Zhan Long Chapter 987

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Stands in Little Rock, Han Yuan, Xiao severe battle dress had been soaked by the blood, our cities adjoin to behind mountain to construct, was attacked the surface to be quite small, but had been looked after obviously with emphasis, at least over 10 thousand Hybrid Demon are attacking us, but is the demon spirit big sword master and beast blood (spear gun) soldier and so on 4 levels and 5 levels of Hybrid Demon, but 6 levels and 7 levels of Hybrid Demon sword spirit cavalry soldiers, the demon palace crossbowmen and others attacked cold uncultivated land Dragon's den in the concentration of effort.

Goal of Redding is obvious, diverts at 10 thousand mediocre military strength or destroys completely 2 thousand palace guard in Little Rock, then concentrates the superior force to kill cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, wipes out cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is his most greatly real objective, but the distant place, the battle drum sound thunders, the army who the controlling wind Kate strength leads is rushing cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, overspread the northern blood densely and numerously original, looks like has planting to let the will of the people hair cold feeling simply.



The butterfly sword is sharp, has hewn two an demon spirit big sword master even connected Toudai shoulder at one fell swoop, simultaneously made me buy in certain empirical value and meritorious value, nearby Han Yuan was one roars, the long blade swept away, has hewn 78 three demon spirit big sword masters together, at present is one crowd of crowded Hybrid Demon wells, demon spirit big sword master appearance fierce roared to flee the city wall, actually „puff puff" in all front the arrow dropped the city wall.

I look up, in archer's tower, dense and numerous is standing one group of dark Moon Elf young girls, although fine silks also under fire Divine Mountain, but this group of dark Moon Elf young girls came to be also same.

However the military strength is disparate, under Hybrid Demon crazy fiercely attacking buckle also relative big of palace guard, most makes our helpless is several earth giants is turning the iron hammer to pound our pitiful city gates at the bang, the city gate of Little Rock are not most over 4 meters, but that earth giant has 7 meters high, the city gate in their eyes is a toy.

„Sir!" Xiao severe looks to me, in eye passes was worrying.

I clench teeth, thousand frost wings start, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Come, butchers that several giants with me!"


Overlord boots light and lively a point in the city wall, I have flown high to fly the place above of earth giant, a blade sword flushed, „" fights the boots to tread in him full is black and on the nose of blowhole, turns round to send in his about eye Zhen Yue Blade and butterfly, immediately HP spatters in all directions, the weakness attack, has created 200 000 instantaneously + the injury, in the miserable howling sound, this Demon Harvest step accurate BOSS draws back the number step continually, Han Yuan, Xiao severe jump respectively, long blade and iron (spear gun) one on the left and other on the right will send in the chest cavity of giant. Warm-blooded sprinkles, the giant draws back the number to fall gradually again but actually again, I lift hand [Great Realm of Desolation], ends his final HP.

Several other earth giants were not full Xue, the archer of palace guard have also caused many damage to them, the fellow but who this crowd fierce did not fear turned the iron hammer to proceed to clash as before, „bang" an iron hammer fell in the city wall, held the barbarian soldier of shield to pound the hashed meat several, horizontal the hammer swept away again, result temple Knight started the shield of Holy Domain directly, standard stiffly blocked the attack of earth giant, simultaneously the shield one wielded the hit in the giant wrist skill, jumped to leap to the giant arm on, shot with the light and lively skill electricity forward, the long sword will hold up suddenly, Is concentrating on the Saint strength, pricks in the nape of the neck of giant, causes the greatly strengthened damage.

In the city wall, the Saint light is intermittent, these are temple Knight start the effect that the skill initiates, has these powerful temple Knight to protect our cities luckily not to fall into enemy hands.

After massacring several earth giants continuously, I return to the city wall to continue to lead the palace guard imperial enemy immediately, the population of this fight is disparate, but the strength disparity is not big, if Redding and Kate strength only dispatch 10 thousand medium Hybrid Demon to attack us, we can definitely be able to defend.


In this time, suddenly airborne crazy thunder twinkle, that was...... Demoniacal Redding?!

Really, the next quarter, the giant godship starlike image appears in airborne, Redding holds up Axe from the sky to get angry chops to the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den city, reflects the huge reflection, the might of this axe exceeded initially the silver spear to chop into pieces a Dragon's den sword as ever, if the frontage hit, that cold uncultivated land Dragon's den decided however must turn into stretch of ruins!

However at this time is different in those days, initially Frost only had the Holy Domain strength, but now has the superior god strength that awakened!

Really, above the city wall Frost stands there proudly, pricks in the sword blade edge the crenelation, the both arms hand over in the front, golden energies are stirring, gains ground suddenly, a god feather shield transforms rapidly increases, the entire cold uncultivated land Dragon's den north city wall will cover in!


An earthshaking bang, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sends lossless, but Redding was actually shaken to fly high to fly with the axe, sprinkles the next blood, somewhat is quite pitiful.

Frost does not feel better, the complexion is somewhat pale, puts out a hand to grip to cut Hua sword the sword hilt, is actually not able to move in this time suddenly body, look stunned standing there: „What's wrong?"

