Zhan Long Chapter 967

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The dragon restricted area fought certainly formally ended, rising sun such as blood almost whole army has been annihilated, and Q-Sword ordered the [Hero's Mound] person to defend in the dragon certainly restricted area map, not only that Q-Sword united [Emerald Porcelain] and every two big Guild to defend in the dragon certainly restricted area together the rising sun such as the corpse of blood player, [Emerald Porcelain], every was the Chinese war zone Guild wind and cloud list ranks first 20 large-scale Guild, [Emerald Porcelain] ranks 11 th, with child became said that was [Emerald Porcelain] vice- Guildmaster, but every , was situated 16 th, was merely inferior by the strength in the sword porch and [Moonlit Lake], still above male tyrant wind and cloud, again. The opportunity that in addition [Hero's Mound], the rising sun such as the blood has not stood up from failure obviously, at least they absolutely cannot turn any wave in the dragon certainly restricted area.

Also is the retribution, Q-Sword is called the Chinese server most perfect man, individual athletics level and equipment level are extra-superior, fights one of the duplicate class masters of great learning and integrity, endures the humiliation that the guild dismisses, perhaps this Wang Ze Cheng really has underestimated the revenge heart and alliance ability of Q-Sword.


Beyond the dragon restricted area, the moonlight sprinkles certainly in the chilly forest land, I bring Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian two vice- Guildmaster to walk slowly on the alley, does an inspection the surrounding terrain, but Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting lead [Legend] one group of people to speed away to come, but does not have what hostility, Fang Ge Que is grasping the paper fan actually, after this fights as if spirit also good many, restored the past several points of appearance, in the eye was bringing the self-confidence of revealing in speech and appearance, walked to say directly: „Xiao Yao, Dragon's den rose 11 levels, but the city can only recruit the ordinary soldier, this you had insisted for the past 15 days does not take back Dragon's den, I then helped you be entrusted with half a month, now was also the time."

Saying, him was raising the palm, the token reappeared together in the palm of this Chinese law god, he looked to me, vision brilliant, said: „This attacks the command together, yesterday just bought from the highest heaven city, entire server also few, can by attacking to make there application to attack any player territory in King NPC, [Zhan Long] applies to attack and occupy Dragon's den, the main pledge had Fan Shu City, perhaps did not need, but can First Division hit, if you did not hit, my direct selection left uncultivated Dragon's den!"

I in consternation: „Fang Ge, what do you mean?"

Fang Ge Que shows a faint smile: „I always do not like owing people the thing, said again, Little Demon left the game to have days, this Dragon's den was the sacrifice that she made angrily, I do not want guilty in her."

Lin Wan Er is raising the dagger, graceful body under moonlight especially only beautiful, the cloak swings gently, said: „Fang Ge Que, has not needed, Li Xiao Yao he truly did not have the interest to Dragon's den, even if that is 11 levels of player stations, but productive forces and so on comes compared with Fan Shu City simply is small cities."

Enchanted Painting is raising the water deity halberd, said with a smile: „Even if so, [Zhan Long] must take back Dragon's den, this is the city that our [Legend] Guild does not need."

Lu Chun Yang progresses to raise the sword to go forward, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, takes back Dragon's den, even if regards the tax revenue city to be also good, at least will again not make our [Legend] think that had a deficit [Zhan Long] anything."

Saying, him has been swallowing a saliva, the appearance of starting to speak but hesitating, will say several seconds later: „You also know that each master has own self-respect, Little Demon this top player is so, possibly the beforehand matter is we have not processed, will therefore force her her to choose under the bad plan too anxiously, but will ask [Zhan Long] to believe that [Legend] will not be taking advantage of somebody Guild, my Lu Chun Yang knew the Xue Rou also several years, even if did not understand specially, but also knows that she was one very willfully actually the dedicated young female student, the temperament of young female student you also understood, here, our [Legend] all person generation of our vice- Guildmaster apologized to [Zhan Long], thanks. [Zhan Long] in the half year to Xue supple attendance and care!"

