Zhan Long Chapter 959

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6 levels of wine-making techniques, famous name wine in legend, the daughter is red, the raw material but is actually not very rare

【Daughter red】 LV-6 : + 70 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 35% skill to cool Cooldown, hot crag fruit × 5 and glutinous rice × 20 and fermentation altar × 1


The glutinous rice is 1 level of food, finds at everywhere in the Tian Ling Empire wild forest, is not the rare thing, but the hot crag fruit is 6 levels of food, temporarily has not seen actually, where even I search at the forum also nobody to see the hot crag fruit, can only search for one, therefore, inquired in guild, nobody knows that hot crag fruit where Shua was new, oneself looked.

Hot crag fruit, as the name suggests, this is in the strange fruit that in the raging fire flaming rock layer grows, preferred child Wushan, the volcanic eruption on child Wushan is most frequent.

Thousand frost wing in addition hold, graze sky over child Wushan, but „discovery grain" under the scanning of this skill has not demonstrated in child Wushan to have the hot crag fruit, does not have the means that immediately choice next map Steel Blade Mountain, Steel Blade Mountain also year to year the lava spatters in all directions, here the temperature is extremely high, hopes has to grow the hot crag fruit!

The dive, on Steel Blade Mountain several hundred [Zhan Long] players are also searching for 1 level of mount Steel Blade beast training are mount, although Steel Blade rode the grade quite lowly unable to follow player Level, some preliminary players but who [Zhan Long] divided the pledge were glad to ride with Steel Blade, after all Steel Blade rode is a [Zhan Long] symbolic exists.


The people cast vision to me in abundance, I am slightly a stay, how many encouraging once more to fly to the expansive sky, how many weeks circled, only discovered that here was growing some malt powders, other did not have, changed the map again, reduced heat the Divine Mountain [lineage/vein] to have a look?


The Zixiao cape is towing the long shade mark in the wind, whole person meteor flying to the direction of fire god mountain range, distant can see the scene in Fan Shu City reconstruction, this secondary lord city became the [Zhan Long] station, the reconstruction has completed over 90%, actually remaining is also the reinforcement city wall, carries on the city internal affairs to reorganize, even rebuilt the later Fan Shu City scale compared with before want in a big way much, although the player drained much, but the strength of NPC army actually increased steadily, expanded to the palace guards about 10 thousand people once more did not say that had the powerful Dragon's den army, the Fan Shu City productive forces strong, Every day recruits several thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry or Flame Hawk Archers for me is not any issue, if no war, one month I suppress the 200 000 Dragon's den armed forces to come, what a pity this is unlikely, the next country not possibly fought the cyclical day one month later.

Japanese Korean War area player and Indian war zone players are still waiting for the revenge, moreover Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city and iron skull city is also eying covetously, no one is willing to look Chinese war zone day-by-day powerful with sitting to be big.


Quick, fire god mountain range appears under, the volcano cloud from the sky is filling the air, after I have flown straightly, is towing unexpectedly also the long smoke and fire trace, at this time, finally „discovery grain" characteristics „drop drop" has made a sound, the hot crag fruit that I mark appears in the map, in fiery mountain massif, fire Divine Mountain the medium baking temperature of crag fruit of main mountain range is most crowded!

Sharply clashes, „" slides dozens meters remote in the rock layer, the front is a giant cave entrance, goes nonstop to the mountain massif, simultaneously this is also the temporary base of palace guard, several hundred palace guard soldiers defend imperial outside the cave, in the hand is raising lance, sword and other pointed weapons, after seeing me, multitude of people long single Xi kneel immediately, said: „Commands the Sir, what?"

I show a faint smile: „Does not need to stand on ceremony, I must enter the mining area to collect some hot crag fruits."

„Hot crag fruit?"

This multitude of people long brow wrinkles, said: „According to end will know, this hot crag fruit was gradually influenced by the high-temperature rock magma deeply, the itself not sweet smell, the taste is extremely hot dry, does the Sir collect these to be useful?"

I smile: „Wine-making, the daughter is red."

The multitude of people long feel relaxed smile: „Originally commands the Sir to be so good refinedly, end accompanies the Sir to go in this?"

„No need."

My hand, said: „I go on the line, you are here strict the guard entrance and that's the end, do not allow the people of hot axe armed forces, crazy Lei Jun, flood dragon armed forces to enter, the mineral lode in this fire Divine Mountain is our Fan Shu City."

„Yes, Sir!"


I alone directly have floated in grotto, on the road is transporting the miners of dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore all, these miner majorities are the people husbands who Tian Ling Empire hires, the condition is extremely bad, on faces full is the black salt, some are even thin, it seems like needed to tell that the officials of household department kindly treated these people husbands, even if I said that probably cannot play the major role, this was the slave and feudal mixed empire time, the people's understanding to the civilization basic on have not achieved the boundaries of our player, was I said that these official also mostly. Will comply in public but oppose in private, from the start does not have what means.

„Duke Sir!"

„On general!"

„Commands the Sir!"

In the cave, palace guard armed soldier and people husband kneels down to salute to me in abundance, the status that I have now truly can be called under one person above ten thousand people, may actually unexpectedly unable to feel any feeling of satisfaction.

