Zhan Long Chapter 977

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„Swims me, I come T!"

in addition holds good [Wall of Dou Qi], my rapid flight goes, the body sinks by the shoulder Armor numerous hits suddenly above Zhou Hai's warhorse, immediately „bang" a fierce sound, Zhou Hai has drawn back several steps with horse, does not wait for him to turn around my nearby body sword to divide to chop on his arm, the under foot white air/Qi glow erupts, the side jumps „the Holy Ghost third-order" the phrase, combo [Strength of a Thousand Men] erupts loudly, the straight thrust + sweeps away + chops to cut three to strike to shake, the vigorous strength emerges the body suddenly together, a near body hit, [Wind Blade] brought the strong gale to tear into shreds Zhou Hai the defense instantaneously, blew out 210 000 + high quota injury.

The navigation bar of hatred value beats fiercely, I retrocede one step, lifts the hand is [Great Realm of Desolation], the butterfly changes into three handles, penetrated Zhou Hai the body instantaneously, is thousand injury digit, finally exceeded 70% to attract this BOSS hatred value, but the result of bringing was Zhou Hai pouncing upon suddenly!

„Brat, courts death!"

Above the long halberd lingered the fire dragon roaring flame, Zhou Hai is roaring to puncture thoroughly my defense the long halberd, pierced the chest directly, carried over the big injury digit


Zhou Hai roared is laying out a palm, in the palm the roaring flame surged, immediately I bore the brunt was attacked by the roaring flame, was a big injury digit flies


Strength of flame impact is too strong, I draw back continually dozens steps, launchings the deep ditch mark in the ground, simultaneously suspends [Cleansing Rain] technique [Heal] technique in addition to hold, fills next health potion, but Darling Duck, Thousand League Spring and other Healer of the treatments also rapidly follow up, the blood strip brushes upward jumps, gains ground, Zhou Haiti the long halberd was progressing to arrive my at present, lifts the long halberd is flame sweeps away!

I make the defense stance in the front town Yue Daoheng hurriedly, „bang" continually drew back several steps, the hatred value navigation bar beats once more fiercely, wants OT, reacted instantaneously, the butterfly flew, „puff puff" continual penetrated Zhou Hai the body, but I edited the [Blade Spin] path, while both hands held the town Yue Dao hilt, started [Combo] outrageously, several dazzling golden six glow stars fled on the knife, town Yue Daodai just echo, „" chopped one to pass chaotically, will hate the value to pull back all..

Lifts the hand to hold five-star magical instrument butterfly, the formation that the sword combines and complements one another instantaneously once again the defense stance, the standard has kept off Zhou Hai the long halberd one round to wield hits, does not avoid, the butterfly sends out instantaneously, matches He Town Yue Dao is one round kills, like this mutually is spelling with BOSS, will stands firm the battlefield situation, but Zhou Hai the attack was too high, and is the piece kills the skill is the focus, the flame impact and halberd flame sweeps away and other skills not only causes the damage to me, can cause the damage to my behind player, therefore to kill this BOSS we have gone all out, rode to fight much. Was the player dies resurrected, even some already resurrecting two, in one hour can only resurrect again one time.

After several minutes, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Dong Cheng Yue and the others cleaned up the remaining some demon palaces to ride, starts to turn back in order to help friendly forces, finally we meet head-on this inferior god level BOSS by 100 people of stances, although Zhou Hai is very strong, so long as the second cannot massacre me, basically we have won, but Zhou Hai the hatred value beat is too fierce, frequently OT is separated from my immobilization, is raising the round rush of long halberd in the crowd, making our long-distance be is miserable beyond description, even Dancing Forest and Xing Lie separately were massacred one time.

Skill gloss that a wild boar deep pool edge trim soars to the heavens, the weather was late, only remaining our fighting with all might sounds, but Zhou Hai HP are getting fewer and fewer, he also tries several times to my to kill certainly, what a pity Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring two female inserts a second of treatment to be proper, and also unceasing release skill promotes our stable superiority, therefore Zhou Hai tries several times after my this host T and host output killed certainly was unsuccessful gave up, can only look own HP little was worn down to fall actually not the means by us.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and the others also wait for an opportunity to attack, the unceasing long-distance + close combat consumes Zhou Hai HP, Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero does not draw back, they cannot withstand the BOSS piece to kill the attack, in any case the person who mainly withstands the injury is I, they will be insufficient to be killed by the second, especially One Second Hero, will be carrying with the hand the long-handled spear, the striking power will not be generally high, the spear blade edge has lingered around the BOSS nape of the neck, Zhou Hai probably already thinks actually the second fell this black face fatty, what a pity cannot prevail.

„Be careful, BOSS HP close 10%!" After Lin Wan Er [Twin Blade Harmony] attacks, retrocedes continuously, raises the iron umbrella to say with a smile: „Last skill must open!"

Really, the voice has not fallen, Zhou Hai has roared, the sky together crazy thunder is immediately intermittent, suddenly cloud layer dispersing, presented handle scarlet Fang Tian to draw the shape of halberd, „whiz" fell to the ground, seeps Zhou Hai the body, simultaneously the airborne huge person's shadow also rapidly fell to seep Zhou Hai the body, transforming was an invincible might cold combat general shape appears behind Zhou Hai's body!

