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Altogether three equipment, a handle blood red long sword, a scarlet red armor wrister, flood the shield of black aura . Moreover the skill book, I have not looked, directly the attribute share of long sword, wrister and shield in the forming a team channel, making everybody has a look at these equipment attributes

【Fire burns sword】( Magical instrument *): Attacks 7700-10050, attack power promotes 145% , to promote 2.4 thousand HP, needs the Level 168 levels

【God wrister】( Inferior magical instrument): Defends 3210 , + 70% physical defense, the anger promotes 100 points, the special effect god , to promote 50% attacks and attacks fast, the dance of skill ghosts and gods, needs the Level 168 levels

【The shield of battle song】( Demon Harvest): Defends 3750 , + 92% physical defense, + 45% standards keep off, the special effect is indestructible, the enormous probability weakens the injury of receiving, needs the Level 168 levels


Starts the ROLL point, three equipment I have not wanted, after all my butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade burn the sword on compared with the fire well many, but the equipment words, I need the assembling overlord coverall, has no longer needed these equipment, that god in fact will fight the knee with my god the wrister is actually equipment of series, the strong JP inferior magical instrument, the angry upper limit has promoted 100 points, and also has dancing of skill ghosts and gods, simply is love equipment of Drunken Sword Style player!

Quick, a ROLL result came out, the brothers of general family have become the biggest winner, the fire burnt the sword to be walked to ROLL by Li Mu, the attack power large scale promotion, wanted certainly easily-to-use to be too more than Zhenhai blade, the god was walked by Wang Jian ROLL the wrister, this also established Wang Jian in the [Zhan Long] top Swordsman status, the shield of battle song to ROLL is walked by Knight that [Zhan Long] was listed 4 th, was good, physical defense was remarkable.

After handling all these, I collect the ground that this green skill book, puts out a hand to stroke, the attribute of skill book appears in airborne, immediately the people astonished lived, this technique can be aggressive

【Match for ten thousand】( Inferior god level skill): The summon antiquity god took possession Lu Bu's war soul, the ability obtained the large scale promotion, and was lower than own player to create over 50% extra lethality facing the strength value, the great disparity in strength was bigger, killing promoted to be stronger, under the match for ten thousand shape, all skill lethality promoted 30%, the skill continued for 30 seconds, cooled the Cooldown 60 seconds, consumed 50% magic values with 100 Rage points, the study skill needs the player 165 levels, and consumed 50 Charm, needed Class: Swordsman and Berserker.


Is holding the skill book, I looked at the people, said with a smile: „Only then two strong close combats are Class can study, this is the inferior god level skill, 60 seconds cool, 30 seconds continue, so long as actually maintain the conditions of drinking, at least can maintain 50% Cooldown are the match for ten thousand conditions, this skill said that is the god level skill is not excessive!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others feeling pleased waiting ROLL has selected, but I withdrew from ROLL ranks, this skill needs massive fury points, once I use the match for ten thousand, that means that the dance of ghosts and gods, trod broken heavenly thunder, [Defeat the Dragon] and other skill unable to use continually, moreover promoted the attack power words, my [Turmoil Sword] and thousand frost wing two big skills were sufficient, does not need to use this match for ten thousand again, what was more important, in gave way meets the peak player becomes stronger, such [Zhan Long] can be stronger!

Finally, some Li Mu today's RP full houses, obtained this god level skill book once more!


The skill book vanishes in the hand of Li Mu, next quarter he started to start one time, immediately the world changed color, the blood red long halberd dropped from the clouds to pound together on his forehead, Lu Bu fought the soul born to take possession, but the fire in his hand burnt the sword also to transform Fang Tian to draw the shape of halberd, the whole person looked like powerful, quite famously wind.

„Also very graceful......" Dancing Forest said with a smile.

Li Mu was excited: „Thanks, thanks the small dance!"

Dancing Forest curls the lip: „I said that the skill is very graceful, has not said you."

„As before thank you!"

Lin Wan Er said with a smile in side: „Now was good, Country Weapon Representative Huang in Zhonggong small dance the bow and arrow leader, the One Second Hero long-handled spear was representing the attack leader, Li Mu was obtaining the match for ten thousand skill, quickly turned into Lu Bu incarnation, my family pig was collecting the overlord coverall, once collection uneven that attack and defense ability were to be equal to Xiang Yu rebirth, [Zhan Long] truly is abundance of capable people now!"

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile slightly: „Um, we have surpassed Tian Ling Empire other Guild in the quantity of top player by far, even if [Legend] is unable to compare with us, especially in the situation that Little Demon leaves!"

Saying, Yue Qing Qian somewhat yearned that said: „If the Matcha elder sister is willing to come back, returns to [Zhan Long] by the Little Demon status, our peak level player on real unmatched in the world!"

Wolf somewhat sigh with emotion said: „Probably will not achieve wishes, at least in the short-term, Matcha elder sister's matter to the Dragon's den will not rebuke oneself, this keeps her from facing us guilty, can only wait for her to forgive itself to come back."

I nod: „That slowly waits!"

