Zhan Long Chapter 984

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Has killed around 7 : 00 pm, we linger in the dead wilderness as before, has not killed thoroughly this piece of map, but does not worry, here perquisite specially are in any case many, after the [Zhan Long] people are familiar with the forms of defensive action and attribute characteristics of flame thorn lizard, almost can lossless killing be strange, and can also strengthen our leather armor is Class equipment, this also causes to practice the level in the dead wilderness becomes flavorful.

offline, ate meal, then goes downstairs to take a walk for 20 minutes.

The weather somewhat was slightly cool, probably will come again shortly afterward in the summer, even in Liu Hua University had many female students to wear the short skirt, white and shiny thighs make the person breathe speed up, is good is more attractive because of my female, Lin Wan Er wears an uneven knee short skirt, looks like very small fresh, the upper body continually the body women's clothing adds on a white windproof coat, under the black and white color shines upon her Zhang Qingli's refined cheek also even more appears charming.

„A bit faster walks......"

Lin Wan Er is holding my hand suddenly, said with a smile: „One must get online practices the level!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „When did my family young lady become that diligent love practices the level?"

Lin Wan Er very proud chest, stared me saying: „Ahem, when amn't I diligent? From initially mingled among Fan Shu City arrives again afterward went to Ba Huang City and Tian Ling Empire, I very diligent good, which likely is certain people, three days hit the fishing two days to expose to the sun the net, closed right up against the country to fight with edition activity MVP pursue Level."

I shameless red smiling, said: „I do not have the means that after all I have the work, but must wipe out the bullies and help the down-trodden isn't?"

At this time, two hugged the male student of textbook to come, must go to study by oneself approximately, their vision almost focused on Lin Wan Er together, immediately was startled is the beauty, the Lin Wan Er wear was very tasteful, a clothing majority was the international brand, in addition the person also juicy natural, had the rich and powerful family demure makings very much, two male students naturally also looked look at steadily.

I put out a hand to embrace the fragrant shoulder of Lin Wan Er, enters the bosom her affectionate hugging, Lin Wan Er knows that my this is the demonstration action, then groans smiles, the cheek said red: „Is self-confident, youth!"

I cannot bear somewhat grasp crazily: „Which my is not self-confident......"

„Good, a bit faster went back, East city still on our together cotton suiting, delays too for a long time, I feared that this fellow must talk nonsense any thing......"

„Um, will say mostly we stole into the Dongyuan park to handle some secretive matters secretly!"

„Hee hee, is that the matter that you think?" Lin Wan Er titter.

I touch the nose: „Tonight came to accompany me to have a good sleep."

„To result in beautiful!"

„I go to your room!"

„Does not want, the Qin Wen elder sister almost went to my room to make the rounds of guard posts for these days daily in the evening, does not facilitate......"



Therefore, with girlfriend chatty for a long time, returning to time Dong Cheng Yue of dwelling soon to await eagerly, stared us saying: „I have to plant the gotten rid feeling!"

I: „A bit faster gets online, the little friend needs us!"

Dong Cheng Yue definitely was prepares various types to ridicule our words, finally I have not given her the opportunity saying that air/Qi this small girl same place stamping the feet vitality, but took me not to have the means that Lin Wan Er eats draws the Dong Cheng Yue handle that smiled she to return to the room.


Gets online, appears in the dead wilderness, soon, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also together get online appear side me, stands up from failure to start, bringing two female to go forward, we came some late, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others has led to prompt forward about 500 meters far, when I brought two female were approaching, Wang Jian deeply inspires saying: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, we soon killed fleeing wilderness map!"

I nod with a smile: „Good deed, counts, we have many harvests in this map!"

„This you asked that small dance elder sister, is she counts!"


I had not asked that Dancing Forest raises Huang Zhonggong to stroll, said with a smile: „Harvests good, collective Level has promoted 1.2-1.5 levels, various disorderly equipment have also harvested much."

„Directly said that the coverall......" I said.

Dancing Forest throws smiles: „You were also too impatient! Good...... I have counted sketchily, kills this wilderness time, we probably collected over 3000 sets of flame thorn lizard coverall, in other words, our [Zhan Long] at least had 3000 invulnerabilities leather armor is a player, the assassin, archer and Musketeer probably divided equally."

„Invulnerability, exaggerates?" I Ha Ha said with a smile.

Dancing Forest very 36 C, said: „Exaggeration is also good, although is insufficient invulnerability, but these with medium rode the war are the team could fight hand-to-hand, in other words, if we came across the male tyrant wind and cloud Guild riding war are the teams, my having confidence brought leather armor of 3000 flame thorn lizard coveralls to be the player tidies up they 10000 people of riding wars is the team!"

I nod, said: „[Zhan Long] leather armor is in the player has you, Wan Er, Qing Qian, micro cool and small wolf, Lian Po, Xing Lie such one group of masters, if could not tidy up male tyrant wind and cloud 1 thousand to ride the war is that we do not need to mix, was good, the rapid advancement, killed the fleeing wilderness, after all this was not our duty points, cannot stop over here is too long."



