Zhan Long Chapter 970

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By the elf trail is the dense and numerous dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, this time we have not brought the warhawk to ride to search the reconnaissance, scouts Going out not to come back, under the general idea was ambushed unexpectedly, the dragon crystal artillery group from our about 500 meters away, the dense and numerous empire servicemen has formed a defense protection in the heavy artillery front, multitude of people long, hundred husbands are directing the palace guard of heavy artillery to losing defense steadily are carrying on bombing.

„Bang bang bang......"

The dragon crystal artillery erupts one after another, the shock-wave air wave sweeps across the surrounding all, under the strong gale sways, at the same time the war flag flap flap gets windy, that was Qin Ye the war flag of flood dragon armed forces, another direction, was the crazy Lei Jun's war flag, but in our dead ahead, the fierce stormy hoofbeat transmitted, that was the hoofbeat of heavy cavalry, the Rong Di Jun's heavy cavalry flushed, a Yorozuo long was raising the lance, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Li Xiao Yao leads some rebels of palace guard to leave Tian Ling Empire, the intention goes to northern Hybrid Demon, kills to me, does not remain, town southern Your Highness Wang has the command, cuts Li Xiao Yao head, the monetary reward 10,000, seals the general!"


Also is a dragon crystal artillery explodes at present in me, immediately one group of barbarian soldiers were exploded pile of hashed meat, a burned black arm falls above my god fierce fine horse nape of the neck, still grasps the steel knife to shiver, as to slaughter, actually already without enough time.

Cooldown, the grief and indignation occurred simultaneously at heart, I self-examine am not the star, but at least was also deeply has to understand to the military tactics, has not actually thought that truly to this situation, will dare to ambush brave here we, yes, we were eye-sores truly, here massacred us for him is really once in a thousand years opportunity.


God fierce fine horse long hissing changes into the incorruptible condensation behind me, thousand frost wing skill instantaneous in addition hold, I raise the magical instrument butterfly to point to the East, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Everybody should not be chaotic, kills together to the East with me, breaks through their dragon crystal artillery positions, entered azure large male deer deep pool not to need to dread the dragon crystal artillery, a bit faster with me on!"

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe, Dragon Xing and other military officers roared are leading heavy cavalry forward [Assault], but the barbarian soldier also in abundance raises the shield to run forward, but heavy artillery falling, palace guard loss simply grieved, moreover is meaningless was massacred, the flash my deeply rebukes oneself at heart, if not my general idea, perhaps the palace guard won't have this disaster?

The surroundings full are shock-waves, my HP also falls in Shua Shua, the skin like was being blown by heat knife, but this is nothing, anything does not calculate to the heart pain that I create compared with the palace guard unceasing buckle simply.

500 meters distance is also divides to my thousand frost wings the minute, when I rush to the flood dragon armed forces position front wielded [Seven Star Fragment Slash] directly, afterward then opened the dance of ghosts and gods to crash in shield, murdered the attack effect of god armor special effect to NPC to turn time, got down with my powerful attack power sword is 60,000-70,000, doubled or injures the overlay is 15 thousand about injuries, several swords tidied up one, the piece kill under the effect the sailors of flood dragon armed forces to be killed do not have the strength to hit back.


The Han deep pool and Xiao severe and the others leads the heavy cavalry to kill, although has the palace guard to be shot down under the horse by the bow and arrow unceasingly, but nobody retrocedes, welcomed lance to start [Assault], direct breakthrough, but I pushed to the front to kill the heavy artillery position, lifted the foot to trample a dragon crystal artillery turns around the direction, ignited a artillery, not far away two dragon crystal artillery overturns.

Behind, the war cries are shocking, the infantry who Rong Di Jun is chasing down the palace guard, the barbaric people turns around to kill in abundance, the infantry hits the cavalry soldier not to fear, a Cooldown elf trail has been flooding the thick gunsmoke and blood smell.

Meanwhile, I also discovered that every time massacres NPC, my meritorious value will reduce some, but does not want to manage that many, loves how, today slaughtered!

Kills, while opened the Fan Shu City city system, assembles the army, Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers all goes forth to battle, the Flame Hawk Archers flying speed is fast, should be able to catch up in 30 minutes, simultaneously opens the guild chat channel, direct shouts loudly: „Wan Er, Qing Qian and Li Mu, left the important matter!"

Lin Wan Er is stunned: „How?"

I said in a low voice: „I was eliminated the post that the palace guard commanded, leading 3 thousand palace guards to go to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but received in the elf trail direction truly is head the attack of NPC army, you a bit faster assemble the [Zhan Long] player to come, passed fast, these 3 thousand palace guards who otherwise shares life and death with me wanted whole army has been annihilated!"

Lin Wan Er nods: „Knew, I relate [Legend] immediately, making them clear the transmission of Dragon's den, we speed of there transmission in the past rushing to rescue is quickest!"



At the speed of [Zhan Long] player, 10 shouldn't over minutes some people come?

I can only talk over like this, simultaneously wields the butterfly magical instrument, chops to fly the hundred husband long numbers of people of two flood dragon armed forces, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Qin Ye could not pass with us repeatedly, today wants to be ruthless to us, do not hesitate, even if were defeats our must kill one not to remain the flood dragon armed forces completely!"

