Zhan Long Chapter 964

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, In the horizon of dragon restricted area Eastern prairie has heard the hoofbeat from afar certainly, several minutes later, one crowd of dense and numerous highest heaven cities ride the war are the player appear in the field of vision, to the front line impressively is the 7 K Guild person, looks at Level in 155-165 levels, such Level is excellent, as for equipment, will not compare the [Zhan Long] player too to be inferior many, must say spatially lacks is the palace guard and Dragon's den Armed forces led a cheer.

„dragon crystal artillery!"

I raise single-handed, said: „Han Yuan, Xiao severe, prepare to call them with the dragon crystal artillery, Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, leading the Dragon's den army to resist these people, strives to kill off, the [Zhan Long] [Valiant Bravery] Battalion brothers, you continue to defend the imperial mountain valley entrance with me together!"

No matter his 7 K Guild strong, my this time planned that with the Dragon's den armed forces special branch of the services in palace guard and Fan Shu City entertained them, Cliff Dragon Cavalry had my 120% attributes, killed the 7 K Guild person to chop the melon to cut the dish inevitably.

Also at this moment, in our behind mountain valleys has broadcast rumble the sound suddenly, is not the dragon crystal artillery, but is crowded, hearing makes the will of the people bottom tremble.

„What thing?" Li Mu stunned looks at the distant place.

I have also turned around, the dead ahead, the demon mountain has stood up from failure to start, dense and numerous [God of Thunder] hammers the Guild member, this had planned that must counter-attack.

„Standing by!" Wang Jian raises the long sword to shout to clear the way lowly.

General Bai Qi knits the brows: „What sound is this sound? Sounds likely is not hoofbeat, likely is not the thundering sound, what sound?"

I also narrow the eyes to focus: „As if...... Comes from the underground?"

„Underground?" Li Mu astonished, said: „Can't? I had not heard has any mount type and Class type to dig the line, this too strange......"

„Be careful, the demon mountain must attack."


The distant place, the cavalry soldier of demon mountain is away from us about 2000 yards, formally started to increase speed slowly [Assault], but that as if came from underground „rumble" sound was louder, crowded, seems tens of thousands of stones in underground is rolling fiercely, making the person unable to find out cannot master this is any thing.

Finally, when we soon [Assault], suddenly front earth „bang bang bang" the bulge soils, the whole body green and glossy monsters have drilled the ground, the name on top of the head is the blood red, is diminutive, has probably 1 meter high and low, however skin had been quenchinged Stone Fu, in the hand has been grasping stone Axe and stone war hammer, the wolf's tooth club and other clumsy weapons, combative has fired into us!

„Was bad!"

Li Mu with amazement, said: „170 levels of antique level polygonum multiflorums, TMD, will these polygonum multiflorums appear? Why only attacks us actually not to attack, the troops of demon mountain?"

Wang Jian holding breath one breath: „Because these polygonum multiflorums look like the barbarians of barbarian tribe are the same, by the demon mountain buying, Motherfucker, this time we have misjudged, has not thought that the demon mountain also has such one, that many polygonum multiflorums, how long this must gather!"


My loud [say / way], facing dense and numerous and innumerable polygonum multiflorums, we, if [Assault] has suffered a loss, can only defend, comes the large surface area to strike to massacre the gnome with the aid of behind long-distance team, then resists the demon mountain the Military Control troops' attack, this fought is the universe has decided that but another side, the progress of [Zhan Long] camp seemed not too quick, the rising sun such as the ice of blood rode the main force spirit still, some hit.

In a flash, I complained of hardship secretly, this time has underestimated the match, came not to think that the demon mountain also had instigation gnome, on the other hand has not thought that 7 K Guild came that sharply, present [Zhan Long] was equal to that must withstand the tripartite attack, has become the potential of being unable to back down.

Front, polygonum multiflorums Jie Jie was yelling, waved the weapon in hand to start to impact the position of [Zhan Long] player, Li Mu, Wang Jian and other attribute high players advances a distance forward, attraction many injuries, output many attacks, but I was direct thousand frost wings, bringing Ancient Heavenly Tiger to break in the gnome in the crowd, the butterfly wielded is together the sword air/Qi rumbles Going out, the injury of uniform six figure, the polygonum multiflorums were the antique level monsters, several swords got down dead a piece, at least the threat of these gnome regarding me was not big.

The true threat came from the impact of demon mountain!

Gains ground, the crowded heavy cavalry has killed, demon Shan Weishou, leading 12 gods to wallop to come to the [Zhan Long] core level, Li Mu will bear the brunt, the knife point will suspend is a duplicate sword cuts to fall in the crowd, will leave move at the same time will start to recycle the movement, hilt „clang" surges Spark, demon mountain subordinates 12 gods one „pure gold horseshoe" struck defending, roared lowly, the long blade wields the [Combo] skill suddenly, shook directly has drawn back the pure gold horseshoe, will be shown several points by this 12 gods actually. The startled color, he has not thought obviously a [Zhan Long] elder is unexpectedly tyrannical to this situation.

Cracks a joke, Li Mu is only inferior in the [Zhan Long] prestige in me, this elder has been equal to half Guildmaster.

The pitiful yell sound again and again, several fire Dragon Rider directly by the person who the demon mountain led killing, the front position also somewhat became less crowded under the gnome and player's dual three-dimensional attacks.

