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"d.a.m.n it, no way, did the Devil Realm really invade?"

Standing on an isolated island with no one else in sight, Zhou Bao squinted and set up a tent. He looked at a land that was at a distance from them. Zhou Bao could not make clear what the land looked like. However, it was clear from the Devil Qi permeating the skies that the density of Devil Qi was getting stronger. At the same time, Zhou Bao could also feel numerous strong energies ama.s.sing and colliding with each other. It seemed like the great pract.i.tioners from the Eastern Thunder Sect had already come out from their closed-door trainings and started battling with the Dark Sect.

"You are not Cundi, who the h.e.l.l are you?"

At this point in time, after thinking through about what had happened, Ruo Lin finally figured out that something was not right. This guy in front of her looked exactly like Cundi, but he was definitely not him. Even with an injured spirit and memory loss, the Cundi she knew, did not have such extensive strength.

"I am indeed not Cundi; Cundi is here!" Zhou Bao pointed gently to the ground and a cyan light flashed. A man who looked like Zhou Bao's current image, appeared, and seemed to be in a coma. "I needed to use his ident.i.ty to enter the Transmitting Formation, so I put him under a spell. But don't worry, he isn't dead!"

Ruo Lin obviously did not appreciate it. She checked out Cundi's body condition and asked, "What happened to him? Why isn't he awake yet?"

"I can wake him anytime, but before that, I have some questions to ask you!"

"What questions?"

"It seems like you guys already knew that the Devil Tribe was going to invade. Also, how did you guys know about the Transmitting Formation? I looked at it and it seemed like a secret from the Qing Dynasty!"

"This isn't the first time that the Devil Tribe has invaded Eastern Thunder World. All these years, our Eastern Thunder World has always been at war with the Devil Tribe but there was always no outcome. Hence, we were not shocked by their invasion; we just did not think that they would use such a scheme and catch us off guard!"

"Caught off guard?"

Zhou Bao's heartbeat quickened. "Then how about the Transmitting Formation? How did you guys know about that!"

"Hmph, Emperor Kang has a lot of sons, but not all are accomplished. This time around, we did not come to Shengjing City just to take part in the training; some of us stayed behind to carry out our missions. We were naturally kept up to date about the Royal affairs. We just did not think that such a thing would happen, and neither did we think that we would eventually use this secret to leave Shengjing City." Speaking of which, Ruo Lin laughed bitterly and lifted her head. "Now it's my turn. Who are you? Based on your abilities, you should be well-known in Eastern Thunder World, or even the whole Star Area. But I've never heard about you before, who are you?"

"I'm just a pa.s.ser-by. I do like the name Cundi, why not just call me that!"

"Cundi is not your name!"

"It was not before, but it is now. I have a name, just not a Taoist one. How about this, from now on, my Taoist name will be Taoist Cundi; you can call me a Taoist, or you can also call me Cundi. I am fine with both!"

"You...!" Ruo Lin fought the urge to beat up this arrogant guy. Not only was he using another person's name, he seemed very proud of it too.

"Fine then, you did save me today. If I didn't run into you, Cundi might have died in Shengjing City, and you did save Cundi too. Never mind that you used his name, wake him up now. Let's all head our different ways."

"No problem, but it is not that easy to wake him up. I did not hurt him but gave him a heavy dose of mystery soup. Judging from the situation, he will need at least 10 days of sleep before he wakes up."

"10 days? Who are you kidding? In 10 days' time, Eastern Thunder World would have been destroyed by the Devil Tribe and the Eastern Thunder Sect!"

"Why do you have so little confidence in Eastern Thunder Sect? No matter what, they are still the number one sect of your Eastern Thunder World!"

"This has nothing to do with confidence. Eastern Thunder Sect is powerful, but I'm not part of them, so they won't come all the way just to save me. It does not matter even if I have confidence in them. What is important is that when the Eastern Thunder Sect and the Devil Tribe attack each other, they will definitely call for support from all sects and dynasties. We have to think of a plan, if not, we will become the frontline fighters again. Now that I've escaped from Shengjing City, I can go back and ask my teachers to prepare!"

"If that's the case, there's nothing I can do. The mystery soup is not a poisonous drug; we can only wait for him to wake up naturally. Any forceful action to arouse him will only cause harm to his body and even his spirit. If you want his spirit to be injured, to have no recollection of you anymore, then I can do it now!"

"You-!" Seeing how arrogant Zhou Bao was, Ruo Lin was so mad that she stumbled over her words. "Fine, Taoist Cundi. But I hope what you told me is true. If you dare to lie to me and something should happen to Cundi, I will be able to find you. No matter where you are, I will seek revenge for Cundi!"

