Zhan Long Chapter 985

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„Prepares to fight a decisive battle!"

Frost that for a long time has not spoken, when saw this 200 000 barbaric wolf rides could not calm down, in the hand cuts Hua Jianshen the optical scintillation, jumps to leap to airborne, shouted to clear the way tenderly: „The Dragon's den armed soldiers, exhibit battle formation, erects to me the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, prepares to meet head-on, so long as routs this to write the barbaric wolf to ride, the death plain was our!"


The platoon leader of Dragon's den armed soldier ordered, immediately 2 thousand Dragon's den armed soldier prepared the sword shield, the shield in the front, above the sword blade edge was reappearing horizontally Dragon Qi, these Dragon's den armed soldier practice was Wu Jue who Frost passed on, and bought in the spiritual energy in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den for a long time, in the strength was containing the strength of big dragon, its elite degree naturally was not the ordinary NPC army can place on a par, temple can Knight that even the elite degree of palace guard is unable in comparison, perhaps, to come back from the bright temple have strength of the spelling with this group of elite Dragon's den armed soldiers? Is good because, we are the whole families, is not the enemy.

Lin Wan Er both hands grasp the dagger, the screen the breath, the star pupil are looking to the distant place, said in a low voice: „Our population cannot compare them, the guild member in edge draws in the lineup inward, forms one circular [Assault] that greets the barbaric wolf to ride, do not make them use the mobility to detour to back long jab our backs!"

I am raising the magical instrument butterfly, acclaimed had a look at the young girlfriend, regarding judgment Lin Wan Er of battlefield situation truly was the penetrating judgment, our could not compare the opposite party . Moreover the mobility greatly was also inferior, the skicing speed that the barbaric wolf rode has even surpassed our fire Dragon Rider, so long as Redding were not a fool, can definitely outflank to cut us using the mobility, that really was not quite good to hit.

Our superiority, are elite, lies in the self- supplies and treatment of player!



The battle drum sound resounds on the plain, the barbaric wolf ride the appearances of being eager to try, as if also discovered that this is a decisive battle, can win us to preserve the den, otherwise can only move.

I stand in the [Zhan Long] frontal line, is grasping the butterfly, looks to the distant place, said: „Must guarantee that the lineup was not broken through, resists the first wave that the barbaric wolf rides to attack us to win half, the Healer attention treats, cures to treat with the group as far as possible, additional BUFF time paid attention, the barbaric wolf rides is the pure physics department attacks, therefore does not need to hold the demon to resist, additional physics defense that so long as goes all out on line. The preparation, made war!"

My words have not said that the barbaric wolf rides already impatient started has attacked, the hoof palm of great wolf trod the plain, in the barbarian cavalry soldier hand is grasping the denticle blade to brandish, occurred shout Qi Qi who we could not understand has killed, emerged the tide to be ordinary, a dense and numerous piece looked that being popular bottom sent coldly!


Dong Cheng Yue shouted one lightly, said: „Long-distance is the preparation projects, listening to me to order 3-2-1, puts!"

Dense and numerous arrow arrows, magics and flintlock skill lost Going out, our direction bears the brunt, therefore elite long-distance is the player also almost centralized here, the crowded arrow arrow throws the attack, the Dancing Forest meteor arrow penetrates, Yue Qing Qian grasping of red fox also long-distance rumbled in the past, in addition a trim fire Dragon Rider [Blade Spin] effect, immediately ran in the first line several hundred barbaric wolves rides actually, such is rumbled to massacre all, crowded empirical value white lights flew to our position.

But, in [Blade Spin] CD Cooldown, more barbaric wolves rode to make use to kill, this time is unable long-distance to kill, my quick release third [Azure Dragon Crossbow], looked up, quickest one flock of barbaric wolves rode already the close at hand, two words, thousand frost wings did not start, the sword blade edge dance was entering the monster group, simultaneously [War Song of Zhen Yue] started, fills the next Lanling huadiao liquor, the dance of skill ghosts and gods starts, the whole person surroundings just liked the effect that the purgatory appearance ghost will kill the enemy, when I entered the crowded barbaric wolf rode the crowd, rapidly starts [Tempest Sword], looks at fury points to suffice, again. Comes one time to tread broken heavenly thunder skill, immediately one flock of remnant blood barbaric wolves ride falling to the ground of uneven Shua Shua.

Li Mu is also one lowly drinks, match for ten thousand skill in addition holds successfully, the war-god Lu Bu's starlike image reappears in his top of the head, the hand medium baking temperature burns the sword to wield, the duplicate sword cuts + sword wheel to cut the bang to kill in the monster group, blows out the astonishing injury figures, meeting no resistance is rushing ahead in the frontal line repeatedly.

Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian also start [Unyielding Spirit], is relying on hand-to-hand fighting of very hard HP defense in the frontal line, basically a [Zhan Long] player has not been idling, takes the maximum effort to reduce as the companion as far as possible is attacked the surface, but Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and the others also fully outputs, Cooldown kills the mist and dust to be billowing on the plain.


The fight continues less than 10 minutes, suddenly the right wing hears one to roar: „It is not wonderful, the third squad there crack!",

I turn around to look that is away from me less than 200 meters, therefore jumped to fly, simultaneously shouted loudly: „Meng Yao, brave clean, you filled a vacancy with me in the past!"

In the ground, Li Meng Yao instigates warhorse, has dozens people elite to kill with One Second Hero together to that direction, but I by flight superiority reenforcement speed Qi Kuai, almost arrive in the crack place instantaneously, there lies down about hundred Steel Blade to ride the corpse of player, originally is Steel Blade rides, physical defense is insufficient, therefore by the crack, several hundred barbaric wolves was ridden in the rear crowd is wreaking havoc, just likes the bullying.

