Zhan Long Chapter 966

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„Do not be flustered, resists fully!"

The demon mountain is still brandishing fire god spear, attempts the final resistance, at the same time inspiration morale loudly exclaimed: „The friend pledge of highest heaven city can transmit immediately, our population inferiority will reverse!"

The words of demon mountain are not groundless, therefore left our Cooldown also becomes very limited, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others almost entered the wild condition, brought to catch fire Dragon Rider to kill everywhere suddenly, but the hammer of god of thunder after all was highest heaven city first Guild, the hard strength was much stronger, even if were when close rout as before was maintaining extremely tyrannical counterforce, under the archer, Mage and other Class 10 people of one group of bursts, fire Dragon Rider and Iron Blade rode kill to be dismissed, thousand person who this war, the demon mountain led no doubt was not much left, but [Zhan Long] same loss more than half, foot obviously this god of thunder. Hammers Guild of strength.


Thousand frost wings behind are bringing the bone-chilling cold cold wind, the magical instrument butterfly in my hand turns the dance up and down is killing, basic nobody may keep off, the [Zhan Long] people full speed advance, in addition the impact of Cliff Dragon Cavalry, rapidly a wave of defense of demon mountain finally organization breaking through, proceeded again, was just the player who transmitted from the highest heaven city, the [Zhan Long] people front surface rush of without hesitation went impressively, was a bloody battle.

About 10 minutes of Cooldown, I and Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu and the others led [Zhan Long] probably thousand + person to approach transmission, however periphery actually full is the highest heaven city player who transmits, the range estimate at least surpassed the audiences of thousand, transmission in the front, the NPC magians in surroundings highest heaven city has been obeying the law the strength for a transmission in addition.

„Kills, chops up all magians!"

Old K bellows, instigates warhorse lunatic general overrunning of, but One Second Hero and god of death elegy, Star Blade and the others also no longer hesitant, rushes ahead together with Old K.

„Holds one's ground!"

The demon mountain is raising the fire god spear, pricks a remnant blood fire Dragon Rider abdomen from triumph over him the spear suddenly sharp immediately, at the same time exclaimed loudly: „Protects Mage NPC, supports the period of time again, the Long Jing mineral lode in this dragon restricted area belonged to our highest heaven city certainly!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others speedily attack, actually by the thick shield wall hindering, the demon mountain has at least organized over 20 shield player overlapped protections of beyond transmission, and these ride the war are the players are the elite players in highest heaven city countries Guild, although the nationality symbol on respective top of the head is not same, but working with concerted efforts is actually fighting.

My body sinks to raise sword sharply to clash to go, the magical instrument butterfly flutters, the whole person presents the condition of screw impact enters the crowd, the sword chops to divide, chops the highest heaven city knights retrocedes, but actually can only open a channel, cannot eradicate the defense of demon mountain temporary arrangement completely, several thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry that even Chi Yu Han leads by demon mountain division desirably, massacring of defeat in detail, again such were also delayed, our these military strength were really dangerous.

I worry, Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Q-Sword and the others also worry, the distant place presented the Enchanted Painting form, she is leading one herd of Dawn Mills brand to ride is attacking, the highest heaven city players but who periphery transmits continuously were really too many, therefore the battlefield key turned into this transmission, broke transmission us to win, otherwise was in inverse proportion, must all players with highest heaven city come one not dead inevitably the continuous fight.

Looks that the offensive of [Zhan Long] people weakens unceasingly, finally the demon mountain also relaxed, but his side the hammer of that god of thunder holds flag Wei Wanjia to laugh: „This like this hits, pours to have a look at them to have any means!"

I spit to inspire, jumps suddenly flight in airborne, Jianfeng gets angry chops, matches He Town Yue Dao attack, a magian transmission edge rumbled the remnant blood, when I continued to attack, the surrounding several NPC magians recited the incantation, with restoring the magic quickly restored the full blood this remnant blood mage!


Draws back several step MISS to fall the attacks of several arrow arrows continually, I am almost mad spit blood, these NPC magians will add unexpectedly also the blood, does this also hit?

On demon mountain face self-satisfied was also getting more and more thick.

