Zhan Long Chapter 972

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The Frost expression is well-mannered, bows with hands clasped on the warhorse gently, says with a smile: „Here belonged to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den border, did not have to relate with Tian Ling Empire again, town southern Your Highness Wang Luoxun, please return, although cold uncultivated land Dragon's den did not belong to the day of plume empire, but I always respected being in power of empire, but Li Xiao Yao that you must chase down was my student, was one of people I most loved, hopes that you left a loophole."

Complexion is truly pale, in the eye passes is killing intent, said: „Sir Frost, said that you didn't plan this really friendly? If is really this, you must pay the price that you are unable to imagine, do not think that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is indestructible, cold uncultivated land can Dragon's den also be able to block this king behind 200 000 army of?"

Frost shows a faint smile: „Your highness came to try then to know freely!"


Truly has probably not thought that Frost so will be strong, then clenches teeth, said: „Li Xiao Yao relies on the meritorious military service to be outstanding, hoodwinks the public in Tian Ling Empire, even has the heart of displacing to the sovereign, with Seurre this regicide illicit intercourse letter, the intention in does not turn over to the sea to introduce the Hybrid Demon army, direct attack Tian Ling Empire, after killing the new sovereign shallow forest, displaces!"

„Evidence?" Frost asked.

Truly raises the hand, has held up letter paper, said: „, The evidence here, was this Li Xiao Yao and Seurre's communication, evidence firmly [Gouge], Sir Frost cannot continue to shield him?"

A Frost gently hand, that letter paper under separating the spatial supernatural power hauling fluttered to her, when the letter paper fell in the palm, Frost looked down one, said with a smile: „Anybody has not seen Seurre's handwriting, why you confirmed that this is her correspondence? Also, if really Seurre and Li Xiao Yao conspire to commit treason, why must pass the correspondence, by the energy of Seurre, she must go to Tian Ling Empire simply is easy as pie, not?"


Truly somewhat is furious, said: „Sir Frost so shields Li Xiao Yao, what intent?"

Frost palm, that letter paper changed into the powder pink / white in her palm, said with a smile slightly: „I do not have what intention, but wants saying that this low the matter of forge evidence framing, I saw, what for this matter also disdained to argue, Li Xiao Yao in me behind, you wants to kill him first to kill me, what significance otherwise played these mean methods also to have?"


The truly thorough violent anger, Jianfeng raised, the anger exclaimed: „Rong Di Jun, the preparation attacks, 5000 people in echelon, the [Assault] 10 times, grind the counter- thief of this crowd of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth to me! Rides the archer to prepare the rope, wraps space Feilong, butchering fall!"


„Clang clang clang......"

I and Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others draws a sword the sheath, prepared to fight again!

Actually at this time, Frost suddenly beckoned with the hand, reviews supple smiles to me: „Does not need to begin, the following matter gave me to be good, trivial Rong Di Jun how us."

The hoofbeat shocks the wilderness, dense and numerous Rong Di Jun flushed, brandishes the pointed weapons, bright war armor and pointed weapons are reflecting the miserable colorful color under the setting sun.

Everybody turns very quiet, our population were too few, inside truly hand actually at least also exceeds the 200 000 military strength, kills, we cannot resist, can only place hopes in Frost one person.

At this moment, Frost deeply inspired, closes the double pupil, body Zhou Binghua ascended slowly, she has raised the left hand, immediately periphery all people were the whole body tremble, because our obvious can feel that the body changed light, the gravity that as if we withstood was certainly affected.


A bang, in us behind, that the small hill that is formed by the great crag cracks suddenly from the middle, an cuns (2.5cm) disruption, becomes the innumerable crushed stones, but these crushed stones ascend slowly under the supernatural power control of Frost, hangs about hundred meters locates above our top of the head, dense and numerous piece, to person a sensation of asphyxia of withstanding great pressure.

On the pretty face of Frost has seeped out beads of sweat of faint trace, the delicate eyebrows are light, the arm wields suddenly forward, shouted to clear the way tenderly: „Goes!"

The airborne air current seemed found time generally, the next quarter, tens of thousands and countless crushed stones flew in abundance to the distant place, the speed like the electricity, „puff puff" the bang pounded in the crowd of Rong Di Jun heavy cavalry, the crushed stone of that fist size penetrated the heavy shield of thumb thickness unexpectedly directly, took advantage of opportunity to penetrate the heavy armor, has left behind the blood holes in the chest of heavy cavalry, almost in the flash, the Rong Di Jun first wave of 5000 people of heavy cavalries was killed was over half, the miserable howling sound continuously, the warhorse neighed to link up into a single stretch, horrible to look.


A Yorozuo's long entire arm by crushed stone rumbling, he is miserably howling, progresses to retrocede, said loudly: „This...... This is not the strength of humanity, the day......"

Truly is also the whole body trembles, in the throat broadcasts the wild animal sound, said: „Damn, this...... This is Frost same on such as legend, has the god general strength?"

Several Yorozuo long postscripts, the next quarter, truly turns around the wharf in abundance directly, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Retreats!"


