Zhan Long Chapter 974

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To next morning, has completed in the Dragon's den northern pitching camp duty the palace guard finally, a Little Rock has constructed to complete half, the city wall is not multi- tall Duojian to be thick, but resists the attack of general Hybrid Demon, and has written a hand-written letter, reduces heat the Divine Mountain [lineage/vein] to dispatch 5000 dark Moon Elf young girls to act as the archer to defend the imperial camp, such came to be absolutely safe.

Very early in the morning, yawns to prepare offline, at this time old K has sent in a news: „Li Youngster, the small wolf birthday, the dinner eats today together, helping him celebrate this birthday, this boy person has fought those years in Hangzhou, the girlfriend does not have, remaining our elder brother several."

I reply immediately: „Um, does the small wolf have the thing that anything wants, I have not known that gives any gift is good."

Old K said: „Actually lacks a girlfriend, but it is estimated that you do not handle, buys a gift casually and that's the end."



offline, takes a bath, then goes out eats a thing, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue actually [Lullaby] sufficient appearance, has had the breakfast together, I inquired delivers the matter of gift, Lin Wan Er suggests to buy one set of high-end men's clothing, Dong Cheng Yue suggests to buy an upscale leather belt, finally I decided buys a super dagger to give the small wolf.

Therefore has not slept directly , to continue to get online, transmits Tian Ling Empire, chose in the auction room for a long time, had found finally finally the dagger that one was new, 163 levels of Divine Tier, attack power was good, the broken against effect was also very good, places in the guild warehouse, assigned the extraction person is the small wolf, attached the spoken language is: „Small wolf happy birthday, longer is more graceful, soon will find the girlfriend!"

Handled all these later finally offline to sleep.

A dream wakes up it is getting dark, had a look on the cell phone, a Fox news came: „Xiao Yao, a bit faster comes, in the work room opposite restaurant 3 buildings, we soon passed."

The 10 minutes ago information, I stand up from failure immediately, gets out of bed the Shua tooth to wash the face is also 10 minutes completes, goes out to go, today Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are on duty the Guild management, therefore their two online maintain the [Zhan Long] management situation, has not gone to attend the birthday party of small wolf, but has not related, in any case is not very ripe very ripe that.

Goes out, opens my A4 to directly soar that restaurant, because today is not in the weekend, therefore dinner Cooldown time downstairs have the berth unexpectedly, magnificent after stopping, goes upstairs.

When I open the theater box door, the heat wave comes in waves, the dish on the table, the one side has also been putting a giant cake, since this has been the [Zhan Long] work room for a long time another meeting, altogether also on 4 people, as before is our initial 4 people, I and small wolf and old K have Fox, four good brothers to gather together once more.

However the atmosphere quite somewhat is depressing, approximately as a result of leaving of Matcha?

I watched, smile: „Was good, today the small wolf birthday, should not be so moved, comes, since the meal got up, we do drink one?"

Old K said with a smile: „You are not drive, but also dares to drink?"

„Has not related, one will let East city and Wan Er helps me drive away the car(riage) and that's the end."

„Um, ok, that is not drunk continuous!"

Finally, the thread of conversation opened, has been discussing then equipment, plot in game wait / etc., but I also told Wolf me to give his birthday present am value 15 thousand Divine Tier daggers, was in Divine Tier the peak of present stage, was mainly because the Demon Harvest weapon was too rare, high Level Demon Harvest was rare, did not have the means that can only use Divine Tier, was good because of having the Level superiority, these 163 levels of Divine Tier dagger attack power did not have much difference actually with 140 levels of Demon Harvest.

The liquor over three patrol, Old K and Fox have reddened all over the face, I approximately am because the relations of follower physique are only the slightly drunk, small wolf are also stewed to the gills, the complexion was red, shakes the hand of cup to start to sway.

„Eats the cake?" I proposed, rubbed hands to say with a smile: „I am what kind, was the time demonstrates I unusual refined blade merit!"

Fox hey said with a smile: „Good, you cut!"

I opened the packing of cake, is taking up that plastic blade time, suddenly the gate of theater box was shoved open, in a strange male hand is raising a fine bag, asked: „, Is Mr. Wolf here?"

I one thump, stand up horizontally in the small wolf front, asked: „What's wrong, has the matter?"


In the strange man raises hand the bag, said: „A moment ago I in downstairs, there are female student to give my this, letting me Mr. Wolf who this delivers to 3 Lou to come celebrate a birthday to one, said that this gives his birthday present."


I received the bag, the nod smile: „Thank you, buddy!"

„Is impolite."

This man turned around to close, I was raising the bag, somewhat was astonished, after the intent sea detected in this bag did not have what dangerous goods, has given the small wolf: „, Added does not have girlfriend, look had the female student to give the birthday present to you!"

Fox also drunken saying with a smile: „Is, really enviable envy hates."

Small wolf simple and honest smiling, then turned on the bag, takes out inside thing, is one page of papers, sur- car(riage) key, a black car(riage) key, my vision is quite good, saw clearly, that is a Cadillac XTS key, the platinum funds, about 40 thousand + famous car(riage).

The small wolf looks at the handwriting on that page of paper, suddenly the whole body trembles, the tears flow copiously, grasp the key to stand there tears class continue.

