Zhan Long Chapter 958

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Has not thought that continued to use all acquired materials, with delightful ting, my wine-making technique rose 2 levels, in the contact surface also presented 2 levels of good wines and formulas

【Big ale】 LV-2 : + 30 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 15% skill to cool Cooldown, malt pink / white × 30 and fermentation altar × 1


The formula of big ale was really too simple, was the pure need malt pink / white, the more better, when I was young once secretly drank to defend the liquor that the mountain road person made with the old man on the mountain, indeed was the malt takes the raw material unceasing fermentation fermenting, was very simple, therefore big ale wines can only be 2 levels of good wines, not can be regarded famous name wine, but the effect was very good, 60 seconds drank one bottle, reduced 15% skill cooling, but my skill after drinking up the Lanling huadiao was in 50% to reduce in cooling, did not superimpose, took the effect high, this was the game dives. The rule, understands.

Therefore, walks randomly near this imperial stele forest, progresses all malt powders to collect completely this area, has spent nearly a half hour of Cooldown, afterward has broken out the thick patch of grass on a sword, the homemade stretch of open area, builds the fermentation altar to start to ferment the big ale, Ancient Heavenly Tiger is swinging the tail, squats to sit in the one side visits me to brew alcohol, the big eye shines, the saliva is about to fall, what a pity this stupid tiger from the start will not drink, thinks that was immediately disappointed.

With „biting" sound, the big ale has drawn a charge, piles up in the package completely, turns head to lose to guild warehouse makes everybody bring on oneself, the better than nothing, the present wine-making master quantity is scarce, is not everyone has the opportunity to drink to promote fury points, this level and 2 levels of good wines can only promote 20 points and 30 Rage points, said that are not many, when fight has these fury points perhaps to release small skill, can change the situation.

Enough nearly one hour, finally „biting", I become first rush to the wine-making technique 3 levels of people, the attendance can become rich!


System System Notification: Congratulates you, your 【Wine-making technique LV-2】 Promoted! Because you are the first wine-making technique rise to 3 levels of players, obtains the reward: Gold coin + 2000, Charm + 5!


5 Charm, no doubt cannot fight MVP with the country seized by force 100 points to compare, but was also good, the better than nothing, continued to refuel!

Looks at 3 levels of wine-making techniques again the formulas, was another one plants

【Gin】 LV-3 : + 40 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 20% skill to cool Cooldown, malt pink / white × 15 and needle juniper child × 5 and fermentation altar × 1


In malt pink / white my package also has a substantial number, should be sufficient, as for needle juniper!

hundred degree celsius......

Needle juniper, originally made in the Europe, Northern Hemisphere and other place of thing, is the growth on the pine tree, allowing me to think where Tian Ling Empire does have the pinery? Has thought carefully several seconds, had, north the broken blade edge canyon is the pear flower fort, the pear flower fort approaches the northern territory, year to year snows, but there is the pine tree, the heavy snow covers the pine nut, takes the form of a pear to be colored, therefore the acquiring fame pear flower fort, was there!

Jumps, full speed has fired into the pear flower fort, is in airborne even to feel itself to puncture the supersonic effect that thoroughly the air forms, is this flying speed quick?

Is less than 10 minutes, arrives in the pear flower fort, really periphery is snowing, above the earth presented the little fragmentary flashing temperature, right, needle juniper that I must look, needle juniper Zichang on the high tree, needed the crawling tree to collect, but I slightly crossed this point, thousand frost wings can make me stay at the airborne any point, does not have this tedious detail, therefore is hanging and vertical, needle juniper altogether throws toward the package , in a minute of minute wrapped on installing big pile of needle junipers child.

Continues to ferment the good wine, the Gin is the strong liquor that became famous, the process of brewing also slightly grew each time, but my some are patient, my Level has led the outstanding heroes in any case, does not need again for the empirical value goes all out, butchers some monsters of Songrim-ri to also practice skill skilled conveniently.

About after one hour, in my package overlapping appearance innumerable Gin, when I rush to 4 levels of wine-making techniques had a scare, I unexpectedly am not the person who first rushes to 4 levels of wine-making techniques, which lunatic is this is competing with me?!

Does not concede at heart, continue, looks at 4 levels of good wines the formulas

【Tiger-bone liquor】 LV-4 : + 50 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 25% skill to cool Cooldown, tiger bone × 5 and malt pink / white × 25 and fermentation altar × 1


The tiger bone, this gadget is very good to look, kills some tiger classes monster, extracted the bone to be OK, the next second of my vision harbored evil intentions looked to Ancient Heavenly Tiger, this goods clamped the tail to retrocede immediately several steps, if it will speak definitely will say „why master your vision so not good?".

Examines a Xiadade chart, had designated a recent map, the god cauldron battlefield, this piece of map was developed to be very long, is [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] person here has practiced the level, but [Hero's Mound] was just destroyed completely the main pledge, thinks that did not have the thoughts to come to here to practice the level, but the [Legend] person did not turn over to the practicing level place of sea deep place under leadership of Fang Ge Que in the exploration, will not come mostly.

