Zhan Long Chapter 961

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Dragon certainly restricted area.

Hills link up into a single stretch just like You Dragon, beyond the restricted area is the steles of shooting up to the sky, like the blade edge, above carves the ancient writing that some people cannot be understanding sharply . Moreover, then hands grasp the skeleton soldier of long halberd to tour in the stele forests, dragon certainly restricted area surrounding defends the imperial monster.

The east side of stele forest by the crack, the player had been cleaned up the monster about 300 yards distance, is advancing slowly, they also had discovered simultaneously the dragon crystal mineral lode that in the dragon restricted area produces certainly, 4 thousand + China players have formed the position by far, is the rising sun such as the blood Guild player, moreover is the army of 2 thousand + hot axe armed forces.

Wang Ze Cheng using Luo child, becomes the hot axe armed forces most has the player of real power officially, the military authority dominates above Q-Sword, in self-satisfacation, but after discovery this dragon crystal mineral lode, Wang Ze Cheng thinks the strength of resources strengthening hot axe armed forces also wants to use the dragon crystal mineral lode, stages a comeback.

The rising sun such as the directly opposite of blood and hot axe armed forces, is highest heaven city player of one crowd of being ready in full battle array, [God of Thunder] hammers the Guild player, the population such as the blood much are only more than rising sun, what awfully is that is called „demon mountain" highest heaven city Germany war zone GBN first person, fluttering of flags, the army like the forest, he brought at least the NPC armies of over 5 thousand people, the stone car(riage) and crossbow car(riage), the hot crag artillery has been ready, the crowd was bustling, does not know that had to carry the dragon crystal artillery to come.


I progress in the [Zhan Long] front line, suddenly Wang Jian raises the long sword to run over from the flank, said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, you looks at that side, some people snatched in our front."


I turn around to look that actually impressively obviously is temple Knight rolls the Guild person, about 2 thousand + person, in Guildmaster dies young to under leadership from one side direct impact of fire Divine Mountain goes, looked that the stance must attack [God of Thunder] to hammer the Guild flank to coordinate the rising sun like the blood, and besides the temple Knight group, as if also some small guilds also at the invitation of Wang Ze Cheng.

Lin Wan Er sits on my god fierce fine horse, said in my arms: „Wang Ze Cheng asked highest heaven city that many masters to help in the fighting, helping him rout the [Hero's Mound] main pledge, unexpectedly has not won over the demon mountain GBN first person, really misjudged......"

Li Mu smiles: „I just inquired that in several thousand Guild of highest heaven city, ranked first 20 Guild at least to be over half to reject initially Wang Ze Cheng invitation in private, this demon mountain was representative, demon mountain person is more straightforward, insisted that said civil war that did not interfere other country server player, therefore did not buy the Wang Ze Cheng weaponry, it is said that Wang Ze Cheng left 500 thousand USD to invite the demon mountain to participate in one time to strike awe the war with the 50 + masters of his subordinates, the demon mountain rejects."

Yue Qing Qian sits on Li Meng Yao warhorse, blinked, said: „Demon mountain person is the war party in highest heaven city, when we reconstruct Fan Shu City, the demon mountain leads the person to practice the level to develop Guild of black ink in the highest heaven city and Port City border to have a collision with the clear pupil, the clear pupil develops black ink not to gain from the hand of demon mountain person to any advantage."

I deeply inspire: „Demon mountain person looks like tall, unexpectedly is so fierce?"

Yue Qing Qian eats to smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, highest heaven city the appraisal of player's to demon mountain person is bold yet cautious and resolute open-minded, therefore this demon mountain courage is so big, crosses Port City and nine Yun City map to come to the Chinese area, only for the dragon crystal mineral lode in dragon certainly restricted area."

I look up to the distant place, said: „Player and NPC who army total not over 10 thousand people but demon mountain brings, can this be able to resist the mighty force of Chinese war zone really?"

