Zhan Long Chapter 991

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„Bang bang bang......"

The distant place, the flame soars to the heavens, was that the camp of purple spirit armed forces, the imperial guard that Situ Xin led started to attack?

Properly speaking the purple spirit armed forces are far from the well-trained imperial guard match, but can little lose some are?

Therefore, I added the Jian Feng Han good friend immediately, he is Yorozuo long rank player in purple spirit armed forces only player, after joining the good friend, immediately turned on communication, Jian Feng Han speaks actually first: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster for the matter of fire Divine Mountain contest?"

I admit frankly: „Xiahou Ren of purple spirit armed forces is person truly, this time will declare war to the palace guard inevitably, therefore, hopes that Jian Feng Han Guildmaster do not involve."

Jian Feng Han shows a faint smile: „You have gotten, at this time me told that doesn't think somewhat late? However you felt relieved that I have not participated in this war, the purple spirit armed forces were my thousand military strength to be remained by the reason of defending the border by me have not turned over to the sea edge, Xiahou Ren to the military order that I sent I also when has not seen."

I nod: „That, won't [Vanguard] attend this fire Divine Mountain contest thank you?"

Jian Feng Han shakes the head: „Will not participate, but asked you to help, had the opportunity words to butcher Xiahou Ren, I was gesticulated by him was too long, already does not want to endure."

„Good, wishing you to be promoted with all attendant honor the new purple spirit armed forces to command."



Such came and handles an influence, Jian Feng Han has not wanted to attend this war, actually for him this did not have what significance, the interest relations not so were obvious, „generally the Jian Feng Han individuality was that type does not bear a grudge, has a grudge reported at the scene" that therefore the rising sun such as the ice of blood rode spirit in Tian Ling Empire kills people everywhere, but little provoked the [Vanguard] person.

Late at night, cold wind flap flap.

The night and daytime on fire Divine Mountain simply is the difference of heaven and earth, daytime in just likes roasts roasts, but in the evening is iced cold.

One group of palace guard armed soldiers grasp the shield to defend imperial above the mountainside, the people have not held up the flare, but the dragon crystal artillery completely has erected under the arrangement of summer leaf in the mountainside, firing distance 1000 yards, so long as Rong Di Jun dares to attack the mountain, that over 500 dragon crystal artillery absolutely can make them eat a pot well.

Under the mountain, the dense and numerous flares were shining upon the crowd, Xia Yehai coughing, said: „General, Rong Di Jun has arranged the military strength in our north-south directions, has encircled us evidently, temporarily they have not launched the attack, what's all this about?"

I am narrowing the eye, said: „Rong Di Jun from the north, does not excel at the gunpowder attack, they were waiting for that the artillery of hot axe armed forces does ship arrives?"

„Is the hot axe armed forces!" Xia Ye clenches jaws saying: „Luo child old thing simply is obsessed, is Mr. marquises in empire slightly has not actually been loyal to the consciousness of sovereign, simply is a dotard!"

I smile: „Was hoodwinked by the villain."

Xia Yedao: „Villain who Sir said that is the hot axe armed forces vice- commands Cang Cheng?"

„Um, how do you know?"

„A that person of villain countenance, end naturally knows!"



Soon, under the mountain the unceasing flare vacillates, the military strength are getting more and more, a dense and numerous piece looked that was popular somewhat shivered, several palace guard Yorozuo long frown, does not know that said any was good.

„Did they soon attack?" Xia Ye asked.

I nod: „Should be quick, should not be anxious, we do not want the flare, when they start to attack the mountain, our firing off bombing, we have the altitude advantage, the 1000 meters firing distance of dragon crystal artillery at least can promote 1300 meters away, their dragon crystal artillery were actually reduced to about 800 meters, we occupy completely take the initiative!"


Again after several minutes, under the mountain the oppression of the people sound reverberates, Rong Di Jun finally started to attack the mountain!