Dong Cheng Yue cannot bear knit the brows: „Your what is this? Xue Rouhui [Legend]?"

Fang Ge Que is somewhat awkward: „No...... She walks piqued and headstrong, isn't willing to forgive me approximately?"

I look to the jungle in dim light of night, deeply inspired saying: „No, she is not not willing to forgive you, but isn't willing to forgive her?"

Fang Ge Que nods: „Perhaps, but I do not have other means that this Dragon's den must return, the resources in city I have been completely used to recruit the people husband to promote the productive forces, in Tian Ling Empire within the boundaries, Dragon's den is ranks the first player station, Fan Shu City is an exception."

Enchanted Painting said: „Xiao Yao, Dragon's den must return [Zhan Long], why you should understand."

I smile: „Does not need, to draw the turning head arrow, [Legend] has not accepted Dragon's den that moment, our [Zhan Long] did not have the plan peace to take carry back, now we had Fan Shu City, did not need Dragon's den."

Lu Chun Yang somewhat loses one's temper: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, your what meaning, our Guildmaster in a kindly manner must return Dragon's den, what spectrum do you suspend?"

My vision one cold: „Keeps up appearances? You thought that I do keep up appearances? Xue Rou leaves piqued and headstrong, gives [Legend] Dragon's den, didn't you accept with pleasure? Do not forget, to recapture Dragon's den, Wang Jian, Li Mu and Wolf Totem three attack Xue Rou to be killed, this account I can only calculate that on your [Legend], now said that wants to return returns? It is not easy, this Dragon's den, if I do not want me not to want, if I want, that also certainly makes on Dragon's den the hemorrhaging splashing thousand li(500 km) recapture!"

In the Fang Ge Que eye passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, the manner somewhat is slightly stunned, after several seconds, said with a smile: „Yes, Xiao Yao Zi Zai was not initial Xiao Yao Zi Zai, he was the hand grasps [Zhan Long] Guildmaster with large army, was commanding of palace guard, was the Fan Shu City city lord, how possible...... Let we that relaxed making reparations?"

I turn around to look to Fang Ge Que, shows a faint smile: „Fang Ge Que Guildmaster is unnecessary ridicules me, does not have that necessity, this, Dragon's den regarding [Zhan Long] is a root of stabbing pain, we currently have Fan Shu City not to want Dragon's den, if [Legend] also thought that Dragon's den extremely in hot, that gives [Zhan Long] some friend pledge Dragon's den!"

Fang Ge Que eye one bright: „Really?"

„Naturally." I think that said: „Relates with Ye Lai, his [Judgement] population are many enough, had become recently commanding of legendary Emperor Yu regiment, it may be said that has a hundred things to do, is needing an enough big territory to take the lair of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, this Dragon's den gives opportune help regarding them simply."

Fang Ge Que nods: „Did you and Ye Lai say one?"


The Fang Ge Que intention is obvious, wants to give me this favour, but I also directly opened the good friend to list to find Ye Lai, has sent a message directly, on the whole about bestowing Dragon's den to him, result goods were excited the faint to pass almost soon, said again and again certainly will ask me to eat greatly for one month, but also invited me to go to the sea day grand feast anything's assembly, but my low key not luxurious person these were so unnecessary, 11 turned down.


Crossed a meeting again, the dragon restricted area surrounding [Zhan Long] player diverged almost certainly, therefore we also reached agreement to return to the city together, directly soared the imperial palace to go, then discusses the mineral lode excavation matters concerned in dragon certainly restricted area.

In the palace wall, in all directions is the imperial guard soldiers of making an inspection tour, hundred people of one group, in addition has patrolling of light cavalry, when this and beforehand Locker, were in power the palace lady to form a sharp contrast in all directions, after the shallow forest succeeded to the throne, slowly almost reduced in the imperial palace 50% maidservants, particularly the harem, Locker, imperial concubine imperial concubine and others all disbanded, the shallow forest was Wu Chi, even linked women not to have.