„I do not know that......" Yue Qing Qian shakes the head, says with a smile: „I am only responsible for prying the military situation, other matters are not I can handle, assigns the tactic, this was Brother Xiao Yao you and Sister Cang Tong matter."

Wang Jian asked: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, do we attack on own initiative?"

I shake the head decisively: „No, we have a look, not to need first Cooldown to show the strength again to the demon mountain, has a look army how the temple Knight group and rising sun such as the blood deals with the demon mountain!"



Was saying, suddenly the distant place reverberates the deafening crackle of gunfire, originally was Wang Ze Cheng has ordered behind hot axe armed forces to start to launch the dragon crystal artillery, dragon crystal artillery total 100 + of hot axe armed forces, this time have also brought about 50, but the firepower was as before astonishing, the shock-waves of dragon crystal artillery in [God of Thunder] hammered in the Guild crowd to erupt, roasted red the rewiring Knight shield and armor, subsequently ripped the fragment it, but at the same time, the demon mountain suddenly has also drawn out the long spear, the (spear gun) blade edge will have lifted up high going against, shouted to clear the way loudly: „German brave warriors from highest heaven city, attacks to me, breaks through their defense lines!"

Unexpectedly, the demon mountain attacks unexpectedly on own initiative, the hot crag artillery that even comes was useless, such leads the heavy cavalry to start to attack the rising sun such as the position of blood and hot axe armed forces, was not only hammering of Guild [God of Thunder], Xia Huojun who the demon mountain brought surpassed the heavy cavalry of 2 thousand + person also one and starts [Assault], the momentum was astonishing!


The warhorse hit a rising sun suddenly such as the shield of blood player, the demon mountain has relied on the astonishing strength to push directly into, in the hand the lance wielded suddenly, unexpectedly has carried over an energy bracing cold of fire dragon, „whish" has swept the crowd, about 50 yards player was under an impact on injure, immediately demon mountain behind one named „eternal waterwheel" 166 levels of Swordsman were the player advances to go forward rapidly, the sword light flowed swiftly to fall, chops long-distance sword air/Qi to cut again, the direct second killed one group of people, the sword blade edge revolves, „clang" ingenious attacking and destroying. [Battle Axe Throw] prelude that you catch cold, afterward is 13 levels of [Combo], will catch cold for you directly cutting away.

Wang Ze Cheng is angry: „Idle, having the person to block!"

Was in a rage idly brings one crowd of ice to ride to launch the attack spirit, in the hand the sword blade edge reappeared the sword wheel to cut + sword air/Qi daybreak the dual skill corona, but the demon mountain corners of the mouth raised, did not attack, drew the warhorse reins to walk the position to make way, made one named „ocean waves" the German beautiful women rode the warhorse seam protector, the shield raise have eaten the idle two attacks, two injury digit spattered in all directions, the idle complexion instantaneous was pale



Close not broken against attack injury, but this German beautiful woman rapid one time shakes spatially punctures suddenly, punctured idly has reached as high as 1.7 thousand HP, this attack and defense attribute contrast was not proportional completely.

„I came!"

The ocean waves behind Berserker progresses to come, in the hand Axe reappears incorruptible, laughs is sweeping away, rides the continual backlash that one crowd of ice surges spirit, was horrible to look , the defense that the ice rides spirit is no doubt good, but after bumping into this rank attack power, unexpectedly shaking drew back by the pure strength.


Attracts an cold air/Qi „by us who......" distant place observed, Li Mu said in consternation: „Demon mountain group of people, very strong......"

Yue Qing Qian nods, said on and on: „Demon mountain is in itself GBN fights the net first person, strength strong, is not inferior compared with the smile and Hand of Waterloo this group of people, what is fatal is in demon mountain Guild the master is innumerable, he chooses 12 people, will call ‚12 gods', you also saw, that eternal waterwheel, will place 12 gods the head, [God of Thunder] will hammer Guild vice- Guildmaster, GBN fights the net 3 rd person, but that will be called the beautiful woman of ocean waves, will place 12 gods second, GBN fights the net 5 th person, her defense in the highest heaven city will be high strongest., Idle attack power naturally cannot break her defense . Moreover, that Berserker called ‚pure gold horseshoe', GBN fought the net 11 th person, 12 gods, worst was also GBN fights net 51 st."

