Zhan Long Chapter 979

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Immediately starts to duplicate, my original hard helmet is ranks Demon Harvest first Hero's Helmet, [Hero's Heart] not by the deceleration class, the dizziness class and other negative special effect effects, this is the Hero's Helmet strongest attribute, then on duplication this [Hero's Heart] special effect!

„Shua" the red light passed over gently and swiftly together, duplicates successfully, but Hero's Helmet after losing the [Hero's Heart] special effect rapidly has also placed Shua to be new, turned instantaneously has placed 2000 + th Demon Harvest, NND, but also was really the feeling of fickleness of life!

Afterward, feeling pleased will have the [Hero's Heart] overlord helmet to equipment on, the attribute of whole person leapt instantaneously once more a new level

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Protects country Dragon Rider)

Level: 172

Attack: 39805-53360

Defense: 26828

Life: 255935

Magic: 35910

Charm: 1728

CBN Battle Ranking: 6

Title: Broken cauldron male


The attack power attribute the explosive table, actually this foundation attribute has seemed like not soon formidable, my one set of equipment various skill and special effect are the most fearful places . Moreover the attack power addition were also many, equipment held over 900% attack power on at least in addition, especially after obtaining the overlord coverall, has gone simply somewhat against heaven's will, 5 thousand foundation attack power, in fact actually at least are 50 thousand true attack power, this is also an ordinary player blade gets down several thousands, but my sword gets down at least 10 thousand reasons.

The diving posture rushes to the abyss, passing over gently and swiftly smog, inhaled fresh air suddenly, the whole person thought neatly.


Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao came out, congratulations, obtained the part of overlord coverall!"

I stare, change mind think, I obtain the overlord helmet time, in the team channel has System Notification, no wonder Yue Qing Qian knows that but Lin Wan Er sweetly said: „Has a look quickly, after three overlord coveralls, hasn't demonstrated the coverall overall effect?"

„, Forgetting......"

I examine equipment hurriedly, after three that finally the present, the collection uneven overlord wraps can see the coverall effect

【Overlord coverall】

2: attack power + 140%

3: physical defense + 200%, magic defense + 150%

4: Special effect „the war of Kulu", promoting user 200% attack power to select the HP upper limit with 10 thousand

5: Special effect „crossing the rubicon", loses HP more, the promotion hides attack power to be higher, when HP is lower than 10% attacks the promotion to 500%

6: The overlord rebirth, summoned Xiang Yu Ba Hun, various hideaway attribute large scale promotion, and when was killed may the rebirth, Level reduce 1 immediately, the entire attribute promoted 30%, but died to increase progressively infinitely, the attribute addition will vanish after offline


Looks at the attribute of overlord coverall, everybody was silent, crossed for a long time, the Li Mu racket my shoulder, said: „After you collected overlord coverall, we put together you to fall several levels, we went to the northern territory butchered in one vigorous effort Seurre, Sif, Dahlen and Redding together, many were [Zhan Long] with several Country Weapon and magical instruments, you thought that this suggestion was what kind of?"

I hesitate, said: „I fall several levels truly to promote over 300% entire attributes, but I thought that by Sif, Dahlen and Seurre's wisdom, they might shunt me very much, will not fight with me, I will sooner or later meet offline, this rank Bai did Diao, you think?"

Li Mu said assuredly: „But still permissible tries......"

„Tries your younger sister, must die you dead!"

„I just recognized small dance to become the younger sister, do you want to try her?"

I: „......"

Dancing Forest actually elegant face including spring standing there, has not said anything.


Therefore, the [Zhan Long] hundred people rolled this time go on an expedition the Hybrid Demon territory are won total victories, Li Mu obtained the fire to burn the sword and match for ten thousand, Wang Jian obtained the god the wrister, but I obtained the part of third overlord coverall, and opened the coverall effect, always thought that this was most important, perhaps was similar to Li Mu says , after I collected overlord equipment of 6 wraps, almost can walk sideways in the destiny mainland.

Has thought country war, do in I rely on this overlord rebirth the special effect to fight in the country ten thousand by an enemy? Imagines, perhaps has the possibility, Level that just loses will be slightly more, recently refueled to practice the level to wait for the future to fall the level to be good, so long as collected the overlord coverall, I looked like a nuclear bomb, which place main city their whole nations lost is shocking enough!

All handle, withdraw troops toward!

The corpse of thorn porcupine we massacre did not have Shua to fall newly, was just ordered the soldier haulage to go back by the dragon whetstone, so-called haulage not with any blue flying in circles excavator, but is dozens cavalry soldiers ties up the four limbs of porcupine with the rope, using the strength of warhorse stiffly drags away these meat, little has not met all the way the twists and turns, after is about one hour, returned to under cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, at the scene slaughters the soldier who under the mountain dozens porcupines prepares to reward with food and drink the palace guard, but our players directly soar cold uncultivated land Dragon's den but, prepared to receive the duty.


Full is urban hall that covers incorruptible, the Frost desk in inside, when I knock on a door enters, she has looked up to me, said with a smile: „Rescued Dragon Xing the duty to complete?"

