Zhan Long Chapter 982

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My eye one bright, said with a smile: „This cannot be short of us, we can also be able to help, if must expedite, our adventurer teams must certainly go with you together!"

Frost smiles: „That is good, I will issue the order, when Sun sets, we take advantage of the night, at the same night entered the death plain, hit Redding one to be caught off guard, how?"

„Good, how many people sending to go, needs the palace guard to help?"

„No need, your palace guard has 2 thousand people not to arrive to be stationed here, cannot have to lose again, making them train well then."



Patrolled in the camp of palace guard, waited for the darkness, however waiting Cooldown was quite unendurable, shortly afterward, some people of circular, Ba Huang City Queen Angela came again suddenly!

To the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den tall ladder above, Anji takes along one crowd of Ba Huang City NPC combat general to fall rapidly, several times vertical leap the later this skill vigorous queen to stand before me, said with a smile: „General Li Xiao Yao, has not thought long time no see your such empire pillar of the state will be persecuted this situation unexpectedly."

I am speechless: „Couple days ago had not seen, this has comforted, trades freshly!"

Angela throws smiles, said: „Good, selects really!"

Saying, her was turning around, points at an behind full beard military officer to say to me: „This is the chief in Ba Huang City demon military institute, General Lin who Zhao is responsible for fighting the technique conduction!"

I hold the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „General Lin is good!"

Lin Zhaoti iron (spear gun), holds the fist in the other hand, said with a smile frank: „Broken cauldron male does not need to be polite, our time comes to here to help the palace guard recovers!"

In my heart moves: „Recovers?"

Lin Zhaodao: „To expand the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength, Queen Angela reassigned over 5 thousand people to enroll in the establishment of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den from the Ba Huang City major regiments, in the meantime, in our demon military institute the outstanding people of altogether three over 3 thousand famous graduates were also awaiting orders, therefore queen your highness wants to order me to lead the recruits of these 3 thousand demon military institute graduates to join the palace guard, allowed somebody to have his own way dispatches!"

I stare slightly, say with a smile: „Too thanked Angela's good pain to be attentive, the palace guard forever will always remember your good intention, but...... General Lin Zhao is the chief of demon military institute, the military officer of such rank I may have more than enough, very thanked the present military strength of Queen Angela, but General Lin Zhao I do not dare to use!"

Angela delicate eyebrows raise look to me, said with a smile: „Has not thought that was initially ignorant the ignorant youth to grow into has commanded invincibly, relax, Lin Zhao who unexpectedly really such civil and military has both are not I arranges to give your impeding board game piece, you do not want me not to give, General Lin Zhao I uses in any case also conveniently, that delivered you 3 thousand recruits to be good, quick will report!"


At this time, Han Yuanti long blade Pegasus was coming, saying with a smile of whole face red light: „General, the bright temple returned to 2000 palace guard armed soldiers once more, completely in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den on the way, was over half to be trained into temple Knight!"

I clap, say with a smile: „So good!"

Angela visits me with a smile: „Such one, what will you then have to plan? If...... You plan to counter-attack Tian Ling Empire, truly pulls down from the authority, the soldiers of our Ba Huang City certain whole nation support you! I think that Sir Frost meeting is also willing to use the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength to support you to seize the glory again!"

I somewhat dejected smiles: „Ok, dispatches troops into battle to revolt this matter I not to think temporarily that truly has not been ruthless to me temporarily, if he dares to dispatch troops into battle to attack under fire Divine Mountain the summer leaf segment audiences of palace guard, attacks cold uncultivated land Dragon's den again, I will begin to Tian Ling Empire actually, writes off thoroughly this political strategy villain."

Saying, me was sobbing: „Moreover I now was not on generals in empire, rallying point also only then a little."

Angela eats to smile: „You do not use actually too pessimistically, you also saw, although you accepted also the military tally, but so many soldiers are willing to follow in you as before, they can be inferred to your trust, let alone the shallow forest has not eliminated you to break to pieces the cauldron male title, although truly issued a warrant for arrest you, but the sovereign actually showed neither approval nor disapproval, shallow forest at heart you as before were his Li Master, as before was the broken cauldron of day of plume empire male!"

I nod: „Knows that is not such words, perhaps truly that old fogy already got a light from another light the palace guards and Fan Shu City in Divine Mountain begins."

Angela said: „Was ready then!"

„Um, this I know that thanked the present military strength of queen in any case, once Ba Huang City had difficult, my Li Xiao Yao certainly will also help one another, meets a cruel death!"

„Good, wants is your words, I went back, some Ba Huang City also many government affairs wait for me to process."



Gazes after Queen Angela to recede, Han Yuanzhan side me, hey said with a smile: „This Ba Huang City queen actually graceful beautiful woman, General, I observe her to your also somewhat meaning, if the general could not mix that to might as well marry this Queen Ba Huang City in the day plume empire, after Ba Huang City Monarch of the country, in addition palace guard and Dragon's den, the stratagem which ensures success of we and day plume empire on basically already 55."