I not slightly hesitant, lifts hand is [Thundering Heavens], the thunder and lightning mixes the strong gale to wreak havoc in the monster group, when I fall to the ground, fury points has covered entirely, opens [Wall of Dou Qi] to enter the monster group, the dance of ghosts and gods + trod broken heavenly thunder two big skill has become my advertisement attack combined, hit to cut to add up totals ten barbaric wolves including the disappearing belt to ride, at this time Meng Yao and One Second Hero also had one crowd elite to fill a vacancy, but the barbaric wolf that in entering encircled rode, was digested rapidly by us, the crisis melted.

Here crisis just melted, another side actually hears the big shout, the consecutively three gaps appeared, simply awfully!

In a Lin Wan Er two stars pupil is passing calmly, said: „Left I and Qing Qian go to that gap, Li Mu and Wang Jian make up the recent gap, the pig you bring Old K to make up farthest right that gap!"

As soon as I nod, Old K said: „Scratches, is away from my enough one kilometer, I cannot catch up!"

„I lead you to go!"

The ice wing flutters, I graze, just scratching the surface falls in the crowd, flies with Ramallah Old K, but the system setting is unable to fly is too far, twice after the rise, finally arrives in the gap, throws directly Old K, this goods fall to the ground are [Whirlwind Slash] + barbarically jump to cut, rampant, but also rapidly made into pig, my taking advantage of opportunity sword spiral sword air/Qi wreaks havoc to fall, sweeps away the crowd to block a tribulation for him, simultaneously the dance of ghosts and gods opens once more, comes a [Ice Domain] effect again, the surrounding barbaric wolf rides frozen is lived in abundance, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands is also leading one group of masters. To the lava purgatory skill continuous bombing, has will saved the situation.

The distant place, the fire rumble, the dragon crystal artillery launches under our protections unceasingly, big weakened the barbaric wolf to ride to our attack power, simultaneously after these were rumbled only the barbaric wolves of remaining remnant blood rode to plunder to be near, deliver the experience and equipment.


The fight is conducted very frigidly, in one hour, the position of [Zhan Long] guild by the crack 27 times, was lost continuously can be imagined seriously, is good the first-class and extra-superior master are many in the guild, everybody in abundance aware makes up the gap, times the crazy attack that blocks the barbaric wolf to ride, defending position will.

Of 30% positions that actually cold uncultivated land Dragon's den guards are safest, one has the heavy firepower reenforcement of dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, on the other hand is 10 Dragon Rider soldiers who airborne circles, dragon rests/breaths emit, where the barbaric wolf rides can bear such attack.

Frost stands in the crowd front, the hand grasps is cutting Hua sword, the static waiting barbaric wolf rides rushes to the front several rice the time gets rid, cuts around the Chinese sword to dance in the air incorruptible with the hurricane, a sword chops suddenly is about hundred meters fan-shaped domain storm impact, one flock of barbaric wolves ride almost instantaneously are also killed by the second, as long as the Frost place visited, the barbaric wolf rides avoids, Hybrid Demon also know that this god level powerhouse from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is not affable.


However, Redding has not appeared!

After nearly 3 hours, the 200 000 barbaric wolf rides soon by the time that we kill, Redding this commander has not appeared as before, as if he gave up this stretch of territory.

Crossed again for a half hour, battlefield cleanup, the main regiment of Redding is annihilated by us, but the price that we paid was [Zhan Long] on average everyone reduces about 1 level, but the empirical value has been able to make up, the barbaric wolf rode to blow out many equipment also to take the compensation, moreover was the Dragon's den armed soldier died in battle about 5000 people, Frost loved dearly seriously, but I saw this scene, poured as if no too to feel greatly.

Cleans the battlefield, the army sets out, presses up to a recent giant furnace workshop, looks from above, inside in busy, many dark dwarves were enslaved here the casting attacking a city instrument, when we open builds up the work place front door, this group of dark dwarves breakneck escape to go.

From setting upright the ladder crawls, „" falls to the ground, I wielded to kill for a long time some arms of being sore, raised the butterfly to continue to proceed, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Frost were following close on me, everybody gathered round the furnace to walk, had discovered that Redding in a casting paint black war artillery, looking like the might should be equally matched with the hot crag artillery, although was inferior that the dragon crystal artillery also was quite but terrorist.

„Ruins these heavy artilleries?" I asked.

Frost nods, she shows a faint smile: „You make way."

The people retrocede in abundance, Frost lifts hand to turn round above the heavy artillery, catches up suddenly, immediately the scarlet ray attacks Going out, in abundance shatter has become several heavy artilleries pile of scrap iron, this strength is really terrorist!



A heavy artillery directly was even hit to fly by Frost, hits above the dike, hit to empty the corner/horn of dike directly, inside has revealed a stretch of open area, even can also the faint seeing ray.

„What is that?" I in consternation, raised the sword to fly.

Frost also followed, bright eyes sweep the dike the rear area, said: „Here has thing that you like!"


I walk to go forward hurriedly, lifted hand is a [Combo] skill, the butterfly has chopped into pieces trim dike, in our front unexpectedly was another stretch of world, at least below 100 meters underground, the stretch of spacious regions, in the ground was growing unexpectedly also the blue quiet grass, has formed a lawn, but on the lawn, on a leader reappeared the wild horse of lava vein to gnaw the quiet grass, and one on was 1 level tamable mount, the phrase on top of the head soon had been suffocated by our one group of people

【Melt god warhorse】( Demon Harvest step BOSS level mount)

Level: 1

Characteristics: Is tamable


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Zhan Long Chapter 985

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