"That would be unnecessary, this kid will get well for sure; there is no problem with that. I do not have to lie to you about this!" Zhou Bao laughed bitterly, "But as for you trying to find me, I'm afraid you will not have the chance. I'm leaving Eastern Thunder World soon. Sigh, I don't even know if the Eastern Thunder Sect will launch their giant Transmitting Formation!"

"Although the giant Transmitting Formation is precious, they will definitely use it in this situation!" Ruo Lin continued, "Forget about the rest, they will at least call for help and support from neighboring macro worlds. After all, defeating the Devil Tribe had never been a solo act. By that time, the giant Transmitting Formation will definitely be used. But this seems like it has nothing to do with you. Even if they used it, you might not even have the chance to get a lift."

"This is where you're wrong. Since I am set on finding them, I naturally have my ways!" Zhou Bao smiled and with his hands cupped together, said, "Miss Ruo Lin, I am saying goodbye, we will meet again if we are fated to do so!" As he spoke, Zhou Bao dissolved in the breeze, disappearing in front of Ruo Lin.

"What a strange fellow, I can't even decipher his cultivation. Perhaps he is already a Human Immortal? But it is fortunate that I ran into him if not, how would I have escaped from Shengjing City so smoothly? This is such bad luck, this is my first time on a learning journey and I have to deal with such a situation. What should I do now? Should I return to the sect? But given the situation now, what help would that be? Now that the Devil Tribe has invaded, the sect will be worrying about it. Forget it, I will find a place to stay out of trouble. I'll think about it when Cundi wakes up. Taoist Cundi, Taoist Cundi, is this name good? It is such an awkward name!"

"This is so chaotic!" After leaving Ruo Lin and Cundi, Zhou Bao rode on the thunderbolts as he headed towards the land. At the same time, he also used his Snake-like Breath Holding Skill. As he flew, Zhou Bao saw a radiant light s.h.i.+ning erratically in the skies. He even saw a few powerful pract.i.tioners flying past him and all of them were headed towards the Qing Dynasty.

"The Qing Dynasty screwed up big time for the training this time. Even if they managed to defeat the Devil Tribe eventually, the big sects and dynasties that had suffered will definitely not go easy on Kang the Pocked. Seems like there's a good show coming up!" Zhou Bao thought to himself, "Seems like after this incident, Eastern Thunder World is really going to change its regime!"

"Hahahahaha, I'm out, I'm finally out, after so many years, the King is finally out!"

A thunder-like voice sounded from the skies. The voice seemed to be filled with strong authority and it triggered deep fear in everyone's hearts. This led Zhou Bao's small heart to also tremble in fear.

No way, so powerful? Who is this person? King? A demon king? G.o.d, the guy that was constrained in the tribulation thunder was just a demon Marquis. This guy is a king! In the Devil Realm, their power structure is obviously higher than ours by one to two ranks. So, this "king" should be an Earthly Immortal, or at least nearing the level of one? Yes, indeed, look at this power, it has spread over the whole Eastern Thunder World. He should be at this rank. Hehe, this guy is interesting, can he restrain the whole Eastern Thunder Sect?"

"Stupid, this is just a Devil King from the Devil Tribe, he isn't even a Primordial Demon, how can he be an Earthly Immortal?!" The little doll scolded him in a low tone and expressed extreme contempt towards Zhou Bao's ignorance!

"He has to restrain them by hook or by crook! We must not let them take over Eastern Thunder World. This is the foundation of the Eastern Thunder Sect. If the macro world is lost, the sect will instantly fall apart. Eventually, like all fallen sects, they will end up becoming a small sect of the lowest rank and get stepped on in the pract.i.tioners' realm!"

This was the most direct thought in the heart of the Master of Eastern Thunder Sect.

Yes, the Devil Tribe had invaded, the legendary Devil Tribe had invaded. Although this had long been predicted, they would never have thought that the first to fall prey would be Eastern Thunder World. The macro world was the furthest one in this part of the Star Area. It also had the least resources. The Master of Eastern Thunder Sect could not understand which part of the macro world had caught the eye of someone from the Devil Realm, so much so that they had to come here personally to get it.

But it was useless to think about these now. The Devil Tribe had already invaded.

"Use all your forces to open the mountain-protecting magic formation and take out all the fairy weapons and celestial devices from the thunder garage. Also, take out all the elixirs and Mysterious Objects as well. Empty the whole thunder garage! This time around, my Eastern Thunder Sect will fight the Devil Tribe to death!"

By now, the Eastern Thunder Masters already knew that they had to fight with their lives. As the other main party in this situation, the Masters were observing all these from a pa.s.ser-by standpoint. They were observing the Devil Tribe, and also the Eastern Thunder Sect.

Omnipotent Sage 756 …

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