Zhan Long Chapter 965

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„Retreats, Guildmaster?"

[G.o.d of Thunder] hammers Guild holds flag Wei Wanjia the chest that rides from Steel Blade to draw out the long halberd, at the same time hurried is shouting, simultaneously on forehead continuously by w.a.n.g Jian three sword [Combo], already remnant blood.

The demon mountain actually raises fire G.o.d spear to attack the advance in the crowd, at the same time exclaimed loudly: „Waited for that 7 K that side news, do not retrocede, SAN will definitely not disappoint us!"

Therefore, player who demon mountain brings rises spiritedly to counter-attack, starts a fierce impact with the polygonum multiflorums to [Zhan Long] together again, however the player in [Valiant Bravery] camp could withstand with ease, with polygonum multiflorums pouring piece by piece under our remote precisions, the hammer of [G.o.d of Thunder] the time counter-attacked has been able to announce failed, naturally, in order to repels them, the [Zhan Long] battle loss same was not infrequent.

After several minutes, [G.o.d of Thunder] hammers the Guild right to hear the war cries, Old K, One Second Hero, Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan and the others brought the riding war of [Zhan Long] camp to be finally the player appeared, simultaneously a Lin Wan Er news also came: „Rising sun such as the person of blood has drawn back the dragon certainly restricted area deep place, we pursue not to have the significance again, came back to rush to rescue the [Valiant Bravery] camp."

I reply: „Um, divides 5000 people of military strength to reenforce the palace guard and Fan Shu City Dragon's den armed forces, otherwise the buckle was too big!"



I am the Fan Shu City city lord, in the city the Cliff Dragon Cavalry quant.i.ty I can pay attention at any time, but from battled a moment ago until now, 1 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry that brings at least died in battle over 50%, making the person love dearly, although Cliff Dragon Cavalry has my attribute, but has not restored the skill and Healer treatment after all, once by the archer and Mage collection fire that death speed fast, the nature, must kill these 5000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry, that 7 K Guild must pay the price of blood with its friend pledge!

Jumps, looks to distant place, on the plain the war cries soar to the heavens, the heavy cavalry of palace guard went to battle, strangles to death with the 7 K Guild main force in the same place, but the buckle is not very big, because wisp of troops strike the general directness attacks 7 K Guild behind from the fire Divine Mountain direction as if expansive sky hawk, the [Legend] Guild player who Enchanted Painting leads, [Legend] also began finally, follows is [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard] and [Prague] three big Guild troops also gathers to come, headed by 7 K Guild launches the attack to the highest heaven city player in abundance.

Highest heaven city one-offs are not small, set out 30 thousand total military strengths including the troops of hammer of [G.o.d of Thunder], moreover as if also some following, if not the [Zhan Long] defense capability is solid enough, really may the rout in the situations of three encirclements, was lucky that I led the palace guard and Dragon's den Armed forces come, otherwise the demon mountain will occupy this dragon certainly restricted area map inevitably.

„Brother Xiao Yao!"

Above the ground, Yue Qing Qian raises dagger to graze in the crowd, moves fast like the b.u.t.terfly, the double dagger fluttering, a.s.sa.s.sinates the highest heaven city players of blocking the way, at the same time looks up to me, said: „Demon mountain has brought 5 thousand players, was only ma.s.sacred less than 3 thousand people by us, many people hide in the mountain valley, our warhawks ride to search had learned, in NPC that the demon mountain brings has one group of masters, is building transmission in the mountain valley, once transmitted to complete them to transport the soldier to come from the highest heaven city continuously, perhaps when the time comes the dragon restricted area really did not belong to the Chinese war zone certainly!"

My moral nature one cold: „Is news true?"

„Um, is true, has screenshot is the card!"

Yue Qing Qian waves, has given me several screenshot sharing, is the scene in mountain valley, several hundred NPC magians are concentrating on the charm to urge a round of transmission energy to the demon crystal stone, several hundred magians encircle at least hundred meters radius the great-circle, once such big transmission constructs to be completed, the dragon restricted area truly was really certainly dangerous, this map in the Fan Shu City edge, once were occupied by others, the dragon crystal artillery reserves of highest heaven city significantly will promote, perhaps by that time this main city is not willing to continue to be dormant in the mainland southeast border region.

The demon mountains and 7 K-SAN two people both are the characters who the highest heaven city ranks among the best, their this unions have certainly formed the tacit understanding, to obtain more resources, the major servers of highest heaven city achieved the short treaty of alliance!



A news, came from Fang Ge Que: „Xiao Yao, our [Legend] in the 7 K Guild rear area, is fiercely attacking, simultaneously we reconnoiter, in demon Shan Dai Xia Huojun has several hundred magian NPC, is building transmission, the [Legend] distance was too far, enters the mountain valley also to have a distance, [Zhan Long] is recent, leading your person to delay advanced, [Legend] immediately!"

I reply: „That is exhausted you to inform [Prague], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Judgement] and [Flying Dragon] these Guild again, do not prolong contact, breaks through the 7 K battleline to come in the mountain valley to reenforce, I suspected that their reinforcements started to transmit!"

„Good, you go quickly, careful."


Although clearly knows that such forcing an entry mountain valley definitely will lose seriously, but I as if basic on no electing, then raises the b.u.t.terfly, the sword air/Qi surges, front three [G.o.d of Thunder] hammer the Guild player to fall to the ground all, the b.u.t.terfly lifts up high, shouted to clear the way loudly: „The [Zhan Long] camp and [Valiant Bravery] camp, preparation [a.s.sault], we must break through the mountain valley together forcefully, they are starting to transmit the person to come, the highest heaven city won to this dragon restricted area certainly, we cannot compromise, do not let them despise our [Zhan Long]!"