Actually at this moment, the sky distant place has heard a sharp hawk howl suddenly, the dense and numerous flame spatial cavalry soldiers appeared, uniform Flame Hawk Archers appears in finally at present, near thousand military strength blots out the sky to come, personally is led by Chi Yu Qing, goal direct locking transmission, the player in ground cannot attack, the demon mountain gains ground, on the face full is panic-stricken: „What thing?!"

The next quarter, flame arrow arrow such as the rain falls, „" falling on the body of NPC magian, this time is the piece killing evil, even if were restores the magic to be also useless, had been massacred dozens magians by Flame Hawk Archers instantaneously, but the transmission strategy strength column of direct impact clouds was also dim, a transmission energy was dissipating.

„Is now, fully [Assault]!"

My Jianfeng revolution, clashes rapidly forward, but demon mountain where has is so easy to give up, having one crowd to ride the war is the player makes the final counter-attack, counterforce surpasses our expectations, front fire Dragon Rider was killed about hundred people rapidly.

In this time, behind has been broadcasting suddenly a calm and familiar sound

„Xiao Yao, I clean up, you overrun!"

It is not others, Fang Ge Que of elegant bearing, on the flame paper fan in hand the roaring flame lingers, is the fire god roaring skill, the shock-wave surges together, the injury of uniform thousand thousand, was too strong, demon Shan Shen on Monday a highest heaven city player miserable howling sound piece of group remnant blood and half blood was killed all, this has not calculated that the Fang Ge Que paper fan wields, the roaring flame fire formation appears in the crowd together, is the SSS level skill wishes the friendly fire formation!

Not is only Fang Ge Que, he behind also brought at least over a thousand [Legend] six revolutions of Mage, the lava abyss and ice fire roared and other skills to wreak havoc, destroyed the highest heaven city player final defense line of rapidly, the [Legend] mage was the team truly is outshining others of Chinese war zone, was headed by Fang Ge Que, acting in harmony, the Magic striking power to be also second to none, and took the pure mage team to advance as the frontal line, perhaps also only then Fang Ge Que had this boldness and ability, but after the Mage team, Lu Chun Yang and Xuan Yuan Feng led one crowd of [Legend] swordsman to be, the players of Berserker department also follows but, progressed to cross the Mage team rapidly on and demon. Mountain final military strength strangles to death in the same place.

The southern direction, the Ye Lai roaring sound transmits, the [Judgement] incorruptible war sheep rode also arrived finally, the sword blade edge place visited carried over incorruptible gloss, making the players in highest heaven city burdensome, but another side of mountain ridge, the Q-Sword form went through in the crowd, if sword blade edge still Long Hangban bloomed in the crowd unceasingly the hemorrhage light, the rapid advance of Q-Sword unexpectedly unmanned can keep off, but his behind player was the uniform [Hero's Mound] second point pledge player, the strength does not reduce before, although the morale was damaged, I want Q-Sword affirmative also in searching for one change name to make, changed to the second point pledge main. Pledge, even if cannot use „[Hero's Mound]" three characters, but cannot use again the second point pledge phrase, this looks like too taunts, but under leadership of Q-Sword, the [Hero's Mound] players kills very angrily, in their hearts has the anger, now the group of intruder in highest heaven city are their best vent objects.

Totals military defeat, in addition the attack of Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry, the temporary transmission rapid collapse of highest heaven city disappears, was unable to transmit anybody to come again.

A transmission broken, entire aspect the player by Chinese war zone was controlled, [Prague], [Judgement], [Flying Dragon] and other Guild killed the mountain valley, Drunken Spear even leads 5000 people of fall harvest regiment heavy cavalries to come, raised the iron (spear gun) to walk in the army front, above the arm reappears is protecting the symbol that the military rank and fall harvest of regiment country general commanded, was dazzling, awe-inspiring.

„Basically handled!"

A Li Mu sword kills remnant blood hammering of Berserker of god of thunder, at the same time said: „Demon mountain has defeated, is unable to reverse!"

