Zhan Long Chapter 957

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„Was too miserable!"

In the [Zhan Long] Guild management chat channel a piece has seethed with excitement, Li Mu indignant saying: „Unexpectedly asked Ye Lai, Enchanted Painting and Simple that many foreign aids to lose, this Cang Cheng fierce, unexpectedly can invite on the ABN second person of noise-maker skull city!"

Wang Jian said: „The words of international power, Wang Ze Cheng truly above Q-Sword, this [Hero's Mound] suffered a loss."

One Second Hero said: „Will [Hero's Mound] be unable to recover?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „This actually, Q-Sword is not the person who such is willing to concede, so long as the [Hero's Mound] also pledges, Q-Sword believe that can bring back to life, lets [Hero's Mound] in the Chinese area not but actually."

Lin Wan Er said: „Wang Ze Cheng is really mean, unexpectedly invited that many Port City and foreign aid of highest heaven city!"

Dong Cheng Yue also said: „Yes, the [Hero's Mound] main pledge such did not have......"

Initially, Tian Ling Empire has not cleared, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue for the [Hero's Mound] potency, can say that establishment of [Hero's Mound] main pledge has very close relations with these two female, what they also did one's best was [Hero's Mound] expands to pay, actually saw that now the [Hero's Mound] main pledge vanished instantaneously, this feeling was really hard to accept.

Old K said negligently: „[Hero's Mound] has knelt, what matters should not our? I believe that Wang Ze Cheng this tortoise should be are insufficient to begin to our [Zhan Long], moreover is the rising sun such as the blood strikes awe the war to us, [Zhan Long] definitely likely will not be [Hero's Mound] like this will also collapse completely!"

I have been startled being startled, thinks, if this strikes awe to fight is our [Zhan Long] replaces [Hero's Mound] to go to battle, can win? [Zhan Long] must say that the words of master, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Dancing Forest and the others is top, but such as the blood invited that many foreign aid teams to rising sun, our stratagem which ensures success possibly over 40%, perhaps, can't Matcha, hit to share half and half?

In a flash, I somewhat sobbed, regarding Guild, the player of Little Demon this female war-god rank was really too important, this approximately was also the biggest reason of Fang Ge Que for this reason downcast.



A news came from Yue Qing Qian: „Does Brother Xiao Yao, you know? After 2 : 00 pm, the system will renew new vice- Class, is called ‚wine-making master', finally the destiny must promote the good wine to be systematic."

„Good wine?" I in consternation: „Can add the fury points liquor?"

„Um, yes, Drunken Sword Style must start to run amuck."

„Ha Ha......" I show a faint smile, said: „Maintains the close attention, has a look at this wine-making master what's the matter, [Zhan Long] cannot fall on others' behind, can add the fury points thing is the absolute good thing, can skill launch in salvos like my this type."

„Oh, I will pay attention."


Searched at the forum about detailed of wine-making, discovered that had some features, including people give the formula that the wine-making master 1 level of skill has needed, as well as the attribute of good wine

1 level 【Rice wine】: + 20 Rage points, cool for 60 seconds, the use later reduces 10% skill to cool Cooldown, the formula: Glutinous rice × 20 and malt pink / white × 3 and fermentation altar × 1.


1 level of liquor can only add 20 Rage points, but the better than nothing, the quite sharp place lies in can reduce 10% skill cooling, such looks like 10 levels of good wines at least can cool skill 50% Cooldown above, this also means that my [War Song of Zhen Yue] 3 hours will cool one time, tread the broken heavenly thunder 15 seconds to cool one time, such one, trod the broken heavenly thunder simply is god same skill, in the group fought simply unequalled.

Watches a meeting again, wine-making master does not take to assist the Class position, this is one general auxiliary specialized, any player can study, um, must study.

At noon is accompanying Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue satisfactory eats, afterward in the afternoon gets online, waited for that 2 point wine-making normal junior college industry clear.

Close to 2 points time, I have transmitted Tian Ling Empire, rode on the god fierce fine horse to prepare momentarily to deal with any event, finally to 2 points time, a ting reverberation in the Tian Ling Empire sky, the wine-making normal junior college industry formally cleared


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, new specialized 【Wine-making master】 Has cleared, the player may in the teacher who in 7 Coordinate near Tian Ling Empire seeks for wine-making, spends 100 G to its study wine-making technique, and becomes a truly wine-making master, the Coordinate of these 7 teachers respectively are: ( 17238,4882 ), ( 74366,12484 ), ( 2772,109944 ), ( 24311,24428 ), ( 12984,41121 ), ( 42211,9876 ) and ( 13472,12444 ), in every hour each teacher only teaches 100 wine-making techniques!


I stare, has not thought that this Class can only study for 700 players each hour unexpectedly, but these Coordinate were also too cunning, recent near the Tian Ling Empire north gate square, farthest in child Wushan and military god Hexi side wilderness edge one generation, simply was too far!


Thousand frost wings add body suddenly, in city did not use, definitely acted swiftly to get there first to complete 100 quotas by others, I chose outside the city not near, immediately locked 24311,24428 this Coordinate, this Coordinate was in Wu Shenhe the east bank moon/month blade edge forest, once the camp of palace guard was, I was quite familiar.