I to a people nod, ran away to fly to leave immediately have hung in the airborne corridor that also resembled, flew into the darkness, drew out the butterfly sword, immediately piece of magical instrument unique seven color gloss twinkles, have illuminated the surrounding all, actually saw only on the mountain massif internal wall is the people husband body is hanging oneself everywhere the rope, grasped the iron hammer dingdong to strike the dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore in mountain massif, but also flame the fruits on the mountain massif wall, the fire crag fruit that I must seek.

„Whish" a flight in the past, flew high to stand, then started to collect the hot crag fruit, the process of collection was quite joyful, in looks to wrap hot crag fruit little increase, enough collection several thousand hot crag fruits, almost collected to be satisfied the hot crag fruit in this fire Divine Mountain all, had a look at Cooldown is around 8 : 00 pm, then the crumb City Return Scroll, directly returned to Tian Ling Empire!


At present one bright, the Tian Ling Empire liveliness of daytime, not only there is a Chinese player, even also has much from Port City and player in highest heaven city, they applied for the peace pattern, can enter other country city to carry out the transaction to move, but naturally also many people in prying map information, this is unavoidable, the Tian Ling Empire city structure is not the secret, even if they knows that is also not necessarily able to bribe Tian Ling Empire, area fire Divine Mountain Fan Shu City constructs is actually revealed by the information easily, because of this, therefore Han Yuan, the dragon whetstone two Yorozuo belt people have made an inspection tour long in fire Divine Mountain, sees other city. The player, the direct active threat massacres, this is the game rule, even if will be they sues some people not to pay attention to them.

Was not as expected my, in the Tian Ling Empire east gate square some people in selling 1 level of food glutinous rice, 1 G one group, said that was very expensive, but was valued in conveniently, does not need to go to collections, saved Cooldown greatly, therefore I plundered one crazily, after buying fully the glutinous rice, entered in nearby weapon shop to start to brew alcohol, looks that daughters stemmed from their hand red, the sense of achievement was full!

Fermented about 100-minute-long, finally system ting, I become the player who first rushes to 7 levels of wine-making techniques, and is the entire server first person


System System Notification: Congratulates you, your 【Wine-making technique LV-6】 Promoted! Because you are the first wine-making technique rise to 7 levels of players, obtains the reward: Gold coin + 20000, Charm + 40!


I strengthened instantaneously have been determined, this wine-making technique or strategic place, following 8, can 9 and 10 levels also obtain very rich gold coin and Charm reward, Charm have at least surpassed 200 points? The words that does not flush have really been a pity, my Heavenly Tier [Medicine Refinement] stops to the level is because everybody could not find the raw material for medicine, but the food of this wine-making technique is not difficult to look, can continue.

Had a look at Cooldown, around 9 : 00 pm, therefore rapid offline, dish hot, ate one to continue to get online carelessly.

Continue, 7 levels of wine-making technique formulas appeared

【Pot wine vessel liquor】 LV-7 : + 80 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 40% skill to cool Cooldown, thunder fruit × 5 and malt pink / white × 20 and fermentation altar × 1


Thunder Guo, is a new variety, I inquired at the forum, did not have the news of thunder fruit, must the attempt in the guild seek help, finally the Yue Qing Qian sweet sound conveyed: „Brother Xiao Yao, where I knows the thunder fruit!"

„?" I asked excitedly.

Yue Qing Qian said: „In does not turn over to the sea the north bank, the former site in dark Moon Elf territory, I and micro cool went to there to explore, has discovered thunder fruit type of thing!"

„Good, thanked Qing Qian!"

I was excited, take potion card and other supplies goods to go out, non-stop flew to does not turn over to the sea the direction, after 20 minutes, arrived does not turn over to the sea, the body to fly high in the sea level passed over gently and swiftly, when I flew to did not turn over to the sea, unexpectedly the discovery seabed has a giant shadow rapid to me to swim, the next quarter, „puff" a great Gun shot up to the sky, opens the huge mouth to swallow to me!


Has frightened one, flies upwards hurriedly dozens meters, MISS falls great Gun's swallowing to nip, the height of lift arrives at 200 meters away, flying that this feels relieved to the dark Moon Elf territory, was too scary, this does not turn over to the sea is really not the place that the person treats, the previous our palace guard has not appeared with time great Gun of advance armed forces naval battle here, this is the heaven is blessing us simply.

Enters the dark Moon Elf territory, here everywhere is a desolateness, dark Moon Elf construct the unusual house in ravine is fired ashes all, the fruit that but in the mountain ranges flood Thunder Guang the fruit tree still, above is actually having truly is Thunder Guo who I must seek, is overjoyed, immediately the flying shuttle in the ravine, appropriates to oneself Thunder Guo, ahem, didn't this that lunatic surely have me to clash the level to be quick?


In this time, „drop" a news, is coming from Drunken Spear: „Xiao Yao, your this lunatic, such quickly rushed to 7 levels of wine-making techniques unexpectedly, good, I admitted defeat, where I could not find 7 levels of thunder fruits."

Zhan Long Chapter 959

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