„Is now, the dragon crystal artillery, puts!"

I issue an order, the palace guard arranges the dragon crystal artillery in mountainside by the group way overlap release, every 10 dragon crystal artillery one groups, pile up in the different places, as the matter stands their artillery groups are unable to lock us.

„Bang bang bang......"

The ray that under the mountain dragon crystal artillery erupt glitters, is having shock-wave 11 dispersing of dragon crystal artillery, has formed the shape of being an excellent likeness nuclear bomb mushroom cloud, a Rong Di Jun of trim is miserably howling is falling with the horse bang, but the population was too crowded, as in crazy attacking mountain, moreover hot axe armed forces important also made a sound finally, fell in the mountain ranges, but the palace guard has not ignited, little can hit.

„Good, is this!" Xia Ye makes a fist, on the face full is frantic and excitement to the war, said with a smile: „Must such maliciously punches this crowd of damn rebelling!"

, A warhawk rode to search to fall suddenly, said in a low voice: „Commands the Sir, the crazy Lei Jun's 2 thousand infantry parallel advanced from the mountain range of our right wing!"

I beckon with the hand: „Xia Ye, ordering our heavy cavalries to discontinue, prepares to meet head-on!"

„Yes, General!"

The cavalry soldiers are unable to fight above the mountain massif, because the Ben Hangji of warhorse on the mountain is easy to lose the hoof, mount of player said fortunately, because controls by player, the NPC warhorse walked on the mountain on the barrier wants many, in fire Divine Mountain was very rugged, the heavy cavalry on the mountain simply was the waste, poured might as well discontinues the fight, this was better.

Crosses a meeting again , the warhawk rides to search to fall, said in a low voice: „General, they sent out the adventurer team to attack!"

Under the mountain, taking advantage of the fire of dragon crystal artillery , a troop ice rode spirit in starting to attack the mountain, Wang Ze Cheng was really too impatient, that anxiously me on the position that since the palace guard commanded pulled down?


Boom, the dragon crystal artillery of hot axe armed forces looked for the position, fell in the crowd of palace guard unceasingly, the miserable howling sound continuously, both sides battled officially comprehensively!

Another direction of mountain ridge also heard the battle sound that soared to the heavens, Lin Wan Er sends in the news, the temple Knight group Rong Di Jun, every and sword porch three big Guild in over 10 thousand starts to attack the mountain together, but the Fan Shu City direction, [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild started to dispatch troops to reenforce , in 10 minutes, the palace guard who Han Yuan and other military officers led soon will also arrive in the fire god wild gingseng war!

Cooldown crosses fast, both sides are exchanging the life, again after shortly afterward, Xuyang raises from the East together, punctures the cloud layer, falls in fully is the mountain ranges of corpse, wanton bombing that the palace guard, hot axe armed forces, crazy Lei Jun, purple spirit armed forces and other NPC army of the dragon crystal artillery one after another do not pass a night, many dragon crystal artillery, because used was frequently fiery explodes the chest cavity!

Under Chaoyang, rising sun such as blood still in attacking, but the taste does not feel better, in the jungle of distant place hears the war cries, Q-Sword leads the [Hero's Mound] Guild player who starts to strangle to death Rong Di Jun, the hot axe armed forces behind, but, Wang Ze Cheng can only summon the ice in frontal line to ride to turn back in order to help friendly forces spirit, his complexion is very unattractive, as if has not thought that Q-Sword „being a traitor", will be starting to the respective hot axe armed forces at this time suddenly!



The butterfly has shut off nape of the neck of hot axe armed forces valiant general stiffly, I jump, flew directly to the north of mountain range, there to Fan Shu City, fought the most intense place, direction camp that truly, Luis, Luo child and the others set up also under mountain, looked at the past from afar, even can see that truly rode above a white warhorse, a golden emperor robe, on the face was brimming with proud intent.