Therefore, when I flew sky over the god cauldron battlefield confirmed that here four nobody, nobody has practiced the level here, and monster again Shua in god cauldron battlefield was also new, no longer was the original ancient times skeleton soldier and bones of the dead fights the tiger, but was 6 levels of Hybrid Demon „bites soul tiger", the attack of this wild animal class monster was very high, but for me was also only the piece of cake.

Lifts the hand to draw out the butterfly to agree with, direct combo [Strength of a Thousand Men] left 3 storms to strike, one time was the 4 times of injuries of butterfly, unexpectedly the instantaneous second has killed this head 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, created always injures has surpassed 200 thousand, if this by other player were seen definitely will become a legend in forum, temporarily probably didn't have what player to be able one combo second to kill 6 levels of Hybrid Demon?

Actually I can the second kill, owed has murdered the murdering god effect of god armor, attacked to turn time to the monster, practiced the level sharp weapon!

Walks to go forward, extracts the tiger bone, bit the soul tiger to produce 40 + tiger bones unexpectedly, the bone were really many!

Has not been idling, brought Ancient Heavenly Tiger to kill here entire a half hour, even finally rampant brought in one crowd to bite the soul tiger, whatever they gathered round themselves, but I brandished the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade chop air/Qi randomly, restored with the aid of the [Drain] effect, did not need to take a drug completely chops to turn one group of ferocious brave fighters, afterward started to extract the tiger bone.

After near one hour, static sitting in one pile bites in the corpse of soul tiger to start to continue to brew alcohol, the tiger-bone liquor appears at present, this process is quite long, was the fermenting has only spent for nearly one hour, after the 2-hour-long, my wine-making technique promoted finally successfully, and this time I became the first wine-making technique rise to 5 levels of people once more


System System Notification: Congratulates you, your 【Wine-making technique LV-4】 Promoted! Because you are the first wine-making technique rise to 5 levels of players, obtains the reward: Gold coin + 5000, Charm + 20!


„Drop", a news came from girlfriend Lin Wan Er: „Does pig head, have the dinner?"

I reply immediately: „Keeps several delicious vegetables to me, I am flushing the skill, waits for later some again offline to eat!"

Lin Wan Er is also the game master, understands that my this mood, sends in the voice that eats to smile, said: „Um, come on, looks like really has another person to compete with you!"


Continue, looks at 5 levels of wine-making techniques again the formulas, today with another lunatic mao in

【Medicinal herbs liquor】 LV-5 : + 60 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 30% skill to cool Cooldown, velvet × 3 and ginseng × 10 and fermentation altar × 1


The velvet, has in the Luming hole, three Linglu can provide enough velvet, as for other wild deer, is very rare, in the jungle occasionally has fled the wild deer has actually, but the quantity were too few, 78 li (0.5km) road also not necessarily head, obtains the velvet wine-making to rush to the skill 6 levels of words by this, that simply is dream of a fool.

The confirmation, the velvet goes to the Luming hole, the ginseng, the pharmacy in Tian Ling Empire sells the wild ginseng, 20 G one group, did not know to be useful, some people buy to be also used to install 13, now wants to come this wild ginseng to prepare for the medicinal herbs liquor.

OK, goes to the Luming hole!

The arriving Luming hole of light gate familiar road, actually does not think that here had many players in practicing the level, but I layer upon layer fly into, person who directly to third, three also many players in practicing the level, had [Judgement] also to have [House of Prestige], the influence was very mixed, actually lived in peace with each other, even between also many people knew that the conversation had, wants to come two Guild to be inharmonious, but among the players actually as before can become the friend, this was the humane bright side.

I also join to kill in the army of Linglu, the monster that but can snatch were too few, does not have the means that has to collect others to massacre, but the Linglu corpse under carry-over, they have not brewed alcohol the technique, is unable to seize the velvet, I happy with excavation velvet that behind others teams goes all out.

A Healer female face in front team is astonished however, said: „Looked quickly, in that person who behind us touches the monster corpse...... Isn't the palace guard commands Li Xiao Yao and [Zhan Long] Guildmaster Xiao Yao Zi Zai?"

Another raises Axe Berserker to transfer the warhorse, hey said with a smile: „Yes, has not thought that Xiao Yao Zi Zai will collect unexpectedly also others' spoils of war, bah!"

„Low voice!" The archers grin: „Your this idiot, making Xiao Yao Zi Zai hear, our these 20 people of squads must die!"


I disguised not to hear, after collecting the sufficiency the velvet, to return to the city, bought up the wild ginseng massively, then hid in a corner under city wall the fermenting medicinal herbs liquor secretly, after 40 + minutes, when I brewed alcohol technique Level + 1, the disappointment of actually not being able to bear, NND, was not my first rushes to 6 levels of wine-making techniques unexpectedly, made that lunatic acting swiftly to get there first!

Continue, to 7 levels of wine-making techniques, I do not believe......

Zhan Long Chapter 958

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