Zhan Long Chapter 973

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At nightfall, this is a peaceful night, on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den rarely one day not to have the floating snow, therefore large quantities of people husbands and soldiers in the practical training, were shipping north large quantities of commodities Dragon's den, but I raised the butterfly to guard the camp to construct the scene personally, the new camp of palace guard constructed in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den northeast direction is less than 1000 meters, if were attacked, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in 10 minutes can arrive in the reenforcement, the Dragon Rider soldier was possibly quicker, several minutes can arrive.

„Qing Luo!" I shouted one.

Nearby Qing Luo is eating the apple, perhaps is the night breeze is too cold, under her cheek in the flare shines brilliant red, turns around to ask: „Dragon Rider will the Sir, do?"

I have referred to the distant place in the camp scene, said: „Palace guard temporarily did not have danger to defend here, before our city walls build do you lead 4 fire Dragon Rider gentlemen to guard for us here?"

Qing Luo shows a faint smile: „Good is good, but others take orders in Sir Frost directly, this need she nods is good!"

Frost stands on not far away great crag cultivates the incorruptible supernatural power, smiled: „That Qing Luo is depending on the Li Xiao Yao words, starting today, self- , the Li Xiao Yao order strength dominates above anybody, does not need to think that I passed report."

„Yes, Sir!" Qing Luo nods with a smile.

I asked: „Frost, Queen Zi Shu and Odelia, how have not seen."

„They went to the [Assault] canyon to treasure hunt, Odelia said that she induced to the [Assault] canyon in has the strength fluctuation of magical instrument, therefore called Zi Shu together."

„I go, the [Assault] canyon does not have is a controlling wind Kate strength Hybrid Demon kings guarding? What to do if there is an accident......"

Frost eats to smile: „Relax, Queen Zi Shu and Odelia strength has practiced the inferior god, if meets, you must for Kate strength pray that actually be not cut the head by a Odelia sword."

„, Entering step of practice so was quick, Odelia inferior god."

„Um, her natural talent is good, and is diligent at cultivating, was very naturally strong."

I raise head to have a look at Frost, she just likes fairy maiden general standing above the great crag, cuts Hua Jiange to linger she to rotate spatially slowly, around the sword blade edge is reappearing together the god of journeys strength, the revolving belt the banding has worn a pretty long skirt for her likely, in my heart moved, cannot bear say: „Frost, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den strength, although is very strong, but should continue to strengthen actually, for example the population, 2 thousand people insufficiently will deal with the future war by far, advance Luo Cauldron have 100 thousand armies, which other Hybrid Demon kings not necessarily will also be short to go, in my opinion, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength at least must increase to 10 thousand is true can assume sole responsibility for an important task."

Frost laughs in spite of trying not to: „Your this fellow was too long in Cooldown that in the military compound treated, really the appearances of some generals, I also thought very much in fact the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den population were too few, but suffered from being possible to make the material not to be many, can therefore maintain the establishment of 2 thousand person, since you said that I will continue to choose the talented person to join Dragon's den from Ba Huang City, the population promotes to 5 thousand people is always not any issue."

I nod: „When the enlisted man training and practice, can make them open up the Dragon's den southern open land, establishes to belong to our opening up wasteland institutes, sends out some people to go to the east East China Sea to build the dock again, builds the warship and fishing boat, hunts for the fish is the Dragon's den improvement meals, can increase the Dragon's den naval battle ability."

Frost winked a two stars pupil: „This, good, I have not thought really......"

Qing Luo eats to say with a smile in side: „Sir Frost, I thought that after Dragon Rider Sir Li Xiao Yao returns, actually for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den provides one truly to command the character, you are diligent at cultivating actually little reorganize these military affairs, the return of Sir Li Xiao Yao too was the time."

The Frost nod smiles, actually visits me, said moved: „Was a pity that he will not stay here too for a long time...... The goshawk, should fly to a farther sky."

I trembled, visit her saying: „I bring the mighty force to walk again far, here also throughout is I in the mind home to return to of this world."

Frost smiled: „Good, I remembered these words, never forget that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, never forget me......"

I nod: „Um!"

Saying, has actually thought another matter, then said: „Frost, many adventurers have also joined cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the military exploits of many people were quite high, what granting have you given?"

Frost was stunned, said: „This...... Dragon's den altogether also only then 2 thousand military strength, therefore can only set up 2 Yorozuo to be long, 20 multitude of people are long, the meritorious service also can only again high like this, moreover I am not the monarch in empire, therefore is unable to confer on general and town country generals, former generals and other military ranks......"

I said: „That can change a way to reward, for example...... The meritorious value enough high person, can learn 1-2 to be your self-satisfied technique your here, not?"

