Zhan Long Chapter 990

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„Disaster is imminent, what meaning?" I asked.

Situ Xin said lightly: „General Li whether the stick responsibility has been called ‚Liu Jun' valiant cavalry?"


„This is the [say / way] of courting disaster!" Situ firewood lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „This Liu Jun escaped from the camp of palace guard at the same night, enters truly in the town south palace that Tian Ling Empire builds, informs truly, General Li was in the palace guard camp in fire Divine Mountain, truly has issued the attack command secretly, threatened that the palace guard harbored the felon, is the same crime, was not as expected the words, not over half double-hour, Rong Di cavalry soldier near fire Divine Mountain, and possibly was much more these, I heard that the hot axe armed forces were stationed in the military god riverside, they came to be quicker, but hot axe armed forces vice- commanded has taken the mobilizing soldiers token!"


Xia Ye stands up suddenly, face whiten: „Truly with Luo child does dare flagrantly so rashly, unexpectedly wants to attack our palace guards? This...... Didn't this too pay attention to our palace guards?"

Situ Xindao: „Truly supports the soldier 250,000, the artillery reenforcement of additional getting angry axe armed forces, perhaps...... Crazy Lei Jun, the purple spirit armed forces together will also launch the attack, the palace guard here only then trivial is less than 6 thousand, can contend with five times really in own military strength?"

Summer leaf angry [say / way]: „Situ firewood, what do you mean, has the words to speak frankly!"

Situ firewood sound somewhat ice-cold: „You think why I can notify? Told you, this was your majesty meaning, making me ask you early to make the resolution, do not wait till truly army soldier before the camp responded."

A Yorozuo long said: „Since the name of truly finishing an apprenticeship is to command the Sir in palace guard Battalion Nei, that commanded the Sir to walk, to make them not have the handle?"

I beckon with the hand, said: „Intention truly is to destroy completely the palace guard, I walk or do not walk am same, he will certainly attack, destroys completely the palace guard, to capture the mineral lode of fire Divine Mountain, this is the truly real objective."

Situ Xin shows a faint smile: „Also has to understand affair, does General Li, what to do you plan?"

„Is ready to cope with anything to resist by whatever means available, kills!"

I clench teeth, in the eye is passing the chill in the air, said: „Truly in the day that Tian Ling Empire hoodwinked the public also this to the end!"

Situ Xin nods, in the eye is having the color of applause, said: „Your majesty these days day did not feel better, the town southern king regent government, promoted many his people to hold the post of the heavy duty, has interrupted your majesty all reviewing memorials to the throne, now the deliberation hall in day plume empire has half is person truly, even, he also your majesty chose the western region female to marry for the shallow forest, tried to control your majesty all."

I in consternation: „Shallow forest he......"

Situ Xin clenches teeth saying: „Your majesty has been at a loss facing this act, his military authority south the king by the town was deprived completely, some only here also real power, therefore your majesty hopes that the general opened this deadlock, this was a gambling house, the general can rout Rong Di Jun, that was the empire first hero, perhaps otherwise, plume empire the position of sovereign one month must exchange ownerships on this day, the shallow forest your majesty almost poured into all hopes on Li Master!"

Saying, Situ Xin kneels suddenly, pulls out together the token from the bosom, said: „End will present Emperor's Command to accept also on general of general with commanding the token, here has your majesty paper hand-written letter!"

I received the token and hand-written letter, above impressively clear writing one line of characters, is the handwriting of shallow forest: „Li Master, the floating clouds block out the sun, world Ningxia, please for an empire war, the still rebellion, General Situ Xin do not allow somebody to have his own way dispatches, the shallow forest only word, please keep a father life, otherwise shallow forest in vain manner!"

Reads this hand-written letter, I somewhat am stunned, the shallow forest has made finally the choice, facing pressing on step by step truly, he has chosen the revolt, but the shallow forest is person of the loyalty, finally is not willing to strike a vicious blow to the father, is hoping as before I can keep a truly life.


Will write personally in the income bosom, I nod saying: „Understood, I knew!"

Situ Xindao: „General, what do you have to arrange?"

I nod the head, said: „Palace guard shifts to fire Divine Mountain in immediately completely, takes advantage of the high ground superiority defense, I momentarily can coordinate in the Fan Shu City Dragon's den armed forces, my transmitting orders will make the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den 5 thousand palace guard starry nights march the reenforcement, the tripartite military strength merge, fights it out with Rong Di Jun!"

Situ Xin said excitedly: „End 4 thousand imperial guards will have gone out of town, what needs to make?"

I: „While the camp that the night attacks the purple spirit armed forces, cuts to kill Xiahou Ren, captures their dragon crystal artillery, bombs crazy Lei Jun Position!"


Situ Xin is stunned: „General is prudent, the purple spirit armed forces and crazy Lei Jun are the empire main force armies, according to this idea slightly, perhaps entire Tian Ling Empire will fall into piece of flames of war, will meet life Tu Tan inevitably!"

I said lightly: „Eliminates evil thoroughly, I must borrow this war, Tian Ling Empire filthy sweeps to be clear."


Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand, said: „End will respectfully follow the order, I!"

„General Situ, be careful!" I think him, said with a smile: „This war unusual bad risk, you may probably live are coming back, otherwise plume empire the palace of this day was too lonely."

Situ Xin turns head to smile: „Li Master felt relieved, end with every effort must certainly coming back of entire tail."

