Zhan Long Chapter 983

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The [Zhan Long] Guild player as cutting edge team, after entering the jungle, is the Dragon's den armed soldier clears the way, the person who we come are also quite many, fire Dragon Rider in the front withstands the injury of demon spirit hunter, opens to kill greatly, has trampled flat the monster group and jungle that along the way gathers greatly, across blood original, has stepped into another wilderness.

Proceeds again is a wilderness, airborne long Dragon recited has delimited, quick Qing Luo controlled the crystal dragon to descend slowly, crystal dragon giant eye pupil gathered, Qing Luo grabbed the boasting quality of material reins of control big dragon, said with a smile: „Front is the dead wilderness in legend, everybody must be careful, in the dead wilderness had many powerful biology, the legend the several hundred years ago human empires once had also subjugated the Hybrid Demon army, but an army of 200 000 person became lost in this dead wilderness, then in the devils by wilderness was nibbled completely, finally only remaining one pile of wild bones."

Li Mu raises catches fire to burn the sword, shivered with fright, said: „This beautiful woman Dragon Rider I always thought that she is frightening us......"

Qing Luo cracks into a chuckle: „In brief, careful point and that's the end, although I think in these wilderness ‚indigenous' truly is unable to block the step that we go forward."

I nod, admonishes to say in the guild channel: „Spunks up, the front desert is called the dead wilderness, inside monster Level will not be low, everybody, meets hundred people carefully is 1 team of prompting forward, we clean up the monster in this piece of wilderness."

An alliance team leader, holds flag Wei saying: „Um, understanding!"


One Second Hero is raising the long-handled spear, instigates warhorse to walk in the front, a pair of pupil alert looks at the surrounding sand, the horse's hoof of warhorse treads a hoofprint on the sandy soil, under the scalding hot desert wind sways, the One Second Hero cloak flap flap flies upwards, although he is a merchant, the personal appearance somewhat loses shape, but actually also quite somewhat brave general style.


The wind blows down, fine sand flowing slowly, I also instigated the god fierce fine horse, the bosom hold Lin Wan Er to step the dead wilderness, demonstration of this piece of map on the big map was the blood red, looked by my Level as before is the blood red, obviously monster Level will certainly not compare me to lower.

The fine sand is flowing as before, suddenly, Yue Qing Qian said on Li Meng Yao warhorse: „Has been careful, sand below has the thing!"


One Second Hero slightly one startled, he walks in the front line , the small sand dune before his body is vibrating at this moment suddenly dispersing, under sand, a pair of brown eye pupil stubbornly is staring at One Second Hero, this is a giant lizard, the whole body is the sharp thorn, looks like fierce fearsome, the length of body just likes the great alligator, somewhat is really terrorist, One Second Hero has not responded that the lizard suddenly fled in the past, the yawn is one time throws to nip the attack, „clang" surges the flame on the One Second Hero shield, simultaneously splutters 2 thousand + injury digit, this attack power also really not. Is the lid!

„Paternal grandmother!"

Which One Second Hero came under attack the lord who did not hit back, the shield removes the long-handled spear to jab into the head of monitor lizard, carried over 4 thousand + the injury, attack power of long-handled spear truly quite went against heaven's will, unexpectedly can make a prevention and cure of schistosomiasis attack disorderly additional Knight to have in this way terrifying attack power.

However One Second Hero the struck down is also withstood 8000 + points injuries by oneself, on this monitor lizard had the reflection injury effect.

At this time before I and Li Mu and the others also raised the sword rushed, first Cooldown has read attribute sharing of this monster in the guild channel, has not thought that unexpectedly was 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, in the Hybrid Demon territory was truly crazed, monster along the way was 6 levels of Hybrid Demon

【Flame thorn lizard】( 6 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 173

Attack: 18200-23700

Defense: 17200

HP: 2200000

Skill: 【Flame worry】 【Thorn corona】 【Flaming chariot】

Introduced: Flame thorn lizard, this is a growth in hills and desert land monitor lizard type, is heat-resisting and cold resistant, has the flame characteristics inborn, can supplement the flame ignition injury when the attack, and this flame thorn lizard has been covered with the thorn inborn, was attacked, the thorn reflects 20% injuries to give the opposite party, not only so, the flame thorn lizard has powerful forms of defensive action, making the far future be frightened out of one's wits, annals record, even if the mighty force meets the flame thorn lizard in groups also to yield and withdraw


God fierce fine horse long hissing, I already arrived in Chen Yong cleanly one side, raises the butterfly is [Wind Blade], directly has caused the damage of 17 thousand, simultaneously on the forehead also jumped out two injury figures


„+ 43218!"

Was just good, was reflected the injury also has absorbed 20% HP, was equal to that I do not have the [Drain] effect now, was good, my physical defense was in any case high enough, killed the flame thorn lizard the time with the [Cleansing Rain] technique restores to be enough.

One crowd of fire Dragon Rider disperse in abundance, sought for own flame thorn lizard to go in the wilderness respectively, but we somewhat were in fact negligent, Moon Feather and Star Blade and the others gathered round a flame thorn lizard to chop randomly, HP the thorn only reflected the remaining below 40% times, suddenly the flame thorn lizard of that 20% blood loudly sharp is calling, the body rolled up, the yawn has bitten the tail, the entire body lingered the roaring flame same place crazily to rotate, was the attack skill of that flaming chariot!