I shot a look at his one eyes, said with a smile: „Han did Yuan, you have a liking for Angela?"

The Han deep pool touches the nose: „General, end army horse life, has not seen so many beautiful women, Dragon's den Frost and Zi Shu, Ba Huang City Angela, is rare Qi Nvzi, beautiful woman, won't the general move?"

I hesitate, said: „, My heart will not be rock-solid. If you had a liking for Angela, I can help your circular, if she also visits you to be pleasing to the eyes, you were the Ba Huang City marrying into the wife's household lucky son-in-law......"

The Han deep pool narrows the eyes to focus, looks at day, said with a smile: „My Han Yuan life is poor, wants to come not to have this grade of good luck, the general is not no need saying that this words make me happy, the matter that Han Yuan wants to handle is only follows the general to go on an expedition the world, after a world series, covers the world the military exploit, can bestow a I rich and populous small city to take the manor, marries a peasant family daughter to me."

„Good, I will certainly satisfy you!"

I think him, actually at heart in thinking, Han Yuan is a careless person, but the heart is very good, the ladies of these highly placed people on are generally looking down upon such military commander, just like he said that married female of the peasant family to be good to him, not only will not be looking down upon him, and can help one another in difficult time.

The Han deep pool also said: „Sir, has spread the recent news about our palace guard from the Tian Ling Empire direction."

„, What news?"

Han deep pool sinking sound track: „To win over General Xia Ye, truly betrothed a niece to Xia Ye, and for them at the camp big marriage of palace guard, this bestowed the marriage to make entire Tian Ling Empire one piece celebrate."

I knit the brows: „Bestows marriage Xia Ye? This truly too wily old fox......"

The Han deep pool shows a faint smile: „The Sir does not need to be worried that General Xia Ye what kind strategy, in that night of big marriage, bride by assassin to an arrow through, at present looked up, this assassin was the flood dragon armed forces Qin Ye former subordinates, shallow forest Great Emperor in a blaze of passion, ordered implicating the nine generations Qin Ye!"

My moral nature one cold, has not spoken.

Han deep pool light smiling, thinks that he is also well aware, who can in the bride who in the defense stern palace guard assassinates the command, perhaps only then Xia Ye can a person achieve?


Soon, 2000 palace guards from bright temple crossed cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, camp that enters the palace guard, was gives me to give a shot, after having these 2000 Level and battle efficiency very tyrannical temple Knight, even if were the Hybrid Demon army attacks the strength of our also war, and shortly afterward, the Ba Huang City recruit came again, 3 thousand recruits, immature faces, were arranged the safety zone south Dragon's den to pitch camp by me directly, they have not undergone the polish, was not suitable is stationed in a north that bitter cold.

„Sir, how do these recruits arrange?" Xiao severe asked.

I without hesitation: „Chooses the outstanding person in palace guard to act as the teacher, teaches these recruit tactical trainings and lineup trainings, makes them have the battle efficiency as soon as possible, our Cooldown do not calculate too."

„Yes, Sir!"

I take a step in the front of recruit array, looks war armor that they wear, somewhat is affected, Angela has really sympathized, has built the new war armor to these recruits, and on the shoulder wore the symbol of palace guard.

After reviewing troops, the setting sun has also set, finally, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has issued a new regiment duty the expedition death plain, and this duty only aims at joins the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den player, basically completely is the [Zhan Long] people!


Consulted with the Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian and other management players, [Zhan Long] Guild altogether dispatches 4 thousand people to participate in this expedition, basically our main forces have turned out in full strength, but also the remaining people went to other map to practice the level to go . Moreover the Level low player the death plain, that was not equal to that suitably brought death.

The setting sun sets officially, 4 thousand [Zhan Long] players built up, stopped while the heavy snow, started to set out in the direction of death plain, as for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, almost turned out in full strength, Frost and Queen Zi Shu, Odelia, Qing Luo and other main BOSS level NPC sent out, only left behind 5 Dragon Rider soldiers to lead the recruit to guard Dragon's den, quite elite 2 thousand Dragon's den armed soldier went forward toward the north enormously and powerful . Moreover, but also was shipping about 50 dragon crystal artillery and 200 hot crag artillery, this was all military baggage instruments on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, after all the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den majority of resources depended on themselves., Likely is not a palace guard, has the Tian Ling Empire state treasury to take the backstage.

Looks at the dragon crystal artillery under the warhorse leads „" advance, I somewhat am sigh with emotion, somewhat fondly remembered my guarding in the palace guard branch of fire Divine Mountain, in Xia Ye the hand at least had over 400 dragon crystal artillery and over 1000 hot crag artillery, NND, if can ship, can be even the death plain bang directly!

Xia Ye to my loyalty is not the issue, the waiting is also only I returns to the Tian Ling Empire opportunity.

The new month starts, asked the concave-convex ticket, in the hand grasped the concave-convex ticket schoolmate do not hesitate, pounds to [Zhan Long]!

Zhan Long Chapter 982

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