Enters the main hall time, Ye Lai, Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others, and Luo child and Qin Ye, Luis and other NPC military officers also stood a row, the main hall middle giant sand table, above was constructing miniature Tian Ling Empire with the topographic diagram of surrounding city, a shallow forest green armor, held the sword hilt to walk around the sand table, even on shoulder armor also several sword marks, think when with bodyguard duel the trace that left, these bodyguards also rather had to plant.

I bring Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian to take a step to enter in the main hall, the shallow forest looks up said with a smile immediately to me: „Li Master, you come, whether also for the matter in dragon certainly restricted area?"

I nod, actually knit the brows saying: „Your majesty, why on your shoulder armor will have the sword mark, which bodyguard is so bold, unexpectedly uses the real sword with your duel? What to do if there is an accident?"

The shallow forest laughs: „Li Master felt relieved that is the imperial guard commands General Situ Xin with my duel person!"

Nearby, Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „End will be crude, but your majesty is determined end to compete with him, end but also can only obey orders."

I looked at his one eyes, said: „General Situ remembers with practice sword and that's the end."



Shallow Lin Zhuazhua back of the head, smiled: „Li Master, you teaches my entangling swordsmanship to be really easy-to-use, lets me under the sword of Situ firewood general to occupy several points of winning side unexpectedly."

I: „Was in the upper hand is really cut the wound armor."

Nearby, Qin Yedao: „Your majesty, we discussed how the dragon crystal mineral lode of this dragon restricted area does divide certainly?"

Luo child said: „Li Tongling occupied the dragon crystal ore in Fan Shu City within the boundaries fire god mountain range, should not lack these dragon crystal ores, in my opinion, the mineral lode in this dragon restricted area apportioned other empire armies to be good certainly."

I smile: „Bans Hou Haoda the tone, can you be able to eat up that many? In the dragon certainly restricted area altogether 11 dragon crystal mineral lode, does the palace guard want 2, your majesty to think?"

Shallow forest nod said: „Palace guard is empire most strengthening of the armed forces team, had 11 2 is good."

Not far away, Wang Ze Cheng raises long halberd to walk to go forward, said: „The hot axe armed forces must two, the demon beast in this stretch of dragon restricted area be I have the person to clean up after all certainly."

Ye Lai cannot bear say with a smile: „That is also what kind , the hot axe armed forces simply do not have the ability to smelt this 2 / 11 dragon crystal ore, not?"

I nod, has not spoken.

The shallow forest was somewhat helpless, said: „Fellow generals do not want to fight to hold again do not decide, what a pity south the father town the king here, I do not have one to consider in detail, Li Master, you said that how should assign?"

I am exactly as one wishes, said with a smile refreshedly: „Simple, the palace guard takes 2, then the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, the strong wind from afar armed forces, the fall harvest armed forces, the hot axe armed forces, the flood dragon armed forces, crazy Lei Jun, imperial guard take its 1 respectively, this was 9, remaining two gave military strength very powerful flame Dragon Jun to be good."

The shallow forest beams into a smile: „Household department Shangshu, do you think?"

That household of department Shangshu is an old man, nods said: „Your majesty is wise! The broken cauldron common decision breaks!"

After yesterday's one day, the micro letter activity of [Zhan Long] rose fully 4000 + people, leapt to second at one fell swoop, this touched the leaf, everybody unexpectedly so powerful, cold pledge military might! However cannot idle, six child that goods already 3 thousand +, therefore asked everybody to look, in the leaf erupted in the so powerful face also a more powerful support!

Takes up your cell phone, opens the micro letter, then increases the friend, searches the public number, wap_17k, the attention, then from there speech, sends to lose the fallen leaf, this is the activity complete flow, could not consume for one minute, short one minute, did not spend the one cent!

Come on, with the leaf diligently, takes up the cell phone of your schoolmate, girlfriend and base friend together, refuels for the leaf, making them see our efforts, making them see our strengths!

Today before down finished, tomorrow continues, please select to praise!!

Zhan Long Chapter 967

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