Zhan Long Chapter 971

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„Whom kills?!"

Li Mu raises the Zhenhai blade to wallop in crowd, kills unceasingly the NPC soldiers of flood dragon armed forces, at the same time turns around to ask me.

I am also leading Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other palace guard military officer counter-attacks, then the brow raises, said: „Locked two people, the flood dragon armed forces commands Qin Ye, crazy Lei Jun to command Luis, these two people must die!"



After issuing an order, people in abundance [Assault], the sailors of flood dragon armed forces originally on bad positional warfare, finally by palace guard and [Zhan Long] player easily accomplished has broken through the position, but Qin Ye raised the long sword to progress to dash in the crowd, rushed ahead to us, but rushed to half to discover that the situation changed this side us, immediately the decisive transferring wharf escaped.

In this time, the thunder is rumbling suddenly together from the front jungle, „bang" exploded Qin Ye again and again to retrocede, was actually Chi Yu Han raises to hate Sky Sword to lead Cliff Dragon Cavalry to kill to rush from the mountain of azure large male deer valley, the complexion proudly, the anger exclaimed: „Qin Ye, dared to plot against my family master, courted death simply!"

Qin Ye the whole body shivered, one group of flood dragon sergeant soldiers of body week were killed by Flame Hawk Archers rapidly, remaining also rapidly by [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider cleaning up, nearby situation has sided with the palace guard completely, the flood dragon armed forces already game is as good as lost, at this moment, long sword in Qin Ye the hand fell suddenly in the place, stood up from failure to discontinue is kneeling down to my single Xi, said loudly: „General Li forgives! I truly was compelled talent and palace guard by am an enemy, I am the empire serviceman, must obey the higher authority to order, asking General Li to forgive end!"

Qin Ye the body shivered slightly, I looked that did not look, the magical instrument butterfly wielded, said: „Flame Hawk Archers, solved Qin Ye!"


Qin Ye looked up me suddenly, the complexion became fierce: „Li Xiao Yao, you propose a toast do not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit, you think that father Qin Yezhen did fear the boy of this being wet behind the ears?! Come, the father died will also fight valiantly this to butcher you!"

I am hanging down overrunning of the sword blade edge, [Blade Rush] penetrated Qin Ye the body suddenly, turns round is 14 levels of [Combo] attacks, but Qin Ye also rose spiritedly Yu Yong, the sword blade edge reappears the water color to divide to my shoulder!



Also is not very painful, at least my murdering god armor can resist, I was only the body in a flash, once more chop to cut the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade on Qin Ye's forehead, at the same time, in the sky rode Chi Yu Qing of flame hawk to shake the long whip, that thorn whip transformed rapidly lengthens, has tied up Qin Ye the both arms rapidly, airborne exploded fiercely such as the arrow arrow of rain to fall, „puff puff" shooting down above Qin Ye's chest, felt sorry for this flood dragon armed forces to command to spit blood unceasingly, like this is shot the hedgehog by the Flame Hawk Archers salvo, was killed violently at the scene!


I raise the butterfly to continue to proceed to clash, the order said: „Solution flame Dragon Jun commands Dragon Zhong!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others laughs is flushing with me forward, Lin Wan Er floating plunders to sit in my, said with a smile: „Dear has my regulation!"

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe, the brave generals of dragon whetstone three palace guards are progress to clash crazily, basically brandishes directly the ordinary soldier who the pointed weapons can strike to massacre flame Dragon Jun each time, this attack power is our players does not have, but flood dragon armed forces almost whole army has been annihilated, flame Dragon Jun's morale also many came under some influences, but even so, one group of flame Dragon Jun's heavy cavalry gathers above the steep slope of mountain valley, prepared to start [Assault] to us, Dragon Zhong in the middle of this group of people, this time he was also we must solve one of the people, and Qin Ye was the same, Dragon Zhong. Also is person truly, and is grasping military strength powerful flame Dragon Jun, this person must massacre, otherwise is maggot of same existence tarsal bone.


