Zhan Long Chapter 968

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The people do not have what opinion, only Wang Ze Cheng raises the long spear to continue to sneer was saying: „Palace guard has wrested away all mineral lode in Fan Shu City border region fire Divine Mountain, now has divided unexpectedly the two dragon crystal ores in dragon certainly restricted area, I only want to ask one, Li Xiao Yao you become a side overlord in Fan Shu City, the hand grasps the formidable military strength of 10 thousand palace guards, has raised the private armed forces in Fan Shu City at least several thousands, has so powerful military strength, is no different than lord of the side, perhaps depends on your strength, even to revolt to take a broad view at Tian Ling Empire also nobody to be able to block you?"

I show a faint smile: „Wang Ze Cheng, your ruthless character behind a gentle appearance what meaning?"

Nearby, flame Dragon Jun commander Dragon Zhong holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Perhaps the hot axe armed forces vice- command General Wang also to tell the facts, General Li is the palace guard commands and broken cauldron male, the military authority that grasps in Tian Ling Empire is under one person, since time immemorial the [say / way] of rulers and ministers was gives loyalty to and keeps in balance, my Dragon Zhong would rather sacrifice the life for your majesty and for the empire, end will think also the broken cauldron male to your majesty loyal not two, such being the case, then cannot to the palace guard such unchecked promotion military strength."

Luis same holds the fist in the other hand saying: „End will second the motion."

In my chest cavity is really the anger launches a psychological attack, is grasping the armored hand, looks to the shallow forest, said: „When shallow forest, I from initially was appointed by Pearl as the palace guard commands start, which matter that does not survival and power for day plume empire, if I have the half minute selfishness, the shallow forest you may order to deprive my Li Xiao Yao military authority greatly then!"

The shallow forest is stunned, said: „Li Shihe leaves this word, the orphaned king had not suspected your half minute, asking Li Master to probably believe the shallow forest!"

Nearby, Situ Xinshen inspires, said: „Your majesty, since General Dragon Zhong and General Luis and General Wang Ze Cheng start to question the great strength of palace guard, that...... Might as well this time dragon certainly restricted area mineral resource do not apportion the palace guard again, that 2 / 11 mineral lode of palace guard took back, apportions the strong wind from afar armed forces and imperial guard is good."

I somewhat am depressed, have a look at Situ Xin, in his eye is having some apologies, said: „General Li, the situation compels, but also looks to excuse me!"

The shallow forest looks to me: „Li Master, under your opinion how?"

I beckoned with the hand, sighed sound track: „Calculates, since is this, the palace guard no longer bribed this stretch of dragon restricted area to be certainly good."

„Li Master......"

The shallow forest starts to speak but hesitates, on the pretty face left for several points to be awkward and pain, will say several seconds later: „Is inferior to this...... The special amnesty allows the palace guard military strength to expand to 200 000, Li Master manner I knows, palace guard to empire is loyal I to be also crystal clear, the mineral lode palace guard in this dragon restricted area did not participate to assign certainly, but......"

Saying, his voice, drew out long sword „" to cut off the corner/horn of table suddenly, said: „But who slanders Li master again, said that he has the non- feudal official's heart, that then shape synchronous table, this words orphaned Wang Zhi said one time, will move next time then the sword!"

Dragon Zhong and Luis stare, the Wang Ze Cheng complexion somewhat is also ugly, his original intention wants to instigate me and shallow forests relations, but has not actually thought that trades this result, but as if he also has served the purpose, at least I saw the shallow forest in this time am not to I 100% trusts, but this is also good, only has him to grow like this, can have own authority and judgment, can grow into one generation of kings.


Royal Court will start immediately to disperse, Qin Ye, dragon loyal and the others returned home respectively, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others also respectively obtained in the mineral lode excavation power that the regiment should obtain, the dragon crystal artillery quantity that came them to have will not be so inferior in [Zhan Long] were too many, actually this was a good deed, they, the Chinese area can be true.

„Li Master......"

When I turns around to walk, the shallow forest suddenly lightly has called one, said: „I also want to speak several words with you!"

I then said to Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian: „Wan Er, you play a meeting first, I look for you immediately."

Lin Wan Er held the hand of Yue Qing Qian to go out with a smile, the ages of two people differed not in a big way, the shape with the sisters, relational good, in [Zhan Long], relational very good female, probably was Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck waited, intimate of boudoir honey is the man will not understand, naturally, the friendship between man brothers fears the woman also never to understand.


I and Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian said goodbye the shallow forest alone went, left behind a chief aide-de-camp, said to me respectfully: „Broken cauldron male, your majesty in the Emperor's garden you, please comes along with me!"


As soon as I suspend behind Zixiao cape, the overlord boots tread the stair chief aide-de-camp to enter the harem, in the Emperor's garden the butterfly dance smells as sweet, holds the maidservant of fruit to form a nice contrast with the maple leaf that everywhere sprinkles, the shallow forest stands in water in the pavilion, when I take a step, he said to the chief aide-de-camp: „Lets me and Li Master alone later!"

„Yes!" The chief aide-de-camp turns around to go, distant is standing.

The shallow forest looks in the water I and his inverted image, shows a faint smile, not saying a word the waist saber of suddenly seizes the sheath, but the direct thorn to my chest, launches an attack suddenly makes people very difficult actually to deal with, but my reaction rate is not slow, body one side avoids Jianfeng, the palm one ** the [say / way] surges, the butterfly instantaneous the nobody of sheath under the imperial sword strength in flying high that controls chops to chop to the shallow forest.