The people raise the pointed weapons in abundance, the morale like the rainbow, but at this time, the demon mountain did not let raises the fire G.o.d spear to continue to slaughter the [Zhan Long] player in frontal line, at this time, he did not draw back instead enters, explained that in the mountain valley transmitted a fact.


I have marked the Coordinate of demon mountain in the guild channel, afterward jumped to fly, the magical instrument b.u.t.terfly raised suddenly, flies high a time series to divide to cut to agree with, the demon mountain gained ground sees me, panic-stricken under hurried raised the s.h.i.+eld in the front, simultaneously started skill on s.h.i.+eld, immediately the golden ripple reappeared together in the surroundings, was one weakens the injury large scale skill, made my 7 th company cut unexpectedly always injures, only then 4 thousand +, but behind a beautiful form plundered, Lin Wan Er opened the flight effect that various G.o.ds have been near, two pink / white arms delivered., Dagger alternately continual cutting, directly the skill of demon mountain breaking, w.a.n.g Jian and Li Mu separately has been raising pointed weapons [a.s.sault].


Demon Shan Anheng, fire G.o.d spear horizontal sweeping, surges Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian, oneself make use to turn round the wharf backward to retreat, when my strategic place, several Swordsman sword air/Qi daybreak + the imperial swordsmans.h.i.+p together kills to come, forcing me to have one to stand up from failure it all MISS falls, when pursues again, the demon mountain vanished in the huge crowd, but has not related, [Zhan Long] continues the momentum such as prompting forward of rainbow to go.

Meanwhile, I summoned the city system, order guarding dispatched troops in Fan Shu City Chi Yu Qing, in Fan Shu City altogether had 19000 + Flame Hawk Archers, all sent out, this time must destroy this transmission inevitably, otherwise the dragon restricted area was certainly dangerous, it is said the dragon crystal mineral lode reserves in dragon restricted area had half of fire Divine Mountain certainly, that many resources cannot give the highest heaven city, in the previous country fought we understood [Vanguard] of dragon crystal artillery, before own Guild rode the war is HP of main player surpa.s.sed 200 000, no one is willing by own cavalry soldier to be flushed facing the saturation bombing of dragon crystal artillery, that simply. Is a nightmare.

The Flame Hawk Archers flying speed ultra-fast, most over 10 minutes cannot arrive in the dragon certainly restricted area, but I and Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian and the others clashes quickly, entered the mountain valley, when I graze behind was an artillery sound, the shock-wave clashes me sharply to clash dozens meters with horse forward, that was the dragon crystal artillery, the demon mountain waited for us the dragon crystal punmetals mounting in the mountain valley , before being lucky us, when the polygonum multiflorums have not sent out has not entered the mountain valley rashly, otherwise non- fell whole army has been annihilated.

„Picks up the speed!"

I am raising the b.u.t.terfly anxiously to the front line, was away from my less than 200 yards is [G.o.d of Thunder] hammers Guild to prepare good defense, the tactic of demon mountain completely blocked them outside the mountain valley, then interrupted our channels with the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, enabling the [Zhan Long] head and tail to look at each other, as the matter stands they were organic may take advantage, defeated a numerically superior enemy and defeats a superior enemy is not impossible.

This time I have not flushed too quickly, was away from 100 yards to anchor, waited for that Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, Old K, Lin Wan Er and other main forces led over 1000 people of front part to start [a.s.sault], [Zhan Long], only then this opportunity!

Looked at the past from afar, in the blue forest in mountain valley really white rays shot up to the sky, was that large-scale transmission, had the continuous highest heaven city players to clash from transmission, the speed was quick, must destroy this transmission as soon as possible, otherwise the person of demon mountain more will only hit, the demon mountain was the inspirational figure in German war zone, I do not believe firmly that a [Zhan Long] guild can resist the entire German war zone to exceed the astonis.h.i.+ng military strength of 1000 thousand people.

Zhen Yue Blade trembles slightly, I stimulated the [War Song of Zhen Yue] effect, simultaneously the Dancing Forest flying shuttle in the crowd, in the hand Huang Zhonggong shakes slightly, yellow loyal angry skill in addition holds successfully, in the surrounding 1000 yards the archer promotes 100% attack power completely!

The [Zhan Long] people show special prowess, Lin Wan Er is in the hand grasps the double dagger to enter in the array of hammer of [G.o.d of Thunder], step accomplished Daoist priest winter cloth skill starts, the day sound praised the enemies within surrounding 100 yards to enter the dizziness condition in abundance, simultaneously she filled Lanling huadiao liquor, the small cheek rippled satisfactory blus.h.i.+ng, the system is planning to melt the player slightly drunk stance, this time Lin Wan Er looked like slightly thinks the G.o.ddess that the later coquettish behavior revealed completely simply, the double dagger in a flash, formed bone-chilling cold storm to erupt in the crowd, that was skill on her dagger, after having the good wine system, Lin Wan Er can also. Such skill salvo.

Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian and Old K and the others is almost also exactly the same, starts skill to break through the crowd respectively, I also opened the art of dancing of ghosts and G.o.ds to be able in the crowd to wreak havoc to rush ahead, among the moments, the [Zhan Long] groups of heroes have broken through the enemy lines.

The complexion of demon mountain is specially ugly, plays not to think that the person on one's own side will collapse at the first blow, in fact 12 G.o.ds will wait for the elite player of hammer of [G.o.d of Thunder] to be defeated by us in the surrounding, but here garrisons mostly is the two players of hammer of [G.o.d of Thunder], naturally was not the match who [Zhan Long] most struck.

Zhan Long Chapter 965

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