• Gakkou wo Deyou!
  • Gakkou wo Deyou!

  • Author(s) : Tanigawa Nagaru
  • Genres : Comedy - School Life
  • Status : ongoing
  • View : 2,561
  • Read First Chapter : Gakkou wo Deyou! Vol 1 Prologue
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    NovelZec.com Rate : 4.5/ 5 - 2 Votes

  • Gakkou wo Deyou! Summary:

    A slapstick story that takes place in The Third EMP Academy, one of the academies for mandated custody of people (mainly teenagers) possessing superpowers called EMP. Basically the story is narrated in first-person perspective, but the narrator is not fixed.
    In the author’s comments at the end of “Boku no Sekai wo Mamoru Hito” Vol 1, the author has expressed that he is still thinking about the storyline, so there are many fans who antic.i.p.ate a sequel to the series.

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