• I Am A Killer
  • I Am A Killer

  • Author(s) : 病蛙
  • Genres : Action - Comedy - Romance - School Life
  • Status : ongoing
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  • I Am A Killer Summary:

    This story is about a female assassin from ancient times who became a part of the modern military special forces.
    Mou Wa: I would like everyone to each take turns describing our Qin Xuan.
    A: Amazing martial arts, is a “bull” loli.
    B: Her face is always expressionless, she is like an ice crystal.
    C: 10 out of 10, a reliable comrade.
    D: She kills without blinking, a demon reincarnated.
    Qin Xuan: Me? I am a killer!
    ABCD: …

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