Saying, the strengthened stone division of also BOSS exploding has sent, afterward a sword will chop next week the head of sea, his head in my waist, do not raise the butterfly to move toward the edge in wild boar deep pool, will lower the head looks, actually in discovery this abyss full will be the roaring flame, but on the circuit of abyss, Dragon Xingdai 1000 palace guards will be riding the archer to be stranded there, hazy, some will not look clearly, must to loud shouting: „Dragon whetstone, are you good?"

Dragon Xing the pleasantly surprised voice conveys: „Commands the Sir, commanded Sir to rescue us!"

The soldiers cheer in abundance, but I said with a smile: „You wait slightly, I save you immediately!"

Saying, I look to Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er, said: „Nearby looks for some cane ropes, forms string throwing down to make them come up, otherwise these NPC had no way, I got down to have a look first!"


Lin Wan Er and the others has acted accordingly, this is everybody's duty, rescues no one Beng Xiang to obtain any reward these palace guards.



Under thousand frost wing effects I fly into the abyss, in the dense fog cannot open the eye, falls slowly, quick can see Dragon Xing and the others, they are coughing fiercely, in this wild boar deep pool does not have what wild boar, is similar to an active volcano, has a rock layer of big piece of break in the center, does not need to think that definitely is the masterpiece of Hybrid Demon army, laid down the riddlings to create the flat land the wild boar deep pool edge the false appearance, otherwise dragon whetstone and the others not that easily was downcast here, was good because of not what casualties, nobody fell into the rock magma to be burnt.

When I fall to the ground, Dragon Xing leads the people to kneel immediately, said in a low voice: „General, I and other heinous crimes, the Hybrid Demon trap had been downcast here, making the general take the trouble!"

I laugh in spite of trying not, help up dragon whetstone, said: „This has anything, we were not quite familiar with the Hybrid Demon territory, step by step comes, later comes out to hunt again must take many enough warhawks to ride to search, first is familiar with the terrain to move again, perhaps otherwise wanted the sly Hybrid Demon trap."

Dragon Xing looks to the number of people of my waist, cannot bear somewhat excited saying: „General, have you cut to kill Zhou Hai this?"


„General supernatural might!"


Soon, green cane ropes let fall from the place above, one group of palace guards treasure their warhorse, does not endure to discard, uses the cane rope to tie up the warhorse first, making the above player drag the first warhorse, oneself come up afterward again, but my leisure safe, looks at around this wild boar deep pool all, here never has the player to arrive, this obviousness, because cannot see the artificial sign, in the strong dense fog as if has anything in attracting me actually.

Suddenly in the heart moves, the overlord boots and overlord wrister beat, as if received the summon of any strength, one echo and echoing that also heart to heart implicates likely, made me confirm immediately, in this abyss was hiding the part of overlord coverall unexpectedly, certainly was, will otherwise not have such response!

Told that dragon whetstone and the others evacuates first, I fly to directly soar the abyss the bottom direction, downward the smog is rich, almost makes the person soon completely unable to open the eye, but finally at this time, I had discovered fountainhead that the overlord equipment suite induces, above approaching rock magma level less than 20 centimeters place impressively giant iron box case, the surroundings flood immortal, is not needing to think, equipment in this box case.

Flew near, put out a hand to entrain the rusty iron lock in iron box case, exhausted does not pull fully unexpectedly, therefore stood up, raised Zhen Yue Blade is suddenly a blade, „clang" Spark spattered in all directions, unexpectedly Country Weapon is unable to cut off, the solid degree of this iron lock has gone far beyond my expectation.

Speechless, receives Zhen Yue Blade, offers a sacrifice to my five-star magical instrument butterfly, is being fully one time chops to cut to the iron lock!


After clear sound, the iron lock was divided, but I hopefully opened the iron box case, god bright dark golden color in the iron box case fights the helmet on peaceful lying down there, collects to look, above annotation, this equipment can only collect by player Xiao Yao Zi Zai, will otherwise vanish to move to next Shua newly, looks like the system is very reasonable, I attain the person of first overlord coverall part, then this whole set equipment can only be me.

Has swept an attribute of overlord helmet, has been wild with joy at heart, is one has duplication attribute overlord coverall part equipment

【Overlord helmet】( Inferior magical instrument)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 5200

Strength: + 525

Stamina: + 520

Agility: + 515

Magic: + 510

Additional: Promotes user 155% magic defense and 65% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 22000 Max HP

Additional: Promotes user 80% attack power and 3000 foundation attack power

Special effect: Non- rank limit

Special effect: The overlords, supernaturally brave of feather, eternity two, the strength of overlord do not promote the user 3000 strengths

Special effect: Duplication

Coverall part: Overlord coverall hard helmet

Introduced: Before the Flood, the King who made the earth tremble sweeps away the mainland, its brave was the unparalleled in the world, making the posterity pursue admires, thousands of years later, the god artisans of later generation collected the spirit strength of this antiquity king, its spirit soul casting in one set of rare most precious object, this was the overlord armor coverall, the person of legend collection uneven overlord coverall can obtain the verbal command world the strength, obtained overlord coverall one, had the probability when killing the high level monster triggers blows out other parts, this wrapped equipment to be only

Needs Level: 200

Needs the charm: 1000


Zhan Long Chapter 978

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