Zhan Long Chapter 960

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I have almost smiled: „, The floret you do not tell me to compete the wine-making technique Level person with me is you!"

Drunken Spear smiles helplessly: „Who besides me can also? My horse speed is fast, moreover very skillful continual had discovered Shua New Territories of tiger bone, velvet and hot crag fruit, non- overswing 8 levels of times faded, everywhere chart could not find Thunder Guo the Shua New Territories......"

I smile, does not hide contraband, said: „Thunder fruit must cross does not turn over to the sea to find, has in the former site in dark Moon Elf territory, are many, I affirmed that cannot collect."

Drunken Spear said: „Really?"

„Um, what a pity you will not fly, must go to the seacoast to hire a ship to cross the sea, but you can use the status that your fall harvest regiment commands, goes to the flood dragon armed forces to hire a warship to lead you to cross the sea, naturally must pay attention to a point in the sea, many great Gun looks for food in You Yi, have not worked as the bait of big fish."

„Hey, this you have not to know." Drunken Spear slightly somewhat self-satisfied saying with a smile: „I am Knight Class, I have three mount pet spaces, a warhorse of main action, can cross the sea the water dragon, last is the flying speed also wants the quick 50% BOSS level warhawks compared with your god fierce fine horse, I can ride the warhawk to fly greatly!"

„Is quicker than my god fierce fine horse?" I am startled slightly: „Really is good mount, where catches?"

„, Who previous time makes a bet to climb up with Ye Lai asked that the peak of Tianfeng pulls out that biggest bird nest, finally I pulled out this pet egg, 157 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS level mount, powerful?"

„Pulls out the bird nest......" I to keep mouth shut: „In world also has this matter, pulls out the bird nest also to pull out BOSS level mount, does not have the natural justice, good, you hurry, otherwise here Thunder Guo must be picked by me."

„You keep to me, elder brother!"


I laugh in spite of trying not, Drunken Spear is not only one practices the level and impact madman, clashes wine-making technique such professional skill so to be also crazy, is really a talented person.

Therefore, near two hours, I collected Thunder Guo in dark Moon Elf territory about half, satisfaction returns to the city, starts to purchase the malt pink / white massively, then nearby starts to brew alcohol, 7 levels were too high to skilled that 8 levels needed, fermented for nearly 2 hours to complete the Level promotion, I once more became the person who first rushed to 8 levels of wine-making techniques, happily attained the Charm 60 points!


8 levels of good wines, named „Shaoxing wine", the material that needs has the difference, the tender bamboo leaves and hot crag fruit, the hot crag fruit can find in the fire god mountain range again much, but the origin of tender bamboo leaves was also simple, found the bamboo grove to be good, Queen Fiona brought new home Zizhulin that an audiences dark Moon Elf young girl was at to find the bamboo leaves, there bamboo leaves were the purple, the non- meet requirement, that changed a bamboo grove, North bank of Wu Shenhe great demon bamboo grove, this great demon bamboo grove was adjoining to the barbarian tribe in fire crystal basin, was plays the daily family activity. Practices the level place, as the name suggests, the tender bamboo leaves definitely will not be short.

Therefore by starlight went to the great demon bamboo grove, kills the great demon to promote skill Level, while searches for the tender bamboo leaves everywhere, finally stems from my expectation, the bamboo leaves in great demon bamboo grove are no doubt many, but the tender bamboo leaves are very few, 78 bamboos can produce tender bamboo leaves, searched for the tender bamboo leaves to spend me to reach for 3 hours, then collected the hot crag fruit, fermented again, when I rushed to 9 levels of wine-making techniques time is around 7 : 00 am!

Is good because, is my first rushes to 9 levels of wine-making techniques as before, 70 Charm succeed in obtaining!

Felt that outside weather has shone, but does not want to give up as before, continue, seeks for 9 levels of good wines the formulas

【Lanling huadiao】 LV-9 : + 100 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 50% skill to cool Cooldown, Lanling fruit × 5 and velvet × 20 and malt pink / white × 20 and fermentation altar × 1


Only looked that the attribute has let the stream of people saliva, restores 100 Rage points instantaneously, this means that I can skill launch in salvos, [War Song of Zhen Yue] + [King's Domain] + treads the dance of broken heavenly thunder + [Defeat the Dragon] + ghosts and gods, warm marquis Lu Bu here, who can keep off me?!

Has spent for nearly 40 minutes, had found the fruit trees of Lanling fruit in the imperial stele forest falling sword pond, after having swept one, starts to purchase the velvet in the city, the result has not disappointed me, the researching ability of Tian Ling Empire player is in this way terrorist, unexpectedly started to have many people in selling this type of 5 levels of raw materials for medicine, although is expensive, however to skill Level, I do not have the counter-offer, wantonly purchase, when approached rushed to 10 levels the skill at noon, obtained 80 Charm once more, intent is successful fully!

Looks at 10 levels of good wines again, this is the present stage most top good wine variety

【Immortal is drunk】 LV-10 : + 110 Rage points, cools for 60 seconds, reduces 55% skill to cool Cooldown, immortal fruit × 5 and hot crag fruit × 50 and glutinous rice × 20 and fermentation × 1


Is resisting the sleepiness , to continue to search for these 10 levels of good wines the raw material formulas, the immortal fruit, looked for the long time not to find, must relinquish, but Lin Wan Er also urged that my a bit faster offline has slept, offline, ate a thing to rest.