„How, small wolf?" Old K asked.

The small wolf has given him the paper, Old K looked at one is the whole person wooden stands there.


I knit the brows, has taken the paper from Old K, sees only above writes one line of Jun Xiu handwriting: The small wolf, you had said your dream is to have Cadillac XTS platinum funds, therefore I bought for you, parked in the parking lot in Xin Forest market, being near sign that used, you went to the license plate to be good, happy birthday to you, must happily, and everybody gave regards to the Boss for me with the apology forever loves your Matcha elder sister.


„She had not forgotten standing that my words......" small wolf shivers there, has wiped tears, said: „What no matter she has made, she is always our Matcha, not?"

I nod, rush out through the door, in several seconds arrive at downstairs, the direct impact on the corner, actually cannot see the Matcha form, intent sea search, but the surrounding average person were too many, the aura is mixed, which rest/breath is unable to distinguish to belong to Matcha all at once, moreover she should walk away.


I am shouting to the spacious street loudly: „You come out to me! Do not work as the turtle, comes out, the matter that oneself make the mistake, oneself undertake, when do you want to evade?!"

I shout oneself hoarse, sound almost somewhat hoarse.

After a while, Fox walks from behind, the racket my shoulder, said: „Ok, she does not want to make us see, will not make us find by the Matcha intelligence quotient."

My dejected standing there, Wolf and Old K also walked at this time, Wolf is grasping that paper and Cadillac's key as before, said: „Xiao Yao elder brother, ok, we do not compel her......"

I nod: „Um, I know, we...... Continues to cut the cake!"



Finally, after finishing eating the cake , to continue to drink, four people drink reeling drunk are stewed to the gills, this gives up, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, when around 10 : 00 pm came, after delivering Wolf, Fox and Old K three people to return to the work room, we go back, simultaneously I also told Wolf, before becoming sober, did not permit to raise the car(riage), drove to be too dangerous.

The life of person was extremely frail, Dong Cheng Lei left us, I do not want to lose any brothers again.


After going back, has not gotten online again, falls into the lethargic sleep once more, to next morning time wakes up, after having had the breakfast gets online, well the matter that this reorganizes the palace guard, I that long have not gotten online, the regiment duty definitely also accumulated much.

Finally, when I get online received a warm applause, came from the [Zhan Long] riding war is mainly a player, everybody discovered that can exchange to study [Blade Spin] this SS level skill in Frost there with the meritorious value, moreover words that in fact judges by the lethality, when [Blade Spin] absolutely is the Holy Ghost step!

The direct transmission to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, here once more starts the floating snow today, I tightened the front piece in armor, raised the sword to move toward the Dragon's den edge, saw only in the distant snow curtain the camp of palace guard to improve around many, firm Nanking has raised up archer's towers, the dark Moon Elf archers stood in the archer's tower, the dark Moon Elf body and spirit wanted tyrannicalally much compared with humanity, very cold resistant, in this cold winter weather, even if were the strong barbarian is also wrapping a cotton fabric layer upon layer the protection against the cold, but the dark Moon Elf young girls as before put on the succinct fine leather armor chest protector and kneepad. Waits, the scenery under small leather skirt is partly visible, making one group of palace guard male soldiers also look in the flame to burn, pours played the certain extent the protection against the cold effect.


The diving posture plunders cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, under thousand frost wing effects fell in the city wall of camp directly, the surrounding palace guard soldier knelt down to say in abundance: „Commands the Sir!"

I nod, did not have to say artificial one did not command, on the general, after all this group of people pledged to fight to the death to follow me, the words that I shirked again rather too had not taken on, since they came with me, I will assure their future and securities by the maximum effort.

„Han Yuan, Xiao severe, dragon whetstone three khaki cloth?" I asked.

Multitude of people long hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Reported the report to command, General Han Yuan and General Xiao severe went to azure large male deer valley direction, was having 2000 people, the duty of execution was to bury us exposes the 15,000 brothers in corpse wilderness in azure large male deer valley!"


„Dragon whetstone general leads 1000 people of riding archers to hunt and kill the wild animal to supplement that the grain went, this morning dawn on Going out, should be the time comes back."

„Good, knew."


In this time, a sky shadow was flying suddenly, is a warhawk rides to search, the wing of that warhawk has probably been injured, having the wail sound to whip the wing to tumble in the city wall, Knight has tumbled out dozens meters along the place, I flushed to come him to hold rapidly, asked: „How?"

His chest is bringing an arrow arrow of disjunction, the fresh pool of blood anchors to flow, said: „1000 people that dragon whetstone general leads have crashed into the abyss of north, in us Hybrid Demon trap!"

Very early in the morning had sad matter, the [Zhan Long] official 2 groups of group hosts thought own hand grasped 1 million brave soldiers to support oneself, therefore turned into own personal group the official 2 crowds, but Bei Cui the leaf was said „rolling" directly, therefore leaf female hemp smooth rolled, invites to join 2 groups of bibliophiles to draw back the group immediately, can add the [Zhan Long] official 1 crowd, the group id: 113638410 th, several hundred vacancies, hurry ~

Zhan Long Chapter 974

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