Zhan Long Chapter 963

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„As fast as possible retreats!"

The demon mountain wields fire god spear suddenly, after the thorn turns Steel Blade rides, escapes, but 12 gods methodical retreats with him, at the same time strikes the [Zhan Long] player who massacres chase down, is not only [God of Thunder] hammers the Guild player, Xia Huojun the NPC soldiers also in abundance progress to retreat, these people follow the lead by the demon mountain.


The windblown dust is billowing, the [Zhan Long] player naturally makes use to chase down, will fall on back row Sergeant Xia Huo the soldier kills completely, the palace guard heavy cavalry who especially Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others lead, almost rips the fragment by the potential of crush the NPC army that the demon mountain brought, Xia Huojun almost does not have the strength to hit back under fiercely attacking of palace guard.

„Xiao Yao elder brother! Xiao Yao elder brother!"

Wang Jian distant shouting: „The direction that demon mountain retreats is the dragon certainly restricted area southern mountain valley, can we pursue?"

I shake the head: „No, do not enter mountain valley, guards outside, then prepares to enter the dragon certainly restricted area, cannot make the rising sun such as the blood attain the dragon crystal mineral lode in dragon certainly restricted area, otherwise Tian Ling Empire must cloud over!"


After a half hour, 9 thousand player and NPC who armies the demon mountain Military Control comes had been stopped up by us in the mountain valley, and these 9 thousand person buckles more than half, especially the battle loss of NPC army, 4 thousand Xia Huojun at least were killed over 3 thousand people, this to the overall strength of highest heaven city is also not small weakening, since demon Shan Ganlai, that affirmation has been psychologically prepared this.


„Sand rustle......"

The horse's hoof steps on sound on lawn to transmit, the demon mountain raised the fire god spear to have several hundreds to ride the war is the player went out of the mountain valley, the distant provocation said with a smile: „What's wrong, was known as Chinese war zone strongest Guild [Zhan Long] only dares outside distant looks? You are shipping the dragon crystal artillery, planned that rumbles the ruins together with this mountain valley us? Hey, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, aren't you very strong? Has to plant has the person to fight, otherwise immediately leave your Tian Ling Empire den, do not bluff and bluster here, heard you, when the country fights end, [Zhan Long] station Dragon's den ‚secretly was occupied' by others, hey, really worthily is first Guild!"


Old K shouted angrily, Axe in hand still shivers, said: „This demon mountain is really rampant, do this goods unexpectedly also dare to taunt our [Zhan Long]? Li Youngster, on, their remaining people are not many, depending on our [Zhan Long] here person can the destruction they! Attack!"

I raise hand hurriedly, said: „All people can not leave the position arbitrarily!"


„Demon mountain is honored as the highest heaven city first person, you think that this reputation is deceives?" I show a faint smile: „You looked that in the front mountain valley is so quiet, definitely had the ambusher, we killed to walk into a trap, the demon mountain was not such simple person, will not fight the weaponry that has not grasped."

The Old K natural disposition was crude, points at my nose saying: „Scratches, I completely understood that your boy, Dragon's den wiped out your a few words not to say by Fang Ge Que, does not raise to receive, now others poke our sore spot, you unexpectedly are that calm, how Li Youngster you actually think that a courage vigor of your man doesn't have?"

I stare, silent several seconds, Wolf has gotten angry: „Old K, your head had been kicked by the donkey, spoke?"

Old K is staring me as before, said: „My brain is quite straight, in my belly does not have that many curved curves saying that I only know has a grudge should go to report, Fang Ge Que with our Dragon's den, our revenge, I only knows that this demon mountain that ridiculed us, [Zhan Long] cannot lose our dignity!"

„Old K!" Wolf got angry thoroughly: „Do you have a limit to be good?"

My builds on the shoulder of Wolf, raises the magical instrument butterfly to walk to go forward, is looking straight ahead Old K, every single word or phrase said in a low voice: „Some matters, I do not want to say that but as if has to say now?"

Old K raises the eyebrow: „You said!"

I said lightly: „Why don't I want Dragon's den? Do you know?"

„Does not know that you said that father visits you to put any P!" Old K as if was really angry.

My also Yang-yang eyebrow, said: „You know why Matcha must give Fang Ge Que Dragon's den, why does she want to kill Li Mu, Wang Jian and a small wolf time? You know why she can choose does this?"

Old K is stunned: „Why?"

I said lightly: „Because she does not give Fang Ge Que Dragon's den, that must return to [Legend], gives itself Fang Ge Que, later, she officially will become the [Zhan Long] enemy, will kill did not stop 34 people that many, Matcha was Little Demon, she does not want to massacre tens of thousands of Brother [Zhan Long] personally, why were that many people not clear?"

Old K is surprised, actually puts out a hand a finger of demon mountain, said: „You whatever that SX did ridicule [Zhan Long] there?"

I quite somewhat miserable smiles: „Demon mountain ridiculed [Zhan Long], can this ridicule massacre our person? Can wipe out our drop of blood? If can't, why pay attention? Your K must scold me, although that scolded, I worked as this Guildmaster, must undertake each brothers' mistake, I impossible, because you reviled me, I had the person to attack the mountain valley, making over ten thousand brothers beyond redemption, this was I should undertake."

