Omnipotent Sage 740 Visit Again

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"I've never thought about that. But I'm very curious. Since when are you so kind that you decide to risk your life for the Heaven Realm World?"

"I never planned to risk my life for the Heaven Realm World. It's only that I was born in it and all my influence is rooted in here. I think that at least I could be of some use to the Heaven Realm World!"

"Do you think I'm stupid enough to believe your words?"

"Believe it or not. That's up to you!"

"You two, stop arguing! Let's get down to business!" w.a.n.g She stopped them in time. "Junior Leopard, since you did this, you must have thought of a complete plan. Talk about it! You should at least let us know what's going to happen and be prepared for it!"

"I don't have a complete plan. It's just an idea!" Zhou Bao stopped laughing and his voice became serious. "As you know, the Heaven Realm World has been isolated in the Desolate Ancient Star Area for eight hundred and ten thousand years. We didn't know anything about the hollow until now. Similarly, the influences in the hollow knew nothing about the Heaven Realm World. Recently, after acquiring the specific location of the Heaven Realm World, they sent people to spy on us. But they do not have a clear idea about the hollow of the Heaven Realm World!" Speaking of this, Zhou Bao paused for a second. A sly smile appeared on his face. "Let's suppose they thought they had figured out the real situation here. After we destroyed their two fleets, their information about us proved to be false. In other words, they can't figure out the true strength of the Heaven Realm World. That's what I really want!"

"Don't forget that the Holy Alliance will surely come for revenge!"

"I hope they will!" Zhou Bao smiled indifferently. "I have the Yin and Yang Dust Formation and the power support from the Heaven Realm World. As long as there's no Earthly Immortals, no matter how many people they send, I am confident I can destroy them all. Last time they sent more than three thousand Highest Heaven Celestial Devices. Once inside the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, be it thirty thousand or three hundred thousand, they have no way out!"

Zhou Bao's eyes were cold and murderous. w.a.n.g She took a deep breath, "You mean you want to demonstrate your strength through the Holy Alliance, and make the hollow world afraid!"

"That's right. The location of the Heaven Realm World has been exposed. It is inevitable it will be integrated with the hollow and have connection with the other macro worlds. This is only the testing stage. If we show weakness now, the other macro worlds in the hollow will all look down upon us. They will treat the Heaven Realm World as a lamb to be slaughtered, not a macro world of equal status!"

"Therefore, in this situation, being tough is the only choice we have!"

"We should be thankful for the Holy Alliance. It gives us an opportunity to show our strength to the entire hollow. The Holy Alliance is one of the three big influences in the hollow. If we make them fear us and force them to treat us equally, the Heaven Realm World will have a much easier life in the hollow in the future!"

"What you said is not wrong. But one or two victories is not enough to guarantee us an equal position with the Holy Alliance. The united power of one hundred and eighty-nine macro worlds is enough to tear the Heaven Realm World into pieces!"

"That's true. But the precondition is that the Holy Alliance is united. I've done a calculation. With the support of the Heaven Realm World's power, the Yin and Yang Dust Formation would only break down if the Holy Alliance could gather the power of more than a million Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Devices. That would be a serious threat to the body of the Heaven Realm World. But do you think that's possible?"

"A million Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Devices!" w.a.n.g She and the Child-endowing Buddha both inhaled in astonishment.

Highest Heaven Celestial Devices were not ordinary weapons; let alone Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Devices. No matter how powerful the Holy Alliance was, there would be no more than ten Upper Grade Highest Heaven Celestial Devices in each macro world. The total number in the entire Holy Alliance would not exceed ten thousand.

"That is to say the Holy Alliance has no way to break the Yin and Yang Dust Formation!"

"Only if the Earthly Immortals step in. In that case, we have no choice but to give up. But the truth is there's no way for the Earthly Immortals to step in!"

"Right. The rules in the hollow are extremely powerful. Even Human Immortals can't take action at will, let alone Earthly Immortals!" The Child-endowing Buddha said. "Is your Yin and Yang Dust Formation really that awesome?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure. Let's see if it can withstand one or two more attacks from the Holy Alliance. Highest Heaven Celestial Devices are powerful indeed!" Zhou Bao gave out a cool smile. "Now, do you have any other questions?"

"Of course I do. It's great that you have the confidence to stop the Holy Alliance. But why should you be the only person to do the job? What about your father-in-law's Human Emperor Palace and the other sects? Shouldn't they do something?"

"I've already thought about that and I've talked to the Fate Creation Boy. I will help the Heaven Realm World stop the attack from the Highest Heaven Celestial Devices. Everything else will be left to the Human Emperor Palace and the sects. They should have the ability to find the appropriate negotiators. This will help in returning a favor to the Fate Creation Boy!"

