Zhan Long Chapter 989

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Returns to the dwelling time is next afternoon, gets online in a hurry , to continue to handle the matter in game.


Appears in the camp of palace guard, has repaired equipment in blacksmith there, then goes to the warehouse supplement enough potion, the summon god fierce fine horse, bringing Ancient Heavenly Tiger to progress the camp, Han Yuanzheng led heavy cavalry of one group of palace guards in carrying on the [Assault] training by far, the distant place scouted the cavalry soldier is maintaining around Little Rock the warning line.


Just is thinking, suddenly behind hears bang the hoofbeat, turns round to look that is [Zhan Long] group team leader Tang Xin female leads one group of melt god cavalries to descend the mountain from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, distant saw me, the small girl turns around the direction to directly soar me to come, to be distanced less than ten meters time said with a smile: „Guildmaster, you are still training and consolidating the palace guard!"

„Yes!" I think her and her behind about 200 + [Zhan Long] melt god cavalries, asked: „Which is your this must go?"

Tang Xin said with a smile: „The injury restoration of Red Dragon queen needs constantly the raw material for medicine, but this raw material for medicine in remote [Assault] canyon edge, therefore we received 300 people of duties of this SS level, goes to [Assault] canyon, urges to go faster returns, melts Movement Speed of god cavalry to be quick in any case enough."

„That must be careful, the [Assault] canyon is the domain of Kate strength, this goods with our fierce battle, definitely were just tightly guarded yesterday, do not come hardly."

„Knows that our innate discretion!"

„That is good, goes!"

„Guildmaster said goodbye."


Looks that Tang Xin leads one group of melt god cavalries to go far away, I also show a faint smile, since I bring from Fan Shu City palace guard part of main forces are removing to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, [Zhan Long] member also gradually practicing the level center of gravity shifted to the Hybrid Demon territory from Fan Shu City fire Divine Mountain, but this is also good, although the monster resources of fire Divine Mountain are rich, but is actually well below the drop rate of Hybrid Demon territory, after all the Hybrid Demon territory also has many inferior god level BOSS besides the remaining 8 Hybrid Demon kings, can blow out the magical instrument, this is one piece has the practicing level map of inside story very much!


Looked at own Level, 174 levels, do not need to worry to practice the level, my very long chapter of Fan Shu City, has not known actually there situation is what kind, and Tian Ling Empire is issuing a warrant for arrest in my this to pass the broken cauldron of foreign enemy now male, probably could not go back, shallow Lin Dingran can his father force, has not abolished to my issuing a warrant for arrest, but actually insisted that has not cancelled I break to pieces the cauldron male title, the dispute in day plume empire deliberation hall perhaps distant compared with me imagines must intense many.

Good, returns to Fan Shu City to have a look!


Under the city system, my direct transmission Fan Shu City, this secondary lord city was in every way getting more and more dignified under the construction, has the style of 1 level of main city, when I appear in the city, not far away one crowd of Cliff Dragon Cavalry discontinue to knee down immediately, shouted to clear the way lowly: „City main Sir!"

I nod, has not spoken, stands up from failure to start to speed away to go out of town, simultaneously gains ground to have a look, dragon nests stood erect in the city have formed with the Tian Ling Empire widely different architectural style, these dragon nests approximately also became a Fan Shu City sign, now everyone knows that Fan Shu City was one raises the city of crag dragon and flame hawk.

After going out of town, directly soars fire Divine Mountain to go, less than five minutes arrive in fire Divine Mountain at the foot of the hill, here is the barrack of palace guard.

, One group of making an inspection tour heavy cavalries progress to come by far, is one person of head holds up the long sword to shout to clear the way lowly: „Any person, dares to excel at rushing to the palace guard camp, immediately halts to me!"

I restrain the warhorse, stops slowly, has not spoken, another multitude of people long have recognized me actually, has a big shock, is joyful: „Commands the Sir, is Li Xiao Yao commands the Sir!"

However another multitude of people long actually sneer saying: „I only know that the palace guard has one to command Sir Xia Ye!"

I looked at this multitude of people long in consternation, his name was called „Liu Jun", the palace guard altogether 100 multitude of people were long, I can know not over 10, this was about one in that 90, absolutely did not have the impression.

„Nonsense, General Xia Ye has said that the broken cauldron male forever is the palace guard commands, this point will never change!" That year the light multitude of people long argued.

Liu Jun is one sneers: „Right? In the Tian Ling Empire city wall also posts is issuing a warrant for arrest the Li Xiao Yao bulletin, as long as is bringing the Li Xiao Yao head reporting on accomplishments , to promote the general directly, the brothers, you also in what?!"

In him behind, more than 200 palace guards were ignorant.

I somewhat am sigh with emotion, leave palace guard several days, unexpectedly some people have not recognized my this palace guard to command, such being the case, that must make him recognize was good!


The butterfly comes out of the sheath, is pointing to Liu Jun, I show a faint smile saying: „Father in palace guard several days, you do not want to jump the wall inadequately, comes the person, takes Liu Jun, sees Xia Ye with me together, the disobeying orders same crime cuts!"

One group of soldiers are dumbfounded, they approximately are Liu Jun subordinate subordinates, cannot start.

My look one severe, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Palace guard commands, are this multitude of people long? Begins to me, military commands are strictly obeyed, otherwise 1000 people completely cut!"

