Zhan Long Chapter 969

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Nearby, the chief aide-de-camp took a step, has taken two tokens from my hand, and said near my ear in a low voice: „General Li, empire defeated you......"

In my heart trembles, has not spoken, instead is deep looked at his one eyes, having several points to kill intent.


The shallow forest stands up slowly, eye red visits me, said: „Li Master, what later do you have to plan?"

As soon as I pat another symbol on shoulder, said: „I am cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider, big of world, where is the place of my finding a place to live, does not have anything at the worst."

Shallow wood-road: „Li Master does not need so...... You as before are the broken cauldron male, as before is the lord of Fan Shu City, but the palace guard was unable to continue to guard in Fan Shu City, I......"

I beckon with the hand, said: „Shallow forest, is not no need saying that I no longer am the empire military officer, Fan Shu City am only my manor, will not be stationed in the Empire Armed forces, I understand this truth, but shallow forest......"

The shallow forest looks up me: „Li Master?"

I smile: „But do not forget, you said that my hand grasps the military strength that palace guard 10 thousand do not arrive is the hand grasps the large army, but your father truly actually hand grasps enough Rong Di Jun of near 200 000 troops, if I merit tall Gaizhu, your father early should behead ten times!"

Standing that „I......" the shallow forest clench jaws there, does not know how to reply me, actually can only say: „Is unfair to Li Master......"

My corners of the mouth raise: „Has not related, after all we do not have the bloodlines to relate, even if I said that I am not the person of this world, will happen one day will leave, on this day under I hit naturally am your, probably you do not believe."

In shallow forest eye socket full is the tears, the knees knee down once more, said: „Li Master, I believes you, the shallow forest has trusted you, but...... However please let me get through this difficult time, I personally will certainly cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to return to Tian Ling Empire you!"

„It is not no need saying that I walked."

Turns around, the Zixiao cape flutters with the wind, instead thinks to feel carefree when one is relieved of official duties actually, the whole person exceptionally is relaxed, actually at this time, the chief aide-de-camp suddenly shouted: „General Li Xiao Yao, please please do not bother to see me off!"

„What's wrong?"

He smiled, said: „General Li Xiao Yao fires, naturally can have the new general is appointed as commanding of palace guard, your majesty has incited, this candidate will be four General Xia Ye!"

I am startled slightly, surprised in Luoqian Forest has planned before then to deprive my military authority, on the other hand in electing to be truly original the aspect shallow forest vision, four, Han Yuan will be crudest fierce, can only not to be able to lead, Xiao severe discretely has, but the boldness is insufficient, the dragon whetstone manner is verve, is partial to in Han Yuan type, only Xia Ye is calm, judgment is calm, is may make the material.

Shallow wood-road: „I will write the hand-written letter immediately, asking Li Master to help me do a matter again, was bringing my hand-written letter, appoints Xia Yewei the palace guard to command newly, probably only had you...... Can convince them?"

I smile bitterly, the shallow forest also calculates that this point, four disposition are that rampant, readily to make how possibly the empire recall my this them to follow for a long time command?

„Also good, invited your majesty a bit faster." I alone stand there waited for

Shallow forest rapid writing letter or certificate of appointment, has later covered the imperial seal, after giving me, the eye is red, actually sends away about, then places in the hand-written letter my hand, is holding my wrist skill, lowers the sound saying: „Li Master, you may know that in the ice hot wilderness is stationed in hot lion commission army corps?"

I in consternation: „Does not know......"

The shallow forest continues saying: „Hot lion commission army corps altogether have to exceed the 200 000 military strength, is between Ze deep pool city and Tian Ling Empire the strongest mercenary soldier, year to year grabs many tribes in ice hot wilderness, these barbarians already hated to occur simultaneously, but...... I have sent for having the contact with hot lion mercenary soldier, after you depart, the hot lion mercenary soldier will attack opening up wasteland of Tian Ling Empire in some opportunity, and I will dispatch the imperial guard to go to defend imperial, the imperial guard will rout, later, the palace guard will also be defeated!"

My moral nature sinks: „Shallow forest, are you?"

