Omnipotent Sage 744 Star Palace

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Actually, this hollow was not too different from the hollows in other places.

It was still made up primarily of nothingness. Every now and then there was a Star Area or two for decoration. The Black Pearl glided through the hollow without running into any obstacles. The only thing different from the outside was the strength of the s.p.a.ce.

The s.p.a.ce Rampart here was solid. Zhou Bao tried. His Three Realms Division and the Myriad Stars Division were not easy to use, especially the Three Realms Division. When he was in the Heaven Realm World he could go anywhere he wanted, but in this hollow, he could only teleport a few dozen meters in any given moment. It could be said that he had to start from scratch again, at the same level he was at as a teen.

"This s.p.a.ce doesn't seem to have any barrier, it actually seems to be quite natural. A natural s.p.a.ce obstacle is quite difficult to overcome!" Zhou Bao thought. In this hollow, the Divine Sense in the s.p.a.ce system was inhibited by natural methods. The Great Way of Heavens and Realms had no advantage, but it still roused his interest.

"The Void Universe is endlessly vast. It seems like this type of mysterious place is quite normal in the hollow. It doesn't matter to me that the s.p.a.ce system Divine Sense has an inhibition. The Black Pearl travels at a good speed, I'll have a good look around to see if I find anything interesting. The Star Area ahead seems extremely vast, and it isn't far from here!"

Zhou Bao drove the Black Pearl forward under his feet and glided towards the nearest Star Area.

This Star Area was not far from the periphery zone but was it not that close either. He did not want to take any more risks to get there, as the Black Pearl would not be able to break into another hollow. It had traveled in the hollow for a total of three months and had only just arrived at a meteor belt at the very outermost edges of the Star Area.

"d.a.m.n, this place is truly incredible!" Even with the Supreme Fairy Weapon supported by the Pool of Thunder Tribulation, traveling at top speed for a month was difficult. Actually, the device spirit inside the Pool of Thunder Tribulation had had some trouble.

When he arrived at the meter belt, he stopped. He grabbed the Supreme Fairy Weapon, ready to explore the Star Area on his own.

Of course, he was not as quick as the Supreme Fairy Weapon, but he had left the Heaven Realm World to gain insight into the limitless changes in the hollow. Even though he had driven the Supreme Fairy Weapon through vast areas of nothingness, now that he was in a Star Area with strange Laws of s.p.a.ce, he had to explore it by himself. Otherwise, he would have come for nothing.

He sighed to himself as he looked at the vast Star Area. With an electric spark, he leaped into the depths of the Star Area.

"Who dares to trespa.s.s the forbidden ground of the sect!"

Before Zhou Bao had picked up full speed, and just as he swerved around some meteorites, he heard a voice shouting in his ear. Then several pulses of light came shooting at him.

"No way. There are people here!" Zhou Bao exclaimed as his body rolled through s.p.a.ce. He used a Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds body movement and managed to dodge the attack. He realized that these rays were from celestial devices, several of which were Pure Yang Celestial Devices.

After he fell, the celestial devices returned to their owner's hands. Only then did he see clearly that a nearby meteorite was crowded with people.

This was a small meteorite, with a surface no larger than a thousand hectares. But there were a lot of people, in a glance you could estimate more than 4,000. Half of them had the strength of Genuine Immortals. The other half had not reached that level but were protected by celestial devices, so that they could roam freely in the hollow.

Among the 4,000 were men and women of all ages. They were all wearing different clothing, but with the same patterns. At a glance, you could tell that they were from a school. Each person had the same expression, scowling at Zhou Bao as if he had committed many evil deeds. Zhou Bao was shocked. He had not done anything wrong, why were they all looking at him like this?

"Kill him!" the leader of the crowd shouted before he could speak. Shortly after, thousands of rays of light came straight for him.

"F*ck. A tiger does not display its power. If you think I am a sick cat, you are underestimating my power!" Zhou Bao became angry. He had figured out that these people were here to carry out some shameful act. They wanted to kill him to silence him.

Unfortunately, they had run into somebody they could not silence. They could not do anything even with their Ruyi Sceptre abacuses. Seeing a ma.s.s of celestial devices facing him, Zhou Bao only laughed coldly. Half of the people here had Cultivations of True Immortality, but only about ten of them had arrived at the Human Immortal phase. And only one of them had the strength of Gathering of Essence, Qi and Spirit in Acupoint. This guy was not even cultivated to Zhou Bao's level, and he demonstrated little combat capability.