Faced [Assault] of flame Dragon Jun at least over ten thousand cavalries, the frontage that Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others did not make concessions was starting the impact, our people did not calculate too, was good because of having rushing to rescue of Dragon's den armed forces, Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing military strength was very strong, this was the success of this hasty war, both sides attacked by killing in azure large male deer valley, randomly has become one group of wreaking havoc.

Dragon Zhong the long sword is reappearing incorruptible, blade shield who almost every sword can cut down a palace guard, even if these barbarians were the strength awaken are not Dragon Zhong the matches, a sword death speed was extremely fast, I looked worry, raise the sword to overrun on thousand frost wings, Lin Wan Er formed to outflank the position with me.


The sword blade edge standard blocks the attack of dagger, the dragon lifts the left arm loyally is heavy blows attacks, the roaring flame lingers on the arm, but the Lin Wan Er speed extraordinary raising iron umbrella standard keeps off, „bang" a flame sputtering in all directions, Lin Wan Er slipped following the lawn at least 10 meters remote, HP fell 3 thousand +, was not fortunately fatal.

I directly have bullied near, the under foot white air/Qi glow surges, Holy Ghost third-order combo [Strength of a Thousand Men] erupts, „bang bang bang" hitting hard in the dragon loyal chest, rumbles again and again with horse him retrocedes, five injury digit occur repeatedly








Dragon Zhonglian draws back several steps, the mouth spits the blood, my attack has projected on him to enter the minor wound effect, is staring pair of tiger, this flame Dragon Jun commands to me is getting angry exclaims: „Li Xiao Yao, your this revolting thief, daring injures me, and I asked you, you attacked to kill flame Dragon Jun, what status was, were you commanding of our empire?"

I nod: „Yes!"

Dragon Zhong clenches jaws: „Not is only the empire commands, why doesn't stretch out the neck unites?!"

I am out of control to smile: „I am loyal to this country, will not actually be loyal to truly this political strategy villain, death that feels relieved here Dragon Zhong, you from the beginning on this loyal in sovereign, but is not south the town the king!"


Dragon Zhong had not said again that was actually collaborated the bang to result in the backing up several steps by Li Mu and Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian grasping of red fox also rapidly falls on his forehead, in addition Flame Hawk Archers one round attacks fiercely, Dragon Zhong HP fell below half, the hard helmet was shot down, chignon dispersing, the whole person even more appears fierce, raises the long sword backward to wallop, exclaimed loudly: „The flame Dragon Jun's brave warriors, shield me to retreat, Li Xiao Yao thorough counter-, the palace guard betrayed the empire thoroughly!"

Has not run ten meters, suddenly in rides to kill slantingly, is Han Yuan, the long blade one horizontal, „bang" a collision above the dragon loyal long sword, meets the bang to fall immediately loyal and straightforward from the warhorse the dragon, Han Yuan cried loud and long to progress to pass over gently and swiftly, the long blade anger cut, directly a dragon loyal arm unloading, was turns round a blade, in Dragon Zhongcan the howling sound, another arm also equally cut off.


In Xiao severe [Assault] lifts right arm suddenly, grasps the long spear horizontally in the hand, the violent force throws, „tittering" a long spear pierced Dragon Zhong the chest thoroughly, in addition the attack of Chi Yu Han , Chi Yu Qing and Flame Hawk Archers, Dragon Zhong knees down dejected, the both arms fracture place blood wells up crazily, the appearance vanishes from the eye pupil, „splash" drops down.

Flame Dragon Jun commands Dragon Zhong, same died in battle!


But in the instance that the dragon died in battle loyally, suddenly airborne has heard the continuous bombing sound, dragon crystal artillery erupt in the crowd, massacres the player and NPC soldier bang together, good ruthless truly, such ordered to fire a gun unexpectedly, the flame Dragon Jun's loss was extremely serious, our losses equally were also many.

Li Mu looks at surrounding fierce bombing the dragon crystal artillery, cannot bear knit the brows to ask: „Xiao Yao, do we also want to continue to massacre Luis?"

I shake the head rapidly: „Situation changes, cannot kill again, retreats!"


