Zhan Long Chapter 976

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„Jie Jie......"

One crowd brandishes the little rascal appearance of sickle fiercely is roaring to us, the next quarter flushed, as before is 1000 people of one wave, 2 levels of Hybrid Demon sickle little rascal, made me stare staring, 1000 people of wave of 2 levels of Hybrid Demon said fortunately that that next wave, set out 7 levels of Hybrid Demon to the final association, our these hundred people rolled have not perhaps felt better.

„Meets head-on!"

My Jianfeng one cold, defends in we small square inch position, the sickle little rascal grinned fiendishly to kill, distant must bear an attack of our round [Blade Spin], in addition long-distance was bombing of player, the first group of several hundred sickle little rascal fell to the ground dead in battle rapidly, the attack outputs of our team truly were not the lids.

Quick, the sickle little rascal tidal spread surrounds us, the sickle chopped randomly, enabling rear Mage and archer dead in battle several people continuously, I felt to misjudge secretly, without enough time said anything, can only order saying: „Fully output!"

Cooldown, the [Blade Spin] chaotic dance, in the entire battlefield able to move unhindered the flying shuttle hell fire, long blade, Axe and other pointed weapons, the dense and numerous injury figures carelessly are jumping everywhere, but injures by my attack magnificently, a sword got down inevitably over 10 thousand, but 2 levels of Hybrid Demon sickle little rascal altogether also on 140 thousand HP, in I attacked under the frequency crowded almost Large expanse was dying in battle.

The short 12 minutes, killed off these 1000 sickle little rascal, count, our battle loss 7 people, have brought back to life after completely, prepares to greet the next wave of monster to attack.

„Iron bucket!"

I issue an order, people Qi Qi summoned the pet, in addition 40 rode the war is the players, about 100 units encircled, will treat and long-distance protects completely, otherwise perhaps could not resist the next wave of monster to attack.

One Second Hero is raising inferior magical instrument „long-handled spear", asked: „Guildmaster, when does skill Zhang Fei of my this long-handled spear roar releases quite well?"

I: „Be only 20 minutes continue Cooldown, wait for the last wave of monster, otherwise we definitely cannot resist."


I have a look at Dancing Forest, said: „The yellow loyal anger of small dance is also waiting for the last wave, uses with my [War Song of Zhen Yue] together, the last wave is we are most difficult to defend."

„Good." Dancing Forest said.

The Thousand League Spring probe head has a look at Darling Duck, said with a smile: „Swims, your skill can also use."

I asked: „What skill?"

„On ring the treatment skill of belt, the well of recovery, restores in the surrounding 30 yards HP of teammate and provides one to protect the shield effect , to continue for 20 seconds, the angry 100 points, cool for 10 minutes!"

I clap to smile: „This skill is quite good!"

Darling Duck said: „But my also two small skill want the reusable, one is to promote 40% treatment results, one is to promote teammate attack speed skill, such addition will kill will be quick, will otherwise not solve that many sickle little rascal a moment ago quickly, Guildmaster you had not felt own will attack fast continuously quick?"

„This has actually, originally is your skill, I said......"

„Hee hee, provides a Lanling huadiao bar to me, otherwise my fury points cannot follow the use, Healer did not attack does not withstand the injury, the fury points rise can only depend upon to withstand the injury and drinks."


I turned around to deliver 20 bottles of Lanling huadiao liquor to give Darling Duck, then in had a look to wrap also 100 + bottles, bestowed walked the riding war of Drunken Sword Style tactic school is the player, this can guarantee everybody biggest output, can make us be able to resist these Hybrid Demon army crazy attacks.

Quick, next wave of monster attacked, was 2 levels of Hybrid Demon uncivilized nationalities brave warrior, 12 minutes were solved!

Although the afterward several waves of monsters have brought many threats to us, but is not fatal, has projected on the 9 th wave of time, finally, our surroundings have piled up with the Hybrid Demon corpse, but the opposite only also 2000 people of Hybrid Demon armies, at least have made us not have that very depressing population inferiority.


In the monster group, raised the Hybrid Demon combat general of long halberd to walk slowly, the name blood red, was the command of this Hybrid Demon army, big name unusual dazzling

【Iron halberd god Zhou Hai】( Inferior god level BOSS)

Level: 172


Originally is inferior god level BOSS, I had confident, although we had 100 people, but these 100 people were the [Zhan Long] sharpest players, defeated 50% people, should almost be able to massacre this inferior god level BOSS?

At this time, Zhou Hai has raised the arm, sneered saying: „The broken cauldron of day plume empire male, will you also reduce to today's this situation? Probably when you kill Romanian Dingda leads with blood giant Kyle have not thought that today can be this fate? In those days in you deployed troops and map out strategic plans in an army tent, today you dare to pull rank only have 100 people to fight, today this wild boar deep pool was your burial ground, but you could rest assured that my Zhou Hai life was benevolent, I will deliver Dragon Xing to be buried along with the dead to you with that 1000 palace guards, reputation that also your Li Xiao Yao palace guard did not command in vain!"

I have not spoken, Zhou Hai has issued an order, the ninth wave of monster came, is the triangle beast, 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, [Vanguard] of this monster we have experienced, in does not turn over to the war of sea many players to be buried in the triangle of triangle beast kills under a skill, according to statistics , after that campaign, dies, in the triangle killed player under this skill at least to cross 1 million!

„Is the triangle beast!"