I nod joyfully, will take next week the head of sea from the waist, said: „This is iron halberd god Zhou Hai's head, had been massacred by us, we are receive the reward......"

Frost covers the mouth to smile: „Good, since is so direct, I provided to reward......"


System System Notification: Congratulated you to complete the SSS level master line regiment task 【Rescues Dragon Xing】, Obtains the following reward: This level empirical value + 170%, gold coin several + 20000, Charm + 30!


Scratches, I have not attained extra equipment or the reward of skill book unexpectedly, but the empirical value is actually rich, in addition I experienced, rose 174 levels directly, but behind was flake gold light flows swiftly to fall, rose 2-3 levels with 99 [Zhan Long] player each people who we made the duty together, but this duty altogether lasted not for over 7 hours, this empirical value came too easily!

Is entangling the Frost request again to me a force duty time, she said recently cold uncultivated land Dragon's den did not have what important matter, does not have what regiment duty to need to give us.

Without the means that goes to the palace guard to train, can attain some empirical values.

My SSS level duty has not attained equipment, but in our these 100 people actually at least 7 adults have the reward, Lin Wan Er is the luck very good attains Demon Harvest, can sell a lot of money, Wang Jian attains the Demon Harvest shinguard that can use, gazed after everybody to return to the city to do business and practice the level to go happily, but I desolate re-entry palace guard position.

The flying snow is faded and fallen, south of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den autumn, but north is the severe winter.

In the goose feathers heavy snow, the soldier dream of palace guard is lighting a fire to prepare food, a leader sturdy porcupine was being slaughtered, this porcupine whole body is the treasure, the pigskin can fry in oil eating, because the porcupine is species of survival in wild region, looks for food anything needs Stamina, even this porcupine will also eat meat, swallows the hare, hyena to be not infrequent, therefore the whole body almost does not have what fat, is the lean meat, looks that the soldiers cut the next loaves to put into the pot on the porcupine with the sword, I also look unexpectedly swallow the saliva, this type is similar to the life of camp cooking also is really yearned..

„Commands the Sir!"

Multitude of people long after me good very standard empire military salute, said with a smile: „Sir, can eat with us together? The Dragon's den ghost weather is really inappropriate, eats the heat hot wild pork, comes pot old wine to warm-up again?"

I shake the head smile: „Doesn't need, Han Yuan, Xiao severe to come back?"

„Should be quick!"



Again shortly afterward, one row of troops climb up from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, is Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others, two people both are wind and frost of face, Han Yuangeng is a face with deep veneration, walks to go forward to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „General!"

„The burial of soldier?" I asked.

The Han deep pool nods: „Majority has been buried, but also some laid on top of one another to burn down completely in the same place, but......"

„What kind of?"

Han deep pool eye one red, almost cries, said: „We went lately, truly that bastard ordered to bury flame Dragon Jun, the Rong Di Jun and other soldier of the skeletons, all brothers of our palace guard exposed the corpse wilderness, many brothers' corpses must change beyond all recognition by the greedy person and wild dog worry......"

Saying, Han Yuan knees down suddenly, tears crossflow: „General, our palace guards fought a bloody battle for empire, how many brothers died, finally what why we obtained was this result, was this world so why unfair?"

I was silent, cross long time was holding his shoulder, said: „You are because followed me by this treatment, otherwise you should win a promotion to be promoted are right, is my Li Xiao Yao is unfair to you!"

The Han deep pool shakes the head, in the eye is passing the hatred, said: „No, all are the results of these false rules, they hoodwink the public, they control all...... If my Han Yuan lifetime can re-enter Tian Ling Empire, the necessity breaks the day that this could not withstand dirtily!"

I nod: „Um, the drill army, the palace guard will re-enter Tian Ling Empire well finally."

„Yes, General!"


I deeply treasure looks at Han Yuan this loyally and devotedly actually the upright and never stooping to flattery military officer, he is in palace guard a military officer who I most treasures, is straightforward and sincere, but such person final fate of dies an untimely death mostly, since I have arrived at today's this step in this game, I must strive to turn the tide, leading this group of people to shock all sea and world praise!

Also examined a meeting in the palace guard, quick was very late, after accompanying Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue have had the dinner, is around 9 : 00 pm, therefore single-handedly enters the Hybrid Demon territory to look to complete the order form Hybrid Demon that to massacre, practices my skill instantaneously, what a pity continuously could not find a higher-order food and raw material for medicine, my wine-making technique and [Medicine Refinement] have halted.

When about 10 points, receive an information suddenly, came from Shen Bing: „Li Xiao Yao, I searched a Xue's supple ID card to spend the record, in Jiaxing, before ten minutes!"

The overlord coverall is so powerful, everybody is not how powerful, please help the leaf, takes up the cell phone to support the leaf, helping the leaf go against to place, the specific step is as follows

Takes up your cell phone, opens the micro letter, then increases the friend, searches the public number, wap_17k, the attention, then from there speech, sends to lose the fallen leaf, this is the activity complete flow, could not consume for one minute, short one minute, did not spend the one cent!

~~~ tomorrow continues to erupt, five chapters! Also, the children's day is joyful, wish everybody to be able daily happily ~

Zhan Long Chapter 979

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