Old K said: „You attack, knows that in the mountain valley has the ambush?"

I asked one: „Can take over ten thousand brothers' 1 level to confirm your idiot?"

At this time, Fox raised the flintlock to walk to go forward, scolds to shout to clear the way: „Old K, draws back to me, share that here some you spoke? I thought that you more mix in [Zhan Long] more are suitable, does not know one had several jin (0.5 kg) several two!"

Old K stunned standing there.

I walk to go forward to pat his shoulder, said: „Old K, I know that your disposition quite violent, because of leaving of Matcha, in the work room a void, the atmosphere definitely will not be also good, but this Cooldown will not be certainly long, to be honest, Matcha gives [Legend] Dragon's den, several days from the beginning I am quite angry, afterward I more want instead but actually to think that was happier, Matcha gives [Legend] Dragon's den, explained that she sooner or later will come back, if she has not gotten rid of Dragon's den, but alone went to [Legend], that instead really never will again return to [Zhan Long], if can be put into the bosom of [Zhan Long] by Little Demon, by her fame and strength. With the influence, what is Dragon's den?"

Old K nods, on the face reveals the manner that awakens greatly: „Did we attack this mountain valley?"

My almost blood spurts: „Words that wants to attack, you go!"

„I do not go......"

„That is peaceful, preparation had the person to enter the dragon certainly restricted area."



The [Zhan Long] several thousand people of arrays, 50% military strength defend imperial in the mountain valley entrance, stops up with his 4 thousand + armies the demon mountain in the mountain valley keeps it from bribing the dragon certainly restricted area, other 50% military strength direct attack dragon restricted areas, it is said the mineral lode resources in this dragon certainly restricted area are certainly rich, cannot make the hot axe armed forces seize completely, otherwise Luo child sits in a big way, my taste does not feel better . Moreover the rising sun such as blood Guild is our hostile Guild, has no reason to make them collect the dragon crystal mineral lode to strengthen own strength comfortably.

Since regiment systems development, the players also roughly understood, now entered the player guild and NPC army unifies the age of combat, coordinates the dragon crystal artillery of NPC army by player the heavy cavalry, Mage, archer and other strengths, this is the mainstream tactic of this wartime years, therefore major Guild in various positive development resources, Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, short spear trick and doing regiment duty of Q-Sword and the others breaknecking promote their military exploit and position, in military strength is on hand stronger, means that own guild is stronger!

Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian brought Old K, Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and the others to attack the dragon certainly restricted area, but I lead the person in [Valiant Bravery] camp to defend the imperial mountain valley in the surrounding, the demon mountain also will definitely have the big movement, will not make us too pleasant.


A news came from Yue Qing Qian: „Brother Xiao Yao, discovered that [Legend] Enchanted Painting led 2 thousand + person to enter the fire Divine Mountain region . Moreover, [Hero's Mound] also sent out, Q-Sword personally led 3 thousand + people more to go too far Divine Mountain, two big Guild took an action together, the matter was unusual, should be that side the highest heaven city also has the sound."

I reply: „Immediately inquires, the person who lets fire Yun City collected the news, look also has any person to come to Fan Shu City within the boundaries from the highest heaven city."

„Um, good!"

Less than several minutes, the Yue Qing Qian news has sent: „Brother Xiao Yao, obtains the latest news, third Guild of highest heaven city, subordinated altogether about 5 thousand + people just left the opening fire Yun City domain in 7 K Guild of Dutch server, crossed for 30 minutes to arrive in the dragon certainly restricted area again, the 7 K Guild full title was 7 KINGS, was the meanings of seven Son of Heaven, 7 K-SAN, 7 K-LINK, 7 K-LULU wait / etc. players were one of the seven Son of Heaven . Moreover, this Guild predecessor was a game team, was supported by Intel, the fund and player strength were superior, these 5 thousand + people cancould be underestimated absolutely, this Guild was almost the entire Holland. The accumulation of server elite player."

I nod, deeply inspired, highest heaven city highest heaven city, this main city, when the previous country fights the cycle obscure, we have not cared, now actually has to face up to this main city, the highest heaven city converged the major European servers, the Holland, Germany, Italy and other server of the players gathers the eating delicacies highest heaven city, the quantity of European player did not have the Indian server to be many, but the single body fight quality of player was strong too much, and looked like 7 K Guild this, unusual Class, took playing as existence of life, the nature also on being hard to deal with a lot.

After ten minutes, obtains the recent news, [Prague], [Judgement] and other Guild also together entered the fire god mountain range region, this but actually also good, the war must start immediately, I had the reason to believe the influence that the highest heaven city came did not stop the hammer and 7 K two Guild [God of Thunder].


After about 20 minutes, warhawk Knight of [Zhan Long] main pledge drops from the clouds, shows a faint smile saying: „Guildmaster, 7 K came, in addition several medium Guild from highest heaven city, the total number of people surpassed 200 000."

I nod: „Good, prepares to meet head-on!"

Li Mu knits the brows: „Careful, demon mountain here person was also ready to make trouble."

Zhan Long Chapter 963

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