One Second Hero is raising the long-handled spear, grins to say with a smile: „How I thought that the both legs somewhat did shiver?"

Wang Jian is speechless: „Your hand took Zhang Fei's long-handled spear you to say unexpectedly own leg has shaken, can this be passable?"

One Second Hero Ha Ha smiles: „What to do that can also, want my horizontal blade immediately, does the roar draw back the Hybrid Demon 10,000 brave soldiers? I did not have this skill really......"

I said: „Paid attention, everybody HP is lower than 50% to drink health potion, prevents the triangle beast do not make them as far as possible approach our defense directly, otherwise the injury of piece killing was too ruthless! Comes individual, makes up my position, my Going out attracts!"

The people nod in abundance, Chen Yong jie moves several steps to make up my position, but I have raised the sword to clash Going out, welcomed one flock of dense and numerous triangle beasts is being a [Blade Spin] skill, thousand frost wing effects pasted the backlash soaring, bringing the triangle beast to gather round our iron bucket to run, simultaneously Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Xing Lie, Lian Po and other long-distance attracted few triangle beasts to massacre slightly.

But the good outlook did not last long, the triangle beast are getting more and more, my nowhere can fly gradually, must raise the sword to prey, the triangle beast exudes the low spurting sound absorption, four sides eight hits on my armor, is a series of triangles kill the skill effect, immediately I only thought the body soon was torn into shreds generally, HP falls suddenly, in an instant unexpectedly 200 000 + HP had half, the hurried [Cleansing Rain] technique, wielded a sword to chop in the monster group afterward again randomly, a person attracted 300 + triangle beasts to fight with all might in the surrounding, naturally, can approach my, only then several heads, otherwise perhaps already killed my second..

Around iron bucket, 99 [Zhan Long] elite players are preying with 600 + triangle beasts, had the player dead in battle unceasingly, the speed that but the triangle beast died in battle was extremely also fast, near 15 minutes, killed off all triangle beasts, but my murdering god armor was almost gnawed one piece by the triangle beast in confusion.


Picks to take the spoils of war in ground without enough time, Zhou Hai who Li Mu looks at the distant place, said: „This wave basically has BOSS, that Zhou Hai is somewhat difficult to deal with!"

„Has not related, hits well, has the stratagem which ensures success!" I have swept people, said: „BUFF skill of wide scope met the monster to come up to use, 1000 demon palace Knight attacked together, this wave from the beginning was strongest, we must resist, the person who died in battle brought back to life immediately, did not want the lying down corpse, we need to burst out the strongest strength!"


The next quarter, the hoofbeat resounds, the dense and numerous demon palaces rode really to clash, brandished the long sword in hand to kill, this time I did not dare negligently, the human bone spur ring and sword that wheel the demon palace rode cut is the destructive skill, could not bear!

Is good because, inferior god level BOSS Zhou Hai has not killed together, otherwise we affirm the group to extinguish, after all this is also only the SSS level master line regiment duty, if makes our group of people extinguish the group, perhaps that also little had the team to be willing to have this assignment again.


„Preparation, on skill!"

When I receive directly the demon palace rides the impact, immediately [War Song of Zhen Yue] starts, significantly promotes attack power of people, but the yellow loyal anger of roar and Dancing Forest Chen Yong jie the Zhang Fei also together releases, attack power of entire team almost soon the explosive table, Darling Duck also at the right moment released the well of recovery to protect everybody's completeness.

When demon palace Knight forms fan-shaped hits us to defend, I immediately treadon the earth, bursts out the [Ice Domain] skill directly, rides freezing a big demon palace, exclaimed loudly: „On, strongest output!"

Saying, a hand, Thunder Guang was fleeing in referring , the [Thundering Heavens] skill dropped from the clouds, the disorderly bang killed in crowd that in the demon palace rode, Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest and the others piece killed the skill also in abundance to fall, while being bewitched palace Knight the [Ice Domain] effect froze is a round heavy bombing, finally the [Thundering Heavens] lethality was too fierce, at least 200 demon palaces rode such are massacred!

The [Ice Domain] effect crosses, is several hundred dense and numerous demon palaces rides to rush ahead as before, the human bone spur ring starts, the sword wheels cut to fall in the crowd, massacres the [Zhan Long] several people rapidly, this result I have expected, the Darling Duck and the others hurried locking corpse brings back to life, but Lin Wan Er rapidly started step accomplished Daoist priest winter cloth skill to come a day sound to praise, the sound wave dispersed loudly, the surrounding demon palace rode entered rapidly by the condition of dizziness.

Everybody makes use is fiercely kills, this our explosive force was too strong, is less than 5 minutes, 1000 demon palace Knight were killed only remaining is less than 200 people, at this moment, the front heard one to roar suddenly, the iron halberd god came Zhou Hai finally, on the long halberd had the shape of mountain to pound on the bang on Li Meng Yao shield!


The flame spatters in all directions, blew out 11 thousand HP directly, is good because of Meng Yao blood enough 15 thousand, had not been killed, was actually shaken again and again retrocedes, Zhou Hai this skill attack was too ruthless!

Another rides the war is the player seam protector, actually cannot be able to resist, Zhou Hai one time sweeps away, adds on a thorn to strike again, the direct second kills, simultaneously around the long halberd is wrapping the roaring flame, roars to sweep away Going out lowly, „crash-bang" a flame spread, burnt our remnant blood player to be over 20 people directly, was too ruthless!

Zhan Long Chapter 976

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