„Ha Ha, goes!"


Packs off Situ Xin, I ordered the palace guard to shift the barrack immediately, Xia Ye immediately command the soldier to transport the dragon crystal artillery to climb mountains, one in a hurry shipped on the grain and fodder, was too heavy, the too numerous and diverse things to give up completely.

I transmitted cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, went to the palace guard station directly, ordering Han Yuan, Xiao severe, the dragon whetstone three military officers to assemble the entire force to reduce heat Divine Mountain to reenforce immediately, afterward the steps entered the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den administrative hall, Frost have been reviewing the document, saw me to come in then to gain ground to say with a smile: „, The whole person was how travel-worn."

I said in a few words: „Day plume empire must cloud over, truly, Luis, Luo child Xiahou Ren will soon kill the palace guard, therefore I will mobilize the strength that all can use to gain the victory of this war."

Frost stands up, on the pretty face full is stunned: „This is...... Needs the army help of our cold uncultivated land Dragon's den?"

I shake the head: „They need to defend imperial Dragon's den, but my truly two matters must request you."

Frost throws smiles: „You had the matter saying that so was why polite?"


I deeply inspire, said: „First, making Qing Luo lead, 10 Dragon Rider soldiers led a cheer for me, other military strength do not use . Moreover, you must do a matter for me personally."

Frost opened Zhang Xiaozui, said with a smile: „What wants me to make for you personally?"

I hesitate: „Perhaps once the mutiny, the shallow forest your majesty the life will have the security, therefore I need you imperial palace since day plume empire, protects the shallow forest not to receive any injury."

„This simplicity." Frost shows a faint smile: „Slight effort, you felt relieved that I start immediately Tian Ling Empire!"



Left the front door of administrative hall, Qing Luo led 9 Dragon Rider soldiers to wait outside, I ordered them to set out with Han deep pool and other palace guards directly together, when the time comes attacked and defends together is OK.

When I arrange all times, Angela brought Bodyguard to come unexpectedly, wind and frost of face, saw after me, said: „General Li Xiao Yao, heard that Tian Ling Empire had the important matter to occur, right?"

I admit frankly: „Soon will have a war, the palace guard and Rong Di Jun will fight it out in following Cooldown!"

Anji chats: „Ba Huang City is Tian Ling Empire the city of treaty of alliance, at this time we will not abandon the letter to make, said that needs me to make anything, Ba Huang City will certainly not shirk."

I asked: „How many troops can Ba Huang City use?"

Anji chats: „210 000 military strength."


I finally started confidently, said: „Does not need the queen to meet head-on personally, I want your this 210 000 person to send out, to lift the flag protection of Tian Ling Empire around Tian Ling Empire Wang City, forbids to enter the city besides any military strength outside palace guard and imperial guard, must guarantee that in the war of this turmoil does not have any army to threaten Wang City!"

A Angela nod: „Relax, I handle certainly!"

„Um, I walked!"



The situation is urgent, I also immediately said in guild channel, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Li Mu and the others working efficiency is how intrepid, the melt god cavalry and others builds up in Fan Shu City in abundance, simultaneously I also start to relate the friend pledge, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song and the others expressed willingness to dispatch troops to Fan Shu City, is a [Zhan Long] war!

However, those who most make me not think was Q-Sword adds my good friend on own initiative, and has sent in the voice quickly, the sound was tranquil, said: „Xiao Yao, Cang Cheng has dispatched troops, over 7 thousand rising sun such as the blood player has been away from fire Divine Mountain less than 10 minutes of traveling schedule . Moreover, Cang Cheng also united the temple Knight group, the sword porch and Emperor's Blood, every, [House of Prestige] and other Guild to attack fire Divine Mountain together, hot axe armed forces Luo child dotard was said by Cang Cheng moves, has dispatched the hot axe armed forces entire 5 thousand military strength to reduce heat Divine Mountain, but, under my hand 1 thousand army was buckled by me, this time, I only want to ask your a few words: But is willing to collaborate with me?"

The Q-Sword main pledge was ruined by Wang Ze Cheng one, this account he has definitely recorded.

I replied immediately: „Joyfully utmost!"

Q-Sword said with a smile: „Good, I will be having the [Hero's Mound] 6 thousand person military strength, in addition the 1 thousand army's of hot axe armed forces south of fire Divine Mountain in jungle ambushes, once they start to attack fire Divine Mountain, I start to dispatch troops!"



Several minutes later, [Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior has sent in a news: „Young fellow, entire Tian Ling Empire wanted the turmoil to get up, didn't this type of big weaponry call us [Prague] unexpectedly?"

I laugh: „Feared that uncle your arm old leg cannot follow everybody's fight rhythm!"

Yan Zhao Warrior is speechless: „You are waiting, I must make you know that anything is called Lian Po to be old, can still ten bowls!"

I somewhat was also speechless, but Yan Zhao Warrior can help is best, only has not taken a stand was Fang Ge Que, but Fang Ge Que now is the flame Dragon Jun's command, moreover itself has not participated in revenged kill between Q-Sword and Wang Ze Cheng, therefore the neutrality also felt emotion to be possible original, the overall strength that then this fought was we occupies absolutely superiorly, the only variable was the NPC army, looked that Rong Di Jun's explosive force had was much strong!

Zhan Long Chapter 990

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