Under the frequent attack, Star Blade and Moon Feather the remnant blood, in abundance drew back in an instant, actually also Steel Blade rode to fend unexpectedly directly by the flaming chariot blowing.

Lin Wan Er is startled slightly, looks that people do not dare on, our beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster not timid is raising the iron umbrella before rushing, „" discloses the iron umbrella to clear the way, the flaming chariot of flame thorn lizard surges flames on the iron umbrella, a Lin Wan Er taking advantage of opportunity body spin, the dagger has swept, this flame thorn lizard to the blinding dizziness, again came one set of skill to combine directly, cut to massacre directly.

Li Meng Yao feels relaxed to say with a smile: „Originally must kill like this!"

Therefore, one crowd of Knight are player imitates, once the flame thorn lizard use flaming chariot must retrocede, then strikes close, ordinary Knight with the shield can [Heroic Ram] break the skill, Meng Yao such hideaway Class depends upon ruling similar skill to break the skill, such came the flame thorn lizard also to take us not to have what means.

The result is big we to expect that in the dead wilderness almost everywhere is this flame thorn lizard, a dense and numerous piece, our advancement speed distant ratio was expected that wanting is slower, but is also good, the empirical value of flame thorn lizard is rich, and equipment that blows out also exceptionally good, is less than two minutes, Li Mu lifts flame dense chest armor to laugh saying: „Left the coverall, this map was really good!"

He equipment attribute sharing in guild channel, truly very good appearance

【Flame thorn lizard chest armor】( Saint Tier)

Type: leather armor

Defense: 1450

Agility: + 175

Stamina: + 172

Strength: + 170

Additional: Promotes user 90% magic defense

Additional: Promotes user 40% physical defense

Additional: Promotes the user 10000 HP upper limits

Special effect: The reflection injury effect + 7%, may superimpose

Coverall part: Flame thorn lizard coverall chest armor

Introduced: Flame thorn lizard coverall, this is one set using leather armor that the leather of flame thorn lizard makes, has the greatly strengthened reflection injury effect, and leather armor is tenacious, physical defense is not inferior in board armor are too many, legend Lan Louwang once built 1000 sets of flame thorn lizard leather armor on the order artisan to own riding archer clothing, result crowd has ridden the archer to be invincible and invincible, becomes a legend

Needs Level: 165


equipment of leather armor department, has the counter- wound and promotion attack, attacks the fast effect, is archer, assassin, Musketeer and other Class to the love, the key is 165 levels of coveralls, just Level can follow the mainstream of high player, if our [Zhan Long] leather armor is the players can have one set of flame thorn lizard coverall, the vitality did not have any too major problem, even suffered the cavalry soldier to attack is also insufficient to burst the thousand li(500 km)!

Wang Jian looks at chest armor, said with a smile: „leather armor department that very good leather armor coverall, wants first ROLL point?"

I nod: „Um, satisfies voluntarily, wants can collect, does not want did not use ROLL."

Therefore starts the scene to assign, is good, this time our [Zhan Long] almost all elite turns out in full strength, archer, assassin and Musketeer Class elite, what Lin Wan Er, Dancing Forest, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf, Xing Lie, Lian Po, Fox and the others pursue is Divine Tier and Demon Harvest and even the inferior magical instrument and so on defense equipment, therefore does not have the interest to this set of flame thorn lizard leather armor, but inferior leather armor was the player drools with envy to this set of equipment.

I raise the butterfly sword to clash together in the front line, because the relations of 20% [Drain] therefore do not fear the reflection injury of flame thorn lizard, simultaneously on the neck is hanging necklace „the blade edge of champion" is the three stars magical instrument, has a special effect of bravest of the brave, 50% probabilities repel the goal, therefore does not fear the flaming chariot, the flame thorn lizard dares to revolve before me, my consecutively two swords got down mostly stiffly to repel to break its skill, this special effect simply pleasingly.

Sang loudly pushes onward the dead wilderness, follows birth of method flame thorn lizard leather armor, soon after the archers, Musketeer, assassins many people our front have changed the coverall, the sharp places of 165 levels of Saint Tier coveralls could be imagined , to promote attack power and broken against effect were not low, even I personally saw, [Zhan Long] 166 levels of archer arrows projected can only wipe out flame thorn lizard 7000 + HP, but after everybody has collected one set of flame thorn lizard coverall to him, unexpectedly an arrow projected the injuries of over 1.6 thousand, and attack speed sharp increase, overall second of output at least. Has promoted over 4 times!

After three hours, the length and breadth of dead wilderness far exceeds our expectations, we as before able to move unhindered in the sea of boundless desert.



Frost rides the snow color warhorse to come slowly, said: „Li Xiao Yao, we could change a route, this dead wilderness was really too far, must circle very long distance to arrive in the death plain."

I shake the head: „No, this road is actually more suitable we, comes to the Hybrid Demon territory not to arrange the regular troops to defend here imperial, two came us to choose another road to pass from the spirit rope way, but the spirit rope way was too narrow, is unable the passing through heavy artillery, such to come us to lose a very big superiority."

The Frost star pupil visits me, said with a smile: „Good, said according to you , to continue to go forward!"

Zhan Long Chapter 983

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