• Modern Cinderella
  • Modern Cinderella

  • Author(s) : 秦嬴儿
  • Genres : Drama - Romance - School Life
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Modern Cinderella Summary:

    Coming from a plain family, a plain looking girl receives a letter to attend a famous aristocratic school. At the school, she meets a glacier-like infuriating fencing prince, Jin Ming Xian. Her kindness and persistence finally melts the glacier-like prince. Jin Ming Xian: The colder and more arrogant he is, the crazier he loves her. At this time the gentle and elegant Hao Jun You has taken care of everything for Moya. What is Moya’s relations.h.i.+p with the Flute Prince Hao Jun You? One of them is crazy for Moya because of his deep love for her – Jin Ming Xian. The other keeps everything in because of his love towards Moya – Hao Jun You. Moya, the confused girl who was forced by the princ.i.p.al into the cla.s.s of ‘Qingtan’s Seven Princes,’ brings us a funny and sad love story…

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