„Lu Bu" Li Mu cannot bear say.

In the Wang Jian also vision full is surprise: „Zhou Hai is last skill match for ten thousand, Lu Bu took possession?"

I am raising the long blade: „Was probably similar, everybody, this wave of I possibly somewhat want T not to live carefully, this Zhou Hai powerful degree is not worse than these Hybrid Demon kings!"

Dancing Forest is raising Huang Zhonggong, said: „Right, these BOSS are actually the substitution of king BOSS, perhaps the next edition renewed Luo Ding, Kyle, Luo Lin who time these will substitute for died and so on became one of the new 16 kings."

„That strangles it in the swaddling clothes!" Old K fights intent soaring saying with a smile.

I nod: „On!"

Saying, me was bringing Ancient Heavenly Tiger to boldly thrust forward under the effects of thousand frost wings on, small tiger whooshed, the speed was faster than me, the sharp claws fell on Zhou Hai's body rapidly, was very painful, but Zhou Hai backhanded is a vice minister halberd thorn strikes, immediately the small tiger fell near thousand HP, was almost killed by the second!

„Pet cannot follow completely!" Li Mu is raising the long blade: „Also must depend on the human!"

Many people from the start when hit inferior god level BOSS not to put the pet, even if were the Demon Harvest step BOSS level pet is also same, killed the player to be good, kills inferior god level BOSS by the goods of second!

I beckon with the hand the small tiger income pet space, did not make it fight again, simultaneously the butterfly brought the [Strength of a Thousand Men] attack bang to kill in Zhou Hai's front, town Yue Dao brandishes, sweeps away to divide to cut!


Zhou Hailian draws back, but on the face Ao meaning is imposing, in the hand the long halberd sweeps away suddenly, immediately carries over together the scarlet shock-wave, in the mouth is the anger exclaims: „You and other ganefs also fast suffer to death thousand armed forces to break!"

When thousand armed forces broken blade Munby and murder on the god armor, I only thought that the rib of chest as if shut off generally, HP brushes to fall, what awfully is stronger with the injury that Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Star Blade these four people my impact receive together forward, prestige of direct second BOSS one blade has killed our two Yuan senior general unexpectedly






I was made thousand injury, Li Mu thousand, but his HP total quantity has been thousand therefore not to be killed by the second, Wang Jian was unlucky, thousand injury falls to the ground directly, Old K opened the startled day counter skill to escape, as for Star Blade, he was in our five people the defensive power is lowest, was made the 200 000 high quota injury directly, the instantaneous second killed!

Everybody has been shocked, Li Mu hurried backlash, after Old K also [Whirlwind Slash], goes on the escape, Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero clash actually unable to catch up, can only look that the BOSS long halberd „" selects two scarlet on my breastplate twice, the power to injure is full, but at the same time, my butterfly and town Yue Dao also chop to cut on the body of BOSS, returns the blood by the blood, perhaps will attract a blood not dead!

Really, just like I expect, Zhou Hai this injured twice has made at least the 200 000 high and low digit, the second killed me sufficiently, but the Shuanglong effect was triggered, iced fire Shuanglong to linger in my body week protects, toughness of Shuanglong also only then my HP about 25%, wiped out instantaneously, was good attacks [Drain] to attract at least thousand blood because of me, will had not fallen by the second!

The hurried arm shakes, in addition held the good [Wall of Dou Qi] effect once more, Li Meng Yao also finally flushed, tender sound track: „Do not bully my brother!"

The temple sings the skill to start instantaneously, the Saint word attack attraction massive hatreds, subsequently the long spear one horizontally is a hit, the ruling skill compels to draw back Zhou Hai, causes its dizziness 3 seconds, I while this precious Cooldown in one group of Healer treatment the blood, will be good because of our Healer of this bring next time am the [Zhan Long] Guild outstanding person, at present a stage level medium Healer treatment also on thousand +, radically insufficiently our this 200 000 HP blood good player uses, but Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring were known as that the second has treated thousand treatment celebrity, the resilience proper.!

Zhou Hai behind, god Lu Bu's starlike image even more fierce, brandishes the long halberd to slaughter, suddenly the second has killed Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero two senior generals, this enabled person some to endure, Lin Wan Er was almost killed by the second, this god level BOSS to was unable simply rampantly a more rampant situation!

Continues to raise the long sword to meet head-on, this everybody's treatment is quite centralized, locks me completely, but my [Wall of Dou Qi] also just opening was the full toughness, in addition Darling Duck the well of recovery in the under foot, unexpectedly can go against Zhou Hai the attack to stand erect not but actually, like this has continued the entire 3 minutes, finally after was miserably howling, Zhou Hai dropped under the horse dead in battle!


I rose 172 levels, killed the BOSS empirical value directly is very rich.

Wang Jian, Star Blade, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero and the others resurrect in abundance, on faces resentful expression, after is [Zhan Long] becomes famous for a long time celebrity, unexpectedly here was massacred by the BOSS crush, if this passes on some not to be unattractive, but in this time inferior god level BOSS, as if also not quite lost face well.

„Opened equipment!" Li Mu said.

I nod, walk to go forward, looks equipment that Zhou Hai blows out, as if there is appearance of magical instrument.

Zhan Long Chapter 977

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