Fights the crackle of gunfire to be unceasing, in the mountainside defends imperial the palace guard recruit was swallowed by the fire unceasingly, under the mountain at least is placing over 300 dragon crystal artillery, one crowd that in addition truly enslaves dense and numerous „savage" army, the palace guard has appeared the somewhat weak color, south these savages are Zhenhai close the savageness uncivilized nationalities, truly was actually given to conquer to bring here by to work as the cannon fodder, the population at least also above 10 thousand people, no wonder truly unexpectedly such confident will come „encircling" palace guard.


A dragon crystal artillery blasts out in dead ahead, long explodes palace guard multitude of people are split up, under the shock-wave sways my Zixiao cape flap flap to make noise, the eye is almost unable to open, a Yorozuo long progressed hurriedly, said loudly: „Commands the Sir, please a bit faster evacuate here, was really too dangerous!"

I am raising the butterfly, said in a low voice: „I am all right, prepare to counter-attack!"

„Counter-attacks?" He visits me in consternation: „Our side mountain massifs, only then less than do 2 thousand people, counter-attack ten times in our enemies?"

„Relax, counter-attacks and that's the end!"

„Yes, Sir!"

At this time, the distant place presented dense and numerous scarlet red, that color striking also very much looked familiar, the melt god cavalry who [Zhan Long] recently obtained, and other player was led by Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian, Meng Yao, was impacting Rong Di Jun's rear area, I had the absolute confidence to them! Howls to enter thousand frost wing effects, shoots up to the sky, directly soars the front direction of melt god cavalry, dives suddenly, both hands are grasping the sword hilt of butterfly, rumbled outrageously [Seven Star Fragment Slash] the crowd, simultaneously the dance of ghosts and gods + trod the broken heavenly thunder to start together, the second of time killed a piece of Rong Di Jun dogface, but Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others laughed is grazing, the speeding away special effect started, cut to strike the dizziness the Rong Di Jun's soldier, one group of people flushed horizontally rush, Rong Di Jun like shears wheat dropping down immediately.

Several minutes later, Chi Yu Han led 1 thousand + Cliff Dragon Cavalry also to run out of Fan Shu City, directly soared Rong Di Jun!

A meeting, the hoofbeat transmits from the north again, the dense and numerous palace guard heavy cavalries came, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, the dragon whetstone three brave generals personally lead, and sky is circling 10 Dragon Rider soldiers, this strikes the steelyard weight to fall on heart truly likely, I looked at the past from afar, truly already could not stay put on the warhorse.

In an entire front, player also emerges, [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate], [Judgement], [Blood Contract] and other Guild kill, the player total number of people definitely over 40 thousand people, this war, truly lost!



In the crowd, Bai Li Ruo Feng lifts a hand arrow to kill a palace guard heavy cavalry, the complexion actually even more palely, said: „Cang Cheng that idiot did not say [Prague] and [Judgement] will not enter the war? Did not say that he, six he has reached an agreement with Ye Lai?"

Quick Thunder Swift Wind raises Axe to sweep away in crowd, gets angry: „Cang Cheng too underestimated the Xiao Yao Zi Zai personal connection ability! Guildmaster, do we retreat?"

Bai Li Ruo Feng desperate looks at the distant place: „The [Zhan Long] new cavalry soldier came, which toward runs away?"


The war cries rise from all directions, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others leads the melt god cavalry to sweep away, how the Bai Li Ruo Feng backlash, fends, god to walk the position, under the melt god cavalry speeds away the dizziness rapidly to cut down Kitakyushu and other [House of Prestige] Guild core players Bai Li Ruo Feng, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, Yaoyao, soldier to cut to kill all in the wilderness!

The micro letter activity continues to ask the ticket, takes up your cell phone, opens the micro letter, then increases the friend, searches the public number, wap_17k, the attention, then from there speech, sends to lose the fallen leaf, this is the activity complete flow, could not consume for one minute, short one minute, did not spend the one cent!

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Zhan Long Chapter 991

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