I have a look at the distant place, the demon mountain to lead the thousand + players in highest heaven city to retreat fighting, is removing the south of Mukaiyamadani, it seems like he was the plan from the mountain valley circuitous in the past, was separated from the fight to return to the highest heaven city, indeed, their this battle plans changed into the powder pink / white under my 19000 + Flame Hawk Archers firepower, the demon mountain also can only cherish hatred to turn over.

However a little lets me faintly to be tranquil, the highest heaven city showed the tip of the iceberg of strength in this conflict, the Military Control ability of demon mountain has also let [Zhan Long] with individual strategy for it buckle about half strength, in addition 7 K such highest heaven city force Guild, this highest heaven city can be underestimated absolutely, perhaps the next country war, must think how this highest heaven city performed.

Li Mu and Wang Jian led thousand [Zhan Long] heavy cavalry to chase down the demon mountain to go, even Han Yuan, Long Xing led part of palace guard cavalries to go to chase down, launched the attack instructed by commanding, even if were kills the player also to attain some empirical values, I also along with them.

After one hour, the war subsides gradually, demon mountain, 7 K-SAN and the others safely have returned to the city, but has also paid the price of blood, in the dragon restricted area map at least the corpse of 200 000 highest heaven city player, does not dare to reactivate certainly, but [Zhan Long], [Legend] and other Guild the players start the battlefield cleanup, equipment fall to be not infrequent, the perquisite is not the general richness, naturally, most lets as before is these Long Jing mineral lode that in dragon certainly restricted area we regard as important.

Stands up from failure to start, is riding the god fierce fine horse, bringing Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Dong Cheng Yue three female to go out of the mountain valley, directly entered the dragon restricted area, in the map gathered many Tian Ling Empire major Guild players certainly, Ye Lai, Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Soaring Dragon, Bai Li Ruo Feng rank.

When I and Lin Wan Er arrive, Fang Ge Que beckons with the hand, said: „Since Li Xiao Yao also came, that specifically discussed!"

„What discussed?" I in consternation.

Fang Ge Que said: „The Long Jing mineral lode exploit right in dragon restricted area, discussed how certainly is everybody divides, or hits one to decide that again who occupies this mineral lode."

I look to the restricted area deep place, said: „Rising sun such as the person of blood also in inside?"

Q-Sword is grasping the bloodstained long sword, said: „Basically did not have!"

Q-Sword behind, Jian Tan, Sword Tears, Tang Gu and and the others on the pointed weapons are bringing the bloodstain, and Q-Sword at least brought the thousand hot crystal to ride to go to battle, looked like he takes revenge successfully, the rising sun such as the blood fought continually, had been incapable of resisting, again by a [Hero's Mound] main player wave of attack, similar whole army has been annihilated.

Looks at this crowd of [Hero's Mound] player, my moral nature cannot bear one coldly, the revenge of Q-Sword is really terrorist.

Reason that the rising sun such as the blood can disintegrate the [Hero's Mound] main pledge, that is because invited, the masters in major main cities, this in other words, only if Wang Ze Cheng in the rhythm the rain, did not fight all day , then perished, snow deep pool these people to bring in the side, otherwise the rising sun such as strength inferior [Hero's Mound] of blood planned, but this was impossible, these people were the major main city main force Guild backbone strengths, was impossible to sell into servitude completely to Wang Ze Cheng.

Fang Ge Que continued: „I have investigated, in the dragon certainly restricted area altogether 11 Long Jing mineral lode, you thought how can divide specifically?"

Q-Sword knits the brows: „By Guild murder number?"

Jian Feng Han said: „That afterward did Guild suffer a loss?"

Yan Zhao Warrior looks to me: „Xiao Yao, what to do do you think?"

I show a faint smile: „How to divide, we said does not calculate, must say by the Tian Ling Empire king, then the household department allocates the manpower, the regiment that you are at can collect Long Jing ore, you looked that mining technique Level of player is unable to collect again high, this showed that Long Jing ore is not the common mineral lode, in my opinion, we go to Tian Ling Empire to discuss again"

Fang Ge Que nods: „Um, that according to the office that Li Xiao Yao said!"

After looking at each chapter, remembers that fosters the point to approve the good custom ~

Zhan Long Chapter 966

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