In shallow Lin Yan is passing having made up mind, said: „I must change Li Master to be in charge of the palace guard with 10,000 the lives of palace guard and imperial guard soldier!"

I only think creepy feeling: „This is unworthy!"

„No, Li Master you listened to me to say."

The shallow forest grabs my hand as before, in the eye is bringing scalding hot, said: „Dragon is loyal, Luis, Qin Ye, Xiahou Ren they were father's people, how many people in my hand also had? Makes the palace guard and imperial guard lose can only these to shut up, moreover Li Master returns to Tian Ling Empire once more time, I will cruelly harm Zhongliang on the grounds of these three people, claimed Dragon Zhong, Luis, Qin Ye the and the others military authority, at least can split up the military strength in their hand again badly, Li Master, a little be please patient, waits for me......"

I shock, has not thought that the shallow forest the moral nature deep place of light sovereign will have the so fearful idea and plan this year unexpectedly, if implements the success , that Tian Ling Empire majority of military authority truly is equal to grasping in his hands, but is not in his father's hand, the good ruthless boy, is works as the clothing material of emperor!

But thinks that must sacrifice palace guard many military strength, I am grieved.

The shallow forest sees my worry, said: „I will make hot lion mercenary soldier pay attention to the discretion, Li Master felt relieved that the palace guard and imperial guard elite will not have any too big loss."

I do not have any better means that must nod.

„Li Master, that treasured!" Shallow wood-road.



Is bringing the sovereign hand-written letter, my hundred taste mixed Chen, assign out the Fan Shu City city main contact surface directly, the choice return to the city the function, transmitted Fan Shu City instantaneously, rushed to the barrack of palace guard rapidly, distant one crowd of valiant cavalries will ride the warhorse to come, said respectfully: „Commands the Sir!"

I nod: „Immediately transmitted orders, all Yorozuo long rank military officers reported in the meeting hall!"


I enter the meeting hall directly, crosses a meeting again, four long will enter the meeting hall with fine silks and other Yorozuo in abundance, saying with a smile of Han Yuan also whole face red light: „General, battle of this dragon restricted area may really satisfy a craving certainly, I heard Xia Huojun who before highest heaven city how heroic invincible, now looks like also mediocre, our palace guards are the first under heaven trump card armies!"

Xiao severe also time of excited saying with a smile: „Yes Sir!"

Xia Yefu the sword hilt, is sitting in the second place, said: „General, end will hear that our palace guards have not divided in the mineral lode to dragon certainly restricted area unexpectedly, why this is, we to capture this mineral lode lose several thousand brothers? How your majesty can so handle matters unfairly......"

I smile: „Everybody do not say."

Saying, I have pulled out the hand-written letter of shallow forest from the bosom, said: „This is the sovereign hand-written letter, you have a look!"


The Han deep pool received the hand-written letter, looked, suddenly the black face instantaneously became flushed, stands up the anger to exclaim suddenly: „Why? Why?! The general you are the broken cauldron male, is loyal and devoted to the empire, why can deprive your military authority? This...... This sovereign shallow forest is really an unenlightened ruler, we misread him , the one had only known, initially had chopped his head on these blade!"

Xiao severe in great surprise: „What's the matter?"

„You look!"

The Han deep pool has handed over Going out the hand-written letter, immediately 10 Yorozuo long dumbfounded standing of palace guard there, have been at a loss, Xia Yegeng will write personally ripping the fragment directly, scatters suddenly, single Xigui on the ground, sinking sound track: „My Xia Ye is willing to hold the life junction to General Li Xiao Yao, this lives does not change, end will not overstep one's authority, asking the general to believe me!"

I nod: „Knows, but things have gotten to this point, everybody do not say anything again, immediately transmitted orders, the palace guard reduces heat Divine Mountain to pitch camp, this Fan Shu City was unable to make the palace guard be stationed again."

On the Han deep pool face the blue vein sticks out suddenly: „General, was inferior that I and other person of blade return Tian Ling Empire, reduces the shallow forest and dog head truly, the general you are the emperor, is this happy?"

