Zhan Long Chapter 975

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„How many people did Hybrid Demon altogether dispatch?" I asked.

The warhawk rode to search the breath to be heavy, said: „Cannot see clearly, approximately also on the appearance that 1 thousand person does not arrive, but very tyrannical Hybrid Demon command, Sir, is certainly careful!"

I nod, said loudly: „Where military doctor, leading him therapy!"

Several soldiers this injured rode to locate the recipient and deliver, but that moment that I stood up obtained a regiment duty


System System Notification: Receives SSS level master line regiment duty 【Rescues Dragon Xing】?


Immediately confirmed that immediately came ting once more


System System Notification: Congratulated you to receive the SSS level master line regiment duty 【Rescues Dragon Xing】, You can duty sharing to other 99 people, compose 100 people of teams to march forward, found in the legend „wild boar deep pool" to the north, Dragon Xing and his subordinate were stranded in the wild boar deep pool, but is certainly careful, a formidable Hybrid Demon army has laid an ambush around the wild boar deep pool, waited for that the reinforcements and have strangled to death, you must strike to massacre these Hybrid Demon armies, and guarantees finally Dragon Xinghuo, otherwise the duty failure, finally, cuts to kill the command of this Hybrid Demon army, bringing his head to see advocation of Frost cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the obtained duty reward will turn. Time!


I do not want to be too many, opened the guild management chat channel to have a look to everybody this duty sharing directly, said: „Wan Er and East city, choose the topest 99 people to make this hundred people of duties in guild together, must , if topest, otherwise possibly could not complete."

Lin Wan Er eats to smile: „Good, just idles is not having what good map Shua, unexpectedly the duty came!"

Li Mu said: „Rides to fight the words of department, learns the [Blade Spin] people to bring temporarily, such output and meat shield was enough."

„OK, you take responsibility, I am waiting for you in the temporary camp of palace guard."


Was less than 20 minutes, hundred people that [Zhan Long] chose rolls came, truly was various Class elite players, Healer had 20 people, the dosage had to guarantee, but rode the war is the player is 40 people, uniform fire Dragon Rider, the pointed weapons were the hell fire, and grasped [Blade Spin], such strength took a broad view at Tian Ling Empire to be the outstanding person.

Fire Dragon Rider spurts sound nose, the people are standing in the wind and snow had not felt that too many coldness, I am raising the magical instrument butterfly, said: „Preparation finished that but everybody is careful, branches out 20 to ride the war is protects long-distance and treatment in the surroundings, the assassin explores the way forward, here is the Hybrid Demon territory, everybody cannot be negligent, be not extinguished rolls."

The people with deep veneration, did not chat, hits the full spirit to explore to the wind and snow.

Rides the view of searching according to the warhawk, Dragon Xingdai 1000 palace guards is riding archer battue one flock of wild boars, this fell into this wild boar deep pool, thinks that this wild boar deep pool also has the origin with Hybrid Demon, otherwise they will catch how up to sphere the abyss quickly, if as expected, the wild boar in this wild boar deep pool should be „food that" Hybrid Demon raises, looks like human raising livestock is the same, such Hybrid Demon army in the long cold winter the want grain is insufficient to starve to death.

Lin Wan Er, Wolf, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang and the others disperses, in the front explored the way, the strengths of these people were unusual in [Zhan Long], even if will be meets Hybrid Demon not to be executed at the scene, at least the ability of escape had, but I do not dare to look down on the strength of this Hybrid Demon army, after all even connected Longxing were surrounded, fully obviously this crowd of Hybrid Demon tyrannical place.

„Was careful!"

In the forming a team channel broadcasts the Yue Qing Qian sound: „Probably long-distance!"

„?" The Lin Wan Er sound also appeared, and brings tender breathing heavily sound that is running fiercely, the next quarter, a beautiful form slides from the jungle, simultaneously is sideways to tumble in the shrubbery, at the same time, throws the bayonet to fall on Lin Wan Er one second ago site, dense and numerous, simultaneously the dense and numerous blood red dot appeared on the map, at least over a thousand demon spirit hunters were greeting us.


My direct thousand frost wings flushed Going out, the magical instrument butterfly have kept in a flash off in front of Lin Wan Er, withstood the fires of over 20 javelins for her, was good is high because of my physical defense enough, each javelin 3000 + blood, altogether fell 7 thousand + blood, but my total HP was 24 thousand, 1 level of Hybrid Demon wants to kill me is impossible.

„Rides to fight the department, on, cannot consume together, washes out these demon spirit hunters directly!"

I order while has pasted flushed Going out, simultaneously fills next health potion, the body sinks [Blade Rush] MISS to fall a row of dense and numerous javelin, the next quarter body spatial spin bangs into the jungle, draws out Zhen Yue Blade to cut on the anger in the crowd of demon spirit hunter, the dance of ghosts and gods opens, [Tempest Sword] sweeps across, comes time [Seven Star Fragment Slash], the butterfly to let go to vacate the spin again in the monster group, immediately the front over a hundred demon spirit hunters have had tears streaming down the face, runs into my such player, that their this 1 level Hybrid Demon only then suffer to butcher, I have not even needed to add the blood, on depending on the [Drain] effect on. Can seven in the monster group enter seven to send lossless.

Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others has also killed, the most remarkable change was these fellows is on the warhorse to throw the weapon, immediately long blade, sharp sword and Axe in airborne speedily revolving broke into the monster group, demon spirit hunters miserable howling unceasingly, was facing [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider, killed and cannot massacre, hits and does not hit, did not have the means.

When Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, Lian Po, Xing Lie and other long-distance are the time that the player goes against, at present 1000 demon spirit hunters also on only remaining rout roads.

Near ten minutes killed, have killed all demon spirit hunters, these demon spirit hunters promoted along with the renewal of system edition, is 170 levels, the empirical value of bringing were not few, content also two that in the meantime, the previous edition renewed ; first, to revise the archer penetrated injures to riding the war is the Heavy Armor attack formula, to a certain extent promoted the archer to riding to fight the lethality of department, its two have cancelled „attack rebound" skill, compensates 1 thousand gold coin to the player who each position was cancelled the skill, the reason was this skill extremely in the great strength, and author routine forgot this. The skill the spat trough became angry out of shame!


Proceeded again, has spent for 20 minutes across this piece of jungle, when we stepped into the wilderness region, the front presented the leader's in the soil arch unexpectedly in the thorn porcupine that was well-grounded, before this porcupine me, for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, when junkman also had to hunt and kill, was only the build is not big, the thorn porcupine in Hybrid Demon forest land like was an armored vehicle, it is estimated that each at least three tons above, no wonder the dragon whetstone will project on this porcupine the idea, grasped goes back one on sufficing 2000 palace guard day of meat meals, grasped several army many one. Day meals consumption can solve.

But Dragon Xing family background is flame Dragon Jun's Yorozuo is long, has not had too many social dealings with Hybrid Demon, even has not entered the Hybrid Demon territory, therefore too underestimated the bad risk degree in Hybrid Demon territory, the Hybrid Demon army was not here most flagitious species, massive such as big dragon and crazy python and so on more fearful wild animal, but the present thorn porcupine is only the bait of Hybrid Demon raising.

„The pigs of 170 levels of antique levels, pulled......" Lin Wan Er to say.

Li Mu said: „What to do, to kill?"

I nod: „Kills, if the porcupine runs away, we do not pursue, nearby killed on the line."



Hundred people roll threaten the border rapidly, my direct hand caught to [Defeat the Dragon] a head 169 levels of porcupine at present, the long sword inspired [Strength of a Thousand Men] to hit Going out, this porcupine turned into the remnant blood immediately, Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian has made up two blades separately, the thorn porcupine whistling the pitiful yell is hanging, the huge body tumbled in the wilderness, „bang" just liked the earthquake.

„The corpse of porcupine do not move." I said: „This type of corpse is not useful regarding us, but can actually work as the food of palace guard, do not waste."

Wang Jian said with a smile: „The Xiao Yao elder brother currently really very much had the wind of senior general, considered that the issue was more comprehensive than us."

I smile, said: „Actually I have observed, in this game to the establishment of NPC army is scientific, the meals, changes in temperature and morale soldier will affect the battle efficiency, gives an example, I have observed the attribute of palace guard ordinary soldier, attack power is related with the meals, changes in temperature, morale and anger, if they get angry, that avoidance strength and spirit strength will reduce much."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Mage needs to judge and contemplate calmly, under the anger will affect Magic attack power."

„Right, is what is all about."

I think that said: „Makes the palace guard be able to eat to the full and rest well, the probability of falling ill greatly will also reduce, otherwise often fell ill 2-3 tenths, attribute complete sharp decline, only then about 40%, this weaponry did not need to hit."

Li Mu laughs: „Therefore a bit faster rescues that dragon whetstone, otherwise treated too for a long time in the pigsty must infect the plague."



One group of people advance rapidly, turned into the empirical value and equipment a porcupine of leader , etc., proceeded again is a blood red piece of map, the wild boar deep pool soon arrived, what however made me not think was the Hybrid Demon army has not ambushed us from the start, but was the array waits for us around the wild boar deep pool, firmly such as intelligence office word, about 1 thousand high and low appearance, 1 level level of Hybrid Demon had, but could not have seen the command temporarily.

Hundred people roll approach slowly, I raise the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade to walk in the front line.

Has not approached, in the crowd of Hybrid Demon army has multitude of people long to throw the long spear suddenly, „puff" a thorn falls in my front land, shouts with the exceptionally sharp sound: „Li Xiao Yao of palace guard, you now are the abandonment military commander in day of plume empire, even if you have Wu Shenban the strength not to help matters, I looked would rather join our Hybrid Demon territory, we can release your 1000 people, together was popular in the Hybrid Demon territory with us drank spicily!"

I smile: „Hybrid Demon this type of stupid thing also understood to induce somebody to capitulate unexpectedly, was really strange, was not familiar with!"

That multitude of people long climate results in whole body to tremble, exclaimed lowly: „Proposes a toast does not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit, small, gives on me, tears into shreds them, Yorozuo who the trivial 100 people dare to rescue the palace guard is long, simply is dream of a fool!"

Zhan Long Chapter 975

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