Wind system strength that is almost unable to see together lingers between her both legs and both hands, distant place airborne, a form of outstanding ability reappears faintly, ranks the 13 th Hybrid Demon monarchy Kate strength, on his face brings to kill intent, the finger ties seal, dance of the battle dress in the strong gale, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Regicide Frost, you kill monarchy Luo Lin that oneself had once given loyalty, suffers to death!"

The extravagant sword crack that „buzz", sky floating clouds dispersing, handle hurricane forms empties under!

Frost in the immobilization of struggling wind power, Cooldown is unable to avoid, but one side, Queen Zi Shu began finally, an initial consonant Dragon roared has made a fist, the fist vigor from the sky condensation was a main item, above fierce move that loudly the hit in Kate strength condensed, two disintegration, has hit an evenness, simultaneously the Odelia form disappeared in a flash, next one already after appearing before the body of Kate strength, a sword divided suddenly!


The air/Qi shield instantaneous disintegration of Kate strength body week, on the face is bringing astonished, Odelia leaves the speed of sword to be much quicker, the arm shakes, immediately Kate strength has on the chest the blood to spatter in all directions, leaves to draw back anxiously, several sword spirit cavalry soldiers kill, loudly exclaimed: „Female very rested injures me to advocate!"

A Odelia spin body, sprinkled the arc sword air/Qi to return to above the city, the corners of the mouth raised: „Have you seen that attractive female thief? Idiot who one crowd cannot judge the quality of goods!"

However at this moment Redding is Axe attacks, Frost watches, deeply inspired to make to break the immobilization of Kate strength, the sword blade edge has swept away, the overwhelming sword air/Qi struck to fly Redding once more, but both sides urged the energy of sending also from the sky to erupt, the gale almost soon blew the people unable to open eyes.

When the people cover the face the mask gale, suddenly „whiz" the unexpected blow drops from the clouds together!


The blood spatters in all directions, the person of arrow is Red Dragon queen Zi Shu, among the twin peaks is poking an arrow arrow, this arrow arrow punctured thoroughly the Zi Shu guard energy unexpectedly, should have the what kind sharpness?

The people look up, in the cloud layer, the Seurre's graceful physique appeared, is raising the long bow, has not spoken.

Seurre also came!


Zi Shu draws back several steps continually, complexion is somewhat pale.

Frost hurried [say / way]: „Zi Shu, are you all right?"

Zi Shu lifts the hand to draw out the arrow arrow, is bringing the blood, on the face is having the color of pain, said: „I am all right, the small wound, this injury regarding the vitality formidable big dragon is not anything."

Frost is silent, but actually also knows that the arrow of ordinary people are flexure is itchy regarding Zi Shu, the person but who shoots arrows is elf queen Seurre, that completely was different.

The atmosphere on Dragon's den already fell into a deathly stillness, Seurre has also brought an army, 100,000 people, this time do not deliver the appearance of experience to us actually likely, was more like must capture cold uncultivated land Dragon's den directly.


The offensive that Little Rock encounters is also getting stronger and stronger, finally, Redding sent out demon palace Knight and barbaric wolf to ride two big 7 levels of Hybrid Demon branch of the services to attack us finally, the quantity approximately in 5 thousand about, Little Rock in his opinion just likely was small mound of earth, but for a long time could not take over the later Redding to become angry out of shame finally, decided that sent to destroy completely us with large army, was lucky is in Little Rock does not have what god level NPC, otherwise Redding feared that was must begin personally.

This is also good, we are only willing to face ordinary Hybrid Demon, considers as finished as for Redding this king level Hybrid Demon, under the present situation the terrifying does not hit!

At this time, demon palace Knight killed, was impacting our city wall unceasingly, great crags divided to turn into the fragment in chopping of demon palace Knight, the situation was worrying, and on the city many palace guards have been injured, the battle efficiency sharp decline, such hit perhaps to want the rout again!



A news came from young lady girlfriend: „Couldn't palace guard camp soon resist?"

„Yes!" I spoke bluntly.

Lin Wan Er sends in a smiling face symbol, said: „Supports again for 5 minutes, I send for the reenforcement immediately!"



Finally, but also is less than five minutes, on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den scarlet red rushed to plunder the mountain wall, nearly does not look that our [Zhan Long] just obtained the melt god cavalry, Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and Moon Feather three ride the war is female Ben Hang in the front line, brought One Second Hero, Star Blade and Lin Little evil and the others, the main force to come!

[Zhan Long] altogether came about 1 thousand person high and low, 2000 melt god cavalries clear the way, the middle is long-distance is, the supplies team, the rear area is 2000 melt god cavalries, making me shake for it mind, did we have 4000 melt god cavalries? Simply invincible!

„Prepares the Kaesong gate, greets reinforcements!" I shouted to clear the way loudly.

The Han deep pool nod smiles: „Compliant!"

The attribute of melt god cavalry is quite truly valiant, my younger sister Meng Yao clashes in the front line, the mount speeding away characteristics started, the speed surpasses full speed 50%, Meng Yao has brandished the long sword in hand, „" one directly striking to have fainted demon palace Knight, continuation that the speed does not reduce clashes forward, the long sword brandishes, demon palace Knight along the way will knock down unceasingly, Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero and the others wallops, under the speeding away effect, demon palace Knight almost did not have any strength to hit back.

Tomorrow starts to restore every day 2, the leaf trying hard village draft will wait for that next time will erupt, thanks everybody to like [Zhan Long] ~~

Zhan Long Chapter 987

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