Omnipotent Sage 815 Collecting The Five Kinds Of Qi

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The Central Star Area was actually the central zone of the Central Pole Region. When Zhou Bao arrived at the area, he instantly understood why so many influences had their minds set on this place. For all his life, he had never expected that there could be a place in the Void Universe where the essence of the world was so rich. Although the essence of the world in the hollow was not as thick as that in his Azure Big World, it was at least 10 times denser than that in Heaven Realm World. If he practiced in this area, even if he only stayed in the hollow, the speed of his progress would be 10 times faster than in Heaven Realm World. And this was only one of the advantages.

From time to time, among the rich essence of this world, talismans would flash before him one after another. Since they usually appeared and disappeared in a blink of an eye, these talismans were quite unfathomable to him. Even for a powerful man like Zhou Bao, these talismans were highly precious. He could vaguely detect the trails leading to the Great Way of Heaven and Earth from these talismans. Though only a handful of people could really reach the end of these trails, Zhou Bao was still able to have a clearer view of the future roads he would be taking by observing these trails.

This was the Central Pole Region, this was the Central Star Area.

After staying on the borders of the Central Star Area for a whole month, Zhou Bao finally acclimatized himself to the environment. He would either be tempted by the talismans of Law of Heaven and Earth that suddenly leaped out, or be obsessed with some wonders that unexpectedly dawned on him.

"Practicing in this place is much better than in Heaven Realm World. It's even better than in Azure Big World in some aspects!" Right now, Zhou Bao had rented a small meteorite in the Central Star Area under the name Taoist Cundi.

Although this meteorite was not large, it was still several hundred miles wide. In fact, meteorites in the essence of the world were different from those in the other parts of the Void Universe. Since the entire Central Star Area was soaked in the rich essence of the world, these meteorites had almost transformed totally to normal vast planets after being bathed in the essence and pneuma for such a long time. They floated in the hollow and some even had lives.

Of course, this did not mean that the lives on these meteorites were very tough and strong. They did not have any spiritual intelligence. They were artificially fostered to decorate the meteorites in order to attract tenants.

Meteorites with such mediocre qualities abounded in the Central Star Area and there were always plenty of tenants.

In recent years, Zhou Bao had killed a lot of people, including Emperors at the level of the Earthly Immortal. He had gained many spoils of war. Therefore, when he arrived in the Central Star Area, he exchanged several Taihao Fairy Weapons that he rarely used for a great number of Spiritual Stones and rented a meteorite here to do his closed-door training and shut himself out of the outside world.

He was not aware that the Taihao Fairy Weapons he sold had created a great uproar in the Central Star Area. Since there were too many buyers scrambling for these weapons, the market was in a mess. In the end, the Holy Alliance stepped in and straightened it out.

However, Zhou Bao did not know this, nor did he care. He was quietly polis.h.i.+ng his Dharma power and improving his cultivation on the meteorite. Meanwhile, he was also trying to perfect his Fourth Primordial Spirit, the Primordial Sword Spirit.


Three years had pa.s.sed since Zhou Bao started his closed-door training. Now, on the meteorite, three figures suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Bao, who was sitting on the ground, cross-legged. These three figures were the three primordial spirits Zhou Bao had managed to produce by practicing. The one in black was his Primordial Fire Spirit, the incarnation of the Dragon Chimera; the young man in a green robe was his Primordial Poison Spirit; the third was the newly produced Primordial Sword Spirit, who wore a very eye-catching red robe.

The color of the robe made his third primordial spirit really conspicuous, but Zhou Bao liked it. He had read about sword masters in snow-white robes in many martial art novels during his previous life. He found this image too common, perhaps too dull, so he deliberately made his Primordial Sword Spirit wear a bright red robe, which was highly appealing to the eyes.

"Hey, you've practiced for several years at this place already. Now that the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations is already completed, isn't it time to collect the Five Kinds of Qi?" The speaker was the Primordial Sword Spirit. Though his appearance was a replica of Zhou Bao, he looked a bit more devious.

"Yes, yes. But you don't have to collect the exact Five Kinds of Qi. Maybe you can change one kind into the Poison Qi or the Sword Qi!" The primordial spirit in green also voiced his advice. He was the Primordial Poison Spirit, who looked very mild and did not oppose the proposal of the Primordial Sword Spirit at all.

"Fine, stop talking! The Five Kinds of Qi are the fundamental Qi of heaven and earth. Though a single type of the Five Kinds of Qi may not be as good as your Sword Qi or Poison Qi, the Five Kinds of Qi are correlated and can form a reincarnation circle which runs without any breaks and serves myriads of wonderful functions. Thus, they are much more useful than an independent Sword Qi or Poison Qi and even more stable. If not, it's because the balance of the Five Kinds of Qi is not perfect yet. Well, you guys just stay put and stop messing with me!" Zhou Bao looked a little helpless.

The three primordial spirits were copies of Zhou Bao, which were consistent with his physical body. However, they all had their individual features. If you regarded his body as a synthesis, then, each of these primordial spirits was someone who inherited a portion of his characteristics, so their tempers and characters were not exactly alike.

This difference often caused a headache for Zhou Bao. Sometimes, he even wanted to give these primordial spirits a good beating.