Seeing countless rays attacking him, Zhou Bao was startled. He subconsciously prepared himself to use the Flipping Sky Seal. But then he had second thoughts about it.

The Flipping Sky Seal was a good weapon, but it could not be relied upon. Considering this, he raised his fist, and without flinching, used it to repel the countless rays.


Zhou Bao held out his fist. Rays formed at the top of his head that could shoot ma.s.sive holes with earth-shattering power. He turned around, and a tunnel opened up. The celestial devices attacking him lost their target and hit the meteorite that had been underneath his feet, immediately smas.h.i.+ng it to pieces. Zhou Bao reappeared right in front of the group's leader and struck him right in the head with his fist.


It was like a sledgehammer cracking a watermelon. A hideous mess of red, white, green, and a host of other colors spurted out in all directions.

Zhou Bao was too quick, too sudden. No one in the group had reacted in time, not even the pract.i.tioner who, like Zhou Bao, had cultivated himself to the state of Gathering of Essence, Qi and Spirit in Acupoint.

"Elder Mu!"


"It's impossible!"

"Elder Mu is dead!"

"That guy killed Elder Mu!"

"How is it possible?"

"Quick, kill him, kill him! To avenge Elder Mu!"

They hesitated for only a moment. All of the enlightened pract.i.tioners present, whether they were Individual Immortals, Genuine Immortals, or Human Immortals, were marked with the same character: fairy.

Zhou Bao had killed their Elder Mu with his fist. In a flash, the Human Immortal pract.i.tioners charged toward him. Of course, they had learned their lesson and donned their celestial devices for protection before attacking.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

There was an unpleasant sound as all seven pract.i.tioners were knocked out by his fist. There was no chance to strike back. Even the celestial devices they were carrying to defend themselves could not block Zhou Bao's fist.


The pract.i.tioner who was cultivated to the phase of Gathering of Essence, Qi and Spirit in Acupoint realized something was not right. But it was already too late.

Including Elder Mu, there were eight pract.i.tioners in the Human Immortal phase. Facing this mysterious pract.i.tioner, they were beaten to a blood fog in the time it took to take a short breath. This was really too big a loss.

Their sect was considered to be a big player in this Star Area. Despite this, there were only 24 Human Immortal level pract.i.tioners within the sect, and only three pract.i.tioners had attained the rank of Gathering of Essence, Qi and Spirit in Acupoint. Because this was a great cause for concern, they dispatched 11 Human Immortal pract.i.tioners. However, eight of these were killed by Zhou Bao in a short time, which meant that one-third of the sects strongest combat capability had just been lost. To say that they were greatly harmed by the pneuma was an understatement, they were fundamentally ruined.

"Who are you to carry out your task so ruthlessly? Do you not fear the wrath of Heaven?"

"What a joke. People like you are the type I detest the most. Don't forget that you were the ones to strike first. But since you couldn't defeat me you try instead to intimidate me with your cr*p about the wrath of Heaven? The extent of your cowardice is really pathetic." Zhou Bao moved swiftly, between bodies. He stood opposite the group in an open s.p.a.ce on the meteorite, stifling a wry smile.

Elder Mu, the Essence, Qi, and Spirit pract.i.tioner, the most revered of the group, was dead. Seeing Zhou Bao act so self-a.s.sured, they gritted their teeth, anxious to attack this strange guy and shred him to pieces. But Zhou Bao did not waste a second. He had no misgivings about fighting and killing these eight Human Immortals face to face. He understood well that for someone cultivated like him, defeating eight Human Immortals was not difficult. But killing eight Human Immortals as quickly and easily as he had just done would be a serious challenge.

"This is the forbidden area of my Star Palace. Your Excellency trespa.s.sed into the sect's forbidden area. Do you have a reason?" the Three-flowered Human Immortal said flatly, repressing his rage.

"The forbidden area of Star Palace, what a joke! This is clearly an unclaimed meteor belt!" How could Zhou Bao believe his nonsense? As he turned his head, he noticed something in the middle of the crowd, and he burst out laughing. "It seems you have found some Hidden Treasure, and you thought you would hide it here? Unfortunately for you, not even the barrier announced my arrival. You wanted to kill me before I found out, right?"

"You——!" Zhou Bao had just exposed the Three-flowered Human Immortal's plans. His expression immediately soured. "Everyone, come on! Kill him!"

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I was eating!

Such bad luck!

Omnipotent Sage 744 Star Palace

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