Zhan Long Chapter 988

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I stand in the city wall wooden, whatever the snowflake falls on the body, looks at [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry heroic [Assault] of distant place, the whole person is about to have been shocked, in the heart has an idea: Too strong, this mount was too strong, simply incomparable going against heaven's will!


The melt god cavalry besides formidable attribute, two special effect is especially intrepid, one is „flying general", was decelerated the effect to reduce 70%, means that was hit by the incorruptible magic will not decelerate are too many, will not affect the overall [Assault] speed, moreover promotes destructive power of 40% to the city, this also means that we attacked a city seized territory possibly do not need the attacking a city car(riage), one group of melt god cavalries can destroy the city together.

Another special effect is „speeding away", the speed has 30% probabilities to cause its dizziness when over 50% targets, this has gone against heaven's will, in [Assault] chops to chop, this is rides the war is the foundation operative skills of player, the [Zhan Long] riding war is the player must thoroughly understand, but under the flying general effect, was decelerated the effect to reduce 70%, therefore maintains 50% speeds is not difficult, the flying general + speeds away, this simply is inborn two special effect of complementing one another, was doomed the performance-to-price ratio of this melt god cavalry is not ordinary mount can place on a par!


The city gate opened, Li Meng Yao first Cooldown breaks in Little Rock, turned around to progress to rush to the city wall, stood up from failure to discontinue to hold my hand, said with a smile: „Elder brother, are you all right?"

„All right, is the buckle of palace guard somewhat is serious!" I have swept surrounding one, 2 thousand palace guards in this storm at least the buckle over 2000 people, these people are palace guard elite elite, 2000 people also let me grievedly.

Yue Yao Yan has also crashed in the city, on the city wall said with a smile: „The following defense gave us!"



Again shortly, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue and other female also one after another enter the city, such comes [Zhan Long] elite continued to keep the death plain to tame the melt god warhorse besides Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others, almost elite came, 1 thousand person, defended Little Rock should also to suffice, in addition 3 thousand + people completely helped the Frost resistance powerful enemy on cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the [Zhan Long] majority of players have joined the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den regiment system, this time was the time that they gave loyalty.

Is raising the bloodstained butterfly sword, I walk on the city, to following to say after behind Han Yuan, Xiao severe: „Allowed the injured soldier fully to enter in the barracks to go to therapy, the city wall gives my person to defend imperial, the palace guard only left behind strength lossless temple Knight with guarding the archer in archer's tower helps in the fighting is OK."

The Han deep pool nods, said: „Strength is inferior to the temple Knight soldier unable to idle, I will make them help to transport to strike the stone rolling logs, can help dark Moon Elf transport the arrow arrow, their arrow arrow spending rate is not the general rapidness, we have manufactured a large quantities of bow and arrow before luckily, at this time can apply."

Xiao Lidao: „Was a pity that the heavy artillery camps of our palace guard near fire Divine Mountain, were a pity...... Otherwise this fights us not to hit such frigidity!"

Dragon Xing shows a faint smile, said: „Actually, entire Tian Ling Empire, can resist the Hybrid Demon army not quite to be many directly, but our palace guards not only can resist the Hybrid Demon army, even can also hit them to be horrible to look, with this strength, in the annals of day plume empire must have our one, how commands the Sir you to think?"

I also smile: „That must think us whether was annals written."


Soon , the palace guard removes the city in abundance, only remaining has the military officer of temple Knight strength, as well as helps us defend the dark Moon Elf young girls of imperial city.

4000 melt god cavalry almost send lossless entered in the city, was long-distance is performance Cooldown of player, the melt god cavalry lifted the shield defense in the city edge, will climb up on the demon palace of city to ride to chop, the pitiful demon palace rode when climbing up the scaling ladder is unable to ride mount, the attribute falls suddenly, completely was not our melt god cavalry match.

This is obtains the golden opportunity of the empirical value and meritorious value, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Dancing Forest, Xing Lie, Lian Po and other long-distance are the player is outputting cheerfully, turned into the corpse 7 levels of Hybrid Demon of batches of attack cities completely, but the close combat is the player is also unwilling lonely, soon after personally is led 2000 melt god cavalries to go out of town by me, killed seven to enter seven in the crowd of demon spirit big sword, but the demon spirit big sword master did not have the means that Movement Speed of melt god cavalry was too quick, pursued and cannot overtake, will hit directly is fainted to dying, completely not means.


Cooldown every little bit passing, after cold uncultivated land Dragon's den defends the imperial war has continued the entire 4 hours, the Tian Ling Empire players also hear the rumor, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Prague] and other Guild have sent at least over ten thousand people of teams to help in the fighting, such one is in inverse proportion, Redding, Kate strength and Seurre's military strength was consumed seriously, arrives extremely again afterward, Ba Huang City sent dozens dragon crystal artillery to open fire to wreak havoc on the city, Hybrid Demon almost fell into the slaughtered region, is unable to break through the destiny that the city also can only accept to be repulsed.

