I Can Turn Into A Fish Chapter 94: Leveling Up Crazily

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How many carp were in the United States? No one knew the exact number, but in some rivers, Asian Carps composed up to 90% of the population.

The government was planning an investment of eighteen billion USD to build a great dam to keep the Asian Carp away from the five Great Lakes.

In places where the carp were most densely populated, they sometimes jumped out at crossing boats and sometimes people by the riverside were attacked by the fish.

The main reason why there were so many carp was because Americans didn't eat them. Some people speculated that the Americans complained they had too many bones while others said once-heavily-polluted American rivers still retained their shameful past and that the carp living in them were filled with heavy metals.

Of course, there was still the slightly interesting saying: many of their people couldn't pick out fish bones, so they didn't eat fish with bones. Chu Xian thought this saying sounded reasonable.

People said many different things, but some Americans had begun eating carp.

"As long as they're fish, I'll eat them all!" He could even eat poisonous fish, not to mention fish that were just suspected to be dangerous.

The driver didn't stop talking the whole way. Chu Xian listened to him blathering on but could only understand part of what he saying. Three hours later, the car stopped at the bank of a long river.

"We're here. This is the place - the biggest branch of the Mississippi. There are too many Asian Carp here! Every year, the government spends a lot of money to get rid of them. Have a good time!" The driver waved.

Chu Xian nodded and looked into the near distance. 

"So many fish species!" Chu Xian's eyes s.h.i.+ned as he gazed into the river.

This was a branch of the Mississippi; it was more than a thousand meters wide. The banks were covered with green gra.s.s, and in the middle of the river, someone had built a platform with orderly rows of arrows placed on it.

From time to time, you could see large carps jumping out of the water. An arrow shot into the water could probably make a lot of fish jump.

Arrows were connected to a rope, and fish that were struck wouldn't be able to escape. There was a designated place on the side to prepare them.

More than ten people were on the bank aiming at the carp, and it seemed like it was quite easy to shoot one down.

Chu Xian came to the bank and activated his power. In his G.o.d's eye view, the water was filled with all kinds of carp, chubs, and gra.s.s carps.

"In just seventeen meters, there are at least 500kg of carps. How many tons of fish are in such a huge river?" Chu Xian looked into the distance and thought of the entire Mississippi and his heart stirred.

"Maybe this is a place where I can level up like crazy, reach level 100 and grow to over ten meters!"

How many carp were in the entire Mississippi? Millions of tons? Ten million? Maybe even more than that! Even if he ate just a thousandth of it all, that would still be a terrifying amount.

Chu Xian looked around for a bit then walked to a place in the far distance.

In the countryside of the US, there were few people, and even cars only pa.s.sed through occasionally. Chu Xian looked around, took off his clothes and walked into the river.

Anyone who saw him would've thought he was crazy. Even fishermen drove their boats wearing helmets to ward off the crazy carp.

When he entered the water, Chu Xian felt his whole body relaxing with comfort. When he was finally fully submerged, with just a thought, a weird fish appeared in the water.

"Kaka!" Chu Xian stretched open his large mouth and swam forward, his eyes s.h.i.+ning.

Carps, Chubs, Gra.s.s Carps, etc. all saw this weird fish appearing in their territory and felt an urgent need to attack.

"Heehee!" Chu Xian laughed. After he turned into a fish, he stirred the desire of all nearby fish to attack, but Chu Xian didn't care at all about these puny fish and activated his Rule.

The various fish were all easily controlled. Chu Xian opened his big mouth and bit into the nearest carp.

"Ka!" After one bite, the carp was directly bit in half, and after two bites, Chu Xian swallowed this seven-or-eight Jin carp into his stomach. He flipped to the side and bit another fish.

At the same time, he forced the fish to come closer to him, like sheep flocking to a tiger.

Gradually, a weird thing happened to the river and traces of blood floated upward.

The river moved slowly and was only ten some meters deep. It wasn't like the lake in the Feng Tai area where blood dispersed across the whole lake. After half an hour, there was an obvious and growing circle of red blood near the center of the lake.

In less than an hour, Chu Xian leveled up. 

"Crazy!" Chu Xian could feel himself growing stronger and waved his tail excitedly, das.h.i.+ng forward. Wherever he swam, carp, chubs, gra.s.s carps would gather around him. The small ones were at least two Jin, and the big ones were up to thirty Jin.

The sun rose from the east and set in the west. The river was left bloodied with a rare glimpse of a strange shadow appearing here and there.

"Ding. Host has devoured a hundred tons of fish - another absolute rule has been added."

A system reminder woke Chu Xian from his daydream, and he immediately opened up his attribute page.

Name: Chu Xian

State: Fish (Can turn into a human!)

Level: 27 (Small fish, 2.5 m!)

Combat Power: 845


Devour, can swallow fish that are smaller than him to level up.

Rule: can rule lower leveled fish.

Warp, can use his body to wrap enemies.

Big Fish Eat Small Fish System Function:

Remold, can change the shape of self or fish under your control. (Every transformation will lower your level or the level of the fish you control)

Absolute Rule: Can pick one from the ruled fish to rule absolutely. The fish under absolute rule doesn't have a distance limit and now can absolutely rule two fish (increase by one fish after swallowing fifty tons of fish). 

"I've already grown by ten levels! This speed is terrifying!" Chu Xian was surprised at his level and he swam gently to the surface. It was dark.

"Wu, maybe eight or nine hours have already pa.s.sed," Chu Xian thought in his heart. He turned around and swam towards the bottom of the lake.

"Pa!" He swung his tail heavily against the water's surface and moved his body. His whole figure dashed away like a sharp arrow, cutting a long line like the cutting wake of a rus.h.i.+ng yacht.

"At least seven or eight meters per second," Chu Xian thought to himself with surprise and happiness. Seven to eight meters per second and he could still continue for a long while at this speed. He would be the fastest organism in freshwater rivers.

Of course, he still couldn't compare to the fish that swam thirty or forty meters per second in the ocean.

I Can Turn Into A Fish Chapter 94: Leveling Up Crazily

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