on Little Demon again, can be sure of success approximately, but was a pity that guilty of Matcha to [Zhan Long] has made her vanish directly, I do not know how she thinks, is unable to guess.

I just am thinking, on big map Q-Sword and Ye Lai and the others has led the people to descend the mountain, they decide to attack on own initiative, after all in the population had some superiority, moreover in the overall strength, the rising sun such as the blood was truly inferior planned, from the start could not block Ye Lai and fiercely attacking of Q-Sword and the others.

However when Q-Sword brings the person descends the mountain, I actually suddenly pull out, Wang Ze Cheng absolutely simply had not admitted defeat, certainly what also has to wait for Ye Lai and Q-Sword, but I do not have the means that trades to be me, perhaps also can only attack on own initiative? After all the disparity small pity in population, the system is not necessarily able to determine [Hero's Mound] to win, Q-Sword cannot lose, once [Hero's Mound] lost, the main pledge dismisses, so long as can rise to 6 levels of main pledges several days later, this is Q-Sword is not willing to give up absolutely.

The rising sun such as the person of blood guards in mountain valley, that is waiting for the match, after the [Hero's Mound] about 500 + people crash in the mountain valley, Wang Ze Cheng leaps the horse trail arms to meet head-on immediately, but the ice rides the quantity to be limited spirit, resists less than 10 minutes only to retreat once more, and Ye Lai opened the Axe group to attack the skill, Q-Sword started a second of person, two skill continuous attacks can the second fall an ice to ride spirit, frighten Call Me Master to spit the tongue saying: „Hit...... Q-Sword attack power very strong said!"

It is well known Q-Sword adds Swordsman fully, equipment first-class, body also three instance magical instruments, attack power naturally strong.


Q-Sword progresses to wallop, kills dozens people continuously, meets no resistance, under Enchanted Painting also after attacking and destroying a sword round art of dancing of highest heaven city master can fall its thorn, one crowd of [Hero's Mound] person to rushes forward horizontally, meets no resistance, but Simple raises staff to have one crowd long-distance to be with walks auxiliary in the rear area, on the cheek reappears to worry that said loudly: „Q-Sword, cannot clash deeply, I always thought that they will not be routed easily!"

Q-Sword is not the person of acting willfully, and also exceptionally commended to the strategy of Simple this woman, immediately has restrained the warhorse, said: „Neat good formation, to wait long-distance clashes again together!"

The people anchor, however the woods drag, has the potential of blowing up for rain greatly.

„How?" Ye Lai raises Axe to look to all around, said: „Felt that had a little not the wonderful feeling?"

Q-Sword nods: „I also thought that has any improper!"

Enchanted Painting is raising the water deity halberd, said: „Retreats, our population were higher than them!"

„Um! Retreats!"

Q-Sword gives a loud shout at the same time, suddenly strong winds sweep across the mountain valley, makes the people see that on nearby mountain ridge is standing a person, is the player in iron skull city, in top of the head in big one line of ID rain rhythm, this name exceptionally familiar-sounding, was right, was Guildmaster of iron skull city second Guild feather god, Wang Ze Cheng unexpectedly this person inviting!


Incorruptible cyclones linger in the rain around staff in rhythm, immediately I one thump, what is big is Q-Sword grasps perspiration, was bad, this staff is Country Weapon of US war zone, the legend stick of Aiersha scepter in snow and ice queen!


The entire world as if instantaneously was frozen generally, the green in verdant mountain valley was frozen the frost instantaneously, Q-Sword, Enchanted Painting and Ye Lai and the others in abundance with amazement, Q-Sword loudly shouted to clear the way: „Walks quickly!"

However steps the oppression of the people in the warhorse the instance, on the Q-Sword armor has transmitted „faint trace" the sound, he looks down, is actually not able to gain ground again, whole person incorruptible freezing, the body entered in an ice brick rapidly, is not only Q-Sword, Enchanted Painting, Lu Chun Yang and Simple and the others was frozen in abundance, only Ye Lai starts the crazy god effect rapidly, immunity any magic effect, had not been frozen, raises Axe to stand there with amazement: „This what skill, Taikeng father?"

In the big map, almost half map was frozen, arrival of storm any indication, all has not frozen the [Hero's Mound] person in the mountain valley.

„Is now!"

Not far away, Wang Ze Cheng raises the long spear to have the person to overrun, what this time they face is frozen, without the [Hero's Mound] people of strength to hit back, one crowd of rising sun such as the blood Guild player counter-attacks, the long sword chopped into pieces the ice layer, the [Hero's Mound] player fell the blood speed to be extremely quick, Q-Sword and Enchanted Painting and the others became the first batch by the player who the ice sludge killed, skill of Aiersha scepter is continued the entire 120 seconds, after 120 seconds, 200 + people of [Hero's Mound] front were killed all, even Simple by the long-distance skill of archer killing, but Ye Lai orphaned wooden difficult, to kill more than ten people , after continually. Also was massacred to the salvo by Mage.

This mountain valley on the contrary was becomes the [Hero's Mound] burial ground.

Ends the defeat, was powerless!


The short less than five minutes, the person of [Hero's Mound] main pledge was killed a none remaining, announced that this time strikes awe the failure that fights, in fact, all because of handle Country Weapon staff, the might of Aiersha scepter were too huge, the person who was frozen is continually invincible skill unable to use, reason that this is also Q-Sword and the others killed.

On the large screen presented victory and defeat success, 347 : 0!

The [Hero's Mound] main pledge turned into history . Moreover, [Hero's Mound] First Division did not have, Q-Sword can only go to the [Hero's Mound] second point pledge approximately, when Guildmaster?

The [Zhan Long] official 1 crowd promoted from 1000 people to 2000 crowds, the group id: 113638410 th, reopens receives the person, the schoolmate who has not entered the group hurries ~

Moreover, has held a activity in [Zhan Long], about the previous micro letter activity, as long as pays attention to „wap_17k" service number and transmits „to lose the schoolmate who fallen leaf" obtains the distinguished guest vote successfully, can in topping the placard replies the screenshot, after the activity had finished, will draw an item at random 3 lucky schoolmates to bestow a [Zhan Long] signature entity book ~ opportunity do not miss

Zhan Long Chapter 956

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