Zhan Long Chapter 992

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Under the mountain, Wang Ze Cheng rides a black warhorse, the long halberd in hand is shivering slightly, in the eye is passing the hatred, he is not willingly, but actually has to accept this failure, such as the blood has formed since the rising sun, as if during his plan, annexes [Thousand Burial] Greedy Wolf to ride step by step, the striking awe war that the invitation outstanding heroes attend destroys completely the [Hero's Mound] main pledge to set up the prestige, but this time facilitates the hot axe armed forces and Rong Di Jun to unite to attack the palace guard, is actually under him an extremely bold step chess, once has won, he approximately on is the leaders of fire axe armed forces, then becomes. Tian Ling Empire NPC palace speech pivotal character.

What a pity, he has misplaced the strategy of shallow forest, thinks that this monarchy as before is that ignorant ignorant boy, has not actually thought that the shallow forest had set firm resolve and sent Situ Xinlai palace guard to disclose secret information, if not obtain the news earlier, perhaps the palace guard in handling against under to suffer a loss under Rong Di Jun's cavalry soldier oppression of the people.

Call Me Master is looking at a intermittent fire on mountain, the brow tight wrinkle: „Did not have to hope, the palace guard and [Zhan Long] already had to prepare, our surprise attack non- achievement was equal to being defeated most probably."

Wang Ze Cheng is somewhat helpless: „On lord, which step should we then walk?"

Call Me Master shakes the head: „I do not know that I initially urged you should not be so impatient, you do not listen, what means now can I have?"

Idly in bypath: „Continues to attack the mountain, can kill a palace guard they to be few, but this [Hero's Mound] person was too bothersome, has died to nip us not to put."

Call Me Master frowns saying: „Idle, you said that this saying is falls simply our rising sun such as the blood in the beyond redemption situation!"

Stares idly: „On lord, what meaning is your this saying?"

Call Me Master said: „We lost this weaponry, most each people fall 1 level, what actually does not have at the worst, we have to lose, but hot axe armed forces and Rong Di Jun these NPC armies, if were annihilated completely, that feared us really to be beyond redemption, what then depended upon to contend with [Zhan Long] and palace guard?"

A Wang Ze Cheng nod: „OK, I understand any meaning on main saying! All people, prepare to retreat, kills a road backward, clears the way for the hot axe armed forces!"


Fights the situation to be gradually bright, Rong Di Jun batches of pouring in melt god cavalry and palace guard heavy cavalry and under Cliff Dragon Cavalry oppression of the people, north fire Divine Mountain nearly 3 hours of decisive battle, the victory and defeat the minute, Rong Di Jun 200 000 person at least had been killed to surpass 70%, but Zhihuiying that truly, Luis, Luo child and Yun Piaopiao and other NPC military officers are at also already surrounds by the palace guard and player, this time they were unable to escape even with wings.


The camp front, truly was roaring loudly: „Warhawk, gets down immediately, delivers us to return to Tian Ling Empire, Li Xiao Yao revolts thoroughly!"

Airborne, „Jie Jie" the hawk whining noise is unceasing, the warhawk that rush of blood to the head axe armed forces and crazy Lei Jun raise launched the wing to fly to Zhihuiying.

How I will make truly escape once more, the direct butterfly raises, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The Dragon Rider soldier and Flame Hawk Archers, strike to massacre their all warhawks, making them be unable to escape even with wings!"

Chi Yu Qing grasps the thorn whip to instigate the flame hawk to overrun, the whip sweeps away, „" pulled out two sections two warhawks together, but I also spun the body to shoot up to the sky, the magical instrument butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade fell on a body of warhawk together, the skill interweave, stiffly killed it, another direction, Qing Luo instigated quartz plate killing, but , the sword light passed over gently and swiftly to kill a warhawk, a big dragon yawn, unexpectedly directly another bird of prey warhawk biting three sections, the blood has spattered in all directions sprinkles place!


The blood of warhawk sprinkles on face truly, he traces the bloodstain on face, the complexion pale, draws back several steps continually, in the hand south the town the sword of king shivers slightly, said: „We...... Didn't we have the opportunity really? Where Li Xiao Yao...... this rebelled from seek so many helpers, this damn boy......"

Luis horizontal jib, grasps the long sword to progress to go forward, to airborne was shouting to clear the way loudly: „Broken cauldron male, you were one of the empire once important military officers, why must dispatch troops into battle to plot a rebellion, you slaughtered so many empire sergeants, may know that this how treason and heresy, I advised politely your one, reined at the brink of the precipice, town southern Your Highness Wang will speak several words of praise before the sovereign for you, perhaps...... Also can exempt you dead!"

Luo child also raised hand to hold up a manifesto reel, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you may know that you had issued a warrant for arrest by the sovereign, if continues impenetrably thickheaded, you will kill off us also only to carry on the back the eternity infamy!"

I am in airborne, sneers: „Bans the marquis, you force the shallow forest, did not fear that will carry on the back the eternity infamy? You such evil and cruel, wants shortly the destruction entire palace guard, this to call impenetrably thickheaded, things have gotten to this point, does not have the escape route again, I will not give the face again!"

Saying, I lift up high magical instrument butterfly, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Palace guard and imperial guard obey orders to me, kill off all Rong Di Jun, the wiped out to the last man!"