The butterfly in my hand trembles slightly, somewhat shocks, said: „Is this demon mountain hoodwinks the public in the German war zone?"

Yue Qing Qian um, said with a smile: „Yes, the demon mountain in the German war zone is the character of keeping promises, even has the prestige in the entire highest heaven city, the Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina and other server of the players awe three points to the demon mountain."

I licked the lip, eye look at the battlefield of distant place as before, said: „Next country war, the highest heaven city definitely becomes the essential city, but the demon mountain is the key in this key."

Li Mu holds the arm in the bosom, the cloak flies upwards, deep pool ting Yue Zhi, has the wind of senior general, said: „What to do do we, hit now do not hit? Over 30 minutes, the rising sun such as blood Guild definitely did not meet the rout!"

General Lian Po dao: „We, if attacks, will make the demon mountain bear a grudge inevitably, the next country fights the cycle, once opens, the highest heaven city will probably turn into our enemies."

Lin Wan Er smiles: „Um, almost......"

Dong Cheng Yue is raising staff: „Brother Xiao Yao, you are Guildmaster, you thought that hits does not hit?"

I make a fist, layer on layer said: „Hits, must hit! Does not make the demon mountain have a look at our strengths, how in his eye to have our existences, must hit him to be painful, the demon mountain of this being insufferably arrogant the meeting is willing to sit to speak with us well!"

Wolf said: „Does the Xiao Yao elder brother, when we hit?"

I smile: „Do not worry, when the temple Knight group and rising sun such as the blood could not resist said again that today remembers to me, the player who the demon mountain brought can not kill off, 4 thousand Xia Huojun NPC armies that but he brought must kill off, did not remain!"



I lead several thousand [Zhan Long] players to keep watch in one side, stands by actually, but is I also has my haggling over, if we attack now, after having routed hammering of Guild [God of Thunder], what to do if Wang Ze Cheng is a traitor? Around [Zhan Long] and palace guard will unable to resist inevitably converging attack, and Wang Ze Cheng can take revenge including Q-Sword, let alone is I?

The distant place tactical situation gets stronger and stronger, under the direction of demon mountain, Xia Huojun the hot crag artillery has aimed at the troops of temple Knight group completely, the result pitiful war casualty after having several thousand people have been attacking for 30 minutes, actually cannot break through Xia Huojun defense, on the contrary is over 50% people are buried under Xia Huojun the fires of over 200 hot crag artillery.

In the frontal battlefield, the demon mountain leads 12 gods to break through the rising sun rapidly such as the blood Guild defense line, irresistible entering, the heavy Knight whole body is bringing the arrow arrow as in [Assault].

Since the PS , 2007 year has started to create the web to pirate [Legend], after able to move unhindered and unparalleled, fights the god, [Zhan Long] and others, came with everybody repeated difficulties that many years, before hears to have the reader friend saying that looks my book grows up, thinks to talk nonsense, Ha Ha, when the leaf also 31 years old, again heard these words now thought that quite some vicissitudes, that many years, thank everybody to accompany with the leaf, accompany with my each book, each lead and each supporting role.

Probably these years have not asked everybody anything, that present ask an everybody matter, leaf at this moment, really needs your help, is now, to June 9, please take your cell phone, selects own micro letter, increases the friend, searches the public number, wap_17k, the attention, then from there speech, sends to lose the fallen leaf, this is the activity complete flow, could not consume for one minute, a micro letter account can only one time, current we by leaving behind, this not be concerned by far, the leaf only wants to show. One not old, only wants to show that my reader is as before powerful, only wants to show that the cold pledge will not lose to others.

Takes up your cell phone, the motion, helps the cell phone of your father, mother and friend while convenient, thank you.

[Zhan Long], erupts.

Zhan Long Chapter 961

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