In the dream is smiling, a daytime night rushed to 10 levels the wine-making technique, was I also the destiny first person?

The result smiled awoke is at nightfall, around 8 : 00 pm, opened eyes to have a look on nearby cell phone, there is a Lin Wan Er news, making me awake called her offline.

After having reported a news, I then took a bath, time Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue that offline washed, said that today the chef has a vacation, our Going out ate, then outside went to have Jane Can, when was having the delicious box lunch, Lin Wan Er received a message, gained ground to have a look at me, said: „The region of fire god mountain range, occurred to fight."

„?" Fire Divine Mountain is our Fan Shu City territory range, moreover there is the palace guard and Dragon's den Armed forces two armies to guard, has the [Zhan Long] player to delimit the domain, who can provoke us? I have had drink, said: „Who, has eaten the great ambition leopard balls, is [Legend]?"

„It is not." Lin Wan Er shakes the head, said: „Since you after Fang Ge Que said does not want Dragon's den, [Legend] has not provoked our [Zhan Long], this time comes is not the domestic player, is the person in highest heaven city."

„Highest heaven city?!"

I in consternation, said: „Highest heaven city did not say that ingredient is complex? How to attack on own initiative, circles going too far Yun Chenglai to attack our fire god mountain ranges?"

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Actually the strict sense does not attack the fire god mountain range, but wants to seize the dragon crystal mineral lode in fire god mountain range."

I clap, said: „Really, is for the resources, what situation is concrete?"

„I have a look."

Lin Wan Er reported the news to inquire Yue Qing Qian, then said: „Is Wang Ze Cheng!"

I lose one's temper slightly: „What does this idiot want to make?"

Lin Wan Er digs the small mouth, said: „Wang Ze Cheng now is the hot axe armed forces vice- commands, in the hand is grasping three Yorozuo's long military authorities, therefore is leading the NPC army soldiers of 2 thousand + hot axe armed forces near the fire god mountain range, takes there prospecting the terrain as the reason, then finally made him find called dragon certainly restricted area ' the map in a fire god mountain range mountain range ‚, temporarily the map had not been explored by the player completely, but had discovered that had the quantity not poor dragon crystal mineral lode."

„Dragon certainly restricted area?" I deeply inspire: „Is we explores ineffectively, has not thought of around fire Divine Mountain also to have such a map."

Lin Wan Er said: „Therefore, bans the marquis Luo child to incite, lets the dragon crystal mineral lode in Wang Ze Cheng secret excavation dragon certainly restricted area, but the rising sun such as some blood Guild people divulged a secret, brought in flock of wolves, the highest heaven city respective Germany war zone player has dispatched troops."

„Is the person who dispatches troops to who?"

„Highest heaven city first Guild, the hammer of [God of Thunder], the Guildmaster demon mountain personally leads about 5 thousand people to come, in addition about 4 thousand highest heaven city Xia Huojun, the demon mountain is German war zone GBN fights the net first person, is highest heaven city first armed forces Xia Huojun one of the two vice- commanding, the hand grasps the military authority, is one of people the highest heaven city most can speak."

I deep frown: „Was then thorny, I had not planned with the person mutual hatred of highest heaven city, this demon mountain has the person to enter Tian Ling Empire within the boundaries to come unexpectedly to speak the last words with us, headache."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „What to do can we?"

I smile: „What to do can also, you a bit faster finish eating, we go back immediately, making Qing Qian online start to call the [Zhan Long] player, after we go back, immediately on the dispatching troops dragon restricted area, cannot give the person in highest heaven city this batch of dragon crystal mineral lode certainly in any event in vain, otherwise might deter the Tian Ling Empire safety very much."


I have eaten something, at heart actually in thinking the highest heaven city was also involved in the vortex of this power struggle finally, the highest heaven city had the servers of several middle-and-small countries to compose, the population were more than any main city, this type of city could not stir up directly.


Soon, returns to the dwelling, immediately gets online.


I enter the guild warehouse system rapidly, except for part stays behind the good wine that I ferment to oneself uses, other threw into the warehouse completely, the guild players has been able to use certain amount of guild points to exchange receives free, this can also the big promotion everybody's attack capability.

Transmits Fan Shu City, in the city is a piece of men shouting and horses neighing scene, the [Zhan Long] player is gathering, fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rode at least gathered over 2 thousand people, but total number of people that online prepared to enter the war already over 5 thousand people.

„Needs to mobilize the palace guard?" Li Mu raises the long blade to ask.

I think: „Taking away half, prepare emergency requirement at any time."



Stands up from failure to start, I went out of Fan Shu City, on the shoulder a Fan Shu City city main symbol piece of twinkle, is magnificent.

Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian and other guilds managed everyone to direct 1 thousand person, has gradually crosses the fire god mountain range, when we appear on the plain, distant sea of people, had the player in Chinese war zone, there is a person from highest heaven city.

Zhan Long Chapter 960

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