• Magic Crusade
  • Magic Crusade

  • Author(s) : Leonardo Lawson
  • Genres : Action - Adventure - Comedy - School Life - Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Magic Crusade Summary:

    This story takes place in a world where magic exists. So do beings such as monsters, demons and angels. God was still worshipped as the Supreme Being and ruler of both Heaven and Earth and Lucifer was known as the ruler of the Underworld. Angels and Demons were seen as legends due to no one having proof of their existence. The protagonist, Seito, is an average boy - to the point he doesn 't have the ability to use Mana whatsoever - was born poor and didn 't see the meaning of his life. Due to various life touching events he receives a power no one has ever heard of when he meets a small kitten named Mic and a small puppy named Belze. Here lies a school in the capital of Hitsaria, Fuxemia Magic Academy. Here people who have mastered the arts of magic guide the next generation on the path of magic. Let the story of life for young Seito unfold.

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