I fly high to fly hurriedly, long sword raises, occupying a commanding position strikes, under the direct attack 12 gods Knight „true character", Spark will spatter in all directions, the butterfly has left behind the deep gully on his shield, simultaneously carries over 3 thousand + the injury figure, the true character in great surprise, progresses to retrocede hurriedly, simultaneously gave me one time to shake spatially punctures suddenly, I not hesitant, raised single-handed, [Defeat the Dragon] skill on overlord wrister started, directly the true character grasping, the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade coordination has attacked, started 14 levels of [Combo], made up time [Great Realm of Desolation] again, result true character this. Thick blood Knight miserable snort was struck to massacre!


The demon mountain of distant place also saw this, roared to have the person to kill, and comes to lead 5 12 gods the core level player, the evening light distant raising long bow, was the armor piercing archery energy!

I drink one lowly, the defense of Shua new [Wall of Dou Qi], Zhen Yue Blade in a flash, „clang" surges above the arrow arrow of armor piercing bow, afterward was sideways MISS to fall the [Battle Axe Throw] skill of hell crazy snake, the dead ahead sword light passed over gently and swiftly together, the air/Qi of eternal windmill cut the skill, this sword air/Qi presented slanting cutting kills the angle, and eternal windmill started [Blade Rush] along with the sword air/Qi, this was must form the dual attack to me the rhythms.

Clarity shortly, I deeply inspire, the body sinks suddenly, the whole person almost lies down suddenly, lifts the overlord boots upwardly is one time fiercely kicks, such as I sentence in advance, eternal windmill penetrates my position in [Blade Rush], but the back actually my layer on layer foot, did not wait for him to respond that I have stood up from failure, the eternal windmill also rapidly turns round is a sword wheel cuts the skill!

However he falls during my sentences in advance, when the sword wheel cuts is gathering the potential I speedily retroceded one step, turns around layer on layer to hit on the according to shoulder without enough time in his chest, Zhen Yue Blade suddenly sweeping from bottom to top, immediately „" „Successful Skill Break" four blue large characters fly magnificently, I made use to turn around am one [Fierce Ice Blade] + [Strength of a Thousand Men] second have killed the eternal windmill.

In instance that the eternal windmill kneels down, my slid retrocedes suddenly several steps, MISS fell the spin fierce Axe skill of pure gold horseshoe, lifted the hand, the butterfly wraps the [Blade Spin] skill to separate the air raid to kill Going out, „puff" two penetrated the chest of pure gold horseshoe continuously, carried over two 3 thousand + the injury, came time [Great Realm of Desolation] again, he already remnant blood!

„Horseshoe, retreats!" Demon Shan Da shouted to clear the way.

I have not actually given him such opportunity, the three stars magical instrument necklace champion remnant blade edge treads the broken heavenly thunder effect to erupt, the direct long-distance second has massacred the pure gold horseshoe, simultaneously filled 9 levels of good wine Lanling huadiao, 100 levels of fury points restored, opened [Tempest Sword] to clash rapidly forward.


The demon mountain gives a loud shout, the person in immediately the shield golden color twinkle is an impact!


My body trembles, unexpectedly was hit , the fire god spear emerges the flame suddenly, instantaneous flame dragon has swallowed my body, the whole body boiling hot fell 4 thousand + HP, simultaneously on shoulder a severe pain, in I was hit the delay movement in short Cooldown and two [Battle Axe Throw] and three sword air/Qi daybreak the skill, completely became the collection hot object.

Instance of body backlash, opens the arm suddenly by the sword hilt hit in the wrist skill of hell crazy snake, hell crazy snake „" calls out in alarm, a butterfly mysterious anxious spin in my hand on Successful Skill Break his offensive, has been drawing support from the flight effects of thousand frost wings, my whirling body Zhen Yue Blade suffers a relapse again in the napes of the neck of hell crazy snake, killed!

Foot pedal earth, is a [Ice Domain] skill effect, immediately periphery over 70% [God of Thunder] hammer the Guild player to be frozen in abundance, the body stands firm, the magical instrument butterfly returns rapidly, the numerous hits on the shield of demon mountain, the demon mountain in the [Assault] process, this are actually being struck to rumble continually by the butterfly draw back several steps, the complexion with amazement.

Comes to come on several arrows by the archer of hammer of [God of Thunder] again, my Zixiao cape already triggered the Shuanglong effect, ices the fire Shuanglong image to linger in the body week protects my completeness, but I also jump to rise straight from the ground to fly hundred meters, left is attacked the region, before leaving, was the sword blade edge howls, long-distance coordinated killing of Ancient Heavenly Tiger solving the evening light.



In demon Shan Yan brought to be astonished and angry, raises the fire god spear to retrocede dozens meters, looked up to me, hated and is startled, under their mounting a large-scale attack, I can actually massacre his 12 gods stiffly the 5 people, this result probably is the demon mountain does not think that but his 12 gods also too will underestimate as if that my survival capability and attack power, did not have this attribute, I how possible, in Tian Ling Empire fought to live chaotically, moreover after that many time experiences, my operation at least has met the standard of Jian Feng Han, cannot again. Lost operates!

The polygonum multiflorums shouting oneself hoarse is attacking as before, after the line of defense of [Zhan Long] [Valiant Bravery] camp was destroyed three continuously times, once more constructs, but is in inverse proportion, we battle in the Fan Shu City native place, in the confidence exceeds with the match, the team that in the course of contacts, the demon mountain leads has revealed the weak color.

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Zhan Long Chapter 964

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