Immediately, several soldiers raise the long halberd to walk to go forward, discontinues Liu Junzhuai, another multitude of people long also together help, simultaneously holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Commands the Sir, General Liu Jun does not know you, but also asked you to leave a loophole!"

I smile: „Relax, I do not command now, must look how General Xia Ye processed."



The group enter the palace guard to be stationed in the armed forces big account under mountain, summer leaf distant moving forward to meet somebody, knees down suddenly, said excitedly: „General, you came back finally!"

I show a faint smile: „Were the palace guards recently good?"

Xia Yedao: „Respectfully follows the military order edict, end has trained the soldiers in the diligence, the casting dragon crystal artillery, does not dare to have any idleness fully."

I nod: „Xia Ye, this multitude of people long Liu is Jun your subordinate subordinate?"

„Yes, how?" Xia Ye is stunned.

I: „He must take me, sends to Tian Ling Empire to receive in exchange for in one title of general."


Xia Ye is angry suddenly, goes forward is a foot tramples in Liu Jun's front, the anger shouts to clear the way: „bastard, you may know that does not have the broken cauldron for the benefit of all not having today's palace guard, you think that who times wins are lead the palace guard to obtain? Comes the person, promoted the outer gate to cut to me Liu Jun!"

Liu Jun complexion with amazement: „General Xia Ye, end will be loyal and devoted to you, do you want to kill me unexpectedly?"

Xia Ye sneers: „The entire palace guards are only loyal and devoted to a person, that is the General Li who you must take, Liu Jun, you were initially are also commanded the belt to come out earliest a group of palace guards by Li Xiao Yao from Tian Ling Empire, unexpectedly will think to betray the general, was blinded by greed simply, ungrateful!"

Nearby multitude of people long hold the fist in the other hand to say hurriedly: „Li Tongling, General Xia Ye, does not want...... Liu Jun was also had fought many battles for the palace guard, if had cut him at this time, that direction harassed the morale!"

My knitting the brows head, said: „Ok, Xia Ye, the stick responsibility one has been OK, keeps his life, eliminates the multitude of people long post, since the corporal does, Liu Jun, do you have the complaint?"

Liu Jun knees down hurriedly: „End...... Small many thanks commands under the Sir blade to be forgiving!"


Afterward, Liu Jun was towed, hears the pitiful yell sound, is in front of people to receive 100 stick responsibility, but he is the Divine Tier BOSS , 100 stick is also nothing.

After several minutes, 5 will take away, is Yorozuo of palace guard is long, after seeing me, immediately on the face completely is the pleasantly surprised color: „General, do you come back?!"

I nod smile: „Had not seen you for a long time."

Xia Ye puts out a hand to let, say with a smile: „General, invited the commander in chief position!"

I hold the sword hilt of butterfly to walk to go forward not responsibly, stand on armed forces account position, the sand table in the front, above is centered on fire Divine Mountain and Fan Shu City extends to the surrounding, is setting up red pennants, these are representing the palace guard in soldier place, I looked silently for nearly a half minute, said: „Did summer leaf, say recently the situation of palace guard?"

Xia Ye nods saying: „After general walks, your majesty ordered the imperial guard to command from the war institute chooses 2 thousand recruits to join the palace guard, therefore we had the establishments of 6 thousand people once more, this group of recruits in stepping up to drill, as for military baggage, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery has also cast much, we supposed 12 points camps around fire Divine Mountain, scouted the radius 30 li (0.5km)."

I commended say with a smile: „Good, is good!"

Xia Ye truly is one good.

The fine silks are raising the long bow, asked: „General, the situation of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den there another palace guard how?"

I said with a smile: „Also good, bright temple there sent 2000 temple Knight level soldiers . Moreover, Ba Huang City Queen Angela has given me 3 thousand recruits, during the intense drill, in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den there, the palace guard has supported soldier 5 thousand, but did not have the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery these military baggage, therefore the strength was not the strongest condition."

Xia Ye said pleasantly surprised: „Then, our palace guards have supported the soldier 11 thousand audiences once more, good...... Good!"

The fine silks said with a smile: „General did not have for a long time, this time then lived in several day!"

I shake the head: „It is not good, I wear the treason charge after all, once the rumor walks to reveal Going out not to be wonderful."

Xia Ye said in a low voice: „Relax, palace guard everybody keeps one's mouth shut, who will betray the general?"

„Good, leading me to reduce heat excavation in Divine Mountain examining the mineral lode."



In an instant three hours pass by, after I descend the mountain, Xia Ye, fine silks and other Yorozuo have prepared the evening banquet steadily, camps out to bake a delicacy juiciness wild suckling pig outside armed forces, the meat is overflowing fragrant, but has not drunk wine, one of the palace guard military discipline is in the camp can not banquet.

The dim light of night culmination, an intermittent hoofbeat transmits in the night wind, unexpectedly appears somewhat tranquil.

Soon , the soldier is suddenly circular: „General Xia Ye, has the general who came from Tian Ling Empire to see you, he brought the serving as a tool token."

„, Takes to bring in!"


Soon, rides the warhorse the person to graze to enter, does not pass away the upper hood the cape, the face is not looking in the cape clearly, after he discontinues, then said with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao commands really here!"

„Who are you?" I stand up.

He lifts the hand to lift the cape, is the imperial guard commands a Situ Xin Zhang Junxiu face impressively, the corners of the mouth raises, says with a smile: „General does disaster is imminent, dare to enjoy happy of mouth desire unexpectedly here?"

Zhan Long Chapter 989

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