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe equipollent will bellow in abundance the response, the elf trail is degenerating into a living hell.


„Bombing , to continue to bomb!" The distant place, rode the old man of warhorse to appear, was truly, a terse armor, in the hand grasped is belonging to south the town the casting sword of king, the complexion was pale, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Today must let Li Xiao Yao here whole army has been annihilated, bombs to me, do not hesitate!"

Is being rushed ahead Luis to raise sword to turn around, loudly shouted to clear the way: „South town Your Highness Wang! Our crazy Lei Jun has engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the palace guard, cannot bomb continually, will otherwise injure to our people!"

Truly sneers: „General Luis does not need to worry that this is the necessary price, so long as destroys completely these 3 thousand nuclei of palace guard, massacres Li Xiao Yao again, I ensure your Luis will become the next broken cauldron male!"

The happy expression on Luis face passes in a flash, immediately leads the crazy Lei Jun's heavy cavalry to continue to start [Assault], kills us to fall on the rear barbarian.


The fight is conducted extremely cruelly, I saw that the surrounding palace guard drops down, died with my several thousand people in an instant certainly, but Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others as in leading the remnants continue to rush ahead, in these palace guards has much is temple Knight, in addition holds the bright Saint shield to attack dragon crystal artillery, cutting of long sword chaotic dance is striking, kills the flood dragon armed forces to be panic at the news.

However dragon crystal artillery blast out in the crowd, massacres together with the flood dragon armed forces bang us together, truly simply is a lunatic, is this lunatic lets our time battle loss speed sharp increase, trembles bitterly disappointingly.

In an instant has broken through the position of flood dragon armed forces, the dead ahead, was one group of players has killed impressively, about 5000 + people of appearances, were not the [Zhan Long] people, the [Legend] Dawn Mills brand rode actually, their stations Dragon's den by azure large male deer deep pool, was they can come quickly, but...... Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting are flame Dragon Jun's Yorozuo are long, but this does fight Dragon Zhong to lead the flame Dragon Jun's heavy cavalry to rush ahead our latter teams, Enchanted Painting is reenforces or kills us?

In hand magical instrument butterfly slightly one cold, I speedily fly to go, the horizontal sword front, said suddenly loudly: „Xue Jing, is your this must do?!"

On the Enchanted Painting pretty face is having spunk: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai your this idiot, am I kill your inadequate? Hurries, your palace guard several people, unexpectedly also dares to spell hardly, we just obtained the news, town southern Wang Luoxun at least deploy over 30 thousand military strength to encircle you here, walks quickly, we shield!"

Lu Chun Yang is also raising the long sword, lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „Do not want to be too many, this is the order of Guildmaster, otherwise the father will not save your nonsense palace guard, you refuse stubbornly dead to close our [Legend] anything matter!"

I naturally cannot expect that Lu Chun Yang has any sentiment to our palace guards and [Zhan Long], that extremely in Zizuo was also sentimental, but made me see clearly Fang Ge Que actually, this person truly was righteous, can become the Chinese server first person of person, this mind and experience were not the average person can place on a par.



I give a loud shout, ordering Xiao severe and other military officers to continue to lead the palace guard to clash Going out with me together, looks that behind palace guard being bathed in blood of break through a tight encirclement, the population are getting more and more, I at heart have also comforted, the battle loss are perhaps less than wanting that I imagine, at least we can also preserve 10,000 people, was lucky that these palace guards are the soldiers of having fought many battles, otherwise definitely could not be left over that many under the baptism of dragon crystal artillery.

5000 + [Legend] that Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang lead rode the war is the player has strangled to death with the flood dragon armed forces and crazy Lei Jun's NPC in the same place, they will kill these NPC naturally also to deduct the meritorious value, my heart like the bright mirror, this time really under- Fang Ge Que many favours, at least, the matter of Dragon's den no longer is any matter, even if were [Legend] seized Dragon's den, this repayment has also sufficed.

In this time, front jungle is trembling to swing, is troop NPC kills, is the flame Dragon Jun's heavy cavalry, Dragon Zhong leads a group personally, is raising the extravagant sword, visits me proudly, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you were seized on the military rank of general by your majesty, now you is a military deserter, unexpectedly also thinks that surrender Seurre, the father already thought that you were a villain, now finally saw clearly your true colors! The Tian Ling Empire brave warriors, with my [Assault], fall Li Xiao Yao this rebel together finally, cleans up Tian Ling Empire sky, cuts Li Xiao Yao head , to promote on the general!"

Finally Dragon Zhong official [Assault], the rear area has not heard war cries, the Dragon's den direction, the [Zhan Long] riding war is the player came finally, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others exerts however enters flame Dragon Jun behind, such has killed.

„Do not kill too many people, the meritorious value falls fiercely!" I said.

Li Mu actually smiles in the guild channel: „All right, we are the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den people, the person who kills flame Dragon Jun does not fall the meritorious value, what kind, scared, on general Schoolmate Li Xiao Yao?"

„Good......" I have been speechless.


Several minutes later, airborne heard an intermittent hawk howl, Flame Hawk Archers comes!

The preparation counter-attacks, since this is an opportunity, that tidied up several to command the level NPC military officer to say again that they do not think in any case I was living, my also not needing womanly compassion.

This enemy, kills one, few!

Zhan Long Chapter 970

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