Zhan Long Chapter 962

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„Is the weapon of demon mountain, what?"

I asked suddenly, observes for a long time, the lance that handle flame in demon mountain lingers fires imagination, this weapon has the elegant demeanor of water deity halberd actually very much, wields group killing that has to harm very terroristly, is relying on this lance, the demon mountain can in the rising sun such as in the blood Guild crowd round trip free.

Lin Wan Er blinked, said: „Is fire god spear, Country Weapon of German war zone, attack power is similar to your town country blade, but has the sputtering, triggering and other group wound effects, the overall output should strive to excel a scale compared with Zhen Yue Blade, skill does not have town country blade such wide scope the great strength of that."

„Fire god spear......"

I sobbed, said with a smile: „Another [Soul Army] is born!"

Li Mu makes a fist saying: „That finds the opportunity to explode the fire god spear, looked that this demon mountain also has anything to be good to take advantage rampantly."

I smile, racket shoulder of Li Mu: „You think that others demon mountain does depend on a weapon? You favored, his skill, skill , etc. is also good, I also noticed a moment ago he drank to promote fury points, on this quality of goods at least 3-4 skill, single Tiao the words, were very difficult to hit."

Dancing Forest raises Huang Zhonggong to stroll to go forward, smiles self-confidently: „All right, so long as he enters firing distance, fire god spear also useless."

I also show a faint smile, this actually, weapon Huang Zhonggong in Dancing Forest is also Country Weapon of our China war zone, hits, I and Lin Wan Er and the others defends the frontal line, depends upon Huang Zhonggong long-distance to kill the ability, had the possibility demon mountain not to approach us to be killed very much.


Soon , the rising sun such as the blood Guild official rout, cannot resist the attack of demon mountain completely, even is idle, Su Yan and other main forces also completely by the demon mountain subordinates „12 gods" striking to have massacred, Wang Ze Cheng I run away under the fire god spear of demon mountain with the superelevation prevention and cure of schistosomiasis assign, the face was green, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Retreats, removes in the dragon certainly restricted area!"

Call Me Master stares: „Guildmaster, the monster and BOSS in dragon certainly restricted area have not cleaned up, to doesn't court death?"

Wang Ze Cheng said loudly: „On lord, we could not control that many, walked quickly, you protected the chalk face and other long-distance to walk to clear the way first, I had the person to bring up the rear! TMD......"

Wang Ze Cheng looks at the position of distant place hot axe armed forces, could not bear curse one, probably was regrets to lead 2 thousand hot axe armed forces to come out, now has been unable to back down, this crowd of hot axe military power necessities became under the blade of highest heaven city player the ghost.

As if also felt that the situation disadvantage, a hot axe armed forces Yorozuo long raises the long blade to progress to go forth to battle, said loudly: „Vice- commands, you retreat first, I have the person to shield you, who mother, this crowd of highest heaven cities come wants to kill us vice- to command, that must tread from our hot axe armed forces brothers' corpse, our dragon crystal artillery cannot make them feel better."

A Wang Ze Cheng nod: „Almost retreats, do not prolong contact!"


In this loyal and devoted Yorozuo long handle long halberd, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Long-barrelled gun, resists the heavy cavalry impact of this group of bandits to me, must block, the dragon crystal artillery snapped without the difference is good!"

Soldiers of one crowd of hot axe commander units of armed soldiers raise up the lance in abundance, a about 3 meters lance end arrives on the ground, the spear blade edge of another end straight is greeting the advance of opposite party heavy cavalry to the front, this group of soldier many people are the recruits, looks that at present the formidable enemy lost the fight mostly the courage, but is the serviceman actually can only continue to fight.