To around 11 : 00 o'clock at night, the gong of distant place resounds, Hybrid Demon stopped attacking a city to retreat officially, about 40 thousand troops had been massacred by us about half, but the retreats of remaining person as before sea of people, making us not have the desire that a point wanted to chase down, especially Seurre soared in airborne, this elf queen was the genuine regicide, first emperor died under her arrow, and this fought her to wound Queen Zi Shu, no one is willing to breathe in her firing distance, this simply too danger!

In Little Rock, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing and other military officers started the battlefield cleanup, builds the city, buried dying in battle, built the grave and carving inscribed text for it, simultaneously treated the wounded, but the [Zhan Long] people duty was simpler, went out of town, one group of melt god cavalries were under the city the battlefield cleanup to tidy up equipment, equipment and goods that 78 hours of struggle, on many faces the killed monster blew out tumbled under the mountain, accumulated hill one piece, melt god cavalry first Cooldown rushed tidies up, naturally also became the biggest beneficiary.

After a half hour, I led the people to return to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, discovery cold uncultivated land Dragon's den was also actually holding a memorial service for dying in battle, even, Qing Luo eye red the appearance that as if just had not sobbed, I walked to ask: „How?"

Qing Luo has cried, has not spoken.

I walked immediately, separates the crowd, actually discovered that Red Dragon pours at the ground wail, the one side is chest cavity broken Knight, is of red Dragon Rider gentlemen cold uncultivated land Dragon's den 15 Dragon Rider gentlemen, looking at the wound should die under Axe of Redding.

Knight and mount dragon signed the life contract, Knight died, the life of fire dragon has also come to the end, therefore sounding of this dragon so sorrowful.

Frost was reading out the memorial ceremony oration in side, the look on face was not quite attractive, even if this fought we to win, but also was the hard victory, the price of paying was really too many.


At exactly 12 : 00, after accompanying two female have eaten a midnight snack , to continue to get online, is missing the matter in game, tonight rested on the evening has met, after all the death plain direction has not spread the news.

About 2 points about, I defend above cold uncultivated land Dragon's den as before, will sit accompanies Frost to look at the point spark of distant place north territory on the crenelation, Hybrid Demon will also light a fire to illuminate in the night, and in the Hybrid Demon territory will have the lively city, but will not be occupying humanity, Odelia went to the northern territory to treasure hunt once more, Queen Zi Shu stayed in the room to rest, was away from our not far away the place is Dragon's den armed soldier guards, after this fought, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den defense woods were also cold, we experience to the deceitful in many ways of Hybrid Demon king, who has been able to be assured they not. Will send the killer to assassinate the severely wounded Red Dragon queen?

Again shortly afterward, finally, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others has returned to the city, trod the snowy area excited to walk, no matter also side sits Frost, saying laughingly: „Xiao Yao, you cannot think absolutely we plundered up the den in Redding altogether to obtain many melt god warhorses finally!"

I slightly somewhat am also excited, asked: „How many?"

Wang Jian said: „We had afterward gotten so far as 11000 + mount quartzes, in other words adds on the beforehand 4000 people, now our [Zhan Long] can have 15000 + melt god cavalries, the death plain underground limestone cave has pulled out to empty by us, finally fired a gun to blow up completely, these 1.5 thousand melt god cavalries have been out of print!"

I beam into a smile: „170 levels of Demon Harvest step mount, enough projected on the game final time!"

Li Mu said: „Now, the main pledge altogether can have 15000 melt god cavalries, sur- 9000 fire Dragon Rider, this was rides the war that the main pledge had completely is the strength, rode as for Steel Blade, I gave to arrange to the minute pledge to go completely, about 21000 + people of appearances, the [Zhan Long] main cavalry soldier added about 45000 people, sufficient?"

I shake the head: „Is unassuageable , to continue to develop, maintains the main pledge battle efficiency purity, divides the pledge to continue to develop, these gave you, the future war will hit was the population, the person the more better."

Wang Jian said with a smile: „Is reasonable, 4.5 thousand cavalry soldiers, seem like sufficient, but once fights the country war, tens of millions person showdowns, this person fills the gap between teeth to be insufficient from the start, moreover is not melts god cavalry type to work as hundred cavalry soldier branch of the services."

I rub the eyes, said: „Cooldown early, you continuously online were not long, assigns the duty earlier to rest!"



Urged after these game madman offline rest, I examined a meeting in the palace guard camp, finally was also tired, has a look in the good friend list, only then a few madmen are still practicing the level, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and other female already offline rested the cosmetology to think, I also chatted a meeting with Frost, has exchanged the empirical value the meritorious value that this expedition death plain obtained.

offline, rest!


Waking up time is next morning, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue agreement buys the summer clothing in the afternoon, two female went to be not quite safe. I then.

Zhan Long Chapter 988

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