Frost eats to smile, jumps to leap from the great crag falls side me, by side me, a pair of beautiful Lixing pupil ultra short distance visits me, said with a smile: „Your this fellow, what idea is also having? I know that these adventurer many people are your friend, said that you wanted anything directly saying that if did not overstep the limit, I think that I will consent."

I nod: „Um, refreshed person......"

Frost: „......"

I laugh, then said: „Actually I only hope that you can teach their some foundations the war techniques to be good, I know that the imperial day style of absolute domain also not necessarily can learn at their intelligence this whole life, but...... [Blade Spin] and words of [Frost Armor] armor war technique, truly can teach, is?"

Frost is somewhat helpless: „Originally is wants this...... Although said that [Blade Spin] and [Frost Armor] armor is my homemade war technique, but these people are not my pass on the student after all, if I teach their these war techniques, once they are on the wrong road to use these lethality greatly strengthened war techniques to do all kinds of evil things, I have been the unprincipled person?"

The cold wind blows, I am out of control to fight a shiver, then has grasped the Frost small hands, she stares slightly, has not revolted, whatever I am shaking her hand, I said: „Relax, joins cold uncultivated land Dragon's den the group of person many people are my life and death brothers, their moral behavior are very solid, this point you can feel relieved absolutely, moreover they are our people, they are stronger, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and palace guard are stronger, you do not want to notice that the Tian Ling Empire army did turn out in full strength to disintegrate with ease us?"

The Frost delicate eyebrows raise, star has a look at me, said with a smile: „Good, stubborn you, but these two war techniques can only have one to provide the study, you choose one, I consider for you, makes an exception!"

I without hesitation: „Then on [Blade Spin]!"

The [Blade Spin] might I know certainly that the strong group kills the skill, if the [Zhan Long] close combat is the players can learn [Blade Spin], considers Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Yue Yao Yan, Death God's Elegy and general Bai Qi and the others to release [Blade Spin] together, the pointed weapons is flying high the maneuver to put on to kill the highest 9 times scenes, is that perhaps the nightmare of any guild?

The Frost nod said: „Um, I know!"

I have referred to the arm the [Zhan Long] symbol, said: „Remember, only then has the person of this symbol to study [Blade Spin], other, you said the dissatisfied study conditions good......"

Frost throws smiles: „Good!"


Has stayed at a selected place the next day early morning, the palace guard has also begun to take shape in the small town that north cold uncultivated land Dragon's den establishes, the city wall is the sincere stone lays on top of one another to complete, when is after highly enough, in some galvanized irons on the casting, physical defense is firmer, at least should be able to defend to dig up a grave the excavation of ghost Hybrid Demon to attack, as for the galvanized iron, Fan Shu City there has, sends for bringing my correspondence to ship and that's the end.

Meanwhile spreads the news from Tian Ling Empire, truly leads 200 000 Rong Di Jun to be in charge of Tian Ling Empire, and appoints several Yorozuo long to guard Port City, south these towns Wang the power of Tian Ling Empire completely had in this moment finally, if not the shallow forest is his son, perhaps truly already impatient must this boy deposing.

But does not rule out this possibility, truly to the hope of authority was really too intense, will happen one day the understanding chart bribed the position of this sovereign, my Cooldown were not many, shallow forest time was waiting for my this „Li Master" to re-enter Tian Ling Empire to clean up the filthiness of this trim.

Meanwhile, another news, the flood dragon armed forces were almost killed a none remaining in azure large male deer valley by us, the rallying population, has tidied up 7000 + people, added up to 1 thousand person army reluctantly, by one was called „cloud to be floating" the woman new to command, but according to the Yue Qing Qian news, this cloud floatingly was one truly waits on the concubine in fact, quite had Wu Yong, this has mounted flood dragon armed forces the duty of commanding. Moreover, the flame Dragon Jun's dragon died in battle loyally, truly planned arranges own person to promote to command, but in hundred Ningxia and Situ firewood two „loyal minister" under resisting opposition, the shallow forest has the courage to be promoted to Fang Ge Que is flame Dragon Jun's commanding, and expansion of armaments to 8 thousand people, such one, the palace guard main force, flame Dragon Jun actually has not become the first trump card regiment besides Rong Di Jun.

A news that once more, I most care about, guards the palace guard 5 thousand troops in fire god mountain range region, as before under commanding Xia Ye leadership same place training training, truly has not moved them, will come to rout these 5 thousand people very likely to make his Rong Di Jun pay the heavy price, on the other hand the summer leaf momentarily can enter Fan Shu City, requested that reenforcement of Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, these three people will collaborate, perhaps truly how, what will be more important, dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona went to a fire god mountain range personally, saw the fine silks and other dark Moon Elf young girl of thousand person, this standpoint. Has indicated that once 5 thousand people of Tian Ling Empire to palace guard guarding fire Divine Mountain begins, that most direct consequence obtained the dark Moon Elf total 30 thousand army like this fearful enemies!

Zhan Long Chapter 973

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