The Han deep pool raised the long blade, the people are separated from this to cover entirely the battlefield of blood and fire rapidly, but in one side jungle, Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang and the others led the Dawn Mills brand that about 1000 people did not arrive at to ride also to clash, whole bodies were bathed in blood, to help us resisted the pursuing troops, their losses have surpassed 80%!

„Xiao Yao Guildmaster, Dragon Zhongzhen did die?" Enchanted Painting asked.

As soon as I nod: „Um, died!"


Enchanted Painting is joyful exceptionally, is raising the water deity halberd dashes about wildly, while said with a smile: „Dragon dies loyally, flame Dragon Jun's next commanded to be my family Guildmaster!"

I nod: „Hopes, who knows!"


Leaves azure large male deer valley, proceeded to stand erect Dragon's den again in Warring States wild tomb, what a pity the present belongs to [Legend] Dragon's den, soon after must belong to [Judgement], Dragon's den cannot be the refuge shelter, truly may bomb bang even entire Dragon's den by disposition at one fell swoop, this was too not worth, therefore I continued to lead the people to bypass Dragon's den, directly soared the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction, there was our haven.

The hoofbeat is fierce, dense one group of Rong Di Jun cavalry is chasing down us, the population at least in the audiences of 5 thousand, in addition the might of heavy artillery, making me not dare to attempt to turn head to meet head-on, the strength is too not proportional, palace guard only remaining 1 thousand + people, Dragon's den armed forces also buckle many, but the population that [Zhan Long], [Legend] and [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild help are not many, I did not plan that disturbs [Prague] and [Hero's Mound] these Guild, after all this is our [Zhan Long] private affair, making them kill the NPC buckle meritorious service value really to feel sorry, will fall into by them. Predicament of system statistics.

Crosses Yun Huang the bog, finally, Rong Di Jun was getting more and more near, is away from us less than 500 meters absolutely, the warhorse that even we can hear Rong Di Jun cavalry spurts the sound absorption.


The crowd front, seven Rong Di Jun's Yorozuo long complexions are red, work off anger the imposing anger to exclaim: „Cuts to kill Li Xiao Yao severed head, the monetary reward 10,000, seals the general!"

I cannot help but smile bitterly, originally in Tian Ling Empire three general, Luis, Luo child and I, my on general post did not have now, remaining two, on this gold content of general actually greatly has promoted.

„Looked quickly that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den came the person!"

Yue Qing Qian sits on Yue Yao Yan mount, puts out a hand to point at the East, joyful saying.

We looked up the past together, obvious one group of black cavalries trod the wilderness to speed away to come impressively, the front line was a white horse, above the warhorse is a beautiful heroic woman, who was not Frost can also be, and sky over this group of cavalries, a leader big dragon in circling, under the Dragon's den hasty altogether was setting out 7 Dragon Rider soldiers, but also sufficed.


„Hurry up, Dragon Rider Sir!" Airborne has broadcast the Qing Luo sound, she is riding a crystal dragon, said with a smile: „A bit faster passes, we shield!"

I am leading the palace guard and [Zhan Long] people cross in abundance, but Frost raises is cutting Hua sword rapid progressing to have the person to intercept in our rear areas, faces each other across a great distance with Rong Di Jun.

The warhorse neighed a piece, the dreary autumn wind rolled up and pushed along the wind to leave the grass passing over gently and swiftly plain, Xiao Sha who the atmosphere could not say.

Truly is raising the long sword, progressed to go out of the crowd slowly, the vision was imposing, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Frost, you guard cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, is one of the northern vassals, today the Li Xiao Yao illicit intercourse Seurre intent scheme goes against, you shielded Li Xiao Yao to commit the crime of treason in this, I urge you to offer Li Xiao Yao immediately, this Wang Bian did not investigate this matter!"

Frost lifts the left hand, soft and smooth small hands has managed by the wind dishevel long hair, said with a smile: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den never belongs to any country, we guard one group of hobos in border region, discussed what treason?"

Zhan Long Chapter 971

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