Soon, under the advancements of [Zhan Long] 4 thousand people, the team killed the dead wilderness, we also almost cleared off the flame thorn lizard in this piece of wilderness, in the meantime, after this map again Shua new flame thorn lizard, the drop rate will also drop down thousand zhang (3.33 m), perhaps was first time 20%, this also means these 3000 sets of flame thorn lizard coveralls that in the dead wilderness blew out is the value of whole piece map has contributed, pressed out to do by us one time, this was the good deed.

Recently Tian Ling Empire tended to be tranquil, the battle between player guilds was also [Hero's Mound] and rising sun such as the fight between blood, [Legend], [Prague], [Judgement] and other Guild goes to the Shua major maps to go, blew out the equipment weapon and excavation coverall, to discover mount, this was major Guild at the busy matter, but future striving for hegemony, these are the predominant factor, [Zhan Long] do not have like this large-scale activity for a long time, this was a rare opportunity, at least this time we large scale strengthened our leather armor are the Class strengths.

Treads the wilderness, again toward the north was a wilderness map, the monster did not calculate too, only then some wild wolves and so on monster, was the monster of Titan level and antique level, the strength was limited, the direct crush in the past, our steps were too not quick, because must wait for the NPC army, when 2 thousand Dragon's den armed soldier protected 250 heavy artilleries to put on the wilderness we made a fresh start to go forward.

Leads the way once more for about 20 minutes, the front topography gradually becomes smooth, proceeded again is the down country that the cavalry soldier can gallop freely, simultaneously on the map also became blood red, death plain in front, what here can affirm, the death plain was being guarded by demoniacal Redding, our time encountered Redding is the inevitable matter, was good because of Frost, Zi Shu and Odelia, we held absolutely the superiority on contending of god level powerhouse, if, only then a Redding god level powerhouse guarded here words, we definitely had the strength to cut to massacre him!


, One crowd rides the plan warhorse by far, simultaneously is bringing Hybrid Demon of tiger on the plain in groups is marching forward, about 500 people of one team of appearances, moreover this monster we are the understanding.

„6 levels of Hybrid Demon, controlling beast heavy cavalry!" Li Mu narrows the eye to say with a smile: „Finally saw this gadget, before was 5 levels of Hybrid Demon, now promoted to 6 levels."

Wang Jian draws out the long sword, said with a smile: „Photo kills does not harm!"

I nod, said: „Maintains the overall lineup, advanced the past, the formation should not be chaotic, maintained massacres these controlling beast heavy cavalries as far as possible lossless!"

The people nod in abundance, the [Zhan Long] 4 thousand people such unfold to well up forward on the plain, if at this time from the sky downward looked that is certainly magnificent, this is makes each scene that likes the male player of warfare game one's blood bubbles up to the brim, the life be alive sufficiently, if there is opportunity to direct several thousand people of cold weapons decisive battles, that this did not live in vain.


, The controlling beast heavy cavalry also had discovered by far our invasion, a platoon leader high raised the long sword, the anger exclaimed: „Damn humanity, they dare to intrude our territories, kills, butchers them, removes their skins to select the heavenly light!"

The riding war of [Zhan Long] front is player draws a sword, the uniform hell hot long sword, progressed to advance 20 yards forward, was not separated from long-distance, in the range situation of treatment to start preying, controlling beast heavy cavalry own attack power was not very terrifying, the wild animal that but they controlled was cut-throat, no matter the tiger or the bear, attack power was highly regarded.

Is good because of the [Zhan Long] people are not the lamp of province oil, advanced the past, that 500 + controlling beast heavy cavalries also naturally have become 500 + corpses, continued, is shielding army forward running of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, if demoniacal Redding has not removed scouts, had the possibility they not to know that very much Frost and Zi Shu and Odelia also led the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den army to come together.

If Redding has a low opinion of the enemy to advance recklessly, result that also we want.

However Redding is not blood giant Kyle, although Redding, once were wild somewhat to be invincible, but was not silly, even it can be said that had the strategy, the previous time did not turn over to the sea to fight a decisive battle I unable to chase down him to show this point, Redding understood the [say / way] of onset and retreat, with the silver spear was a type, belongs command type that civil and military had both.


Marched forward for nearly one hour, we entered the death plain center, at this moment, the distant sky has raised mist and dust, the black smog, that is the furnace builds up the smog of work place, but on the flat land and cannot see that to hide in the underground building up work place.

„Was careful!"

Lin Wan Er raises the dagger, star pupil is looking at the distant place, said: „The army of Redding came!"

Looks from afar , a leader raises the barbaric wolf of denticle blade to ride to appear in the horizon, this barbaric wolf rides us not to turn over to the war of sea to meet one time, Luo child's son Rotter was ridden to massacre by the barbaric wolf, the barbaric wolf rides is the dedicated branch of the services of Redding, this quantity are more, on the plain comes, somewhat fearful and apprehensive densely and numerously, at least quantity 200 000?

Zhan Long Chapter 984

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