In a minute in wilderness already, only then we, I also relaxed, said: „Frost also has such one luckily, otherwise our these today must be buried completely here......"

The Han deep pool said: „General, we lost many brothers......"

I nod, clench jaws saying: „Relax, this account will sooner or later calculate!"


Frost turns around to look to me, beautiful eyes I cracked in the blood on passed over gently and swiftly in the common battle dress of armor, wrister and immersion that loving dearly that on the face was hard to conceal, said spookily: „You have killed Kyle, cauldron such devil for Tian Ling Empire, holds the position of sovereign the shallow forest, trains the palace guard such iron armor lion to protect Tian Ling Empire, traded this result?"

I am also at heart a pain, desolate looks at Frost, said: „Has not related, I have achieved me to achieve well, other, looked at the fate......"

Frost micro smile: „Um, what that then you have to plan, our on general Li Xiao Yao?"

As soon as I let go: „Had not planned, but these follow the palace guard who I come out together unable to treat unjustly absolutely, perhaps we must for a long time live in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, can vacate some rooms?"

Frost throws smiles, quite some peerless grace and talent, she visits me saying: „Room are actually many, but above Dragon's den was too cold, the soldier housing of not too suitable Tian Ling Empire, you can choose the camp that in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den any place establishes the palace guard, all supplies and so on I will prepare for you."


The matter basically has handled, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Wolf and the others led the players in guild to make the duty, to kill to promote strangely, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Dong Cheng Yue accompanied me to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den together, had a look to have any regiment duty to do, after all the [Zhan Long] majority of players moved into cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.

Re-enters cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, walks on the icy cold aisle, Lin Wan Er sat in my arms, Frost deeply looked at Lin Wan Er, Lin Wan Er also looks at Frost, finally, two people had have communicated, Frost asked: „Hot cloud princess, you and are Li Xiao Yao relations?"

Lin Wan Er said: „The lover of another world."


Frost seems not surprised, shows a faint smile saying: „That then well treats him, likes his person being many, after do not let he experiences suffering to put in great inconvenience, discover that you give his love insufficiently also by far."

Lin Wan Er has been startled being startled: „Um, I knew......"

I asked: „Frost, you a moment ago to that move that Rong Di Jun made, what was called?"

Frost said gently: „Imperial day, is an absolute domain strength, person who the strongest style that is also my studied thoroughly, must have the supernatural power can use the imperial day!"

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles in side: „A type imperial day, retreated in fear 30 thousand armies truly, hee hee, fierce!"

Frost also micro smile: „Imperial day request to the strength was too high, I use an imperial day later, must rest can restore the peak strength for a long time, therefore this move is also used for the retreating in fear enemy, the words of long-term usage, perhaps can only injure own body."

Saying, Frost looks to me, asked: „Li Xiao Yao, you planned the palace guard who brings does pitch camp where?"

We arrived above Dragon's den, I am looking into the northern sky immediately, said: „North Dragon's den!"

Qing Luo stares: „Dragon Rider the Sir, north Dragon's den is the Hybrid Demon territory, will have Hybrid Demon to invade unceasingly, you believe firmly really the palace guard can pitch camp north Dragon's den?"

I layer on layer nod: „Right, we had been abandoned by empire, then must temper the person who is repeatedly tempered oneself, otherwise is unable to welcome any time coming the crisis."

The Han deep pool makes a fist, says with a smile: „General said is extremely."

Xiao severe is having the sad look, said: „Sir, our times altogether have brought 3 thousand palace guards, after being ambushed, now the remaining 15000 + people, many of them are also injured."

Frost said: „Does not need to be worried that I will arrange the military doctor to go to them to treat."

„Thanks the city lord!"


Sent Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing to lead the Dragon's den army to return to Fan Shu City, and just before leaving before , gave them an order, the Fan Shu City war plan has established provisionally to defend stubbornly, as long as who attacked Fan Shu City, immediately counter-attacks, has Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers to guard, believes that no one could capture Fan Shu City little while, was attacked, we can also dispatch the military strength to reenforce from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the past, Frost was a person on one's own side, was good to speak, this was not the issue.

At nightfall, Anji took along the Ba Huang City person to come, this Queen Ba Huang City expressed to my bitter experience the indignation and salute, and told me to prepare for war relieved here, the palace guard must provide by Ba Huang City, this has exempted my extra worries actually, at least did not need to worry for the food and warhorse of palace guard.

Today's before down renews, tomorrow will continue! Everybody's support to leaf micro letter is powerful, soon broke ten thousand people to pay attention, looked, in the leaf was roaring in the share of eruption, please continue to pay attention and support, takes up the cell phone of passer-by to support the leaf, the specific step was as follows

Takes up your cell phone, opens the micro letter, then increases the friend, searches the public number, wap_17k, the attention, then from there speech, sends to lose the fallen leaf, this is the activity complete flow, could not consume for one minute, short one minute, did not spend the one cent!

~~~ tomorrow continues to erupt, five chapters!

Zhan Long Chapter 972

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