"Is the reincarnation of the Five Kinds of Qi relevant to your Reincarnation Scroll?"

"No idea, I can't understand the Reincarnation Scroll!" Zhou Bao snapped, rolling his eyes at the Primordial Poison Spirit. "Well, now let's start gathering the Five Kinds of Qi. This place has so much spiritual Qi, no less than Azure Big World. But above all, there are many Law of Heaven and Earth flas.h.i.+ng past, which is something Azure Heaven doesn't have, and this is why I couldn't do the practice in Azure Heaven!" Speaking of this, a trace of a bitter smile appeared on his face.

"I say it's because you don't want to be disturbed by those guys in Azure Big World!" The Primordial Fire Spirit said in a cold voice. "Now there are a thousand things waiting to be done in Azure Big World. You transferred so many human beings to that bleak place, how can you be so willing to just leave them there?"

"Humph, didn't I put the Human Emperor in as well? What else should I do?" Zhou Bao said, his eyes sweeping across the three primordial spirits. "Don't you feel the same way as I do? I did ask you to go there, but none of you were willing to go!"

"So that's why I suggested to you to produce the Fifth Primordial Spirit and let him manage mundane issues. But you didn't agree!"

"The Fifth Primordial Spirit? Hee hee, I'm not that stupid!" Zhou Bao cackled.

The Primordial Spirit Way would reach its limit when the pract.i.tioner had produced four primordial spirits. If he practiced the Fifth Primordial Spirit, some mysterious changes would happen and turn the Fifth Primordial Spirit into an independent personality, which would detach from its own body and grow into a separate figure.

This was the biggest taboo in practicing the Primordial Spirit Way.

In fact, precisely because of this potential danger, pract.i.tioners had to be extremely cautious. Accordingly, they invented various smart ways to achieve the Primordial Spirit Way, and the supreme one was the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations.

The Primordial Spirits of Three Separations could help you produce three primordial spirits safely.

The most inferior one was the way to practice by using only the Second Primordial Spirit. Even so, it was quite precious, for the Second Primordial Spirit could provide you an extra chance of survival as well as double your present combat capability.

As for the Primordial Spirits of Three Separations, which was a way to produce three primordial spirits without incurring any risks, even Earthly Immortals would fight frantically for it, let alone normal pract.i.tioners.

"Well, let's put the Fifth Primordial Spirit aside and start collecting the Five Kinds of Qi first. Remember, in this collecting activity, we need to maintain the balance and purity. What matters most is that the Five Kinds of Qi must contain the same Law of Heaven and Earth. When we finish, I'll be able to grasp a complete Law of Heaven and Earth as well, which will significantly speed up the progress of advancing to the Divine Immortal Realm. When I become competent enough, I can go through the Earthly Immortal Tribulation at any time I want. After that, I'll be a true Earthly Immortal. My strength will soar, and I won't need to worry about that ridiculous Celestial Mystery Emperor and his lot. When that day comes, we'll blaze out way back to Heaven Realm World and do them in!"

"Em, good thinking, but it's just a dream!" After hearing Zhou Bao out, the Primordial Sword Spirit had a dismissive look on his face and even started to whistle. He ignored Zhou Bao's ambitious speech and just sat down cross-legged to gather and refine one of the Five kinds of Qi, the Gold Qi. Then, the other two primordial spirits followed suit, and the Primordial Fire Spirit began to deal with the Fire Qi while the Primordial Poison Spirit chose to work on the Wood Qi.

All of a sudden, the Primordial Sword Spirit lifted one hand and made a grab in the air. Instantly, a damaged talisman was in his hand and was tossed directly in the Gold Qi he was refining.

"c.r.a.p!" Zhou Bao's eyes widened. That talisman seemed quite simple, but it annoyed Zhou Bao. "Law of Power! You picked the Law of Power!"

"Isn't it good for you? You're already practicing the Extreme Realm of Force and the Vacuum-shattering Way. If you can integrate the Law of Power into your body, it will do a lot of good for you, won't it?" The Primordial Sword Spirit smiled, did not say any more.

"Yeah, you're right. For me, it's a good thing!" Zhou Bao was resigned. He reached out and grabbed a fragment of the Law of Power talisman as well. Then, he sealed it in the Water Qi he was just refining.

The Law of Power!

Indeed, it was the goal of Zhou Bao's practice, but it never occurred to him that he could refine the Law of Power at this early stage.

The Law of Power was the most basic law in the Void Universe or all the Void Universes at large. It was as basic as the Law of s.p.a.ce and the Law of Time. However, in comparison with these two laws, people were more familiar with the Law of Power and found it easier to apply. All sorts of living creatures were able to use this law and they had to, for it was the most fundamental condition of their lives. Nevertheless, laws would not always remain the same as they were constantly evolving. The process and the results of the evolution were changing at all time as well. Due to this reason, the Law of Power had been changing and evolving since the Primordial Origin. Up to today, it had become so incredibly complicated that no man could learn it thoroughly by himself. Even an Earthly Immortal or a Celestial Immortal could not fully grasp this Law of Power, let alone Zhou Bao.

Hence, once he infused the fundamental Law of Power into his Five Kinds of Qi, the road of his future practice would become endless.

Omnipotent Sage 815 Collecting The Five Kinds Of Qi

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