Truly is all roots, is the chief criminal, he depends on is also in the hand is grasping 25 thousand military strength, but these Rong Di Jun also to are truly loyal and devoted, they are not the people in south mainland, wants to tame them also is almost impossible, that cannot the womanly compassion tolerated abets evil, kills off, death ends all troubles!

„Ha Ha...... Ha ha ha ha ha......"

Truly visits airborne me, in the eye is passing several points of dismal unexpectedly, ridiculed recklessly: „This is the kernel of legend culmination plume empire Li Xiao Yao, this is the palace guard who in the legend never slaughters innocents commands...... Li Xiao Yao, have you torn down the false mask finally? Come, kills, the hero soul of 250,000 Rong Di brave warrior and I in!"

I have not spoken, Jianfeng wields, the palace guard and [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry started [Assault] to their final camps together, truly, Luis, Luo child also only then less than 1 thousand person guarded Zhihuiying, which can also be able to block, less than 10 minutes on all fronts collapsed, shortly afterward, in 1 thousand garrison troops crazy Lei Jun, the hot axe armed forces part will disarm again completely, but Rong Di Jun completely killed off, in this turmoil the player killed NPC to have the empirical value and meritorious value takes, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er they were glad this very much.


„Kneels down!"

A Han deep pool foot maliciously tramples on Luis's leg, immediately proud crazy Lei Jun commands kneels before me instantaneously, but the Luo four arms are shivering, knees down slowly, in the eye is passing desperately, has accepted fate, Xiahou Rengeng knees down long time ago, already did not have the initial rampant arrogance, side Xiahou Ren, in hand, in addition grasped the young girl of long halberd to look at my one eyes wickedly, she on was a that cloud is floating, takes over Qin Ye the position becomes commanding of flood dragon armed forces, the flood dragon armed forces had only been killed by us in a blue large male deer valley service. Remaining is less than 10,000 people, now a war, can have 3000 people good again.

In several senior generals, an only truly person stands there as before proudly, in the hand is grasping the long sword, lets somebody cool off or calm down looks at the surroundings, swings Xiao severe iron (spear gun) with the long sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way: „Go away!"

Xiao severe stares, Ping Jutie the (spear gun), has made the [Assault] gesture suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Old thing, are you are courting death?"

My hurried [say / way]: „Xiao severe, stop!"

Xiao severe is stunned: „Sir, why don't we butcher this old thing directly?"

I: „Temporarily, does not want first......"

At this time, distant place one group of cavalries flushed, is the imperial guard person, commanded Situ Xin in the front line, the hand is grasping the long sword, shouted loudly: „Broken cauldron male, please keep south the town a king life!"

He to plundering to come, to roll off the saddle to discontinue, kneels in my front suddenly, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Please retain a truly life, this is your majesty requested matter that only you handle......"

I knit the brows, said: „Situ firewood, I decided innately that you stand in the one side look!"



Truly is grasping the long sword, sneers saying: „Li Xiao Yao, you have won, finally you have won, is the taste of winner is what kind of?"


My deep looked at his one eyes, said: „Shallow forest is your son, are you for the authority, cruel enough to depose him really?"

Truly ice-cold saying: „Since old times the imperial throne had virtue to occupy it, the shallow forest that child's individuality extremely in the delicacy, on the tumultuous times, he only will actually delay the day of plume empire, even if the final winner is I, I only will also displace, but has not harmed his life."

I show a faint smile, pulls out the hand-written letter of shallow forest from the bosom, raised hand to throw Going out, the paper from the sky flew upwards, the above imperial seal color was passing blood red, I said: „This is the sovereign gives my secret order, the palace guard follows orders to sweep the empire to be filthy, but truly you are the father of sovereign, the despotism is arbitrary, forges an imperial edict the attack palace guard, harasses the internal affairs, according to law, when cuts, you have a look, above has the own handwriting character and imperial seal of seal shallow forest."

Is truly stunned: „Shallow forest he......"

Situ Xin in bypath: „South the town the king you could rest assured that the shallow forest said in the letter, forgives your life, you can take care of the natural lifespan until dying of old age in the imperial palace."

Truly whole body trembles, in eye is passing a hope: „Shallow forest...... Doesn't he kill me really?"

Situ Xin nods.

„......" I did not say one.

Almost all people looked instantaneously to me, Situ Xin said in consternation: „Did General Li, what you say?"

„I did not say."

My expression is tranquil, left hand lifted has drawn out the saber of Han Yuan waist, threw the long sword directly, „scoffing" a sword blade edge entered in uncultivated land earth before truly body, I said lightly: „Truly, you mediates voluntarily!"

Is truly stunned, the instantaneous tears fall, face upward a long and loud cry, laughs saying: „Li Xiao Yao Li Xiao Yao...... you are the day of plume empire biggest traitor, not? Ha Ha, you are the true fierce and ambitious......"

I smile lightly, sprinkle however said: „Mediates, if the common people scolded, this charge I carried then."

Situ Xin turns around to kneel before me hurriedly, said loudly: „General Li, does not want...... This...... But this truly the shallow forest your majesty the father, you cannot make him take in murder father's charge!"

I nod: „I know, therefore this charge I carry!"

Saying, in my eyes was passing is killing intent, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Truly, mediates! Makes reparations for the matter that you handle, killed my several thousand palace guard officers to make reparations for you, your despotism, let the strength buckle of day of plume empire over 50%, you did not die, how to thank the world?!"

Zhan Long Chapter 992

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