The demon mountain is raising the fire god spear, after drinks greatly, brings [God of Thunder] to hammer Guild and Xia Huojun riding fights the department to attack forward fierce, one crowd of Swordsman are the player very experienced to the front, ejected the long sword before close lance, that is the imperial swordsmanship skill, strikes is crooked , the oppression of the people to trample after the lance, but Berserker also starts the [Battle Axe Throw] skill to harass lance, light looks like from this detail knows that this [God of Thunder] hammers Guild is not having unearned reputation highest heaven city first Guild, Xia Huojun the NPC strength that not only so, the demon mountain brings is also very strong, many NPC military officers. Is high level Divine Tier BOSS, when our country war, the highest heaven city has also had a series of wars with the Port City day Han players and periphery secondary lord cities, this Xia Huojun is the first regiment, seriously after being repeatedly tempered.

The demon mountain will break through long spear with 12 gods rapidly, one group of shield cavalry soldiers in the front resists the fire of arrow arrow, and drops out several thousand corpses under bombing of hot axe armed forces dragon crystal artillery, finally arrived in the heavy artillery camp region, the demon mountain has waved, distant was drinking anything greatly, we could not hear, but actually saw that they were killing the hot axe sergeant soldier in heavy artillery camp.

„It is not wonderful!" Li Mu has licked the lip, said: „Demon mountain this is must capture the dragon crystal artillery of hot axe armed forces heavy artillery camp evidently!"

I nod, has drawn out the magical instrument butterfly slowly, said with a smile: „The opportunity that we display arrived, the preparation, with me on, covers together kills [God of Thunder] to hammer the Guild flank, shatters them at one fell swoop!"

Saying, I look to Chi Yu Han and Han of deep pool distant place, said loudly: „Chi Yu Han leads Cliff Dragon Cavalry from the Eastern impact, Han Yuan leads the scale to cover to the south circuitously kills!"

„Yes, General!"


This time I have brought 1 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry with 2 thousand famous palace guard cavalry, for fights a battle to force a quick decision, does not create the army that the too big damage kills the demon mountain, what is more important was [Zhan Long] came over 7 thousand people, almost elite left together, we had this to defeat the match self-confidently, many people did not need again.

One crowd of fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade of [Zhan Long] main pledge ride such directly attack [God of Thunder] to hammer the Guild northern position with me, they have also prepared, [Zhan Long] several thousand people of distant waiting and seeing, they know that we will attack, one group of dense and numerous shield cavalry soldiers have kept off in the frontal line, the rear area is the archer and Mage team, in addition had the dense and numerous hot crag artillery to aim at us.

„Breaks through the enemy lines at one fell swoop, does not want protracted war."

My Jianfeng raises, shouted to clear the way lowly: „All people, approach the later entire firepower output, do not hesitate!"

Saying, Zhen Yue Blade, [War Song of Zhen Yue] skill was starting suddenly , to promote in the surrounding 1000 yards 4000 foundation attack power of teammate, immediately in the top of the head of [Zhan Long] people left the mark of Zhen Yue Blade appearance a handle has sprouted very much, afterward then attacked with shield of opposite party together.


The god fierce fine horse hits continually the cavalry of opposite party draws back, as soon as I raise hand, the strength of thunder lingers above the arm, rapid [Thundering Heavens] erupts in a shield most crowded place, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others batters instantaneously, what naturally is most rampant is Old K, [Whirlwind Slash] sweeps away, surges over a hundred people to strike the flying condition, this group of people have not fallen to the ground again come one time to sweep away the attack by him, above Axe are bringing the roaring flame, the ignition dies all, comes one time to jump to cut again barbarically, happy escapes likely in the crowd is a black big carp.


Artillery sounds, the hot crag artillery occurred repeatedly the eruption in the [Zhan Long] crowd, but the lethality far inferior dragon crystal artillery of hot crag artillery, can only create 2 thousand + injury, and could not kill the [Zhan Long] riding war is the player, but falls on the archer, Musketeer and in Mage crowd is very fatal, their physical defense are bad, by the frontage hit at least 4 thousand injuries, many archers and Musketeer was very likely to be massacred by the direct second, but the Mage blood was intelligent, gathers [Magic Shield] to open continually, the dragon crystal artillery could not die by explosion.