In shallow Lin Yan fights intent to surge, above the long sword erupts the roaring flame suddenly, the wrist skill change and sword blade edge anxious spin, „clang" hits the attack of butterfly by spiral strength, simultaneously my also hand grips the butterfly sword hilt, rudely is one time punctures suddenly, shallow forest shouted , the wrist skill vibrated fiercely, in the hand that tough extremely good long sword formed has entangled the swordsmanship the skill to twine my butterfly.


My moral nature sinks slightly, the speed that this boy studies is really fast, but my speed is faster, magical instrument butterfly howls suddenly, a wrist skill superficial vibration, „bang" a sharp sword recited gently, unexpectedly shallow forest the blade edge of King to shaking stiffly, a type very exquisite shaking sword skill.

„Li Master was careful!"

The shallow forest grips tightly the sword hilt, the body spatial spin, the long sword carries over Dou Qi to form the plane attack suddenly together, but my conditioned reflex general Yang Shen is a plate, simultaneously the overlord boots stick out suddenly trample to shallow Lin Wojian hand.

„", The blade edge of King lets go to fly, but the reaction rate of shallow forest is really astonishing, the body moves ahead suddenly, the knee fierce hit in my thigh, lifts the hand to draw out behind another long sword on the numerous bang to my murdering god armor, but at the same time, my butterfly has also cut his nape of the neck, must make lord of blood this Tian Ling Empire splash shortly ten steps, my hurried pressure wrist skill lets the sword blade edge displacement, „clang" leaves behind together the deep sword mark on shoulder armor of shallow forest, but body also by the shallow forest. A sword chops to fly Going out!


The whole person was rumbled several rice, must crash in the lake water shortly, the maidservant of one side not far away has exuded the squeal time, I enter thousand frost wing conditions suddenly, the body fly high, the left hand palm hangs down, the fingertip has almost been pasting the water surface.

„Li Master, all right?"

The shallow forest receives the hand hurriedly, said: „Sorry, was the shallow forest is too impulsive wants to decide the victory and defeat, has almost injured Li Master!"

I make an effort gently, the body is stiff, has flown back to the pavilion slowly, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, then walks the going forward racket the shoulder of shallow forest, said with a smile: „martial arts of shallow forest really greatly had the progress."

„But the person also changed." The shallow forest absent-minded said one suddenly.

I am astonished however: „Why said like this?"

The shallow forest self-ridicules smiles: „Li Master asked something already known."

Saying, his look complex looked at my one eyes, said: „Qin Ye, Luis, the Xiahou Ren and the others multiple secret admonished the emperor, said that Li Master hand grasped living of Tian Ling Empire to kill the power, the military authority already above my this emperor, the father was to give me yesterday came handwritten letter, said that after is Li Master grasped the fire Divine Mountain dragon crystal ore, has Fan Shu City to take the foundation, had [Enemies at the Gate] to force to draw back the throne the strength, wanted me to be discrete, splits up Li Master military authority, but his first......"

My body trembles, said: „Can claim from my side the Han deep pool and Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, the summer leaf four military officers?"

The shallow forest admits frankly, said: „Yes, he lets me by four merit, establishes 4 garrison armies separately, each army extracts 1 thousand person from the palace guard as the foundation military strength, then Han Yuan, Xiao severe guard Port City, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye prepares to dispatch troops to attack Full Moon City, takes attacking the Hybrid Demon territory as the reason again, extracts 200 dragon crystal artillery from the palace guard to flame Dragon Jun, ordering the dragon to start to expedite loyally, in addition the strong wind from afar armed forces and hot axe armed forces altogether 200 000 person, the expedition attacks Asura that mark of Anne dragon bone guards......"

I deeply have attracted an cold air/Qi, the moral nature full is the chill in the air, the trembling sound track: „Quite ruthless...... Good poisonous......"

In shallow Lin Yan full is the sad anger, said: „I do not know how should do, the father said that also has his truth, but I also know, once four will transfer the palace guard, the military force of palace guard will fall short greatly, Li Shigeng lost right-hand, but the words of expedition failure, flame Dragon Jun, the strong wind from afar armed forces and hot axe armed forces can the destruction, these three armies and palace guards...... Is father's eye-sore......"

I somewhat am quite gratified, smile bitterly, said: „Shallow forest you can understand that this truth simply is the Tian Ling Empire great good fortune, what your father truly thinks is only your Family can the power lean the government and people, has not actually thought how Tian Ling Empire can stand erect in this war not but actually, but, all perform under the shallow forest you read, how you must choose, I will not have the complaint."

The shallow forest makes a fist, said: „Li Master, I will not make the Empire Armed forces not have in the absolute assurance situation to expedite the Hybrid Demon territory, I do not want to notice again many people were driven to death after suffering an injustice the northern boundary, but Li Master...... The matter of palace guard, I......"

I cannot help but self-ridicule smiled, visits him saying: „Shallow forest, you also thought that my military authority was too big, right?"

The shallow forest stands there wooden, motionless looks that nearby flowers sway a next flower petal to fall to the ground in the autumn wind piece by piece.


„Relax, I will not make you difficult to do."

I put out a hand in the number and route plate and empire that pulls out the waist palace guard to command the token of general, knees down, both hands offer, said: „Li Xiao Yao is willing to resign from the duty of palace guard commanding today, returns the general number and route plate, from now henceforth is not the empire military officer!"

„Li Master......"

The shallow forest knees down suddenly, the tears flow copiously: „Shallow forest is unfair to you, the shallow forest is unfair to you, but I did not have the means to resist these invisible numerous pressures really......"

Zhan Long Chapter 968

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