Zhan Long Chapter 986

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I and Li Mu have been shocked, no one thinks that will have unexpectedly also this ultra high level BOSS level mount under the den in Redding, at present Tian Ling Empire of stage, the major Guild cavalry soldiers basically are Saint Tier that uses even are mount of purple continuous rain step, but the Demon Harvest step crossed Divine Tier directly, is next to the inferior god rank, attribute disparate relations could be imagined.


Queen Zi Shu the both arms hugs in the front, exceptionally full twin peaks cage in the bosom, will be narrowing pair of beautiful eyes, said with a smile: „I said that demoniacal Redding this old Fox the death plain has been why silent, originally to tame mount of this melt god warhorse here, snort, we came luckily, otherwise is unable to conceive, once his barbaric wolf rode has exchanged this melt god warhorse completely, possibly this cavalry soldier was the nightmares of human seven big empires!"

Frost said: „The ages and strong degrees of these melt god warhorses are irregular, Li Xiao Yao, you look at the office, gave you to process!"

I nod, Frost and Zi Shu and Qing Luo and the others left, only remaining [Zhan Long] troop management players here, Li Mu swallow the saliva, said with a smile: „Melt god warhorse, too *!"

Lin Wan Er said: „Is best to keep secret some, cannot too early make others know that has this place."

I commended: „Um, will otherwise make the unnecessary trouble, Li Mu, how many mount seal quartzes did you have a look at everybody to bring?"

Li Mu said without hesitation: „We before embarking had considered that may meet to be possible the seal mount situation, therefore I told that the group team leader in [Valiant Bravery] camp, held flag Wei and platoon leader and other management player each people brought much, probably collects to have several thousand, the management player in [Zhan Long] camp should also be able to collect much?"

Yue Qing Qian shows a faint smile: „The [Zhan Long] camp should also be able to gather several thousand, puts together, at least 10,000 mount quartzes!"

I nod saying: „That did not have the issue, collected the mount quartz, can begin, the melt god warhorse in this limestone cave at least 50% was 1 level, moreover was 2-10 levels, it seems like Redding did not have to tame this flock of melt god warhorses to the situation that 1 level may ride completely completely, that...... Our seal all 1 level of melt god warhorses, other complete massacring!"

Li Mu Ha Ha said with a smile: „Suits me, such manages, other people who we bring, what to do?"

„Orders the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den recuperation!"

I looked to the south, knit the brows: „We have smashed the den in Redding, he has not appeared, these must have the fishy, if changes into is I, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den turns out in full strength to smash my domain, I definitely also meet an eye for an eye, leads the elite surprise attack is void cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, smashes cold uncultivated land Dragon's den this strategies to southern major empires at one fell swoop heavy!"

Wang Jian one cold: „Xiao Yao elder brother saying is very reasonable, can Redding send for curing a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den really?"

Yue Qing Qian is stunned: „Cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, only then 5 Dragon Rider soldiers and some recruits are defending, if Redding has the person to attack cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, that really may fall to the enemy."

I make a fist, said: „That is not no need to say again, ordering us 3 thousand + brothers in surface to return to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den immediately, remember, preserves north Dragon's den is stationed in the palace guard as far as possible!"

Li Mu nods: „OK, this matter gives me to manage, you start to tame these melt god warhorses!"



Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian two beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster direct the riding war of management immediately is being the player tames 1 level of melt god warhorse, but oneself dagger tidying up these have not tamed to 1 level of melt god warhorse, the training new cavalry who here the Redding pains product ponders, has not actually thought that was discovered this secret by us, if he knows that certainly must spout a big blood.

In my package has also deposited 5 groups of mount quartzes, folds puts together altogether is 50, but the same mount seal quartz can superimpose, poured unable to waste many spaces, grasped the blank quartz to enter in the limestone cave to start the seal, when my seal succeeded the first melt god warhorse, then has given everybody attribute sharing, immediately Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue , etc. did not ride the war is female expressed that unusual not indignation, Heavy Armor was the player can ride mount, this is they longs for simply, but is unable to obtain met differently

【Melt god warhorse】( Demon Harvest step BOSS level mount)

Strength: + 440

Stamina: + 435

Agility: + 430

Magic: + 400

attack power promotion: + 125%

physical defense promotion: + 170%

Movement Speed promotion: + 500%

Max HP promotion: + 25000

Characteristics: The flying generals, speedily Ben Hang, reduce 70% in the deceleration effect in the running process receiving, and promotes own 40% city destructive power

Characteristics: Speeds away, when speed promotion to over 50% targets, 30% probabilities makes it fall into the dizziness condition , to continue for 3 seconds

mount toughness: + 100%

mount Stamina: 350 points

Stamina restoration: 2 points / difference

Needs Level: 170


„Damn, went against heaven's will?" Li Mu stands up from failure to enter the limestone cave, by the attribute that I share having a scare.

I also smile: „Beautiful matter, this melt god cavalry is doomed becomes our [Zhan Long] next trump card branch of the services, so long as sufficiently collects certain quantity, has 10,000 melt god cavalries...... It is not right, 5000 enough swept away the Tian Ling Empire major Guild riding wars is the teams!"

Li Mu said: „I just sent for nosing, under this death plain limestone cave was interlinked, do not look down on the raising ability of Redding, I thought that collected 1 thousand melt god cavalry is not the issue."