"So the real reason is that you owe the Fate Creation Boy a favor!" w.a.n.g She laughed weirdly. "I guess so. You are not the kind of person to sacrifice yourself for others. How could you talk about responsibilities! I guess you're planning to reap some benefits from the Fate Creation Boy again!"

"Whether I can benefit or not is my business!" Zhou Bao smiled lightly. "I helped the Heaven Realm World avoid a major disaster and stabilized its situation. How could the Fate Creation Boy do nothing about it? Hehe! Last time, he told me the locations of several Hidden Treasures from the antiquity times. I made quite a fortune from it. But he never told me any good places like the Thunder Emperor's touring abodes——!"

"What are you talking about! The 99 Emperors of the antiquity times were all Earthly Immortals and above. The Hidden Treasures they left are beyond the knowledge of the Fate Creation Boy. He doesn't have the power to locate them. Besides, the Thunder Emperor was extremely high ranking in power among the 99 Emperors. You wanted to take advantage of his temporary imperial abode. I think you made the wrong decision!"

"Hehe, that's not necessarily true. After all, he is the Fate Creator and has reorganized the endless s.p.a.cetime of the Heaven Realm World. He must know the Heaven Realm World's secrets!"

"In that case, go and bargain with him. See if he will tell you anything!" w.a.n.g She said grumpily.

Fourteen days later, in the Desolate Ancient Star Area.

Countless Highest Heaven Celestial Devices went across the hollow and fell on a galaxy that had been neglected for thousands of years.

"The Heaven Realm World. This is the Heaven Realm World!"

This was the second fleet of Highest Heaven Celestial Devices from the Jade Dragon World and the Celestial Pool World. But this time, in addition to the main attacking fleets from the two macro worlds, there were five or six smaller ones. These fleets came from close or affiliated macro worlds in the Holy Alliance. They had several hundred Highest Heaven Celestial Devices.

Of course, the main forces were the fleets from the two macro worlds. This time, they had mobilized eighty percent of their fleets. They looked rather aggressive and intimidating.

Eighty percent of the fleets from two macro worlds! The number of Highest Heaven Celestial Devices was approaching a hundred thousand.

There were a hundred thousand Highest Heaven Celestial Devices. There were seven Supreme Highest Heaven Celestial Devices; more than a hundred Upper Grade; more than five thousand Medium Grade; and the others were all Lower Grade. The seven Supreme devices belonged to the two macro worlds. The affiliated and allied fleets carried at most a dozen Upper Grade Celestial Devices. The two macro worlds weren't counting on the affiliated worlds to be the main force. They were here to make up the numbers, or rather to show a supportive att.i.tude.

This time, the huge fleet stayed outside the Heaven Realm World. They didn't rush into the endless s.p.a.cetime like Lin Qiu had, but floated in the air surrounding the entire Heaven Realm World.

Among the seven Supreme Highest Heaven Celestial Devices, the leading one was magnificent. It was in the shape of a streamlined vessel, wearing an old spirit from the primitive times. The suppressive force it created was likely to be mistaken as coming from a Supreme Fairy Weapon.

"Yes, Realm Lords. This is the Heaven Realm World. But the situation doesn't look good. Look, the entire macro world is covered in a layer of gauze-like energy. It's probably the Yin and Yang Dust Formation they've been talking about. This is the formation that trapped the two Young Realm Masters last time!"

"Is this the Yin and Yang Dust Formation? It's one of the three killing formations from the primitive times. It's what killed my son!"

The Realm Lords of the two macro worlds both looked young. In fact, people of their status and power would deliberately make themselves look young. After all, no one liked to be old and ugly except those with special hobbies. Everyone preferred to be young and beautiful. Everyone wished to please the eye.

Looking at the Heaven Realm World shrouded by gauze, the Realm Lord of the Celestial Pool World narrowed his eyes, "Brother Lin, what do you think we should do?"

"Humph. The Yin and Yang Dust Formation is a killing formation from primitive times. It's not that easy to handle. Let's test the water first!" said the Realm Lord of the Jade Dragon World.

"That's reasonable. Feel it out. Let's see if it is complete and how powerful it really is!" The Realm Lord of the Celestial Pool World nodded, "Tell them to prepare the Void-breaking Bombs. Launch at the same time and target the same spot!"

"Yes, sir!"

"The power of different Void-breaking Bombs from a hundred thousand Highest Heaven Celestial Devices is enough to blast an unprepared macro world into ashes. The Heaven Realm World is only a macro world. It is protected by the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. So what? I'd like to see just how strong the legendary killing formation is!!!"

The Realm Lords of the two macro worlds had bitter thoughts.

Omnipotent Sage 740 Visit Again

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