The demon mountain with his 12 gods here, the [Zhan Long] player will not go to enter, 10 minutes of impact sweeps away, destroys this [God of Thunder] to hammer the line of defense of Guild player rapidly, Cliff Dragon Cavalry that the distant place, Chi Yu Han leads has successfully cut into the east side battleline, the oppression of the people of palace guard able to move unhindered, has implemented the division tactic to put to death by dismemberment Xia Huojun the military strength.


Finally, after we have massacred over 3 thousand people, the demon mountain finally realized where the genuine enemy, gave up such as the attack of blood Guild to the rising sun, raises the pointed weapons to bring [God of Thunder] to hammer the Guild elite player to kill, but greets their is actually 1 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry army of Chi Yu Han direction.


In the crowd, the demon mountain is somewhat anxious, said: „Is this Chinese war zone previous time causes heavy losses to the clear pupil to develop black ink in Guild that [Zhan Long]? Where the country fights MVP Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

I am away from him about 200 yards, pours does not dread, jumps suddenly, the god fierce fine horse changes into ice magnificent to condense the wing, thousand frost wing instantaneous in addition held, fly high fire into the demon mountain, the magical instrument butterfly have dropped from the clouds suddenly, said with a smile loudly: „Demon mountain, do you look for me?!"


The demon mountain is startled, has not thought that I come quickly, to raise the fire god spear hurriedly resist, „clang" Spark spatters in all directions, the surrounding nighttime sky according to well-illuminated, but this struck the demon mountain to be shaken with horse has drawn back several steps, I took advantage of opportunity am [Wind Blade] + [Great Realm of Desolation] chop to chop to his nape of the neck place, the response of demon mountain fast, the both legs clamped the warhorse, the shield upper shift to resist my attack rapidly, but HP was falling suddenly as before



If not the shield defense, injuries at least 4 thousand, but demon mountain Knight total HP when 17 thousand about, attack power also transcends the mortal world, is not extremely simple, in my sword potential exhausts is to take advantage of opportunity a lance punctures suddenly, therefore has not had any to guide Cooldown with the skill, shakes directly on my armpit armor!


[Wall of Dou Qi] shocks buzzes, I rapidly opened the art of dancing of energy ghosts and gods, body week golden light Sheng, the god level skill rides the wind to cut suddenly greatly, if my second kills the demon mountain, can be a true psychology hits hard to the hammer of [God of Thunder], made them lose the fighting spirit sufficiently, the battle loss that as the matter stands [Zhan Long] suffered will also reduce to lowly.

„Ka ka ka......"

The sword blade edge cuts into the mail-armor and helmet, blood spatter in all directions, the demon mountain complexion with amazement, looks HP sections of falls fiercely, look that on the face completely is unable to believe that his equipment is at least extra-superior, equipment shield, physical defense high it can be imagined, but has not actually thought that was cut the ache under my butterfly as before very







Surrounding [God of Thunder] hammers the Guild player to add the blood unable to add from the start, the complexion of demon mountain is instantaneous, the rapid wrister shakes, immediately together golden light set in body week, but my other rides the wind to cut the attack directly to shake, in this protects on the shield invincibly, „bang bang bang" on protecting the shield leaves behind cracks, and triggered has shaken draws back the effect, chopped him, as soon as drew back draws back again.

At this time, the complexion of demon mountain was paler, protected the shield almost unable to resist I such terrifying attack power invincibly , the inspirational figures in this highest heaven city have not drawn back in a panic timidly, actually shield one, „bang" a shield struck to hit me again and again to retrocede, was several Healer adds the blood to him together.

I clench teeth, assassinate duty failure, stands up from failure, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] chops in the crowd, after the second kills several people, left the archer fire range of opposite party, stands rock-firm in the wind, looks down being bewitched mountain.

The demon mountain also looks up me, does not have to attack again on own initiative, the look on face is complex, has drunk one lowly: „Good Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

Zhan Long Chapter 962

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