Wang Jian said with a smile: „Good, that added anything, refueled to work!"

Everybody went to bustle about seal mount to go in abundance, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Meng Yao and the others was in abundance at the scene on the signing contract, has exchanged new mount, the attribute of melt god warhorse was too strong, took a broad view at [Zhan Long] mount, was only my god fierce fine horse attribute to dominate above melting the god warhorse, other wanted inferior many, this time was the real common people melted, the elders and group teams leader, held the flag Wei and other master player of mount to be the same to the medium player.

In this time, outside gust spin is entering suddenly, is Qing Luo, she is raising the long sword, a deep green armor, the complexion somewhat is slightly hurried, said: „Dragon Rider the Sir, the important matter will not be good!"

I seal a melt god warhorse, while said: „Was Redding leads the elite soldier to attack cold uncultivated land Dragon's den!"

„, How will you have foresight?" On the Qing Luo face passed over gently and swiftly color of the worship, said: „We just obtained the news that the warhawk rides to search, before 10 minutes, Redding is in conspiracy with the [Assault] canyon Kate strength same place, leading enough 30 thousand armies to sound has attacked the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den bugle, therefore Sir Frost ordered us speedily to hurry back to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den reenforcement, Sir, we are unable to wait for you here!"

I nod: „You a bit faster go back, here had me to be good, moreover I also dispatched my military strength to go back to reenforce, is quicker than the speed that you turned back in order to help friendly forces, tells Frost, on the road should not be too hurried, the warhawk rode to search to scout to clear the way, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den could not attack for a short time, did not need to worry, after returning to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, remembers that protected my palace guard, if they still existed."



Palace guard's small town north cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has at least guarded 2 thousand military strength, defends for several hours should not to have what issue, this point I am definitely confident, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, the dragon whetstone three brave generals are are not a vegetarian, moreover I have dispatched a group of dark Moon Elf archers to reenforce the small Nanking from the Fan Shu City direction, Redding wants to overcome the palace guard station to pay the price of blood!

Qing Luo walked, in our top of the head place above ground has heard the serious hoofbeat, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den cavalries have returned to the city, the full speed advance can also arrive in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den on 1 hour approximately, but dragon crystal artillery, hot crag artillery and other military baggage are not quick , can only say that the NPC army does not have the player that strong mobility, we can through returning to the city to accelerate to turn back in order to help friendly forces, but NPC can only run.

Approximately is less than again oversized for a half hour, in I wrapped the melt god warhorse seal quartz already full 50, but also finally kept thinking about the palace guard also to have no interest to stop over at heart here, therefore said with Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian and Li Mu four core management level players, then handed over 50 seal quartzes to return to the city!


Appears in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the distant place the fire rumble, the big dragon from the sky circled, Qing Luo has led 9 Dragon Rider soldiers to hurry back to reenforce in advance, but the situation is not too optimistic, the dragon crystal artillery outside, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den can only depend upon some might not too strong hot crag artillery to come the imperial enemy, finally above mountain wall, dense and numerous digging up a grave ghosts in crazy upward climbing up, the offensive is endless.

Frost stands in the Dragon's den edge, cuts the Chinese sword belt the [Blade Spin] energy in the airborne flying shuttle, through cuts to kill leader Hybrid Demon, but the distant place, under Xuyang, I also saw Little Rock direction piece of flames of war, the dense and numerous demon spirit big sword master is attacking Little Rock, but has not broken through, in the city Han Yuan, Xiao severe, dragon whetstone and the others are leading the palace guard imperial enemy, for a short time can definitely be able to defend.


The butterfly comes out of the sheath, I turn around to look to Frost, said: „The camp that Frost, I go to the palace guard, they needed me!"

In the star pupil of Frost passes was worrying that said: „Walks, I deliver you to pass!"



Frost treadons void, the sword blade edge anxious spin, the whole person formed a sword blade edge storm penetration monster group to kill to the city, just one group of sword spirit cavalry soldiers howled, is mad one to strangle to death by the sword that the Frost supernatural power concentrated on, changes into flesh and blood to fall to the earth, sword spirit cavalry soldier these 7 levels of Hybrid Demon were the nightmares of player, but actually existed in name only under the Frost strength.

I have not been idling, thousand frost wing flights follow close on Frost, the butterfly are coming out of the sheath long-distance to divide to cut consecutively for several times, cuts to massacre a sword spirit cavalry soldier of leader remnant blood, a distant hand, [Great Realm of Desolation] starts, makes above the mountain wall an entire group crowd around to dig up a grave the ghost to be miserably howling to fall together to leave.

Is less than two minutes, „" suffers a relapse again in the crude city wall in small Nanking, the surrounding palace guard soldier saw after me, immediately the campaign is soaring: „Commanded the Sir to come, commanded the Sir to come back!"

Collision ray that a trim sword occurred simultaneously, on the city entered the hand-to-hand fighting.


Frost opens single-handed, the low tenderness drinks one, immediately in long-distance exploded incorruptible energy storm, one crowd of demon spirit big sword Master Dongcheng ice pieces, strong winds stiffly tore into shreds it, flickers to add up totals hundred people, this was the Frost [Ice Domain] skill evolution version, my [Ice Domain] one compared with exploded with it simply weakly!

„I go back, you must be careful!" Frost said.

As soon as I nod: „Goes, you must be careful the sneak attack of Redding and Kate strength!"


Zhan Long Chapter 986

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