After thousand frost wings, flying speed is extremely fast, the whole person just liked the meteor passing over gently and swiftly horizon, directly soared the fiducial mark, when I dived saw that dozens rode the war is the player progresses to dash to there, but under a lofty tree, must the old man carry the bamboo basket to sit there in vain rests, in the bamboo basket was the grain of several adult plant and wine-making, although he was old, but the complexion exceptionally was ruddy, took off the liquor bottle gourd of waist to get down one on filling, then comfortable saying with a smile: „The Lanling good wine, only has huadiao!"

„", I snatch in these ride the war am the front of player fall to the ground, arrives at side the old man quickly, said with a smile: „Uncle, I want to learn the wine-making technique from you!"

He opens awake song the eye, asking with a smile: „Boy, I, and asked your question, if you replied right, I then studied the instruction the lifetime to you."

I nod to say with a smile: „Please say!"

The old men said: „Takes the bamboo leaves, Chinese angelica, red sandalwood as to direct, is what liquor?"

I said without hesitation: „Shaoxing wine."

Although is not addicted to alcohol, but basic knowledge I understand.

The old men open to see me, laughs saying: „Originally is a person of same belief people, come, drinks my Lanling huadiao liquor, then teaches you to brew alcohol obsolete the technique!"

I tie the ratafia bottle gourd, thump thump drinking has gotten down a big mouth, immediately the entire person inspires, simultaneously on the fight contact surface presented one line of characters

Fight System Notification: You have drunk the wines stage prop 【Lanling huadiao】 LV-9, restores 100 Rage points, reduces 50% skill to cool Cooldown!


Looks at this line of characters, I cannot help but secretly was a pity, if this keeps in the process that the country fights to drink again well, 9 levels of liquor, were a pity simply!

Therefore, pulls out 100 gold coins to give the old man, obtained the new skill rapidly 【Wine-making technique LV-1】, 1 level of skill, the formula had, glutinous rice 20 and malt pink / white 3, add a fermentation altar again, this fermentation altar I am have seen, sells in universal provider there of Tian Ling Empire main street and small alley, is very cheap, the matters of several copper cashes.

Moreover, in the classification of wine-making technique also „discovery grain" mark, so long as I activate this mark, can reconnoiter the material that in the surrounding 500 yards can brew alcohol, this has saved many troubles actually, I had searched at the forum, the glutinous rice and malt pink / white these materials do not have the map to mark, can only depend upon player to discover . Moreover the wine-making normal junior college industry promotes where the beforehand people have not paid attention to have the glutinous rice and rough rice and so on thing.

The surrounding player were getting more and more, quick the sea of people, sufficiently had shown that Tian Ling Empire being fully occupied condition, everywhere is the players, this wine-making master was submerged by the huge crowd, at least over 1000 + people encircled here, and definitely after also many people will wait for 1 hour, studied again, was not out of the anticipation the words, to compete for the study opportunity of wine-making, will perhaps have line of battles.

In the guild channel, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Dancing Forest and other people have learned actually the first wine-making technique, other people did not have good luck that even if were Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue has not snatched the first Cooldown study the opportunity, can only continue the waiting next hour.

„Soon hit, what to do?" Wang Jian said with a smile in management channel: „[Flying Dragon] Soaring Dragon had at least 500 people to come, has surrounded the wine-making master in wilderness edge, I was encircled in the middle, what to do, must hit......"

Li Mu said: „Does not need to be worried that I brought 1000 fire Dragon Rider to cheer to you immediately in the past!"

Old K asked: „Li Youngster, we, if hits with [Flying Dragon], you won't blame us?"

I think that said: „Choice gets angry in Dragon Rider to add a person to have the person to force one's way in fully, toward pushes others using the force superiority, do not trigger the attack movement, left ash to give people the handle to be good."

Li Mu said: „Understood, this method I understand, Xiao Yao you have thousand frost wings, should learn?"

I: „Um, learned."

Li Mu: „Ha, that quickly clashes skill Level, I later some again clash, does not worry."



At this time, I had flown sky over Tian Ling Empire, fell rapidly, supplemented after good sufficiency fermentation altar, continued to fly toward the East, when I passed through the imperial stele forest, the supplementary skill effect of wine-making technique in starting to have glittered, on the big map presented dot of dense and numerous piece of illumination, thing that I needed, glutinous rice places!

„Bang" a dive falls in the place, anchors rapidly, trades the sword to turn over to the sheath the butterfly, afterward the solemn palace guard commanded squats starts to collect the glutinous rice in the paddies, here had not been developed by any player temporarily, the glutinous rice was also quite crowded, therefore I changed into for 5 minutes to sweep away one rapidly, in package then already glutinous rice.

Continued in surroundings You Yi, has not disappointed me, wild valley lands appeared, can collect the malt pink / white on this millet directly, after collecting some, „bang" the fermentation altar will place the one side, added 20 glutinous rice and 3 malt powders, then confirmed the synthesis, next quarter, „biting", rice wine appeared in my package, what a pity has not triggered the first fermenting rice wine the news, it seems like that the speeds of some people were faster than me.

Zhan Long Chapter 957

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