I get angry: „Han Yuan, do not talk nonsense! Not to mention a word is not suitable, even if we overcome Tian Ling Empire, brings in also more wars, you think that side Dragon Zhong, truly, Luo child, hundred Ningxia and Xiahou Ren, Situ firewood these people will have nothing to do with look we do kill one's sovereign to seize the position? After this words , can not raise again, otherwise handles according to military law!"

The Han deep pool is also angry, actually forcefully held down by Xiao severe.

„Sir." Xiao severe voice is as before calm, said: „We what to do?"

„Withdrew Fan Shu City to say again that Xia Ye, met the command, from now henceforth commanding of palace guard was you!"

Although Xia Ye does not hope, but under my order also can only receive on the general with commanding the token, actually kneels on the ground, the tears long flow channel: „End will take care for the general temporarily, the palace guard forever is the Li Xiao Yao palace guard!"


After two hours, fire Divine Mountain, was the be continuous transport team and army, the palace guard 7 thousand + people already withdrew Fan Shu City everywhere, next pitches camp in fire Divine Mountain temporarily.

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, asked: „General, what is your next plan?"

I look to the Ba Huang City direction, said: „Frost in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is my teacher, I will go to her, relax, I will not have the matter."

A Han deep pool pair of tiger circle stares: „Won't have the matter? The Sir you know Dallo truly, Luis, Luo child these people to hope that you do die? End no matter, which me the general goes to then to go, great this empire bird military officer father does not work as!"

Saying, Han Yuan throws the Yorozuo long token falls on the place, said: „I must cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, forever follows the general! Even if the mercenary soldier, or works as the rebel army, I also want!"

Xiao severe, Dragon Xing also almost together discard own token, indicated: „I and others am also willing to follow general, even if the military deserter who works as an extremely evil not amnesty!"

I shouted to clear the way lowly: „Dissolute, doesn't want to live?!"

Saying, was bending the waist on the ground has picked up Han Yuan token, has cleaned the above soil, said: „Do not forget your innate mission, you are the serviceman, the command prompt, protects our homes and defends our country is you should the matter of doing."

The Han deep pool said: „I, no matter, I must follow the general to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, if general not abandoned, I and others, when the wharf private also wants, we are not willing to continue to remain in any case not to have the palace guard of general! The general did not agree that a sword chopped my Han Yuan this number of people good, end was will give also loyalty to the general!"

Xiao Lishen inspires, said: „Sir, I and other regards have decided that please do not say again."

My sigh: „Good, that takes the grain and fodder military baggage, cures a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den along with me together, there...... Ought to have places of our survival......"


Finally, what is big my accident is, Han Yuan, beside Xiao severe, dragon whetstone, there is a majority the soldier has been separated from the palace guard the tie, the enormous and powerful 3 thousand person high and low armies of leave along with me together opened fire Divine Mountain, my hundred taste mixed Chen, in the loyalty of these NPC armies, thought that grateful I am quite unfair to them.

Xia Ye was kept fire Divine Mountain to stabilize the general situation by me forcefully, but the dragon crystal artillery and crossbow car(riage) our has not carried, that enormous and powerful sets out to Ba Huang City from Fan Shu City.


After one hour, the army crossed child Wushan, enters the elf trail.

The enormous and powerful crowd links up into a single stretch, majority is the cavalry soldiers, there are raising barbarian blade shield of shield much with me together „rebel", although left the palace guard, but this group of people chatted, by disconsolate feeling of empire abandonment, these fellows is actually been slightly more optimistic than me.


The wind blows clump of Lin Cao to lower the head, Xiao severe actually narrows the one-eyed to look to the distant place, shouted to clear the way suddenly lowly: „It is not wonderful, has the ambush!"

„Bang bang bang......"

The bang sound is unceasing, flame shock-waves erupt in the crowd of palace guard, that is...... dragon crystal artillery!


„Day kills, they do not want to make us live going back!" The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, covers the eye to resist the shock-wave of dragon crystal artillery, the battle dress was torn into shreds by the strong gale, above the skin also presented a bloodstain, in he quite somewhat solemn and stirring gale crooked, the anger exclaimed: „This time, was the empire betrayed us!"


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Zhan Long Chapter 969

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